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Former Brony (2011-2015), full on Fiction-lover and writer. Loves Rooster Teeth. Mostly bored. EICY WILL BE COMPLETED EVENTUALLY!

Longer BronyDJ Bio

I've been a brony since late 2011, my first episode being "Party of One." At first, I wasn't really attracted to the show or the fandom until I found a certain famous/infamous fanfiction titled, "Cupcakes."

That same fanfic is the reason why I love Pinkie Pie.

And I do not like Rainbow Dash. Seriously.

I started writing fanfiction after reading the EQD version of CardsLafter's "Through the Eyes of Another Pony." I loved that fic, and started thinking up my own stories.

I hope I can find more time to write more stories; college impedes me from doing so. Oh well. Keep on derping on, everypony!


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I'm Writing Again? · 11:17pm

I'm only going to be trying to finish "Equestria, I Choose You!"

I'm no longer a part of the current Brony fandom, and that story doesn't require me to make reference to the current season. All of it is from around Season 3-4 anyway. I really just don't want my most successful story on her to just die.

Hope you enjoy me giving super long waits between chapters again.

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