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Snowcreature's are myths to the crystal ponies, not until recently when they started venturing out into the unknown have they started disappearing, few coming back at all if lucky; sharing stories of these strange beasts among other dangers that seem to associate with each other. Diamond dogs seem to be inslaving these 'poor beasts' and the leader is keen on making sure none escape. What happens when a few do?

A 2 chapter short story that was made for the december month, rather tame for what i usually put out in the section of violence and bloodshed but its only for fun.

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It's been thirty years since Trixie's utter humiliation from the ponies of Ponyville. Despite her humiliation from Twilight, Trixie has not lost any of her fame and she is still known as the great and powerful Trixie. But will her past mistakes catch up to her as she finally may 'get what she deserves'. Read as Trixie recounts her time after Ponyville as she takes one final look at Twilight's grave.

Rated Teen for language.

This stories idea was created with a random conversation between my editor and I. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Editor: Nobrains

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Celestia goes through a regular day as all her other days as the princess of the sun when Twilight comes to her and starts to curiously dig into her past as to why exactly the Elements of Harmony no longer work for Celestia. This brings back painful memories from the past and Twilight's questions may or may not be answered.

This is a one shot that started as a spur of the moment idea after thinking about a question:
that question is: "why Can't Celestia use the Elements of Harmony anymore?"
this is my theory.

thank you to anbolanos91 for being the artist who created the awesome picture to which i'm using.

and thank you to my editor Nobrains for making corrections and making the story better in my opinion (he didn't change any part of the story only made it stand out more) and for that i am greatly appreciative.

hope you guys enjoy!

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one day a flash of blinding light sends a very unprofessional Mad genius and one Timid and loyal assistant to equestria. comedy and dramatic moments follow as these two don't know what to do with no current way home.


S/N - if anyone notices from time to time the tags and character importance WILL CHANGE because of a sudden and/or drastic change to the story which was most likely needed. expect them to change from time to time but not commonly.

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