• Published 30th Nov 2018
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Enchanted - The Whiskey Spirit

An elven mage is shot into Equestria when one of his projects goes wrong. Now this adventurer is opening up an enchanting business. Surely, this could only lead to a normal, stress free life. Right?

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Ch 9: The Party

Author's Note:

This chapter took a little while to come out because I've been sick. If there's any mistakes that I missed, please let me know.

Aurick had to say that he rather liked what he saw of the town. It seemed rather nice. Most of the ponies seemed friendly and those that were a little cautious would likely be the same once he’s lived there for a time. There were plenty of stores and interesting looking cafes, though he doubted they served too much that he could eat. It all seemed like a nice place to settle down for a while. Of course, he didn’t know how long he’d stay in this town, but for now he would enjoy it.

With the tour coming to an end, Twilight suggested they get some lunch at a place called the Sugar Cube Corner. Evidently it was a popular place that one of her friends worked at. He could only hope that this meeting didn’t end with him awkwardly shuffling out of the building again.

The building he was brought to was one he had seen during the tour. It also happened to be the strangest building he had ever seen. It was built like a gingerbread house with a double decker cupcake on top of it. He was fairly certain he was absorbing sugar just by being near it, yet Twilight, the mad mare, wanted to go inside. Aurick had no idea why she wanted to get lunch at a place that was so sugary, but he digressed. He obediently followed Twilight into the building.

Only for something to explode in his face.

Okay, not explode, exactly. However, it made a loud noise and shot small scraps of coloured paper at him. As a rule, his friends knew not to do such things to him. Sadly these ponies didn’t know this rule. So he almost fried the smiling pink pony with lightning. Almost.

He was able to cancel the spell before it fired off once he realized it wasn’t an attack. The only evidence of the ponies near demise was the fading crackle of electricity across Aurick’s fingertips. The pink mare didn’t seem to notice, but Twilight, whos head was right next to his hand, assuredly did. She merely gave him a cautious glance, but said nothing.

“Surprise!” The pink one shouted, tossing the cause of the explosion behind her as she threw her hooves into the air. It was then that he noticed the decorations strewn about the place and the large banner that read Welcome to Ponyville. As well as the small crowd of ponies that echoed the mare.

“Ha! Right, I forgot Twilight mentioned a party.” He smiled widely at the concept. It was certainly a way to make him feel welcome, alright.

“You told him?” The pink one gasped in shock, her hooves clasped to her cheeks as she reared up. Twilight just gave her a deadpan look.

“Yes. We talked about this.”

“We did?” The mare dropped back to all fours for a moment before a glowing bulb appeared above her head. “We did!” She grabbed the bulb out of the air and took a bite out of it before turning back to Aurick, pointing the broken thing at him. “So you wanna make friends, huh?” She asked in a gruff voice. Rather, she tried to ask in a gruff voice. It sounded more like a child trying her best to sound tough.

Aurick glanced at Twilight for a moment, unsure how to react to the strange mare. “...Yes?” The moment he responded, the mare stood on her hind legs and wrapped an arm around him.

“Then listen to your Aunt Pinkie Pie.” She told him in her regular voice. She patted him on the chest before waving her arm towards the other ponies at the party. All of which had started mingling and playing party games. “All of them are people on the road, and your the friendship wagon that’ll hit them. All you gotta do is do it.” She finished by pushing him forward. Or trying to. She didn’t have any leverage in her position.

“So mingle then?” He asked with a raised brow.

“They grow up so fast.” Pinkie said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Sounds about right.” Aurick shrugged and took a step forward, forcing Pinkie to fall back to all fours.

“Go get ‘em, Tiger.” She called after him as he made his way towards the food table. He still hadn’t eaten all day, and Twilight promised him some food. It would do for now. He had just grabbed a cupcake when someone approached him.

The pony was mint green in colour, and that extended to her hair as well. Barring a white streak that ran through it. She approached with wide eyes as she took in his form. He took note that a cream coloured mare was keeping her distance and watching the mint one with a deadpan stare.

“So what are you?” Aurick was caught off guard by the blunt question. He couldn’t help but chuckle for a moment as he took a bit of the cupcake in his hand.

“I’m an elf.” He responded, patting the unicorn on the head.

“Cool. Do you play any music? I bet those finger’s would be really good at plucking strings.”

“Nope. I’m more likely to break an instrument than play it.” The mare cringed at that.

“Nevermind then.” She slowly retreated back to the cream mare. Aurick was beginning to think all these ponies had some cray in them. The only ones that hadn’t been weird had been the princesses.

Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen that guard since he left Canterlot. Was she still following him? Did she get in trouble for being found out? He hoped she didn’t get in trouble. It wasn’t her fault he was already looking for a shadow. A hoof poking his side pulled him from his thoughts. He was expecting another new face, but was met with Twilight.

“Hey.” She started, making him raise a brow. “So what was that about when we entered?” He nodded as he took another bite of the cupcake. It was really good.

“I don’t react well to surprises. A habit you pick up when you fight things for a living.” Twilight frowned.

“So if you hadn’t stopped…”

“She would have been hit with two lightning spells.” Twilight grew pale at that.

“I’ll, uh, make sure she doesn’t try to surprise you again.”

“Does she do that often.” Twilight simply nodded before making her way towards Pinkie, who was playing some game with a blindfold on. He knew he’d be able to prevent anyone from getting hurt, but it was better to be safe than sorry. With a shrug he grabbed another cupcake and made his way towards one of the many seats strewn about the shop. He continued snacking on the cupcakes but once again he was set upon by ponies. He was the guest of honor, granted, but still. He just wanted to eat.

