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Fics I reviewed in February 2023 · 6:54pm March 14th

Once again, here's a run-down of the stories I reviewed last month in Ponyfic Roundup on Louder Yay. To comply with Fimfiction rules, Mature-rated fics are not directly linked; instead, for those I've linked the author's username instead. Such fics are listed with [M] after their titles. To read the actual reviews, click the underlined link above each story list.

Ponyfic Roundup 427 contains reviews of:
Braiding by Admiral Biscuit ★★★★
Thunderstorm and the Four Winds by Carabas ★★★
Lick [M] by HoofBitingActionOverload ★★★
Applejack Shy by HareTrinity ★★
Anypony for Doomsday? by PsychoKrusk ★★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 428 contains reviews of:
This is How a Unicorn Talks by Pineta ★★★
The Room of Stars by Word Worthy ★★★
Radiowaves by mushroompone ★★★★
A Tale Told by Foehn ★★★
True Ascension by Rainedash ★★

Ponyfic Roundup 429: There is no Ponyfic Roundup 429

Ponyfic Roundup 430 contains reviews of:
Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World by Xepher (Spotlight review) ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 431 contains reviews of:
Âme Câline by The Cloptimist ★★★
Gone Fishin' by Present Perfect ★★★
Velvet Missteps by PhycoKrusk ★★★
Dark and Deep by arcum42 ★★★★
Supersedure by Zontan ★★★★

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Comments ( 5 )

I find it far funnier then I should that you actually not only preserved the numbering discrepancy, but the blog explaining it, with a link and all. Mad stuff without the context that most folks won't be bothered to click on to get! :rainbowwild:

Anyway, five 4-star fics, nine 3-star ones, and two 2-star ones. Not a bad roundup, given you consider two stars to be the mark of an average fic. The fact that five-star ratings are really rare for you, and one-star ratings are even rarer, makes it very hard to wean any statistical takeaway from reviews spread almost fully across just three ratings. But it was a good month for you, I think, even if there wasn't a five-star review in sight.

Not a problem next month will face, we know that for a fact already… :ajsmug:

Hay, I just give people the opportunity to click. If they're foalish enough not to do so, they get everything they deserve! :rainbowwild:

five-star ratings are really rare for you, and one-star ratings are even rarer

In fact, I've given substantially more one-star ratings than five-stars over the years. However, there haven't been very many recently, as I've had a run of fics that are, at worst, time-passers.

Not a problem next month will face

Spoilers! :raritywink: But seriously, yes, it'll be good to break out the ol' red ink (so to speak) again.

Does anybody else find it weird that FiMFic rules don't allow inking to content that they, themselves host? I can understand restricting linking to external sites with mature content, particularly images, but doesn't the No Mature setting prevent users from seeing even linked content anyway?

Anyway, despite not being in the know, I am now excited for next month!

I believe the reason given is that if you set "Show Mature" to off, links to M-rated fics still show up, but embeds to them don't. Whether that's a sensible reason or not is another matter...

Anyway, despite not being in the know, I am now excited for next month!

I think Mike meant next month here, so this month on Louder Yay. That being so, you've already seen the next five-star fic. Whether there'll be any more before March is out, well, at this point who knows? I'd love it if there were!

Gotcha! Yeah, I need more five-star fics in my life!

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