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I'm 40% jokes, 30% serious, and 20% romance. The Last 10%? You tell me.

My "To-Do" List.

Behold! Overlord-Flinx's list of things to accomplish!

-Finish "The Element Universe".

-Finish the wedding.

-Finish They Grow Up...

-Get to 1,000 watchers. Let's go for 2,000 now.

-Reach ten stories with over 200 likes. (Almost there)

-Eat my first Big Mac.

-Go to a convention.

-Get invited to something because of my work. (I was invited. I just didn't go.)

-Create an OC that becomes "famous" in the comunity.

-Have a ponified picture of me made.

-Have artwork made inspired by my stories.

-Get onto Equestria Daily.

-Get into the top slot of the Feature Box.

-Have a collaboration done with someone famous.

-Do five story trades (1/5)

-Become respected.

-Have a story dedicated to me.

-Have an interview with RBDash47.


Know Your Mare: A Look Back. · 6:09pm Jan 1st, 2017


"I Made You Different" · 10:44am March 9th

What's in a name? Syllables, meshings of sound we all collectively agree to accept as something with meaning more than any other lump of sounds, letters, and a deeper meaning that we arbitrarily allot for some unimaginable reason. Our world is rife with such trivial little trivias like that. Quandaries upon enigmas stacked on riddles. None of which have any meaning beside the ones we tack on because it makes us feel that much more in control, within a world where we have absolutely none of it.

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Late Wishes. · 1:35am Dec 27th, 2017

It’s late, but I hope you all had a splendid holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, I wish you all the best as we enter the new year.

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What I've been cooking up.

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They are one of my favorite works. Mostly because I like that pattern of writing.

"A Final Act" and "A Final choice" are really great, and the way you made them (pattern of the characters, sentences, etc.).
They're really into something, and I enjoyed them by reading them many times so far ^^.

It’s been a very hectic life. I hope to resume writing sometime soon.

Please continue "Are...Are these magic too?"! It's been two years!!

Like a cheetah on a treadmill.

  • Viewing 264 - 268 of 268
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