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Season 6 Finale Synopsis · 9:45pm Sep 8th, 2016

So the Season 6 finale synopsis, To Where and Back Again, is out...

That sounds familiar...

Oh wait.

I kind of beat Hasbro to it.

Will admit, this is a bit demotivating.

Story will continue as planned though.

Still though, I'm pumped! Starlight and Trixie probably reunited. Maybe Sunburst, maybe Ember, definitely Thorax, it should be good. The villain too, my money's on Grogar

Comments ( 22 )

This was exactly what I thought when I read the synopsis for the final.

I was surprised that you beat them already. But your story is really good!

I think everyone has done a fan fiction like this at some point. Still, can't wait to see how Hasbro does this plotline.

Now this is gonna be good :rainbowdetermined2:!!! The big question is who will be the team Starlight assembles?

4199483 I'm betting Sunburst will be on the team, considering how much he knows about magic. Trixie's probably a safe bet as well.

4199486 Yeah good possibility , and who knows maybe Lightning Dust.

4199490 I can see that, along with Princess Ember.

Here's hoping they don't mess it up.

4199494 The Flim Flam Brothers too maybe.

4199512 If that happens, the episode is bound to be entertaining, what with their con artist ways and all.

4199514 That would be interesting still looking up a bit more I saw that there is a Wonderbolt episode that might reveal Lightinings fate. Still I wonder who will be the new bad guy to appear im guessing it might be Grogar.

4199522 If they do that, I'll be very pleased. He sounds like a good villain from what I've read of him.

I'd take that as flattering, rather than demotivating.
Think of it like this: at least some people at Hasbro liked your story enough to try and make it canon. :raritywink:
That's a pretty big compliment.

4199512 Unless they're the Great Threat. They were one of the villains in the time travel episode after all.

4199574 I personally doubt that, but it still to early to tell who it might be. Hasbro might make the great threat a new villian.

I'm with ya! WHOOOOO!

I swear your story popped in my head when I first saw the plot summary.

I love it when a fanfic becomes canon.

I think the team will be:
-Starlight Glimmer

Huh. That happened. I wonder if they planned this to coincide with the release of Suicide Squad (or, close to, at least).

Sounds like a fun premise, but will likely fall somewhat flat because of the limited runtime of two episodes. I mean we have around 40 minutes to tell the entire story. The EQG movies were roundabout half an hour longer.
Besides, I would prefer the whole thing without Starlight. I see why some people adore her, but to me it always feels like she is supposed to capitalize on the success of Sunset Shimmer.
I will watch the episode, but at the moment I think Spike as a team leader would be a better choice. Or maybe even an Alicorn besides Twilight gets to do something useful.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the finale and maybe you can get some inspiration out of it. :twilightsmile:

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