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I finally figured out how to put this thing on my profile. This is the best thing to happen to me since Princess Celestia teleported me to Equestria so that I could romance her student and sister.

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Claiming Death: An Examination of Candy · 3:39am Apr 7th, 2018

Do you guys enjoy stories? I have one for you. It is the story of Pastel Candy Candies.

I would like to first ask that anyone who was involved with this user and has additional information please PM me the information, not post it publicly (if you want to be credited, I'll oblige that as well). In investigating this, I learned that quite a number of users who spoke with this person regularly are still around, but I don't want to involve them in any way unless they want to be involved. By that same token, I will not directly link to any part of this tale; please respect the rights and privacy of your fellow user.

Now, why was this person banned? And why did I want to make a blog on them?

Oh... this is one of those blogs. :pinkiesick:

Far be it from me to desecrate the deceased, but I find it quite difficult to accept that anyone who's been pushed to the point of death would be compelled to post as such on this website. In investigating this user's account, I certainly find enough suspicious behavior here to question the legitimacy of the claimed event. Thanks to Ragga_Muffin for giving me the heads-up; you'll notice that this happened some time ago and the potato is no longer hot, but these things are still fun as hell to write up. I feel like an autistic detective. :rainbowkiss:

So, she has MPD, according to her bio. Delving into her blog history, this is a weird trend she followed...

And her usage of this became less frequent over time, up until right near the end. I don't think MPD goes away over time, but maybe it stops garnering desirable reactions after it reaches a certain level of repetitive. I notice a lot of users who engage in this kind of behavior, going through the effort of changing text color and deliberately calling out when they change "personalities" so everyone knows. I'm no psychiatrist, but... that's not a symptom of MPD that I've heard of.

Did I say this person loved posting OCs as well? Well, they did. Their most frequent impetus for posting blogs was probably OCs. Each of their alleged personalities also had an associated OC. I'm not making any bold claims here, just observations.

Now, this is the first point in the timeline that I observe this user embellishing and lying just for the sake of it. She claims that she ate 97 pies in 30 minutes, but didn't specify the type of pie she had eaten; if they were tiny pies, that's not impressive, but if they were full-size pies, she's blatantly lying (just google world records for pie-eating and cake-eating). The guaranteed lie is her saying that she was out-eating pro pie-eating players because they didn't know to shove their faces into the pie to eat it--claiming she somehow has this special technique for pie-eating that the pros lack. In fact, that reminds me of another person who recently got outed as a fraud due to their claim that they had a special technique...

It just seems like such a stupid thing to lie about. Who cares how many pies you can eat? Why would you exaggerate the numbers so much? Or the skill levels of the people you were competing against? It feels so... dumb. You make people lose trust in you with no benefit.

More importantly, this is a character assessment: They have no scruples about lying, even if it's fairly easy to debunk their lies. They're more of a "listen and believe" type. This proves nothing, but it pays to be skeptical.

Following hot on the heels of the pie-eating blog, it looks like Pastel Candy Candies started getting... bolder.

Oh, is it? Well, unless you administrate ohmygodd.com and uploaded this picture there, I doubt it. http://ohmygodd.com/wp-content/uploads/51652-colourful-candy.jpg

Oh, of course she had to be abused. No teen's life is complete without family abuse. Note the deliberate stutter in her text that she exhibits here; this persists in the comments section as well, up until she apparently gets bored partway through and reverts to her normal way of speaking. The obvious fallback argument would be, "It's her multiple personalities!" which isn't applicable, considering that's not how disassociative identity disorder works.

All right... her home screen...

OH DID SHE. Let's do some investigation here, shall we?

