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    First off, I wanna thank all you guys that took the time to put your two cents in over the matter of the last post. Honestly, I had no idea so many people would be PMing me and showing such concern over COTW, of all stories. But then again, it's been going on for a while now, and people wanna know how it all ends. I completely understand that, and I also understand that I haven't been a very

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Farewell · 2:42am Aug 22nd, 2013

First off, I wanna thank all you guys that took the time to put your two cents in over the matter of the last post. Honestly, I had no idea so many people would be PMing me and showing such concern over COTW, of all stories. But then again, it's been going on for a while now, and people wanna know how it all ends. I completely understand that, and I also understand that I haven't been a very prolific writer and that you guys have more than likely got annoyed with me on several occasions because of that. Welp, here I am to piss you off a little more.

You have no idea how much I wanted to at least try and make you guys happy, but it looks like I just don't have that choice anymore. Due to unexpected circumstances (stuff happening months sooner than it should have), I can no longer work on ponyfiction. Unfortunately, this means that Colt of the West is hereby cancelled. I know that a lot of you will be pretty disappointed, and I apologize for that. If it were up to me, I'd be writing a whole lot more for ponyfiction, but that's not what pays the bills and secures my future.

One thing that a lot of you suggested was for me to hand the story off to someone with the outline of the ending. Well, despite the fact that it's ponyfiction and I hate it, Colt of the West does occupy a special place in my heart, and it would be impossible for me to choose someone to take it over. So in short, no, there will not be an "official" ending to COTW or Riflemare, for I will not be returning. Ever. But on the other hand, if people really feel the need to, they may write and publish their own endings and post them here or wherever. It's ponyfiction, you don't need my permission.

Alright, that brings us to Riflemare. The first chapter does indeed hint at the plot that was intended, but it really doesn't delve into it too much at all. In fact, you could actually look at it as sort of an epilogue to COTW if you wanted, considering the story takes place eight years later. The link to the GoogleDoc will be at the end of the post if you want to read it. Of course, you don't have to, but you'd be missing out on a certain character that a few of you have asked me about over the length of the Riflepony Series. Hint: she's adorable. Also, the doc is formatted for FiMFiction, so there's still coding in it for italics and stuff, but nothing that would ruin the experience of reading it or anything.

Riflemare 1/Epilogue I Guess

Alright chuckleheads, this is where I take my leave. If you have any questions for me, I'll still be keeping my account up. You've all been great readers, and I only wish that I could have given you a proper ending to the most bullshit series in fanfiction history.


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Well, it's unfortunate that you must go, but best of luck and skill in whatever you are leaving us for.

Don't call it bullshit, it was great. You got GUNS.

Though I want to know if you still have time to describe how you imagine ponies with pistols/hoofguns.

Dammit! I just start following you a few weeks ago, and then you up and leave! And right when I start to get into stories with Daring Do in them. I'm going to miss you as is everyone else. Best of luck with your future. Stay safe and stay strong!

10 weeks.

Best of luck. You will be missed.

Why not give the right to continue your story to a new, inexperienced writer that you haven't even seen with your eyes.

I hate to see you leave. Really. :fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad: You will be missed. God bless you in all your future endeavors, writing or otherwise.

But being the ambitious bastard I am, I must take up the offer to finish this story myself. :pinkiesmile: My own story Snowy Night spent almost two days in the featured box.

A writer of your caliber is always welcome so you will be missed. Thank you for what you've written so far and I wish you well in all that you do. :twilightsmile:

I think you've made much greater work than you choose to admit. I've been following you since the start of Treasure in the West, and I like to think I've gotten a good idea of how your writing's changed and evolved. It started out good, and throughout the chapters, it's only gotten better. That being said, it's not only your writing I'm concerned about. I am sad to see you go, but we can't help it when life gets in the way.

Of course, I can't help but hope that you'll return someday, but until then, or not, good luck with what you've got to do!

