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Late Frost · 8:19pm Mar 14th, 2017

It is Pi Day, and we got hit by a winter storm so big, they gave it a name.

It is Pi Day, and I had to shovel something that wasn't so much snow as it was a stratum of pumice that happened to be made of ice.

It is Pi Day, and it has now started snowing again.

It is Pi Day. What the crap, nature.

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I blame Pinkie.

In the Central US. It was in the 20s last night and there's snow on my porch. It will be 80 on Monday :pinkiecrazy:

I'm just hoping it doesn't hurt the farmers too much, or at least not in a way a replanting can't fix.

I motion for a petition to ban snow.

Author Interviewer

pff, I still remember when we got snow on May 4th. This is nothing :B

Oh goody, probably will get overtime here in the land of why doesn't it snow here anymore. Gotta make sure the east coast gets its deliveries to homes underneath the glacier after all.

4456096 I blame Flurry Heart, trying to outdo her babyhood performance.

You guys have weird weather. That said... 2 June 1975, Buxton, Derbyshire: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/snow-scenes-june-1975---9375720




You were only supposed to say "it's Pi day" 3.14 times, not the full 4. :trollestia:

Nature has a way of trolling mankind--especially since it sounds like winter's having one last big hurrah before spring officially begins. You have my condolences.

Also, dang it, I didn't do any CheesePie things for Pi Day.

Turns out windigos like pi(e).

Sent some my way! It's a high of 80 today! ...and I can't think of a way to work Pi into this. :pinkiesad2:

Winter wrap up, winter wrat up~! 8B

For the past, like, two months up here in Calgary, the first half of the week has been kinda Canadian spring-ish; it's warm enough that you can get by with just a sweater and there is still snow everywhere but the asphalt in the roads is actually visible. Then the latter half is a fuckhueg snowstorm and drivers fucking up driving hardcore. It has been cycling through this process for two months or more I can't remember anymore.

Yeah, I'd like to see anypony try to wrap up this crap over and over. They'd be saying "screw this bullshit! >:(" after the second time around.

Also Foamy, pics. I wanna see the ice you shovelled. Because as bad as it's been here, I have yet to see it snow that hardcore.

Ooo did you ever see the blogpost I did up where it snowed in September? The trees still had leaves and branches were breaking off cuz of all the snow adding weight and it was like all the trees were giving up on life n stuff :B

Here in northern California, it snowed about a week and a half ago. Then, basically overnight, I went from shivering in three layers to walking around the house in a state of undress that makes me grateful I live alone.

At this point I just assume that the weather pegasi all got stinking drunk when they heard the election results and haven't sobered up yet.

Pff, wusses. We get snow in the middle of summer, right in August here. Sometimes.

Ooh, a fellow Calgarian! The Pegasus are always drunk up here, aren't they? Sometimes they are sober enough to do something right.

4456106 Rather than banning snow, could you send it out to California? If the current temperature is any indication, we're in for a horrible summer...

4456313 Does Calgary even have summer? I thought your seasons were winter, winter, winter and mosquitoes. :rainbowderp:

Calgary has 2 seasons, winter, and construction.:pinkiehappy:

Way too much icing.

Best explanation I've heard.

Banning seems extreme. Establishing proper seasons and maxima, though, that I could get behind.

Why do you think I italicized the last one? :raritywink:

Sorry, no pics. Plus, once you start compromising the top layer of interconnecting matrix, it gets less formidable fairly quickly.

4456301 4456313
Darn weatherworkers. I'm pretty sure they mixed up this week's schedule with one for the end of February. I was sitting outside a few weeks ago.

This is why Tau day is superior!

Freaking pegasi, slacking off.
More importantly, the weather is bipolar. March, you're supposed to come in like a lion, out like a lamb; stop this alternating every other day crap.


At this point I just assume that the weather pegasi all got stinking drunk when they heard the election results and haven't sobered up yet.

Honestly, I was assuming they're on strike. But also, at least in my region, this weather is kinda common. I remember a blizzard once came in mid-April.
4456110 :eeyup:

I just got Email from one of my local amusement parks: Get Ready For The Start Of Our Season!

And I was all like, Yeah, I'll get on that right after I chip out my car.

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