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[Currently undergoing redevelopment] After everything she has worked for is torn from her hooves, one mare strives to find something to fill the hole her dreams left behind. Little does she know that one poor decision will lead her down a dark path from which she can never return, as the new Mare Do Well. Contrary to her belief, the life of a hero in the real world is nothing short of horrifying, especially when an eccentric special agent with an affinity for pony psychology is hot on her tail. As she falls into virtual madness, one farmpony might be able to keep her sane, or perhaps the exact opposite.

Proofread and edited by RTStephens and Feather Scratch

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[Part Two of the Riflepony Series] Braeburn was once a simple, humble farmer; not the type of pony one would look at twice. But a little over a year ago, all of that changed. Before then, he hadn't met the pony of his dreams. Before then, he hadn't discovered his lineage and new-found talent. Before then, he hadn't been prepared for the adventure that he was about to embark on. Now all the cards are on the table, and not just his life. Join Braeburn and Daring Do in this high-action installment of the Riflepony Series as they struggle with not only a new quest, but with fate as well. Old enemies have returned, and have formed a fearsome alliance. In the midst of chaos and absolute danger, Braeburn might have to break his one and only rule, as the new Colt of the West.

Proofread by JohnPerry and RenaTurnip

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[Part One of the Riflepony Series] When an unexpected heat wave scorches Appleloosa, Braeburn finds himself unable to save his family's apple orchard. That is, until he meets a certain pony whom he thought to be fictitious. The mare tells him of a treasure that is said to be buried in the town of Dodge Junction, and asks for his assistance in finding it. Will the tales of Cunning the Colt's treasure prove to be true, or were they simply folktale?

Proofread and edited by JohnPerry.

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Rainbow Dash had grown used to hiding her feelings for her friend until one dream shakes her to the core. Now she is up all hours of the night, unable to eat, sleep or even fly right. However, her pain is nothing compared to the oncoming threat to Ponyville. A griphon regime is rising, vengeance of years of oppression in their eyes. An AppleDash story with a side of chaos.

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