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Team Aesthetic Saves the World · 3:11am Nov 29th, 2012

Man, I haven't enjoyed a video game in forever!

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I'm enjoying the hell out of XCOM myself.

Wanderer D

I'm not in your team! :fluttercry:

It's pretty clear who the hero in this shot is.

In case it's not clear, it's me.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you like XCOM?

is your sniper a move and shot or ping from across map?

For anything but terror attacks, my squad is essentially built around blowing them out of cover so that Gardez can free-action snipe them. It's a little absurd.

Gardez is long range, Midnight Shadow (who is currently in reserve) is the more mobile variety. I move really slowly and use lots of overwatch, so I prefer the long range.

same here:twilightsmile: difficulty?

Sounds pretty much like my team!

Needs a Katana....

I gave up when I spawned in a really cramped map with those grenade-throwing people. Good to see you're doing well.


By forever, do you mean since Mass Effect 3 pre-ending?


Haha, my sniper's name is also Gardez! I call her "Lady Grey", though. I play much the same way. 2 assaults with that cover breaking ability are amazing. This screenshot gave me a good reason to level my support; I had no idea they could take 2 equipment! LEARN SOMETHING NEW!



Team Aesthetic Saves the World

Chorus: "AGAIN!?"

Awsome, Unimpressive! I'd bet your team kicks ass. If only the game had whiskey...

I'm probably going to buy this game now.

Seriously, King of Frogs?

You make me sad, man.


Heh, it does help to have a team built specifically for the terror attacks. The bomb ones are pretty easy but the civilian saving missions suck. I haven't gotten a solid way to play those so far except hoping you get a map where you only have to sweep in one direction. Granted, I'm playing on Classic Iron Man mode.

Speaking of insurmountable, bullshit challenges... when are we getting the epilogue for Immortal Game?!


Now all you need is Col. The Manager.

Just normal, if the six Colonels didn't tip you off. I don't usually play games on high difficulty, mostly just for time reasons.

Their last ability gives them two shots on their overwatch, so if you're super cautious like me, it's absurd.

He's been confined to the bunker for trying to distribute sectoid pornography over the internet

It's you. That one, I mean. Is you.

I prefer XCom Apocalypse, but it's a good one. I hope they expand it significantly eventually...

Now... where's that epilogue?

I played Apocalypse so much when I was a kid. Just, so much. I really do miss the cool spaceship fights and the corporate raids.

XCOM for the win :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:. I named my squad after the Mane 6; Pinkie (assault) died first, Rarity (sniper) followed suit :raritycry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:
But I finished my first playthrough strong with most stats higher than the world average, so I'm happy :pinkiehappy::ajsmug:
Normal difficulty of course

that's ok:twilightsmile: I'm currently running a game on impossible and have the world barely hanging on and I think a captian as my highest rank. I'm more proud of the fact that I'm playing ironman mode and have managed to make it 5 months:pinkiecrazy: my insanity has grown needless to say

550923 - I loved having both RT and TBS combat, more involved research/engineering and 2 scales of combat. Plus a few other fun bits.

am I benched somewhere :duck:

I heard I died. What happened there, B?

Since I'm in the front I must be the most important.

Is this XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

There is no Thaviel. Or thaviel, for that matter.

There was a critical hit. Your death inspired the funding of an officer training that helped save everybody else from pain in the future.

You have to be in the front because you have the psychic powers, yeah.

It is!


I bet you wept inconsolably. :trixieshiftleft:

Having fun naming the members of your team after your friends?

No idea what this game is, but I see badass characters with badass guns.

So... Are you guys the A(B) Team?

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