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Equestrian Wasteland Update · 11:16pm Jun 26th, 2017

art by INowISeeI

I'm taking some time to work on other projects, but I'll have my Afterthoughts for "Royal Problems" up within a week. (This time, there is no shortage of episode-related art to chose from for featuring in my blog. :raritywink: ) In the meantime, I wanted to share a few updates on Fallout: Equestria-related projects

First, Chris of The Foally of Man is out of the hospital, and everything apparently went beautifully. Here is a video from Robert giving a few details and thanking everyone for all the wonderful support.

Likewise, Powdered Milk is now happily married and back from his honeymoon. He's in the process of moving, but is releasing a number of videos, including more Fallout: Equestria reactions. Here is the latest:

Similarly, Strategic Jordan has just started Chapter 32 in his reaction series. You can check out his latest video here:

I've also heard rumor that a new group is attempting to take up the task of making an animated series in the wake of Stable-Tec's shutdown. They seem to be just starting up and looking for people. (I am afraid I cannot say much more, as I had trouble hearing their video... I think my speaker system is having issues.) I wish them luck, and will keep a look out for they can produce!

And finally, on a more personal note...

Some of you may remember this from my blog on The Ones That Stick With Me:

"Are you ever going to write a sequel to Fallout: Equestria?" I'm willing to bet that's the question I've been asked more than any other. :twilightblush:

There are a few reasons why I have sworn to myself not to write a sequel. The first is simply this: the epic story that I really wanted to tell has been told. It wouldn't be right to try to top it just for the sake of doing so. And, as a fan once stated, any attempt "would lack the scale and gravitas of the original." More importantly, as I've said before, I don't want to step on the toes of all the other wonderful authors who have used Fallout: Equestria as a jumping-point for their own Wasteland stories. Many authors strive to keep their stories as canonical as possible to Fallout: Equestria. The absolute last thing I would want to do is to discourage someone from continuing their story by suddenly rendering it "impossible in canon".

However, none of that logic and best of intentions has kept my creative mind from dreaming up ideas for stories set in the world that I created with Fallout: Equestria...


Fallout: Beyond Equestria
Radiation -- ghouls need it to live, Red Eye's engines need it to run. But the Gardens of Equestria have eliminated all radiation from Equestrian lands. The afterword Ten Years Later ends the story of Fallout: Equestria with the shadow of a new energy crisis on the horizon. Set decades after the Gardens of Equestria, this story starts with an ambitious and dangerous proposal to build and detonate a megaspell in a geographically secluded part of Equestria for the purpose of creating an irradiated zone. But when (a very elderly) Fluttershy (the only pony who can reconstruct megaspell technology) politically kills the proposal, an private entrepreneur decides to circumvent the NCR Council and mount an expedition into the heart of the zebra lands to find and retrieve a balefire bomb. Fallout: Beyond Equestria follows that expedition into the unexplored places beyond the Equestrian Wastelands. But in the zebra lands, things are not as they seem. And the new threat which has taken hold there is ready to turn its eyes towards the expedition ponies' homeland.

This story is actually being told. With this one, I have a great plot idea, and a setting that allows all manner of new world-building... but no ideas for characters. And that made this perfect to be reworked as a Fallout: Equestria roleplaying campaign.

Bits of that story have been revealed in other blogs, including a segment of the Crystal Empire storyline (part one and part two), with the Crystal Empire being my Wasteland equivalent of the "Old World Blues" Fallout: New Vegas DLC setting.

Likewise, The Gaia Valley Recordings, which featured my headcanon for the Equestrian Wasteland's equivalent of the "Honest Hearts" setting.

And more, in blogs such as The Cheerilee Orb, The Littlehorn Valley Recordings and Good Pony and New Futures (The Tragedy's End Records).

Most significantly, however, was that Fallout: Beyond Equestria gave birth to the second story that I have written for MLP fans, my Fo:E-adjacent Daring Do adventure, "Origin Story"! :rainbowdetermined2:

Well... after a full five years of roleplaying with some of the most incredible people, the story of Fallout: Beyond Equestria has come to a close. Last Wednesday, we played the epic finale. Therein, the party of close friends, having unmasked the changeling queen who had taken the role of the new Caesar, played a pivotal role in helping their allies (in the form of a small fleet of zebra sky pirates and the last Raptor of the Enclave Loyalist Remnants) stop the destruction of Roam by the queen's rampaging horde of nightmarish fire monsters (the incredibly powerful equivalent of ghouls that had been created where Celestia One's full power had been unleashed during the war).

This Wednesday, we will be doing an epilogue wrap-up.

In closing, I leave you with the latest by The Overmare Studios always incredibly talented Wasteland Wailers!

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Comments ( 27 )

i always felt that you wrote a story that, surprisingly, could easily flex and bend without issue no matter what occured in the current stories.
mainly by the logic that this is equestria when all went wrong. though i feel the question is finding the point where you can diverge the timelines.
my favorite idea of mine is that twilight failed to stp sombra, forcing the regal sisters to deal with him, and that allowed so many stabilizhng things to not occur. without that incident, no reformed sombra, no alicorn twilight, no tree castle.

in reality all fanfiction is an alternate universe. how much show varies. fallout equestria happens to be quite a flexible and detailed one.

also, i would actually love to see if, one day, new inspiration tstrikes you, and you create a new story, rather than a sequel to fallout equestria.

Huh, wish I could have been there to see that roleplay.

Also, you're right: Any sequel you wrote for the masterpiece of an original story just wouldn't have the same impact of when you unleashed that bomb five years ago. But hey, you did create what is now one of the most popular settings on the internet (From what I can see lol). I guess it really was always up to us to continue where you left off, and I have to thank you for creating this world for other people to add on to, because some of the best stories on this site take place in the universe that YOU created!

