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The Magician's Anthology (2/6) · 2:44am Apr 18th, 2017

⬅️ Blog part 1

Cover speaks for itself right?

As the sequel to The Magician’s Mantle, The Magician's Anthology would have been a collection of short stories with an overarching plot and interlinked character development for Trixie. It would have essentially been Mare-Do-Well: The Series, with new villains and guest stars as the cover shows.

Below you'll find the stories, summaries of them and the descriptions that would have been in preceding chapters as a sort of Next Time thing.

In brief though, after the events of the last story Fillydelphia would be descending into crime as a result of the police station burning along with its records and evidence, with criminals taking advantage of the chaos. Trixie would step up as Mare-Do-Well to do what she could, working with the police to save the day. It would have gradually have grown darker over time, with Trixie going through a lot of drama.

Part 1: The Rookie. Action

Building on the prior story, Trixie would be recruited by Commissioner Book to monitor a growing syndicate of earth pony supremacists planning to attack the city. Trixie would be rather insecure about her role but would step up when she finds out the attack is coming sooner than expected.

A big airship fight and crash would have happened, Trixie would gain some respect and the villains would have been apprehended just before they could fire a massive cannon at a building Princess Luna was visiting.

Part 2: The Extraordinaire. Comedy
No image.

Each chapter after this had a description to describe it.
Trixie's been hired for the Winter-Wrap-Up parade! But things become complicated with the arrival of an allusive party-planner by the name of Cheese Sandwich, who seems to cause trouble wherever he goes. Convinced he's got something up his sleeves, Trixie has to juggle her performance preparations with an investigation into the the suspicious stallion's actions.

A Christmas special essentially, Cheese would cause a series of misunderstandings and a jumpy Trixie would have swooped in to stop him. In the process he would find out who she was but would agree to keep her secret and they become friends, performing in the parade together.

Part 3: The Detective. Noir

Hard Case, one of Mare-Do-Well's most outspoken critics, is forced to work with her on a matter of upmost discretion. Trixie is forced to work against the clock, and Case's attitude in order stop a desperate stallion with a heartfelt secret.

Trixie investigators a corrupt CEO at a Harvey Bullock expy’s request. After confronting him she would find he's using company funds to care for his sick and deformed daughter who's half-pony half-dragon, based on the mythical Longma. Case would thank her for a job well done and she would leave in disgust that the CEO is arrested, straining her relationship with the police.

Part 4: The Monster. Horror

A costly mistake whilst on patrol results in Trixie being hospitalised. She doesn't get a break however, as there is something with her in the degrading hospital, watching her every move. With hindered magic and lacking her costume, Trixie engages in a deadly game of cat and mouse with whatever it is that's hiding in the walls , this time however, she's the prey.

Trixie would end up in a hospital on the verge of closing down, having to face a monster dwelling in the morgue which is feeding on dead ponies. It would eventually try to eat Trixie herself, with it being revealed to be a feral Griffon. She would kill it in self defence just before the police arrive, but would leave so shaken she goes to apple leaves (her friend) and confesses that she's Mare-Do-Well out of fear.

Part 5: The Farmer. Drama

Trixie's invited to attend dinner with the local Apple Family. Her previous adventures have left her rattled however, drawing the suspicion and concern of her close friend Apple Leaves. When danger strikes, Trixie is forced to make a difficult choice.

Leading on from the last chapter, this one would revolve around Trixie relationship with the local apple family. It would be revealed that Apple Pie, Leaves’ fiery sister, is allowing a fugitive mare and her thief crew, getting paid but under threat, to stay in a barn on the land to hide from the law. Trixie would confront them and get them all arrested but in doing so Pie gets in trouble and goes to jail for a little while, straining Trixie and Leaves friendship.

Part 6: The Element. Adventure

Mare-Do-Well must contend with her most unusual enemy yet; a fashionista! Rarity is intent on hunting down the imposter Mare-Do-Well who stole her creation, and Trixie must decide to either give the Element of Harmony what she wants, or risk losing everything in the process.

Yep, Rarity would have shown up! Basically a back and forth story between Trixie and Rarity, with Rarity hunting Mare-Do-Well but at the same time befriending Trixie. Eventually Rarity would find out the truth but would be okay with it seeing as Trixie had changed, though she does create more costumes before she leaves as a friend.

Part 7: The Acquaintance. Romance / Drama

Trixie goes on a trip! Deciding to get out of Fillydelphia for a while, Trixie decides to visit the one place that took her in when no pony else would do so. Her return to the rock farming Pie Family has mixed results however, including the unexpected re-emergence of feelings for a mare she had long forgotten about.

Mauxie, because why not? Basically a quiet story with a lot of arguing and drama between Trixie, Maud and her sisters. Flashbacks to when Trixie worked on the farm, and maybe a fight with some thugs at the end with Trixie proclaiming that she's Mare-Do-Well to Maud to gain some sympathy, with Maud saying something sappy like ‘you think I loved you cause you're grave?’ Or something like that. Maybe ending with an implied life scene.

Part 8: The Orphan. Survival

Travelling up to the Frozen North for the Equestrian Games, Trixie can't wait to experience the wonders of The Crystal Empire, and possible reunite with her old ally, Shining Armor. Her trip hits a speed bump however, as Trixie is forced to protect an orphaned colt from a creature thought to only be a myth.

Trixie verses a Wendigo, defeated by the power of love. Trixie would have found a orphan of the road from the crystal empire who's so angry he is literally fuelling a dormant wendigo. He would remind Trixie of herself, her past implying she's an orphan, and would help him get over himself to defeat the wendigo.

Part 9: The Traitor. Western

While on the road back to Fillydelphia, Trixie is attacked and drained of her magic by a recently released Tirek and a traitorous Discord. With nothing left but her props and her wits, Trixie must find civilisation before it is too late, all while being taunted by a strangely intrigued Master of Chaos.

