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Prey · 6:34pm Mar 16th, 2020

cover art by Icekatze!

Report Kkat · 809 views · Story: Prey ·
Comments ( 9 )

And within half an hour, you already have the ethics and philosophy wonks like yours truly descending upon you like a plaguehorde of highly opinionated tossers:rainbowkiss:

So it does :trollestia:

Ah, my favorite author is back. Thank you for inspiring me to write in the first place.

I haven't seen the episodes with this character so she will feel fresh to me.

Only question I have is, WHICH Prey?


or 2016?

Looks like 2016, due to it being labeled as their favorite game of the past decade, which the 06 one falls out of

Also a severe lack of native american spirituality and hawk motifs

Damn, the version I do not know as much about then

5222120 You really don't need to know anything about any game for this story.

I can't believe I only just now followed you...

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