Here is the URL for this image: https://camo.derpicdn.net/acf62275aa816fbd048a8737c47cb2e4e0252dd0?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftheverybesttop10.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F01%2Fthe-world_s-top-10-best-ever-kit-kat-cakes-5.jpg

The "camo.derpicdn.net" URL is, by my assessment, a cloud-based image storage service. The really, really convenient part of derpicdn is that the original URL is encased right there in the derpicdn.net URL. If you strip the derpicdn identifiers and convert the other part of the URL into the original URL, you get this: https://theverybesttop10.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/the-world_s-top-10-best-ever-kit-kat-cakes-5.jpg

If you do a reverse lookup of this image and find where it shows up on its source website, it turns out it's on this webpage: https://theverybesttop10.com/kit-kat-cakes/

Oh, does your girlfriend own theverybesttop10.com then!? If you actually had that cake, you'd have taken a picture and uploaded it, not nabbed a picture from the internet.


derpicdn URL: https://camo.derpicdn.net/5f8f2c642a2373e1ba9ec2bf951f1f085210b213?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.furnituregraphic.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2011%2F11%2Fcookies-and-brownies.jpg
Original URL: http://www.furnituregraphic.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/cookies-and-brownies.jpg
Actual source page: http://www.furnituregraphic.com/the-best-dessert-ideas-for-new-year.html/cookies-and-brownies

I guess your girlfriend owns furnituregraphic.com too, eh? Or maybe your girlfriend made you neither of these things and you just pull tons of stock candy pictures from the internet and you don't actually eat as many sweets as you claim? The onus is now on the banned user to prove that she actually ate these things, and indeed everything she's ever claimed to have eaten. I strongly doubt that any of this is real, and the observation that this user never actually showed us anything of their life indicates that they probably had something about who they really were to hide. It's also nowhere near as egregious as claiming death--but we'll get to that.

So, we've got the modus operandi of our user. Stock photos of sweets that she claims she's eating, roleplay blog posts that she eventually got bored with, claimed MPD that she similarly got bored with roughly in correlation with her roleplay, and one thing that I didn't screenshot to keep things discreet: Her FIMFiction "family." There were a lot of users that she had various levels of interaction with, and she had quite a number of blogs describing various levels of familial bonding with these users. She only did occasional drama blogs, like the above posted claiming she was beaten. She was somewhat conservative about the drama for quite a while.

Then... April 2017 hit. I'm going to drop a single name of a single user who (as you will see) is now allegedly deceased, and also illustrates Candy's sense of importance. I have already reported her as a deceased user, she ought to be banned fairly soon.

Galaxy Queen, huh? Let's take a look at who she is.

About two months total time active, 10 blogs... allegedly Candy's best friend. Her final blog:

The more confusing aspect is that she apparently wasn't even very active during her tenure:

And the last bit is going back to Candy's blog announcing Galaxy Queen's departure:

The bigger question:

Now we're asking ourselves why Galaxy Queen thought two months was sufficient time to build these connections on the site, strongly invest effort into these users despite her apparent lack of activity, need to send farewell notes to some of them with her two-month departure, and finally send a bizarre and awkward farewell note to her alleged best friend on FIMFiction specifically (which even she doesn't understand the rationale behind). I really wish I had the tools to find out if this was an alt account, because I get the feeling it is and Candy simply got bored with trying to pretend she had a friend and running two accounts. None of Galaxy Queen's behavior jives with a fairly inactive user who was only on the site for two months, then decided to give their teary farewell on the site that they'd been fairly inactive on for two months.

In rereading this next statement, the accusation here may actually be directed toward Galaxy Queen due to revelations with some of the censored names, but I am still leaving this here for posterity. This was a comment left on Galaxy Queen's user page.

This is... what, a week after Galaxy Queen goes dark? And now there's accusations going around about Candy's sister killing herself? And this is May 3rd, mind you. Backtracking a bit, we can see Candy posted this on May 1st...

Then, on May 3rd, the day she says her sister died on Galaxy Queen's page, she posts a series of journals...

All right, that sounds pretty damn serious. Maybe she needs help. Maybe she's crazy. Maybe she went on a tirade with her parents and they noticed and got her help. Nope! Back to the status quo we go!

This is classic for these kinds of stories. The person kicking up the drama decides they're bored of being dead and they pretend they get better and nothing bad ever happened over two to three blog posts. Mental illness doesn't vanish overnight--but for this person it does!

The final blog post before the death blog was this one:

Notice that this was posted May 24th, 2017. The blog declaring her passing was posted Jan 31st, 2018. That's 8 months and 7 days of radio silence in easy-to-find places (I didn't comb through groups or other user pages). Her alleged passing according to the final blog was October 13th, 2017.

Now, we reach the end of the FIMFiction paper trail. Is this the end? No, no it's not.

