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I finally figured out how to put this thing on my profile. This is the best thing to happen to me since Princess Celestia teleported me to Equestria so that I could romance her student and sister.

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Accidental Suicide: Wholesome Family Entertainment! · 7:26pm Aug 28th, 2017

Lookie lookie, another user on FIMFiction with impeccable grammar as the synapses on their brain fizzle out!

Did you know people who are dying enjoy posting FIMFiction blogs about their deaths? I sure didn't! The first instinct I have when I fuck up and overdose is to post a blog. :rainbowkiss:

Before we get into this, note that SimplyPressStart is already banned, as 1. dead users no longer need accounts, and 2. the site moderators have already tracked the IP address to another account on this site and are reasonably certain that this was a lie. So, without further ado, let's see who SimplyPressStart was and why she resorted to the good ol' suicide blog!

I'm just gonna come out and say it: SimplyPressStart was not popular. She got consistently low views on all of her blogs and wrote no stories. She was on this site for the social aspect, not so much to make her mark in the fanfiction world. To be fair, she does have 5 favourites in her stories; I can't really speak on how much other reading she did here. That's something only the mods would know.

First, who was SimplyPressStart? Well, we can conveniently check out her "My life story" blog!

This story begins in a old house on the bad side of London. The 'bronx' if you will.

No one calls any of the bad areas of London the "Bronx" if you will. There's no slang or equivalent for that. My hunch: Did not actually grow up in a bad area of London. Dope back story though.

One crucial detail about each of my parents is that my father walked out on us when I was about a year old, and mother, my mother was a stripper.

I was admitted to an orphanage and was adopted a year later into a wealthy family, the wife wasn't able to have children and wanted to adopt. She was lovely and we grew closer everyday, she taught me how to dress properly, how to act like a lady.

But sadly we don't talk much anymore.

Thank goodness she taught her adoptive mother how to post blogs on FIMFiction before her overdose! What would we have done if she hadn't? That would have been disastrous!

My favorite part, I think, is the comments letting her know that she has an interesting back story, like any half-decent OC.

The only time she ever asked for story-writing advice was in late January, about 2 weeks after she created her account (noted: 15 days after account creation, this was already blog number 6).

I'm thinking about a crossover with the predator species in Equestria and have the mane 6 dispatching it with a similar style to the predator movies.
Over time I could introduce the xenomorphs to? But first I need to finish my current story which I've been slack with.

Aside from that, just some blogs about Trump, Gamergate, her choice in fashion--standard blog fare. She got reasonable exposure considering the small number of followers this user had and their lack of stories. I can't see what led her to--

First taste of what kind of exposure a suicide blog can give someone, maybe?

Glossing over the whole girlfriend thing she claimed to have prior to her alleged girlfriend moving to Canada and her little references to having relapses and the like. Let's get to the next blog where she continues developing her OC.

Heterochromia iridum is when your eyes are two different colors, like any self-respecting OC. Nix is lamenting the lost opportunity, I'm sure.

Oh, now she's suddenly going deaf? All right, let's check off disability that doesn't actually inconvenience our intrepid explorer, because this OC's got one!

A villain she only just created and has now defeated? There's a thread on Anti-Depression Ponies where our daring heroine posted a thread of her being bullied horrifically as a child (repost from her blog), and a "JustMedotnet" shows up out of nowhere to claim they're the bully from all this time ago. Just lurking on a My Little Pony fanfiction website. Clearly this was their goal, right? The account was also created a week ago, approximately one day after the initial thread was posted. Maybe it wasn't getting the attention she wanted. The grammar errors between the two people even check out.

And this, my friends, brings us to today: Was she at least interesting when she went down in a blaze of suicidal glory? Well, it ain't no cancer blog, but it's still pretty entertaining to look at when you've seen this kind of thing as often as I have.

Directly following her totally lucid claim that she overdosed on medication, this blog was posted.

At least she had the common courtesy not to put any comments on her overdose blog... but the post-mortem "this is her mother, thanks for being random internet people" blog was posted 2 1/2 hours after her overdose blog. Only 2 1/2 hours! That is one surprisingly not distraught mother who had the wherewithal to push through the sudden traumatic loss of her adoptive daughter, wrap things up with the hospital and the authorities, and get to digging through her dead daughter's phone to see what she was up to prior to her suicide. Seems legit.

Well... until we found out her bully was her.

Considering the specifics I'd already found, this wasn't at all surprising.

Maybe someday, we'll be able to have nice things. Until then, we'll have to deal with bad OCs who manufacture their bullies then commit accidental suicide so their parents that are actually the bad OCs can post blogs about themselves.

EDIT: Removed a screenshot for an unrelated YouTube channel that happens to share this person's user name. Pretty sure they're not actually related to one another in any way.

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Aww, I got a mention.

This blog tickles my special place.

I wish I was surprised honestly. I've seen this happen before, and my immediate thought when I saw the blog was "oh no not again" I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt but I see now I was wrong to.

