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The Panel, and Where You Can Watch It. · 9:32pm Oct 24th, 2012

Okay, so we hit the viewer cap and a lot of you guys got locked out. It sucks, but hey! We're also successful.

Here's a link to where you can watch the session in its entirety. I'll post a youtube link when one comes up.

In it, I talk about writing, The Immortal Game, action scenes, why I ditched Rarity's Theorem, and where I get all of my brilliant ideas, all while cribbing off of Pen Stroke's popularity to get an audience, which was kind of cool.

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Bless you, Oh Great One. I'll call off the hitponies now....
(Oh relax. They're ponies. What harm could they do?)

Not gonna lie, I was there because of you and Wanderer_D. Just saying.

Now I want to know what "Rarity's Theorem" is.

Pen Stroke is cribbing off your popularity, Aesthetic!:pinkiehappy:

You should know that by now.


This. I enjoyed listening, hope you do more!

So that's what you sound like when you're sober.


You've never heard me drunk.

...Have you? I don't remember.

So, you said that you would continue to write, but not in pony.
How will we find out about whatever you write, will you inform us here?

Wow I haven't checked like anything about this site in aaaaaaaaaaages, and then you showed up in my subscription box. Are there any times I can skip to in order to find pieces about you, I don't really care about the other fellas.

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