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  • 414 weeks
    A Lil' Update

    Alright, so I disappeared for a while right after saying that we were going to have a discussion about something. Yeah, sounds like me. First off, sorry about that. Been busy with a second job that's been kinda on and off for the past couple of weeks. That and I've finally started watching Walking Dead and some other amazing shows. Come on, how much can you really blame me for that? A lot? Oh.

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    Here's a Title for You!

    Alright chuckleheads, listen up. Tonight we're gonna talk about something you people have been asking me about since friggen' TITW started. It's a question that I as a gunsmith find to be completely not worth asking because its so stupid, but then again not everyone shares my profession.

    ... It's still a dumb idea but we'll get to that.

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    COTW 19 Preview

    Okay, maybe there's still some confusion going on here, so here's something to start this off for the people that didn't browse the comments of the last post. Yes, I am going to finish COTW, with two large chapters over the course of the next two months (hopefully). But since I dunno when the first half of the finale will come out, I'm offering the first scene of chapter 19 for those of you that

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  • 419 weeks
    Guess What

    You know, I was fairly certain my watchers would all disappear in the wake of the last post, but it seems you guys are a little more tenacious than that. Welp, that's a good trait to have.

    Sometimes life knocks on our door with promises of opportunity, and sometimes life comes back to say, "Hey uh... Yeah that's actually gonna get postponed for a couple months... Yyyyeeeeeeaahhhhh..."


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  • 421 weeks

    First off, I wanna thank all you guys that took the time to put your two cents in over the matter of the last post. Honestly, I had no idea so many people would be PMing me and showing such concern over COTW, of all stories. But then again, it's been going on for a while now, and people wanna know how it all ends. I completely understand that, and I also understand that I haven't been a very

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Guess What · 4:57pm Sep 5th, 2013

You know, I was fairly certain my watchers would all disappear in the wake of the last post, but it seems you guys are a little more tenacious than that. Welp, that's a good trait to have.

Sometimes life knocks on our door with promises of opportunity, and sometimes life comes back to say, "Hey uh... Yeah that's actually gonna get postponed for a couple months... Yyyyeeeeeeaahhhhh..."


Sooooo essentially that gave me a choice for the next two months. Honestly, I thought it was gonna take a little longer than it did to make up my mind, but it was pretty clear to begin with.

I started something, and goddamn it I'm gonna finish it.

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Heroic resolve and determination! HELL YEAH! HOO-AH!

Harry Dresden would be proud.

Y-you're back?! Oh yeah!! Thank you for coming back to us! We really look forward to seeing what you're going to do. Best of luck!


Cue ALL the inspirational music!

... Okay perhaps not because I don't have any inspirational music on hoof... well.

This post took me from a 'meh' to an 'ermagerd'.

Good luck in these next 2 months. Hope that even after you leave, you will some day have time to relax, vacation, and write more pone.


:D :rainbowkiss:
We all love you for coming back!

It's great you're back!
Now get pumped and get this this finished!!

1329877 So you ready to edit a big ol' two chapter finale, my friend? :D

I massively overestimated how long it would take you to come back. Last blog post I commented 10 weeks but it was only 2!

1329902 So there's only two chapters left to Colt of the West? :rainbowhuh:

You know when a door closes, a window opens, and when the window closes you go back to writing ponies. We're glad to have you back Mr. DiveBomb. :pinkiehappy: Let's give Colt of the West the proper ending it deserves.

1329913 Two big ones. Like, really big.


OOOOOORRRAAAHHHH!!!! The motivates the SHIT outta me >:D

FINALE HERE WE COME! oh and, good to have you back :twilightsmile:

MY GOD HE LIVES! :rainbowlaugh: Again, Divey, you must stop playing with our emotions like this xD However, I AM ECSTATIC! Good on ya, buddy! So I guess there's nothing else us readers can do except wait in anticipation. Fantastic, this has made my week xD

... See?
Didn't I tell you to be patient lad?