I was hoping for that happy ending you promised us a long time ago when you posted COTW, but I see that promise was broken as well, and I was really looking forward to it given that the incredibly dark aspect of that story had driven me away, so I wanted to read it all once it ended.

Well, over a year wasted with an unfinished story that really didn't seem to know were to go, but above all it was dragged for too long just to dwell on the more unnecessary "dark and edgy" aspects that it's predecessor lacked, so for now on the ending of TODW will be a more straightforward one to me (Daring and Braeburn do end up together) and the cancelled colt will be disregarded as well.

Yes I am pissed off, and I may regret many if not all of what I just said, but what can I say? This was nothing but one of the biggest letdowns in my years as a fanfiction reader, or hell as a reader in general.

And no, not going to bother with riflemare, I don't want another death story on my shoulders.

It was a fun ride DiveBomb, thank you for the memories and good luck in whatever come next in your life, I just hope you don't abandon all-together anything else for lack of time.

I leave you this final time with a video I really like, why? Well, I'm asking myself the same question about this decision of yours:

Nunca digas nunca, nada es eterno, solo Dios.

We're gonna miss you and your story Zach.

Love, Zach.:twilightsmile:

Could you at least let us know what happened to Azure Spark? I'd take a PM if you don't want to spoil it publicly.

Gorram. I don't wanna lose my friend!

You'd better pop into Skype once in a while or I will find you and I will kick your butt.

No better yet, just tell us the destinies of our main character, both good and bad, as in who dies, who lives, etc, after all the story is death so spoilers are just about irrelevant.

And don't you dare think about "but that wasn't how I wanted to tell it", because again, the story is death, since this at least can give closure to the angrier/sadder crowd, like myself for example.

1300702 Some of that is spoiled outright in the posted first chapter of Riflemare. Azure wasn't mentioned anywhere in it, though.


oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Good luck with your next phase of life.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

It is truly a sad day, but one thing that must be said is that you will be missed DiveBomb. No one else could ever finish COTW other than you, so in a way, I am happy it ends like this if it must. So in conclusion, this leaves us to imagine the end of the story as we want it to. After all, that is how you get the most satisfaction when you want it to go the way you want it, right? I know it's really not the way it was meant to be, but life waits for no one, not even a genius like you. Don't sell yourself short, please. Colt of the West will ALWAYS remain my favorite story until another comes my way to blow me out of this world. You truly accomplished a lot more than you put in. Never forget that. Your talent for drawings, and especially fan fiction will never be forgotten, at least not with your most faithful readers such as myself. Again, good luck with your future endeavors and always remember the herd will be right behind you the whole way.

So long my friend. Shalom :raritywink:

Your stories are one of a kind to me, and its a huge shame that you have to go.

Even though you said yourself that you would not return I shall pray for it to one to be different, but untill then.


I would at least like to have some kind of outline on what was to happen in CotW just to know how it was all planned out, even if I can't have the full story anymore.

I won't say I'm happy nor that my anger isn't being released into this comment.

I have no problem with the canceling honestly. I write, read, role play. I don't really do much else. Yes I'm upset you have no choice but to cancel.

But in the long run this just gives me another reason to get off my ass and write.

Your work helped me understand how to use tense, light-hearted, and serious moods effectively. You have taught me a lot so under my code as I do for my human (non pony) stories you will be under the credits for my next story.

You had a good run.

A passive aggressive Notebook

I have...such a massive sad right now...:pinkiesad2:

I hate to see any author leave this site, it never gets any easier. But I can't imagine it's easy to leave either.
Oh well, que sera sera and all that. Thank you so much for the Rifle Pony series, I've learnt far more about guns and how they tick from this than from anything else. I can say with certainty I never thought that would happened when I joined the fandom a year and a half ago and I couldn't be happier that it did.
So long and thanks for all the pony words, I guess, best of luck for for whatever the future throws at you.

