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This story is a sequel to Runaway

Hey, fillyfooler! Yes, you! Freak. You should've stayed in Manehatten. Nopony wants you here.

Ponyville is such a nice village. Nice people, nice looks, nice everything. Who would have thought that under a warm outside like that a cold heart could lie?

Sequel to Runaway, might want to read that beforehands. I hope you'll enjoy this story.

Thanks again to capekall for editing this.

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iv been waiting for this. this is gonna be good:scootangel:

For some reason the different story parts doesn´t seem to be connected to me.
But im tired so it has no real meaning

Please continue? I loved runaway and need more :raritystarry:

yay finaly a chapter and man i want scoots to punch DT in the face lol

I hope things between Bash and Scoots works out, and I hope that SweetAloo becomes a ship here. Or a BashXSweetieXScootaloo herd.

3275862Can I eat DT?Travis
No you need to kill and cook her first.Slowbro95

Awww. I would've liked to have heard what Cherilee said.

Apple bloom is a bitch here. A pure blooded bitch.

3509192 hey glitter. Also, I guess apple bloom isn't such a bitch anymore.

Wait I just realized something. Bash is an earth pony right? Did they have to move, 'cause I don't see how she could be living in a cloud house?

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