Stable-Tec shutdown? It doesn't say so on their site

In a sense, I fully understand and praise the idea of a closed whole for the story - and what story at that! - but on the other hand, I often miss the times when I followed the adventures of Littlepip's companions and her. I think that's the reason why I come back to the story almost annually and read it through (this year I intend to leave it for the cold winter that will come to be).

Plus, I'm creating my own sidestory in the wonderful universe you described for us all and it just stirrs my creativity to no end <3

If I knew how, or had the financial resources, I'd help with the animated series in a heartbeat! :ajsleepy:

So are the accounts of Fallout: Beyond Equestria going to be released to become canon? Or was it more of a personal project?

The question that we are all wondering

That actually might be the real divergence:

If events unfold that prevent or delay (long enough that it never comes about) Twilight's ascension, she never defeats Tirek, Elements 2.0 never come to be, there is no Castle, and so no Map. Somewhere in the zebra lands, a problem that might have been prevented by Twilight and co., sent by the Map, snowballs and eventually blossoms into a full war, ending in balefire cataclysm.

Just finished reading "The Ones That Stick With Me" blog. I feel empty. Craving something that doesn't exist. Hoping to somehow fill the void...

My zebra-land-based fanfiction depends on it!

Well over 3k spinoffs/side fics? On a site where the most read story has 500k views (which is a lot, but I'm sure Fanfic has stories that dwarf it)? Hell ya this is one of the most popular flics on the internet (or atleast well known. Hard to miss a good 3% of the fics on here.)

Awesome news to hear

tis my thought. what occurs to character introduced over time is in quesiton. and of the character introduced throughout the seris..

my thought for Cadance would be that she went Nightmare during the war, driven insane from the hate and lashing out against it, forcing them to force her into a magically induced sleep.... and she slept through the disaster, hidden in the frozen north......

also had a weird idea that the frozen orth was left completely unaffected by the balefire magical radiation...... after one of these journals talking about magical radiation, i pondered if the the norht had its own magical radiation, something powerful enough to repel necromatic radiation.

I'll give it a read. Now that I've actually played Fallout 3 (you made Bethesda money! :pinkiehappy:), I daresay I'll appreciate the new scenery even more. [Looks over at copy of Fallout 4]. Bethesda should be paying you I swear.

Was the game system you used for Beyond Equestria the same one you've brought up in previous blog posts? I've been humming and hawwing about starting up a Fallout Equestria game on Roll20 for a while now, and hearing about you finishing your campaign has pushed me over the edge.

Side note, if you have any house rules that make the game run smoother (or more fun) I would love to hear about them :twilightsmile:

i wonder if there might be a appearance of littlepip, even if only in reference due to the large time difference from the ten years chapter to the beginning of this new story allowing her to be out of the device.

4584792 Yes. The system is not professional quality and not without flaws, but I've played and run multiple fun and successful games with the system.

The "Fallout: Beyond Equestria" game was run online through IRC, so that gave the game its own challenges. As a result, while we had plenty of action, actual combats were few and far between because they take so much time when communicating through text.

4584004 4584019 The blog answers that question.


I used to play in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game via text, so I definitely understand the slow grind combat can be (and flawed systems, but that's neither here nor there).

Glad to hear the system is fun, I'm very excited to give it a try, assuming I'm able to find some players. And dig through your blogs to find it. And thank you for replying!

Stable Tech Studios shut down? What happened??

Here's a link to the page on EQD when the news broke. Gives some info.

Stable Tech Cancels Fallout Animation

Dear Kkat
I understand you don't want to hurt people's books by writing a second book on Fallout Equestria, but why don't you just put non-canon on it? But it's your decision. It would be awesome to see another one on the subject or a book not related to it at all. It's (again) your decision and we'll go with you on it any way.
Your faithful reader and fan F.D.M

4587370 Have you read "Origin Story"? :scootangel:

Hey Kkat, did you expect fallout:equestria to be as long as it ended up being?

its kates original story, none of the other storys are cannon to FOE :P her making a story just makes their storys less cannon but we can say that theirs branch off of the time line

Just a year-later comment on what you said about... canonicity? Doesn't have much to do with anything else. :unsuresweetie:

I'm rereading FoE for notes and ideas--also it's still my favorite book ever--but as far as my future story goes (if it reaches fruition), I intend to adhere to the original canon as much as possible... while incorporating as much canon as possible from the show, lol. The show had the most integrity with Lauren, of course, but stuff like changelings (who says they didn't revert to their old ways when the world was ruined) and canon locations like Baltimare are too interesting to not see FoE-ified, imo.

Also batponies. I need those.

Anyway, luckily it's not like I'd have to list every tweak I'd make to FoE lines to account for this. Twilight comes to mind--if she became a princess and all that before the war began, her approach to the war wouldn't have been just "wanted to please the Princesses" as Steelhooves claims, and relationships with races like dragons and hippogriffs must have deteriorated a lot for the war to happen as it did. Then again, how would I deal with Discord...

...But I digress. Who knows when or if it'll become really real, but the point is that I'm willing to tweak, and add races and stuff, but not change the main course of events.:twistnerd:

Random Question: were the Ghouls created by the Celestia One megaspell ever given a proper name other than "Scorched Ghouls" or "Burning Ghouls" or whatever? Because I'd like to humbly suggest the label of "Ifrits" or "Efreeti" (assuming that either of those names aren't already being used for the Fire Spirits that Zebra mysticism makes deals with to create incendiary weapon enchantments).

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