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Jake started this long journey when he was a boy meeting Princess Celestia for the first time. Growing up with her they became fast friends and eventually fell in love. That was put to the test when he gave his life defending when she visited Earth. "The Tale of Princess Celesta and Jake"

In "The Adventures of Jake in Equestria", he worked to master his new found skills in flight and magic. All the while making new friends and exploring his new home.

Now he faces his greatest challenge yet. Celestia and Luna have collasped and Jake must find what has caused this to his new family. Will he be able to cure the two sisters? Is there a cure to what is causing this and will Jake be able to discover it? Come along with our hero as he goes on a quest to save the ones he loves.

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When Jake returned to his love, Princess Celestia of Equestria, it seemed like happily ever after for the two. Little does Jake realize that the adventure is just beginning for him. Now he is faced with new challenges and a new world. The sequel to "The Tale of Princess Celestia and Jake".

Special Thanks to everyone who helped me with this story.
Editors: Ariin, DTrainer, and Ashangra
Cover Art by: Lusewing
Go check her out at: http://luswing.deviantart.com/

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What does a Princess do when she is immortal, ruler of a kingdom and utterly alone? When there is no one to call your own or friend to turn to. This is the problem facing Princess Celestia. She has no real friends except her younger sister Luna. When that isn't enough, one event will change her life forever. Come join Celestia as she finds what she is longing for in the most unlikely of places.

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