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  • TFeathered Heart
    The exploration of the Gryphon Kingdom and the love between a human and a griffin. While securing trade routes, Gilda reminisces how the humans arrive, the trials they face together, and the one who stole her heart. Set in the Gentlemanverse.
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Working on Feathered Heart Chapter 15 · 7:13pm Nov 6th, 2015

Well folks, for some reason, I've been churning out words for the new draft. I already reached a respectable 3000 words on two sittings. That's a little rare for me now, since I've been gone from the game for a while. Hopefully, I'll have this bad boy ready soon.

Someone mentioned Patreon in a story comment, and I wanted to check what that was about. Apparently, it's some sort of donation based system that allows people to donate to artists, writers, and the like. Anyone who followed me long enough knows how much I dislike the notion of any author asking for money for new chapters, and honestly, this one is almost close to it. I guess the difference is that it depends on the author. I've also noticed a lot of youtubers having a Patreon link, and are just mostly asking for donation. I think that's more fair.

I'm still unsure whether I want to sign in though. Tempted, but not yet completely convinced. Maybe one day, considering signing up is easy.

I've been re-reading the Dresden Files novels. I've been in a Butcher mood since reading the The Aeronaut's Windlass, the first book of the Cinder Spires series. So far, he can't do anything wrong, and it was another enjoyable read. Now, re-reading the Dresden Files, I now wonder if Dresden is destined to become the new Merlin (the Original, not the Leader of the White Council). I mean, he's building up a power-base, is a Warden of Demonreach (an island Merlin created), and also has a gemstone that pretty much guarantees his ability from one zone to another (I wondered why that wasn't mentioned in the last book). His spell casting is becoming more refined now that he's been flexing his muscles without aids like a Blasting Rod (because he has yet to build one). All he needs is a space where he can have another lab up and running.

Waiting for Peace Talks. Hope it comes out soon.

I asked a review for Gentleman's Gift from WRITE. Haven't gotten a reply yet, and now I'm wondering if I should resend the request. Hmm. Oh well, I can decide that along with the Patreon thing.

Kittens are running all over the place. It's getting increasingly harder not to step on them. Active little buggers.

Alright, that's all for now folks. Later.

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A lot of people do the Patreon thing; it's a nice way of making a modest sum of money without worrying about the law since it's all in donations. For someone with your reach, it would be a nice perk.

I feel like a cheater when it comes to reading Feathered Heart because I've gotten into it just as you have returned. Congratulations on being the first author to make me actually like Gilda in a story.

About the no mention of the gem in the previous book, I believe it never came up because Nicodemus had already arranged for a point to point ingress into the Underworld. Whether or not Harry may have been able to find another way or not, he probably wasn't going to voluntarily reveal that ability given who he was working with.

If you are looking for a bit of a Dresden fix until the next installment and don't mind some pony with that, The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends, its sequel, and in progress third installment are on site.


Agreed on the Dresden Fillies recommendation. The writing for that is superb and imitates the Dresden style quite well.

I'll be very happy to see Feathered Heart continue, and like Posted said, the first story to make me like Gilda, but to me, that's not its greatest accomplishment. It's that you once again took a concept that seemed very unlikely--A griffin/human military crossover with Gilda as the protagonist--and made it work. And by all means, get a Patreon. For all you've written and the way you've inspired so many other words, I'd certainly donate!

thats some good news ^^ more to read soon™

You totally should make a Patreon, I'd back you, your stories are amazing and you don't even need to think of it as profit. More like breaking even for your time invested.

Hooray! new chapter soon!

SO glad that this fic will continue, it contains so much stuff I like, like sensible griffins, griffin magic and the such, showing them as no worse than ponies.

I'd totally join your patreon.


Look at the brighter side of this DEL....noones thrown in a catnip toy yet

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