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    As a changeling, Lumi's life was simple: go to work, train a new changeling, and meet a new human to feed on. However, mysterious changelings deaths have her investigating to keep the peace between species. Set in the Gentlemanverse
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    So, yeah, there you go. Have fun.

    Time has not been generous to me. I've been moving from one place to another, and any free time, I have spent either sleeping or playing with my BRAND NEW PS4!!! Yeah! I saved up, and even got some extra birthday money that allowed me to finally buy the console. I had a blast with all my games.

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Changeling Roun Chapters Published · 4:48pm Oct 23rd, 2015

So, yeah, there you go. Have fun.

Time has not been generous to me. I've been moving from one place to another, and any free time, I have spent either sleeping or playing with my BRAND NEW PS4!!! Yeah! I saved up, and even got some extra birthday money that allowed me to finally buy the console. I had a blast with all my games.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition was good, and it sucks I'm going to have to wait for another year before the sequel pops up.

Batman: Arkham Knight was a blast to play at first, which then slowly got bogged down with all of those Batmobile battles, but still good bit of fun.

I had a blast from the past playing Last of Us and Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection.

Shadows of Mordor was very, very fun. I'm still on the process of playing the included DLC.

I still haven't gotten around to play Metro Redux, but what I got so far has been exciting.

I also have the Witcher 3, but dropped it after my controller kept disconnecting. That sucked.

I'm planning on getting Sniper Elite 3, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, and maybe Alien Isolation, but I have been wanting some RPGs. The new Tales game seems good, but I'll check out the gameplay first and see if it's my type. Thank God for YouTube. Anyone has suggestions?

Also, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is on my list.

I've watched a few movies as well. Hotel Transylvania was a really kiddy movie, but I did find the vampire girl cute-hot. Legal too, considering she's like 118 years old. I have no idea if I'm going to watch the sequel, but what the hell.

I also watched Mad Max Fury Road... well, honestly, I just call it Fury Road. I liked it, and had some nice storytelling for a chase movie, but honestly, I can't see why they added the Mad Max in the title. He was basically a supporting character through-out, and if I have to say, you could have replaced with another character, and the story would have remained the same. He didn't start the plot, he didn't end it. What was the point of him being there, really? Almost any awesome things he did was either when he was with the main character, Furiosa, or dumped as a background action. The writer in me felt like the title was added there to add the Mad Max fans, and an excuse to write strong women characters.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate it. However, with the controversy going on about the film, some of its detractors have a point (though some of these detractors should really watch the film before shouting boycott). There were like more than 5 strong women characters. I can only remember 3 male characters. The rest were expendable guys (and one of those was part of the 3 male characters I remember).

With all of the tropes going on about the Bechdel Test or the Mako Mori Test, I'd like to see these strong women characters on both sides: hero and villains. I think Games are doing a good job on this. They got strong female characters that are both heroes and villains. Uncharted 3 had a nice, creepy old woman who was the Big Bad, even though you don't get to fight her. Last of Us had good characters on both ends as well (though you don't get to fight the villains either. You do get to shoot two unarmed nurses, which I doubt counts). Mass Effect, Batman Arkham-verse, etc. I know there are some movies that follow this as well, and I liked to see that expanded on.

Inside Out... was a bit of a let down. But then, what did I expect from movie whose main characters act the same 99% of the time, and the rest of the other characters are almost like meat-puppets?

I can't wait for Spectre.

My cat gave birth again. Pictures soon.

Alright, that's all for now. I'm still writing one more chapter for Changeling Roun, then going to Feathered Heart. Laters.

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All those things you've done? I've done none of them... Well, except Last of us for PS3.

Oh hey, you're not dead.

Yay for eventual Feathered Heart update

I was just wondering about you the other day. Good to hear from you again, despite how hectic things are being.

Also, yay, new chapters!:twilightsmile:

But... if you already had a PC why'd you need a PS4? (Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void )


Try Uncharted. I think it's worth your time. Uncharted 1 though didn't grow old as well as the its sequels though.


Word of my death has been greatly exaggerated.


Hmm, I'll see. I wasn't good with its predecessors.


I only use my PC for StarCraft. Don't really buy any other game in PC

3491738 multi plats are nearly always superior on PC unless they are shitty ports like Arkham Knight (which is the definition of shitty port)


If I have the right specs. I just have borderline and play at low med settings. And a console boy. More specifically, a Sony boy. Or drone.

3492416 I used to be a console boy... but then I heard the word of our lord and savior, Gaben.

I was a huge HL 1 fan and aside from a couple of games didn't have much for PC... Then the Orange Box attacked.

My gaming interests were quickly overwhelmed and aside from some franchises I stopped buying console games. Hell I only have 8 games for my PS3 and it's mostly used as a blueray player.

OMGGGGGGGGGG updates!!!!

Re: Spectre - I'm not tuned into the hype, after I was disappointed with Skyfall. How did you feel about that one?

3492416 mm fair enough, Id personally just stick to pc stuff myself becsuse its so much cheaper in the long run (or vastly superior and more expensive if you want it to be by buying a much faster machine)


One of my favorite Bond films. And I know. Everyone has different tastes. I've met wire a variety of Bond fans.

Witcher 2 was better than W3.

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