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Fading In · 9:24pm Mar 17th, 2015

I have some unfinished business.

I've left too many things in my life half-done.

Not this time.

My wings are stiff and awkward. Hooves feel numb, and my legs wobble as I stand. The path ahead is uncertain.

None of that matters. This is what I came here for. I know what's at the end of this road. This is my destiny, as much as his.

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Poetry and Prose

  • EChaser
    Chaser is a pegasus without a cutie mark. He leaves his home on a quest to find himself, his talent, and find acceptance for who he is. Along the way, he learns an age old truth - it isn't what ponies can see on the outside that matters most
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Come back!

Are you still around?

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

hop thing get better for you man and for your wife.:twilightsmile:

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