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Some Questions · 8:40am Mar 14th, 2013

So here I am, wondering about a few things. I'd really appreciate it if you'd answer them, because they actually might be able to improve my stories by making them easier to read. So here it goes:
1. Textblocks or loads and loads of paragraphs?
You've seen how I've pretty much written in closed walls of text before, and I must say, I've seen more stories with rather a paragraph of one to three sentences than textblocks that go on until the location and/or theme changes.
2. I'm not sure about actual clop-parts. I have thought about those in Runaway, but I am not sure about it. I've got a few points there bugging me, which would be
-You guys, because some definitely wouldn't like that. Had a plan for that though, just to upload it in a different "Story" which just includes those parts
-The age of both main characters. I don't really want to stand their like a complete fool talking about two fillies experimenting everything. I don't really think it belongs into that age anymore, only if you want to just write a clopfic.
3. What is the optimal chapter-length? Should I make them shorter/longer or just leave them at an average length (at least that's what I'm trying to reach) of 1500 words?

Yeah, so that's really all I wanted to ask, I'd love some answers by all of you so I won't make any silly mistakes.

Thanks for reading, as always

PS: It'd be great if you would answer as fast as possible, since it's already thursday and I would want the story to come up in the wished format.

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1) Loads and loads of paragraphs. My ADD kicks in on long blocks of text and I can't read them very well.
2) Your story, your choice. But if there is intimacy, please make sure it's relevant to the story and character development. It's just my opinion, but I don't like clop for the sake of clop.
3) 1500 is good. Anywhere between 2000 and 4000 is fine, too. But at least break a thousand per chapter.
Unless you upload two at once. Then smaller chapters are cool.

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