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I'm RedScootaloo from Germany, so I hope you won't mind my bad-as-buck english too much, I'm always trying to keep my mistakes at a minimum. Not only am I writing, but I'm translating stuff, too!
So you'd like to have your story translated? Just tell me, I might be interested.
Also, if you've got any questions or suggestions for me - PN me or write me an e-mail to RedScootaloo@gmail.com!

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Some Questions · 8:40am Mar 14th, 2013

So here I am, wondering about a few things. I'd really appreciate it if you'd answer them, because they actually might be able to improve my stories by making them easier to read. So here it goes:
1. Textblocks or loads and loads of paragraphs?
You've seen how I've pretty much written in closed walls of text before, and I must say, I've seen more stories with rather a paragraph of one to three sentences than textblocks that go on until the location and/or theme changes.

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W-why are you doing this to me?

Neither do I
Yes, very happy, you deserve a reward *whip crack* :pinkiecrazy:

A-alright then... I DON'T LIKE BANANAS!
there, it's out... a-are you happy now?

It's good for your soul to tell the truth :pinkiecrazy:

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