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Aurick was working on a teleportation circle when a friend distracts him, causing him to overcharge the spell. Once it activated, it teleported him much further than he wanted it to. Now he's stuck in Equestria with no monsters to kill and no evil to fight. He might as well start an enchanting business and make some money. Hopefully his life gets less stressful from here on out.

Constructive criticism is always wanted.

We got a Discord Server if you'd like to chat about the story and receive the occasional update. Join if you like.

Chapters (68)

Well, after initial testing and another go over by me, I've decided to go back to the drawing board. I'll leave this up so that people can know what's coming.


The sisters are gone. Sombra rules Equestria.

Not for long.


I don't know if this would be allowed for teens, because later chapters might get a little sketchy, so tell me if it seems too bad.

I suck at descriptions, so judge my story based on what you read.

As always, if you see anything wrong, tell me. It may not seem like it at the time, but I would be grateful.

And if you're gonna downvote, at least tell me why. I mean seriously, how can I make it better if you don't tell me what's wrong?

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Dawn lived with his brother in Manehattan, living a content life. Then he meets up with an old friend. Join Dawn as he finds love in a chance encounter.

As Pinkie would say, "Thanks to my super ultra delux EditZor: Catfire13

Teen for minor cursing, as well as sexual themes and jokes.

Don't let the description scare you away, I just suck at them.

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The Royal Guard is the steadfast wall in Equestria's defense. It is there, always protecting the citizens, for this reason Silver Lining wishes to join The Guard. Silver wants to keep his brethren safe from any harm that could befall them. He didn't expect it to be easy, in fact he was sure that he would sweat, cry, and bleed before he could call the citizens of Equestria 'safe'. He would have never guessed how right he was...

This takes place in a more industrialized Equestria, however its not apparent in the architecture, and places will be the same as in the show.

If anyone could make a cover image I will be eternally grateful, and think of some sort of reward.

If you feel I wrote a bad chapter then tell me how to fix it in the comments.

Tags and characters are subject to change.

Teen rating for violence, and strong language.

Chapters (2)

RainbowDash gravely injures herself in a crash late at night, to save her life Princess Celestia transports her to a different dimension. Will she find friendship in this new world, or something more as she travels with Jett and his Riolu.

Thanks to my editor Catfire13

Yes this is pure Rainbow power, sue me.

Teen rating for minor cursing, making small animals fight one another until only one is left standing, and sexual themes.

Tags added and removed as I see fit.

Many thanks to BioChemicalWolfGear author of the story Canis Ezo Kage. He is one of the reasons this made it on and he has given me many good suggestions to improve this story.

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