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[center]Bye guys[/center]

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    It's been a great ride. I've read a lot of fics and made a lot of friends, but I just don't have time to stick around the site anymore. I don't really want to leave you guys/everyone who keeps pming me to do mod stuff hanging, so I figured I'd make it official and step off.

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Get spoopy · 8:34pm Oct 1st, 2016

Hey guys it's October

who's ready for the skeleton war?

Report Obselescence · 879 views ·
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Comments ( 25 )

I am.

Oh sweet Celestia it's that time again


not without a skeleton avatar you aren't

Is this the thing now?

It took me a month of hard work to put a santa hat on my avatar. There's no way I could do a skeleton version.

I'm ready for the skeleton war. I even brought my shield.

I think I am... but I'm not. :twilightoops:

I guess I can be ready

I think this is too spooky for me.

Obs, is that Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo for your avatar's head? Because I shit you not, it looks exactly like him with your head that small.

inb4 meme flood

I don't know about myself, but this chap certainly is.

I went out and bought this Halloween mask...
I can't see a #$%& THING!!!

Oh dear. I am totally unprepared for spoopery. Unless my normal avatar counts.

Author Interviewer

Obselesence posted a journal

I thought he was ded

He must be a skeleton

Obs lost a lot of weight and still has a thick, luscious beard. I'll have the shower condiments he's having.

Obs, help me get a nice skeletal avatar

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