Sheesh. You young'uns have none of that quality these days...
Waitaminute. I am actually younger than you are...
So what does that make me?

Regardless, use your bloody free time to write.
And for God sakes, don't drama up on us, alright? :ajbemused:
We hate it when that happens.

1329933 Two big action-packed finale chapters? :rainbowkiss: This must be something that will surely bring the entire house to the ground. Well...Let the mayhem begin! :trollestia:

Hell yeah!


Praise the lord Sombra! .... Wait, thats not right.

Anyways: good to see that you're sticking around a bit longer, though i hate to admit that it is a small shame that life gave you fresh lemonade, then came back for a refund.

But it's good to hear you'll finish what you've started, cheers to you.

I am so giddy right now!


Glad to hear your sticking to it :pinkiesmile:
While I was saddened by the previous news, I could understand and respect the decision. But now I'm happy and appreciative that you wish to carry on.

If there's anything you want us loyal followers to do for you DIvebomb, you have but to ask, and I'm sure we shall help.

Just wanted to drive home my point of:

Not sure if this means any significance to anybody but I find it mildly humorous that this fic is revived nearly a year on the dot it was published xD September 4th, 2012. I don't know, it amuses me though :derpytongue2:

1329902 Well, my head just exploded, well, Shattered has been dedicated to you xD and I'm too lazy to change that. I'm messing with you. You deserve a lot more.

I don't suppose Heroism could somehow be completely written in two months as well, huh?


Alright... *slinks away dejectedly*

But seriously, glad you came back to finish your other story. It takes commitment, especially when life gets all up in your business, even if its in a good way.

I generally try not to unfollow someone just because they say that they are leaving. Sometimes they have a habit of rising from the grave.

Comment posted by Sky Cutter deleted Sep 6th, 2013

I estimate my smile to be at least one mile high and 4-5 miles wide

That ending felt very epic and deep.

1331020 Uuggghhhh you have no idea how much I wanna write Heroism. Much more than any other ponyfiction I've written, including the Riflepony Series as a whole. But unfortunately, I only have time for COTW. Then again, life could come back and say "Hey so yeah it's actually not gonna happen at all." In which case I would be writing Heroism again. But don't count on that.

...seriously it's so much better than COTW.


Yeah, it seemed like it had a lot of potential. Drew me right in. Blargh, that's even more depressing. Well, I'm not going to urge you to ignore real life opportunities to finish a pony story, but if you ever find time in between all the business, or maybe a long while down the road, it'll still be in my read-later pile. I can be stupidly optimistic sometimes. :derpytongue2: Thanks for what you did write, anyway - it was quite enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Y-you're back?! :pinkiegasp:
And you're going to write more CotW?

Welp. I'm going to add it back to my favourites! Can't wait to read however much you can write before you have to go! :twilightsmile:

(No offence that I removed it; I always do for incomplete cancelled stories I've favourited [If I know they've been cancelled, that is] :twilightsheepish:)

This made my day,

At first I saw the Cancelled note on COTW and I was like :raritydespair:
I check for any new updates today and see that it's back on and I was like :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Suddenly, happiness

Glad to hear you're back. :twilightsmile:


:rainbowderp: Wow I'm kinda happy I haven't checked my notifications in forever so I missed your last couple blog posts and found this one with them :twilightsheepish: Good luck with whatever it is that's happening in a couple months, it sounds important.

*is going through his favorites folder, looking to jog some nostalgia loose, pauses on Colt of the West, and heaves a sad sigh... continues to scroll down, then pauses, noticing that the cancelled tag has been removed* Da fuq? * cautiously optimistic, but trying not to get his hopes up, navigates his way to the blog... reads* ... *flutteryayplz*

Honestly, after a frankly hellish week at work, this, along with several unrelated events has culminated into a positively karmatic climax of good feels.

Thank You. I am very grateful.

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