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Aria Blaze is a legal car thief. She works days, she works nights, and she will keep working until the wound of her mortality has a tough enough scar covering it.

Sunset Shimmer wishes they could spend more time together. How can she break through to a workaholic, especially when Equestrian Magic collides with that work?

Honorable Mention in Oroboro's final "Sunset Shipping: Endings" Contest

Inspired Art by JeNnDyLyOn.

Editing by Ariamaki and JeNnDyLyOn

Chapters (1)

An Earth Pony Family Historian has moved on.

As is tradition, the Family sets a cider keg up on a table, inside a palatial tent, and somepony chimes the tip of a horseshoe off the rim of a crystal glass.

So are the branches of the Apple Family summoned to their duty.

Written for the EverFree Northwest Scribblefest 2018

Chapters (1)

Rarity’s little Temptation ends up on pins and needles. Literally.

With her shoulder-devil out of commission, other Temptations pop into her life to pick up the slack from their fallen sister.


Written for the Barcast's "Make Rarity Not Garbage" contest.

Cover art by JennDyLyon. Adore her. Fear Her. Admire her art!

Pre-read by ScarletWeather and Aragon.

Chapters (1)

Things can happen very quickly when one lets magic into places it shouldn't go.

Sunset Shimmer spots something in a video of her battle with Midnight Sparkle. Her solution will draw in both Crystal Prep acquaintances and Canterlot High friends in her quest to save some lives by making a better magic-trapper.

Written for EFNW's Scribblefest 2016 Contest.

Chapters (3)

Every alicorn has a mirror, meant to hold her if she ever turns upon Equestria in rage and bitterness. She will be safe inside, comforted by the familiar.

Twilight has come to Canterlot to update her own personal prison. While she's there, an old friend wishes to meet her for the very first time.

Written for Everfree Northwest's 2015 PreCon Contest.

Chapters (1)
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