Did you notice that the blog post on Jan 31st was allegedly posted by Candy's friend, Broken Marionette? What's up with that? And what the heck is Quotev? Fear not, because I dove in and found some interesting tidbits in there.

First person I set out to find on this Quotev site is "The Broken Marionette" user. Alas, their name has since changed! How ever will I find her?

Hmm... could this be related? Who's the author?

AHA! What luck! And when did she first become active, then?

Well, isn't that fascinating. Was this Broken Marionette/Mari Kat trying to advertise their fanfiction by banking on previous inactivity? How else would they have gotten access to Candy's account unless they're the same person?

Now, the final piece of the puzzle. Which Quotev account used to belong to Candy? As luck would have it, there's another FIMFiction blog we can reference!

By following this link, I find someone named Mangle who published a nightcore music playlist (which the blog posts on FIMFiction corroborate interest in). Interestingly enough, it looks like she hasn't had any activity since 5/19/2017, so nothing indicates her being active here longer than she was on FIMFiction for. She doesn't have anything in her "About" section, but she has posted some journal entries...

Finally, we reach the conclusion of our journey. Man, this was a lot more in-depth than my normal investigations.

So, what can we conclude? Well, we know Candy lied. We know Candy claimed mental illness from the onset of her time on FIMFiction, and we know that she ratcheted up the sheer amount of drama involving her around spring 2017. We know she went radio silent allegedly after a car accident, then she apparently died 4 months and 14 days after said accident happened. Her friend somehow magically got access to her account to post a blog 3 months and 18 days later referencing a Quotev account that's got a fanfiction loosely based on the life Candy depicted on this site.

Was Candy... a fanfiction character this whole time!? :pinkiegasp: Admittedly, that would be quite the advertisement. And I have no idea how Mari inherited Candy's sugar fixation, but using a death to increase clicks is fascinating indeed.

In conclusion: Did the person who portrayed Pastel Candy Candies actually pass away? I don't know. What I suspect is that there's some alt foolery going on here and she is still with us, if not on FIMFiction, then elsewhere. I cannot explain the bizarre happening of the death occurring mid-hiatus (not the impetus for her not responding, nor the reason she stopped in the first place), but the timing and way this all happened leads me to believe that Candy was tired of this site and wanted to retain some of her acquaintances, which explains Mari's appearance and advertisement to Quotev for the fanfiction that Candy's character ended up being adapted into.

As always, if this is all hugely coincidental and anyone can show me that this is not the case, please PM me the information. I'd normally say I'm happy to be corrected, but I prefer thinking that Candy isn't dead and is still doing something fun somewhere, like writing a fanfiction about herself. I care most of all about facts and the truth, and this is the way things happened from the perspective of an outsider weeks after the event. I would not be surprised if I am wrong, but from what I can tell... Candy went the way of TgTfProductions Dream Land SimplyPressStart DemonFyre you know what, let's not take a body count. :moustache:

Moral of the story, kids: Don't lie about dying. It doesn't pay off very often.

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Well, that was indeed a trip. Must have consumed some drugs or something.

I aim to impress. :moustache:

Dude, like, how the hell do you have time for all of this?

Not that I'm judging. Keep doing what you're doing.

If we're being honest here, I decided to dedicate pretty much an entire day of my weekend to investigating and compiling all of this information. I genuinely enjoy doing private eye internet stuff with only my wits to assist me, no cheap tools that ruin the mystery. :rainbowkiss: As I said, autistic detective.

Did I satisfy you? :pinkiecrazy:

I would be curious to see what would happen if you messaged the accounts you found on Quotev asking about Pastel Candy Candies on Fim Fiction. You could also use that as evidence if you needed to.

The obvious fallback argument would be, "It's her multiple personalities!" which isn't applicable, considering that's not how disassociative identity disorder works.


I considered doing so, but decided I'd work with what information I had. I had already spent quite some time writing this up, and this is hardly journalism, so getting quotes from involved parties isn't really necessary. It'd be cool to get them, but it'd take longer. :twistnerd:

I am happy to do my part. Also I can use WebMD, unlike this user. :rainbowwild:

4835138 Fair enough. It is just something I thought of.

I also thought it was a cute touch that they used the outdated term of MPD and not the current term of DID. They are roughly synonymous, but one of them is a disorder that no longer exists because it is an inaccurate description of the disorder. Anyone with an actual diagnosis would know that, and anyone who's not dumb would know to google that. :twistnerd:

Took you long enough. :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, I interacted with her a little bit, if I remember. We were friends, and I got kinda annoyed after I realized she was probably lying about a bunch of stuff. Saw her death post and didn't believe it for a second.