Sorry to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Dude, I won't say I'm not disappointed in the lack of an ending, but if anyone understands what it means to have life take precedence, it's me. In spite of your self-deprecation, I absolutely will miss your stories, and they stand well above the crowd in this archive of fanfiction. I know a talented writer when I see one, and you're in that number.

I wish you the best of luck in your future, mate.

PS, everyone else: grow up with your "anger." Nobody owes you anything, least of all a fanfic author. Be grateful that a quality writer decided to give his work to the public in any case, and be gracious when life forces him to give up something he enjoys.

It's been a long time coming man :fluttercry:
We'll never go away, I still wait for stories that haven't been updated in a year. Also, I don't think of it being canceled. It's better to say "On Hiatus", because you're gonna return maybe 5 years later and finished the story. I know it!
I still have memories of me staying up all night reading and PMing you about the story.

Comment posted by Graf Zeppelin deleted Sep 2nd, 2013
Comment posted by Graf Zeppelin deleted Sep 2nd, 2013

1302047 Hey buddy, wanna know a secret? No one cares.


And so it ends, Mr. Bones was wrong, the ride is not eternal.

Good luck with you life Zach!

It is truly sad to see you go and I hope you have the best of luck in your future endeavors.

On a side note, and it kinda seems weird asking it here, but is there anyone willing to attempt to continue this legacy or are we just going to fill the blanks?

1302446 Hello, Zach. Requescat in Pace, Dive Bomb. You've inspired me a lot as a writer, and I may continue "Shattered" soon. I'm a man of my word, even though you may have forgotten my little project I told you about. All in all, You'll be missed.

Comment posted by Sky Cutter deleted Aug 23rd, 2013

Best of luck with everything and thank you for this little snippet into what might or may be. Please do drop in once in a while and let us know how things are going.

I wish you well friend. If our styles were in any way congruent, I'd volunteer to take up the torch. Have you considered simply taking a hiatus or lowering your update rate?

Anyway it is better to have read your incomplete work than to have never read at all. I enjoyed your stories.

I will miss your work, i could only get bits and pieces of your post after you said that COTW was canceled cause of the hour and i was a bit shocked, i would offer to help write it or finish it as i quickly adapt to different styles and personalities, but It would not be right for me to do so as we don't really know each other and stuff, but anyway. i really enjoyed your work, TITW was the first fan fiction i read, which is why i felt like crying (i know ugh, another sob story/comment). you are the only one who can write the material that i cannot predict, with everything else i have seen read or watched i can immediately figure out stuff like who will die, who will double cross, and when something is going to blow up, on one episode of Doctor Who, the one with all the cubes i knew instantly that they were there to study the behavior of humans. and the second to last episode of Once Upon a Time, i knew Emma's son would eat the apple turn over, even stuff on Sherlock (the BBC series). you wrote what i was long searching for, the unpredictable. i tip my non-existent hat to you sir. I haven't read COTW yet, but i know, no matter what happens it will be amazing, but one thing i am at least 75% sure off, is that you will return, one does not simply stop writing the second book in a series, I can wait, and adapt, however long you wait to continue writing COTW, i can wait longer, you cant outlast me. and if you dont, then ill just be stuck on my deathbed wondering what happens (im serious). but best of luck to you. I also read something about trying to please us all, please dont even think about trying, if we had our way, then what would be the point of writing it? (one possible solution that i have no opinion on is alternate ending maybe).

i also saw you call your series "bull shizznick" i havent read COTw so im not sure whether your stating our opinion, or your's. if it is the readers opinion, then that's their problem, but if its yours, then i cant see how that works. are you letting other people tell you how to write it? if you are, then stop, just stop, its your story not theirs, they have no right to tell you how to do your job, its like picaso trying to tell da vinci how to paint the mono lisa, you end up with chaos.

I once again wish you the best of luck, and i await your return.

I hate to see you go, but wish you the best.

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