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Prey (update) · 3:45am Apr 7th, 2020

cover art by Icekatze!


The entire story is now fully written, with the epilogue in the hooves of my amazing pre-readers, Semillon and Doubleclick, for proofreading and editing.

Massive thanks to the two of them for making this story possible! (And readable!)

The story is 18 chapters long, plus prologue and epilogue. Entire length is slightly over 115k words.

I will be posting the rest of the chapters roughly at the rate of one per day. Please enjoy reading! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 24 )


Looking forward to it, 'tis a verra good story.

I hope you continue writing new stories.

Dang you busted this one out! It actually inspired me to buy the game. So far I'm liking it and I'm enjoying the story! Now it's just a matter of keeping up with your output

Right, I set this aside to read after I'd finished playing the video game which inspired it, so I should do that.

I took a break from the game cause taking on a nightmare in the crew area keeps killing some of the people and I just needed to think of a good strategy for now.

So, is this the point where we start begging for physical copies? :ajsmug:

Seriously though, glad to see you back. I fell off of the show as well a few seasons ago, and I just might get back into it.

You know, with the whole self isolation stuff that’s happening right now, this has been a nice consistent thing to look forward to everyday. Soooo, thanks for that Kkat, the young six need more love like this

Lin #9 · Apr 7th, 2020 · · ·

Wow! So fast ! I can't wait for the rest of chapters!:rainbowkiss:

I wonder know how long did it take you to conceive a story. Some of my friends complained that they had taken over two years to think about it, and still not finished yet.:facehoof:

(And my translation speed also very slow……:pinkiecrazy:)

Huh, really?

Admittedly I’ve fallen behind in reading the chapters. I’ve fallen behind in reading full stop. Also fallen behind in my YouTube watch list.

I got back into modded Skyrim and it’s been eating up my free time XD

But Kkat is female...

5237699 Prey was such an impactful and impressive game that I've bounced about ideas for a Prey-inspired story for years. However, none of the ideas were good enough to write.

Last year, I started watching My Little Pony again, catching up on the two seasons that I had missed. I immediately fell in love with the Student Six. They made the last two seasons something extra wonderful. After watching "Student Council", I found myself revisiting the idea of a Prey-themed MLP story from a whole new perspective.

I started seriously considering this story on February 17th, which was when I started writing notes, building my framework for the story. I wrote fairly extensive notes (163 pages of them), sharing them with one of my pre-readers (Doubleclick) and another friend to see if the story was worthy of being written. Once they had seen the full idea and supported it, I turned to my other pre-reader (Semillon) and made arrangements to start writing the story.

I started writing the story on March 10th. I made the prologue public on March 16th.

Wait... WHAT???!!!

It's almost over? Wow, was almost thinking that this would be the same length as FoE (though I had doubts that was actually the case). Honestly like that tbh, makes the story more digestible (and you avoid the problem of ruining the pacing of the fic in order to artificially inflate word count).

I think so, yes.

Why don't we ask him/her, so we'll be able to know what's the gender?

5237878 I'll give the same answer I give anyone: my gender, sexual identity and orientation should not matter. No more than my skin color or any number of other things. I don't care what others assume; call me by whatever pronoun you want. Gender and sexuality only matter between me and someone I desire to be intimate with.

Alright, Kkat. Sorry if we just stole you some precious time, it wasn't our intention. Apologies.

Dang you got this one done fast, I will give it a shot you may convince me to go play the game like you did with Fallout.

Crap. I need to catch up on this. I really enjoyed what I've read so far. With work, the loads of games coming out, and my usual hobbies all vying for my attention, this totally fell off my radar.


Not one to stop self-afflicting myself with burden, I need to check out the game that inspired this story. It looks up my alley, from what I've heard about it.


18 chapters are nothing intimidating to me, considering that you're the author. Basically, I have trouble getting into a lot of stories, but you're writing style appeals to me more than any other author that I am aware of.

I'm happy to be three chapters in so far, savoring it ~3~

And then there's me, on chapter 3... Time to get moving.

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