This time it was a trio of mares. The most striking of them was a cyan pegasus that had rainbow hair. He wasn’t sure if it was a magical effect or not, but with how the princesses hair was, he’d wager it was natural. Next to her was an orange pony with neither a horn nor wings, wearing a stetson. The last was a light yellow pegasus with some really long pink hair. Her tail even trailed across the ground. It must’ve been a bitch to clean.

“Well, it’s nice to see ya healthy and all.” The orange one said with a wide smile as she approached. She had an accent similar to some of the farmers in the southern region of Jarack that he had met.

“Yeah! You smelled pretty bad too!” The rainbow haired on added in a raspy voice. The other pegasus didn’t say anything, but nodded and gave a small smile.

“I guess that means you were there when I was recovered.”

“You bet! If we hadn’t been there you’d still be in that hole.” The orange pony rolled her eyes at her friends exclamation.

“We didn’t do nothin’ other than show up, Rainbow.” She said, thwacking the mare in the back of the head with a hoof. Aurick thought that being hit by a hoof like that would have hurt, but Rainbow didn’t seem to mind. She just smirked at the mare and waved her off.

“Yeah, yeah, but we were there to kick his ass if he attacked.” The orange one huffed and rolled her eyes again before looking back at Aurick, who couldn’t help but chuckle at the mare’s confidence.

“Don’t mind her, she’s got a rock fer a brain.” She smirked and extended a hoof. “I’m Applejack.”

“Aurick.” He grasped her hoof and almost instantly regretted it. The mare nearly tore his arm off!

“Nice ta meet ya, Aurick. So, yer gonna be staying in Ponyville, huh?” Aurick nodded as he cradled his arm.

“Yeah. I’m gonna be living in a house outside of town. Apparently it’s pretty close to the Everfree, so no one’s been living in it for a while.”

“Oh dear.” The yellow one said in a very quiet tone and looked at him with concerned eyes. “Aren’t you worried about the monsters.”

“Nah, I’ve fought far worse before. The creatures in that forest are like kittens to me.” He scratched his chin as he paused for a moment. “Except that Hydra I was told about, but I doubt it’s gonna attack my house.” When he looked back, Rainbow was staring at him with wide eyes.

“What kinds of things?” She asked, bringing her front hooves onto his knees so she could be head level with him.

“Excuse me?”

“She wants to know what you’ve fought.” Applejack helped, making the cyan mare nod.

“I doubt you’d know what they are, but I’ve had to fight a beholder before.” She blinked at him. “A rakshasa?” Another blink. “A dragon.” She grinned at that one.

“How’d you do it?”

“How ‘bout we save that story for another day.” He said, patting her on the head. She frowned deeply at this, but whether it was from the head pat or the refusal to talk about his adventures, he didn’t know. She got off him and returned to the ground with a slight blush and scuffed a hoof on the ground.

“Fine, keep your secrets.” She muttered as Aurick took yet another bit of a cupcake. He was starting to think he might get addicted to them.

“Hey, Twi mentioned ya got some fancy magic.” Applejack started, taking a seat in one of the chairs next to him.

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow perked up again. “Something about magic things.”

“I can give an item magical properties so that it can use a spells effect, or the user can cast a spell.” He told them. He began to go into a bit more detail about it. About how gems were used and how you could make complex arrays of spells. Rainbow stopped listening, her eyes glazed over when he started using larger words. Applejack seemed interested, but seemed to have a hard time fully understanding what he was saying. Only the yellow one, whos name he still hadn’t learned, seemed to fully listen to his words. Not that it mattered to Aurick, he just liked to talk about enchanting. There had been plenty of nights where he stayed up and tried to think of interesting combinations of spells that he could imbue on items.

He must have been talking pretty loudly, because by the end of it, he had garnered a small crowd. Plus a Twilight, who had her notepad out and was writing down what he was saying.

“So what your saying,” a blue unicorn spoke up, “is that you can make items with endless possibilities that even ponies without magic can use?”

“Pretty much.” A moment of silence followed before the stallion took a step forward.

“Show me.” Aurick looked around at the expectant faces of the crowd and shrugged.

“Hold this.” He took off one of his rings and handed it to Applejack. She stared at the ring with wide eyes. It had a golden band that held a large sapphire with a smaller gem on either side. “Now just focus on the ring, and think about being invisible.”

The mare frowned as she concentrated on the ring, her eyes narrowing. Suddenly, she just ceased to exist. Exclamations of shock rippled through the crowd, but none quite so loud as the one from Applejack. She suddenly reappeared, the ring falling from her grasp. Aurick was quick to catch the falling jewelry and replaced it on his finger.

“There you go.” He said, turning back to the stallion who challenged him. He was staring at the ring with wide eyes.

“How much do you cost?” He asked immediately, making Aurick smirk.

“It varies based on the enchantment, but I don’t go into business until tomorrow. Today, however, I’ll be willing to do one free low level enchantments per pony.”

“What constitutes a low level enchantment?” Someone in the crowd asked.

“I can make something a bit more durable, or make something glow like a light. Things of that nature.” A couple ponies shared some looks before a bunch of them ran out of the building in search of things to get enchanted. Aurick smirked and sat back in his chair. He had no doubt that he’d be seeing some of them the next day.

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