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Thanks for the fav! What did you like about it?

Fixed by adding a link to the beginning of 101

I'd prefer if we just discussed in the comment section. As for the details, no lethal, scat, or gore. Just simple soft vore that ends in clean expulsion. I do not find death or blood sexy in the least.

Typist likes. Thank you.

If you want to do a potluck chapter or story. Then start with the basics. The food, have each character make a dish for it, something important to them. Like for Luna, it would be a Sandwich as it was her first dish without it going boom on her. If you're going for say Thomas then maybe something one of his family members use to make. Things like that to start off with, this way you can give a character a little backstory and see what's important to them. Before and after the meal, maybe have a few games to be played. Much like volleyball or twister.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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