At the season 4 finale, so you can see how old these plans are. Trixie would basically be dragging her way back to Fillydelphia in the middle of a desert mountain region, with Discord popping back and forth to taunt and question her out of curiosity, very Q like. When her magic comes back Discord appears to apologise stating that he's still curious about her and hopes to see her again. Trixie wonders why Discord cares about her so much.

Part 10: The Mistake. Superhero

An experiment gone awry forces Mare-Do-Well to battle a being made of pure magic. Outmatched in power and passion, Trixie faces her greatest battle, but must also solve the dilemma of how she can protect the innocent if the one she's fighting is the innocent?

A currently villainous Starlight Glimmer would have appeared! A magic convention is taking place in Fillydelphia and both Starlight and Trixie attend. A shunned professor is laughed out when trying to demonstrate his machine which can essentially supercharge a unicorn's magic, with him choosing to test it on himself to expected results, turning into a pony made entirely of magic.

Would have featured a fight between him and Starlight, who would admire Mare-Do-Well from afar not realising it was her future friend Trixie. Trixie eventually uses another invention that can contain magic to trap the now insane professor.

Part 11: The Deserter. Spy

Agent Sweetie Drops begrudgingly takes on one final assignment at Princess Luna’s request. With an insistent Lyra in tow, Sweetie begins her final mission before she can enjoy her life in peace... with some unexpected interruptions by Mare-Do-Well hindering her success.

A story from Bon Bon perspective as Trixie occasional gets in her way as they hunt the same bad guy. Ending much as the others do, with Trixie's identity known and Bon Bon begrudging accepting her friendship. That, and general Bon Lyra loveliness.

Part 12: The Critic. Political

Trixie has been on a downward spiral. Her actions as Mare-Do-Well have been drawn into question, and Trixie can't help but believe that there is some truth to her accusers words. With the urge to hang up her cape becoming ever greater, Trixie must be tragically reminded why she choose to do the things she does.

Essentially as mere campaign against Trixie by a mayor candidate, blaming her for most of the cities problems and general ‘Civil War’ style arguments against Superheroes. Trixie would almost quit until another bad guy kills the candidate in a display of power, with Trixie feeling bad enough to keep going as Mare-Do-Well even though she doesn't want to due to how her life's been effected.

Part 13: The Shade. Thriller

There's something stirring in the bowls of Manehatten, and after a threat is made against her life, Trixie comes face to face with her greatest enemy yet, who will stop at nothing until she has Mare-Do-Well's head.

The pony from the epilogue returns! Each other chapter would have ended with a paragraph or so explaining what this pony was up to; escaping prison, traveling to different cities, watching Mare-Do-Well from afar. Here this pony, who has no name and can't give herself an identity due to her appearance making her feel its impossible, calls Mare-Do-Well out and threatens those she cares about indirectly. She causes Manehatten to evacuate by claiming there's random bombs all over the city, and Trixie travels there to confront her, losing and getting chained up as a result, with the pony saying she's going to film and document her slowly killing Mare-Do-Well to prove to her ‘friend' she's good enough.

Part 14: The Ensemble. Thriller

In the finale of The Magician's Anthology, Mare-Do-Well and her unlikely allies strike back against the threat that has brought Equestria to a standstill, and in her most desperate hour, Trixie will discover the answer she has been searching for as to why she's the mare she is today.

Apples Leaves, Maud, Rarity, Bon Bon and Cheese Sandwich each individually travel to Manehatten as the pony, who has dubbed herself ‘Veil’ to mock Trixie's mask, televises (through projections onto buildings as TVs don't exist in Equestria) her about to torture Trixie to death. The five travel into the city, which is on lockdown by the princesses, and draw Veil out while Trixie escapes. As her plan begins to fall apart, and Maud lays down a beating while shouting ‘don't hurt my marefriend!’ Trixie arrives and an eventful climax occurs on a bridge in full view of the city.

Trixie offers to save Veil who doesn't accept it and in a moment of sanity drops herself to her death for failing her unknown friend. Trixie thanks her friends and realises they are the reason she's still Mare-Do-Well and it's no longer about personal glory, with Discord appearing in her beat to congratulate her. Trixie goes on tour and leaves Fillydelphia behind with a farewell to her friends there.

Part 15: The Anthology. Epilogue

Commissioner Book, having spoken to Mare-Do-Well throughout the story, bursts angrily into an office and throws a file to the floor. Luna looks up at him stoically.

He says he will not aid her anymore in reporting on Mare-Do-Well’s antics, nor will he help Luna keep her secrets in how she has been manipulating events specifically to impede Mare-Do-Well and test her resolve. Such as by tipping off the police to two story villains, reminding Rarity of Mare-Do-Well to create conflict, deliberately sending Bon Bon after a criminal to be annoyed by Trixie, and last but not least and unknowingly to Book, unwittingly convincing Veil to attack Trixie with the promise she would soothe her ‘bad dreams’ and be her friend. Veil escaping is enough to convince Luna to stop and Book to resign.

Book leaves in disgust and Luna steps out onto the balcony to reflect upon her actions with trepidation, reassuring herself they were necessary in discovering the perfect pupil.

Yeah that ending was a big twist but if you think that's waaaay out of character and pretty evil of Luna, just remember these were ideas and motivations were subject to change. I would have certainly made Luna’s role less villainous, but for all purposes she would have been the villain of this story.

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Every post of yours makes me more and more sad that you decided not to go ahead and write this
looks like it would've been epic

4500793 It would have been cool yeah, but it would've been a massive undertaking, especially since outside of the satisfaction of doing it there's not much incentive to write 150'000 plus word stories. Hopefully I can repurpose these ideas In future though.

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