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Hello everyone. If you are reading this, I can assume that you have at least checked out my story Angel of Justice. If so, I would like to thank you for reading it, whether or not you got very far into it or decided that it wasn't the story for you.

I feel the need to explain a few things about the story now that I have grown more confident about it. First off, and without sounding needy or begging for attention, this is my first fan fiction. In fact, it is my first attempt at writing anything on a large scale like this. I'm not telling you this to make you take pity on me if you don't like it; far from it in fact. I'm just giving you a heads up if anything seems off about it (which will most likely happen often)

I also feel the need to say that I am writing this story before having watched many episodes of the actual show. I know right? a fan story made by a guy who hasn't even watched through the first season? that must suck... well maybe you're right, and maybe not... I'll let you decide. I decided to write this story because I love the characters of the show. I thoroughly enjoy reading fanfictions, even though I had little knowledge of the show at the time.

I'm telling you this because I have actually started watching the show now (about midway through the first season as of writing this) and I realized that I made a lot of errors in terms of things matching up with how they are portrayed in the show. Locations will be described differently, concepts will be misconstrued, the works. Now, I don't think these are too severe. I didn't mess up anything major, but the discrepancies are there.

I already have the story scripted out for the most part, so I will be leaving it mostly as it is. I will correct some things, but stuff that is critical to parts of the story, like locations for instance, I cannot change without rewriting a lot of stuff. I don't ask that you turn a blind eye to these mistakes, but just know that I will improve on them.

I fully intend to finish this story, and make many more in the future. If you like a good horror themed adventure fic, then give it a shot. Just be prepared to take it for what it actually is... a first attempt.

Sorry for chatting your ear off, but then again you probably shouldn't be using your ear to read in the first place...... yeah, sorry... guess I saved most of my wit for the actual story... I'll see myself out.

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