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You keep using that word... · 7:54am Apr 21st, 2015

Sorry, but I just watched this, and I did my first facepalm, my first flat "What", and my first "Really?"

I don't do those things in real life. I tend to be somewhat easygoing when stupidity around me is abound. I may rant about it, but I don't act like characters in TV or movies. I feel these characters always overreact in situations. I guess I realized that it's actually possible for it to happen.

Also, I finished my FH14 draft, and once again submitted it to my pre-readers for proofing. Sorry, my beta-readers. I know you guys aren't completely done with FH13 yet, and now I'm dumping this to you. Sorry.

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Yeah, I just has to repost that on one of the forums I'm on. Holy fucking shit. :facehoof:

3003044 A hole in the internet

Strangely, no replies yet. :pinkiesad2:


What are you talking about? I read about three replies. XD

3003049 There weren't any when I was typing my replies. *shrug* Arfcom can be fickle like that.

Yeah, that shit is unbelivable. I think that they are just trying to provoke and invoke emotions, but this is a fucked up way to do so.
Oh well, we only can reply and teach. Can't silence stupidity.


Haha. I liked the car review the most.


What is bad about this is that it minimizes the impact of real rape crimes.

Where have you been for the last decade or so? Don't you know that "rape" is whatever a woman says it is? Listen and believe, shitlord!

No, really. People believe that. :facehoof:

That video is insulting to every rape victim. I'm upset at her rape of the word rape.

Didn't you know that rape now means anything that makes a woman feel even mildly awkward or uncomfortable? If you're not bending over backwards in all situations to accommodate even the most inane of sensitivities, you are literally worse than Hitler, and you need to check your privilege. Also kill all men.

I had a similar knee jerk reaction, but then I got to thinking about her apparent cultural background. While some of her claims are utterly rediculous, i kida see where she is coming from. Unless I am mistaken, in her culture genital mutilation of young girls is common practice, a husband may beat his wife as punishment, a man can have 4 wives and divorce any of them for any reason (but not the other way around). Girls are made to feel ashamed of their bodies and completely cover up their femininity. Try to go against Daddy's will and religion (especially if she turns to Christianity) and risk beating, being disowned and cast out in the cold, or even death.


Yet only in one of those things can the term rape may be applicable. Yes, empathize with those that have it worse than us... but don't use words that don't describe your situation to garner some sort of false sympathy. It's disingenuous, it cheapens the word, and behind that, the crime, and it makes your argument very false. You want people to listen? Speak the truth. Not this bullshit.

3003125 3003208

I live far away from the madness of the Western culture. However, I may not be as safe as I think I am. :applejackconfused:


I live far away from the madness of the Western culture.

Oh, my sweet summer child, tumblr dot com is everywhere. You cannot escape it. It is already inside your home, standing right behind you, waiting for you to turn around so that it can present you a list of how you are oppressing it at this very moment.

Don't turn around DEL. Don't turn around :fluttercry:

3003281 By western culture do you mean the USA? A large part of the problem seems to come from the Islamic culture, which is spreading world wide.

well,since i was a newborn i was taught to rape everything i came across, and lemmey tell you, its quite a burden to be the one in charge of the raping, since as a man, society expects me to rape EVERYTHING, and then im on the streets, doing my job, and this girl has the gall of hitting me, and im like "bitch, are you srs?".

so i sit her down and explain her that since i had the bad luck of being born with a penis i have to rape all the womyn i ever met, then again, why teach only men to rape, and not teach women to get raped too?

I get the impression that her use of the word is deliberate.


*turns around*


... Okay.

*turns back to the screen*


Eh, the Islamic culture is growing, but not exactly what is garnering such changes. Its the new kid on the block. You should look for something that's already encroached the culture. And by Western, I mean US, and Europe.


Coz Patriarchy. Or something. I honestly don't know anymore.


I know, that's why I'm not treating her as an ignoramus.

I actually did a bit of research not long ago and Islam has actually been around for at least several hundred years, and if you read up on Shiria law (scary shit), those militants almost seem to be following it pretty close. Shiria tells the Islamic to basically lie to infidels (everyone who is not islamic) in order to further spread islam. It also tells them to enslave or kill infidels.
Christianity (the real Christianity) does not promote violence. And no, the early Roman catholic church with its (un)holy wars does not count, and old testimment was Judaism, though it is part of Christianity's history

another face-palm for you

but don't worry. they have the next generation covered too


I know, but converting culture is a long arduous process, especially moreso when there's already an existing culture. That's why I'm not too worried about Islamic culture, any of it's three derivatives, in overtaking the West. The problems the West has is more internal.


I already had watched the first one, and that hadn't really phase me. I just said it sucked, and moved on. The second video, I feel sorry for the kids. But yeah, almost face palm there.

Ah, but the internal problems actually seem to be helping islam to spread. An Islamic world... that is scary.


Then we are agreed. It's not the extreme of the Islamic culture that we should be worried about, but the internal conflicts of the cultural civil war that's going on in the West.

I was raped when I followed the directions on the back of the Mama Bazie's Chicken Pot Pie box for the proper microwave cook time and the center was still cold.