I wish that I could have done this for every single person that I've misinvested in who only seek to use my encouragement for selfish reasons through awful means. But oh well. Thanks for this, my friend. Glad to see your using your investigative journalism practice to good use. Lol. Even if it's for MLP.

Even your presentation of this is so much more detailed and well written than most of my stories.

4835289 You are an incredibly uncomfortable person, and I was happy having broken ties with you. Don't try to start shit with a snide comment just because you think you can.

Lel, are you boiz gonna have an internet fight in my blog comments section. :rainbowkiss:

What’s going on between the two of you? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.

Very nice analysis, but I really don't see why this is necessary. A lot of us are trying to forget about this whole debacle, so really this entire blog post is just a huge painful reminder.

Also, I hate the fact that you took this entire thing nonchalantly. The thing is, death is a very serious topic. We will never know whether or not Candy is actually alive, so I believe that respect is in order (although it is reasonable to have your own suspicions).

Lastly, I am the one who reported the account so it could permanently be put to rest. Now that I've gotten my two cents in, I must say, you did do a very nice amount of research on this matter, and there are some things that are worth considering now. Thank you for your time.


I really don't see why this is necessary.

It really isn't. I simply enjoy making these and sharing my findings with others. :raritywink:

A lot of us are trying to forget about this whole debacle,

I aimed to keep things anonymous here so as not to cause any undue hardship on those who do seek to put the whole thing behind them. This blog post is the latest in a series that ponders why some users with a flair for drama like to lie about their death. This one was not conclusive in proving that Candy is still around, but I'm pretty damn certain she still is. :twistnerd:

I hate the fact that you took this entire thing nonchalantly.

Had I investigated and determined that the worst likely had come to pass, I would never have created this blog. It is here to entertain and ponder the desire of some users to pretend they're dead. Much as I hate to say it, those kinds of blogs always do get the highest number of views. Death = drama, and drama = clicks. :pinkiesick:

We will never know whether or not Candy isactuallyalive, so I believe that respect is in order

I have a reasonable suspicion that she is still alive. I understand your desire to let your friend die with dignity, but based on my assessment, she lied. People who lie about dying and hurt all those who cared about them don't deserve dignity.

The black-and-white truth: "The Broken Marionette" posted on an allegedly deceased person's page. How did they get access to this user account? And why so long after any contact with Candy was made? This reeks of alt-foolery, to the point that I'd wager someone's entire legacy on them not being dead as they claim. Not as if this is even a new trend; I listed a couple of users who lied straight to our faces about their deaths on this very site. Candy is the latest in a string of people who seek to manipulate those more caring and sensitive among us.

I am the one who reported the account so it could permanently be put to rest.

I understand, and while this blog wasn't entirely necessary, it can serve as a means by which other users can demonstrate skepticism over false claims as well as a warning to Candy's owner (and anyone else who seeks to lie about their death) that lying about dying is NOT okay.

Ultimately, there are enough holes present here that I believe Candy is not actually deceased. Maybe you disagree with my assertions, but I feel very strongly about users making us feel things that are predicated on lies. Perhaps you feel it's in poor taste, but I think it important that we keep our wits about us and not allow others to prey upon our feelings like this, lest we be goaded into this sort of thing over and over again.

4835898 Pastel actually has several alts on the site which have all feigned suicide for attention. So actually I think this is a rather important subject to bring up as I have known some people who were suicidal because of the faked suicides of a few of these users (which the site admins later revealed to be fake accounts).

This has inspired me to make an account that results in you investigating it and discovering my webcomic, Zyklon Ben Garrison versus The (((World))).

I would read and masturbate to it.

You'd probably cum hands-free during the chapter where he joins Terry A. Davis in running over those glow-in-the-dark CIA ni-er, neanderthals.


Lol sorry I had to do that. I mean, trixie isn’t a great character, she’s quite underdeveloped. But that’s no reason to dump someone.

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