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The Magician's Mantle and Sequel Notes. (1/6) · 11:48pm Apr 17th, 2017

Blog part 2 ➡️
My first major story on this site was a superhero tale starring Trixie, the greatest and most powerful of all characters, taking up the mantle of Mare-Do-Well in a scheme to gain fame.

As you can probably tell that story hasn't been updated in ages and I'm admittedly extremely unlikely to go back to it any time soon seeing as my writing in it is rather amateurish in hindsight and I created the story really just because I thought it would be a cool idea and not really for any artistic merit. It doesn't have much going on in terms of plot and there's really not much payoff in reading it in my opinion.

My plan for it was a bit cliched and honestly, I really only wanted to create it as build up for sequels that will never come to be now as I've repurposed my ideas for them as other unfanfic related projects.

So instead... I'm just going to reveal what my plan was for this and the 5 sequels I had intended.

Yes, 5 sequels! That's how ambitious I was. I even made artwork! And I had an overarching tale for all of it, including a grand finale ending.

But before we get to that, I'll reveal the ending of this story as I had planned it.

The story is currently at the point where Trixie and Shining Armor, whose been hunting Trixie down, are now working together to solve the various arsons that have been occurring over the city, having no choice after the police station was burned down. After investigating for a bit Shining would leave to get ready for a press conference to reassure the public while Trixie, after remembering a taxi cab had been present at two of the fires, would go out to find and interrogate the driver.

The driver would reveal he's been paid off by a Pegasus and would take Trixie to the place he picks him up. There would be an abandoned building nearby where Trixie would discover that the arsonist was planning to bomb city hall, where Shining was about to give his speech. She would also discover half the arsonists name from a name tag on a work uniform, and maybe have to escape a trap inspired by Batman: TAS.

At the hall Shining would deduce that the arsonist was a fire fighter as multiple firefighters present would have the same burned hooves as the arsonist. There be a red herring with a disgruntled fire pony but the actual villain would be revealed as the chief when he goes up to give a speech condemning the arsons but would instead to set off a bomb from the stage.

Trixie would arrive and warn everyone as Mare-Do-Well and reveal his identity but she would be too late and the arsonist, named Frey Ember, would set the bomb off and the building would catch fire. Shining would fight him but Frey would gain the upper hand until Trixie saves him. In the confusion Frey would get his hidden fire suit and flamethrower and fight Trixie one on one, ranting about how he made the fires so Pegasus's like him would be useful in a largely unicorn populated town, drawing parreles to Trixie and her becoming up Mare-Do-Well for essentially the same reason.

At some point Trixie's costume would catch fire and she would have to get rid of it, with Frey getting confused at how she's just some random mare and not some famous guard or someone like Twilight, with Trixie maybe giving a pose and a introduction or something. Then there would be a poetic moment with Frey burning in his own fire or refusing help from Trixie for whatever reason. Trixie would then carry an unconscious and burned Shining out, not before saying "on your hooves, solider" a la Terminator.

By saving Shining as Trixie and not Mare-Do-Well, Trixie would become famous again and milk it for all it's worth, deciding to stay in Fillydelphia for the time being for it and because she'd made friends with Applejacks cousin, Apple Leaves. Shining would give his support to Mare-Do-Well publicly, naming her an honourary royal guard (giving her jurisdiction) and Trixie would decide to go against her original plan of revealing herself as Mare-Do-Well both because she already had the fame she wanted and because she realises she can do good as Mare-Do-Well that she couldn't as a 'regular' pony.

Shining would return to Canterlot, deciding that it was time for him to take a desk job as it was the most useful thing he could see himself doing, but not before gifting Trixie with a new armoured suit made partly by the royal guard and a certain fashionista. There'd be a scene with Trixie running off into the night, and I was debating whether or not to reveal that Cadance was pregnant (this was before Flurry Heart existed) to give Shining more incentive to settle down.

In an epilogue, Shining would be walking to his office reflecting on the stories events, before getting to his office and realising his file about Mare-Do-Well was missing. It would cut to a mare in a cell with a multicoloured coat chatting with a shadowed pony through the window, who this pony regarded as her only friend. The topic would turn to Mare-Do-Well and the unseen pony's interest in her, sowing the seeds of the story to come, with the missing file being passed through the bars.

The story ending on an ominous image.

From here, the story would continue with The Magician's Anthology, with Trixie as Mare-Do-Well and a villain on the rise.

As I said, this story was really made just because as a superhero, Trixie needed an origin. The sequel was what I was wanting to write from the beginning.

So, whatcha think?

Comments ( 6 )

Will miss reading this.
I was holding out for you to finish Undesirables.

Well, at least you tried.
--Disappointed Spade

4500117 Undesirables will continue, this story is basically dead though.

I wanted more of this fic... :fluttercry:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

So this story is pretty much cancelled? :fluttershysad:

Oh so sad. :fluttercry: Well, if you, the writer, don't like the story anymore, there's nothing to do. :ajsleepy:

I did enjoy what the story offered. There is a audience for these. Thanks for telling us about your plans in blogs. :twilightsmile:

I suggest that when you finally change the status to cancelled, you add a link to these blogs in the author's notes, please.

Awww… this was one story I was really looking forward to. :fluttercry: I always enjoy a good MDW fanfic, which yours definitely was, and I also love seeing Trixie become a hero.

Funny thing is, my MDW fic was pretty much written for the same reason as yours: I just thought having Sunset Shimmer as MDW was a cool idea. :twilightsheepish:

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