I was raped when I went to the 7-11 and the Diet Coke was out of order on the fountain machine.

I was raped when I saw a blog post by Demon Eyes Laharl thinking I was going to get a new chapter to read but instead got a rape video, which makes it a double rape (R-x2).

3004176 Fucking lol'd


I'd be more upset about this, but I subscribed to /r/sjwhate, so I laugh at this crap on a near-daily basis. Call me desensitized to stupid, I suppose.

3003704 If you really want face-palms, watch https://www.youtube.com/user/SargonofAkkad100

his channel is founded around pointing out the stupid BS feminists and SJW's get up too

3003125 <- LOL

Idk what the fuck that vid was supposed to be about, but I'm willing to bet it's just SJW / nazi-feminist bullshit.
3005067 Ha!

3003281 I understand what you mean, however the word "rape" has been used in more than one context. Would you say the "Rape of Nanking" is a good descriptor for the massacre that occurred there?


If its a massacre, call it that, or risk being the word to be useless.

EDIT: Apparently, mass rape also occured, so yeah, you could say the word applies. Because there was rape. It's not being used in more than one context. It's describing the situation that had happened. Her bullshit? Not rape.


Well I was more thinking of one of the secondary definitions of rape. Taken from dictionary.com, Rape: an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside. So yes, more than one context. However, like I said earlier, I agree that she was using the word quite callously. Rape is a very serious issue, and just throwing the word around to mean whatever she wants it to is insulting to rape victims.

Instead of using the word rape, maybe the word "distraught" would have been better for her.


That definition seems a little too antiquated, though. Because if people still use it that way , then you will have to agree that people are getting raped everyday. That would also mean the rape laws are seriously in need of an overhaul. If we accept that it has different context, then we will need more jails or executions (if applied). That would be a rather horrible world to live in, wouldn't it?

It's like the argument of what is xenophilia and bestiality. I wouldn't look too hard at the dictionary because words evolve with the language.

And yes, I do agree she was using the wrong word. I do like the topic of our conversation as well, so you know.


I am enjoying this as well. As for the topic, I suppose that depends on whether the secondary definitions of rape could count in the court of law. If you separate the legal definition of rape from the secondary uses of the word, then there would not be any need to change the legal definition to include those secondary meanings. I think this is already the case though. Kind of like how the word "Theory" changes depending on whether you are using it in regular conversation, or the scientific definition.

Language tends to evolve as you said, sometimes to complete redundancy though. Kind of how "Regardless" and "Irregardless" mean the same thing(although irregardless is a double negative); or how one definition of "literally" now means "figuratively". A bit confusing and needless as times. Interesting to see how language evolves though.


My only problem with the legal definition is that 'legal definition' changes as people and culture change. We're now at a time when whistling a lady down the street is now becoming sexual harassment, and there's already evidence of using the word rape can stir up all sorts of trouble. Then there's also the fact that law enforcement won't care for the secondary usage of the word, and maybe that's the root of the problem I'm having with the woman on the video. She uses it that can potentially teach others to fling the word around, potentially destroy someone's life and reputation.

Also, someone uses literally as figuratively? That sounds really stupid.


Yeah true enough on all accounts. It...isnt a good situation. I mean I care very much for rape victims, but false rape accusations are increasing quite a bit. All it takes is just one person to accuse you(if you are a man at least) to completely destroy your reputation. I mean hell, there was a college student with a football scholarship who had to go to jail for 5 years before his accuser admired she made the whole thing up Linky. This sort of thing is scarily common, especially with the sort of Tribunes that college can have.

I feel for rape victims, and I hope they get the justice they deserve. I just really hope people stop throwing the word "rape" around before it gets to a point where it is meaningless. All that does is just makes people less likely to believe or respect actual victims. Unfortunately, it really is going that way it seems.

Edit: As for the "Literally as figuratively" thing, I am unsure if you live in the U.S or not, but it was common for young women, especially those in places like Cali, to use the word like that several years ago. It was so common they had to add the second definition to literally.


Grew up all over the place. America, Argentina, Asia, and Middle East. I've never actually thought that literally, the most literal word, was actually being used... Would Ironically be the proper word, or something else?


I think the use of the word is somewhat ironic, although it could be considered a form of "situational irony". Irony is one of those words that changed quite a bit from it's original definitions. It has many different forms however; The main forms are Verbal, Dramatic, and Situational, all which have different uses. Verbal irony seems to be the one which most people use.

Aside from all that junk though, yeah, it is a bit odd that people would use the word "literally" in place of "figuratively". Example of use in a sentence: "The band rocked so hard, they were like literally on fire!". Now of course in this case, they didn't mean that the band was literally burning to death on stage, but that they were a very good band. The use of the word in that way has calmed down quite a bit, or maybe it is because I am not in High School anymore(I heard it often then, that was several years ago though).

Just one of the many oddities of the evolution of language I suppose.


Maybe it's just kids trying new words without knowing how to actually use it? :rainbowlaugh:


Maybe it's just kids trying new words without knowing how to actually use it? :rainbowlaugh:


Yeah most likely. Pretty common occurrence really.

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