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IT'S COMING · 5:54pm Aug 5th, 2012

No, not that

Dark and mysterious. Great and terrible. Since time immemorial intellects vast and cruel have watched, and waited, biding their time until the proper moment. That moment is now, and the world will shake and tremble under the might of an incomprehensible willpower. Its coming is inexorable. The change inevitable. Nothing is as it seems.

For in all of creation, from the screaming birth of the universe to the unfathomable end of time, from the heart each supermassive black hole to the edge of each galaxy, from the beginning of every story to the end of every life, there is no power greater than

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This is the second blog I've seen about this. Dafuq is going on?


Got my damn hopes up :rainbowhuh:

Damn, you got my hopes up. :raritydespair:
Also, this may be a dumb question, but what`s LOEG?(If I'm reading that right)
It's also in WandererD's avatar...

Glee replaced by disappointment replaced by confusion.

I don't know what's going ooooon.

If you turn your head it looks like a lizard holding a key

*sees title*


*reads blog post*

... this again? :rainbowhuh:

Pssh. Is that still going on? Wanderer D is so silly.

Loeg...League of Equestrian Gentlemares?

LOEG? League of egotistical geniuses? :unsuresweetie:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? I dunno, but the viral marketing makes me interested.

Why do I feel like this refers to some kind of Cosmic Chess Game/Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny...... ?

Oh right, because it (probably) does.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see that logo is the "League of Extraordinary Gentlecolts" or something like that. I have no idea what it is, but I've seen a few outstanding writers with it on their avatars.

Also, nice Muse reference :pinkiehappy:

271703 <-- What he said, except that I've seen some variation of this five times so far.

YEEEEESSSSSSS.....*reads post*.....NOOOOooooooooo :derpytongue2:

Ok, what is up with all of this? I hope this doesn't get dragged out forever, and I certainly hope it is up to the hype.

SON I AM DISAPPOINT. Here I was hoping for an Immortal Game announcement...




maybe those others who has posted something similar along with AestheticB are going to do some HUGE collab fic?

I guess I better start that review then...

T'would seem we, the readers, have been left in the dark. (For now).
Whatever ya'll are planning, I have complete faith that it will shock and astound us lol. :trollestia:
Also, if it is indeed a collaboration fiction, how might one partake in such a literary deviation? :yay:
Best of luck with, well, whatever it is you're writing! Have a mustache for the road.:moustache:

This is cruel.

You got me all excited... and then curious and slightly confused, please enlighten us ^^;

I don't know what's happening but i'm excited.

Dont troll me plaese!!! WHY? :rainbowhuh:

WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!:raritycry:

Looking forward to an update.

Ok, so I'm pee'd off about you getting my hopes up ( :twilightangry2: )

However, whatever this is talking about sounds pretty epic! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait :twilightsmile:

I announced the final chapters of The Immortal Game yesterday, in my most recent blog. Just sayin'


Yeah I just read that :facehoof:

Sorry, I just got back from an internetless (is that even a word?) holiday and I was reading through my notifications, I probably should've checked the newer notifications before posting comments on the older ones :twilightblush: Ma bad

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