Already added it, my dear. :rainbowkiss:

yeah, I had to admit that my sentimentality made me stupid. Thought I think that I was one of the first to also find out it was fake. After some one else did though. Damn.

Huh, you really do dig deep. Nice job.

On a vaguely related note, my brother and I both have a more common form of heterochromia, so I at least had a legitimate reason for my OC being horrible in that sense. :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, didn't expect my snooping to find her YouTube account being mentioned. I knew she was lying, just had to find proof.

Tbh, I was thinking: Huh, this could be a prank.
But then: I shouldn't be a mean person.
Now: Oh well...

Narcissist man.

Actually doing some digging into the YouTube account, which seems to belong to an unrelated Canadian YouTuber. Are you sure they're the same person, or is this possibly just a name coincidence?

Pretty sure they're the same. I doubt this girl ever grew up in London personally, and the ages match as do the descriptions of herself.

I mean, i guess they got the attention they wanted in the end?

I doubt the FIMFiction user grew up in London, but I don't see anything linking the two of them together. If you can find her mentioning her Twitter on here and link it to the Twitter associated with her YouTube account, maybe. The YouTube account is actually semi-popular, I can't imagine why the YouTuber would be interested in blogging on FIMFiction.

You're just jealous you don't have a sad back story irl! And now you expose that poor girl?

Naw gud, man, naw guuud.

You deserve a Pulitzer Prize.

Death is the most personal thing in a person's life. It's not something you advertise to the world. If I were to die, Fim would be the last to know about it

This guy is the motherfucking MVP.

Best FIMFIC story EVA!! Why is this not on the feature box? FO:E has nothing on this.


If I were dying I'd keep FIMFic updated with daily blogs about how much the minor inconveniences of slowly dying suck.

Certainly an interesting development from start to finish on how it spread...

I though you got banned.

I did. Then I came back to report on shitstorms. :rainbowkiss:

This is just frustrating. As someone who has a friend who was suicidal, this is disgusting.
I'm also kicking myself because I felt bad for her. :fluttershysad:

We should start a tally of all events similar to this because this happens far too often. It's honestly really sad. Attention is honestly one of the worst drugs out there because it makes you do idiotic and sad things like this.

Not only that, it was poorly staged. This person is either very young or very stupid.

That's the natural and appropriate reaction initially. My thing is, if someone died, I like knowing who they were in their life before their death. I notice a lot of details about things that kind of narrate their life. Timestamps, trends, behaviors. That's why I get so outraged when I find out someone lied about something so serious and decide to make a blog tearing them apart.

If someone dies, I want to know what kind of person they were at the very least. Whether they were incredible or pathetic. An hero or a loser. A good person or a bad one. Something akin to what the Speaker for the Dead is in the Ender book series. If they lied about their death, the world deserves to know that as well.


Not only that, it was poorly staged.

If you're dumb enough to get caught, you deserve the punishment.

Agreed. I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with this type of stuff anymore, but i guess not.

She wanted attention? She got a lot of it. I just feel bad for the people mourning her "death", believing she actually died. :ajsleepy: I've seen how upset some people are by it.

I don't know what to say now... I feel dumb for believing she actually died...:ajsleepy:

Indeed. Sometimes my emotions just get the best of me.

SimplyPressStart kinda reminds me of a user I know.

I love things like this, though. Thank you, Scootareader, for the entertainment!

It is, I think, a good thing to believe someone by default. It means you have a big heart. :pinkiesmile:

I previously reported on Dream Land's claim to have died from cancer and DemonFyre (I censored them in the blog at the time due to their not being banned, though) for claiming the same thing. These are both people who followed in the footsteps of TgTfProductions, whose shitstorm I was not directly involved in. TgTf got debunked by the mods, though. :twistnerd:

I think you did good, Ittle Dew. Let me be the badguy. :raritywink:

FIMFiction likes a bad boy. :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm gonna keep that in mind. I'll read it later. :D

D: Why? Why would someone do this? It's like the same incident with Snow Bullet. I used to strive for attention with fake blogs. It's literally the bane of my existence.

What happened with Snow Bullet? I took a quick look through their stuff, but they're not banned and they didn't seem to have anything ostensibly negative in their blogs.

A while back she lied, her Alts told people she got in a car crash, and hat the Alts were other peeps. The mods banned all three of them, but then when she was unbanned she lied and said that she had no idea about it.

Huh... weird. Do you remember the alt names?

Hmm... I think they are separate peeps now. Lemme try to find some blogs about it.

I didn't care until I saw in her blogs that she's a Dragon Maid fan.
I wish she actually did overdose.

We should hang out more.

Are you a cute mare?

Alas, my race is human. :raritydespair:

Well fuck a duck, can't one person interested in me in ANY shape or form be a cute mare?!

If I had three wishes, that would be my second one. :rainbowkiss:

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