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I'm 40% jokes, 30% serious, and 20% romance. The Last 10%? You tell me.

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My "To-Do" List.

Behold! Overlord-Flinx's list of things to accomplish!

-Finish "The Element Universe".

-Finish the wedding.

-Finish They Grow Up...

-Get to 1,000 watchers. Let's go for 2,000 now.

-Reach ten stories with over 200 likes. (Almost there)

-Eat my first Big Mac.

-Go to a convention.

-Get invited to something because of my work. (I was invited. I just didn't go.)

-Create an OC that becomes "famous" in the comunity.

-Have a ponified picture of me made.

-Have artwork made inspired by my stories.

-Get onto Equestria Daily.

-Get into the top slot of the Feature Box.

-Have a collaboration done with someone famous.

-Do five story trades (1/5)

-Become respected.

-Have a story dedicated to me.

-Have an interview with RBDash47.


Know Your Mare: A Look Back. · 6:09pm January 1st


Strange, strange questionnaire. · 3:12am August 8th

This is perhaps the strangest question I have ever asked everyone. Yet, I believe it does lend itself to some interesting answers. You may find the question unorthodox and deserving a few questions in response, and I'll gladly ask them if you want. But, more to the point, I want you to answer however you want with how many responses as you want.

You can add any characters or subtract any as you see fit, but the main goal is this:

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What I've been cooking up.

My personal picks.

  • So Unfair! Eye on the prize, eye on the prize... Why are they so perfect?! It can't be fair! by Overlord-Flinx 214 words · 1,534 views · 107 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Snow Job. Before two worlds became one; before one home was made their own; they still had so many possibilities. It was their differences that led them here and kept them together. by Overlord-Flinx 5,728 words · 2,786 views · 211 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Clop on the Ground A new restaurant has opened in Ponyville with one really interesting attraction. And as we all know, there is one language friends, foes,and all races speak: Dance. by Overlord-Flinx 4,663 words · 4,668 views · 363 likes · 13 dislikes
  • They Grow Up... ...But that doesn't mean we can't meddle. If for their best interest, we should step it. Always. by Overlord-Flinx 20,895 words · 6,931 views · 608 likes · 15 dislikes

The Beginning of Time

  • The Age of Iron. Unicorns have their magic to protect them. But what does that leave the Earth Ponies with? Something much stronger... by Overlord-Flinx 1,129 words · 2,029 views · 214 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Millennia of Magi. The world is a treacherous place, no? Yet, we Unicorns are looked to as bastions of defense against these times. What isn't understood is that it is not our magic that protects is... by Overlord-Flinx 1,016 words · 825 views · 84 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Time of Tyrants. The closer the ones you watch are, the better they are to hit. Philosophy from us Pegasi that goes back to days of old... by Overlord-Flinx 1,023 words · 682 views · 77 likes · 2 dislikes
  • An Empress' Wish. Her story is as long as time itself, but her body is as young as yours or mine. This is her story... This is Megan. by Overlord-Flinx 10,712 words · 3,789 views · 343 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Legacy of the Six. The Elements of Harmony were born by the care of the six. Centuries ago, before Equestria was founded, there was little... Yet, there was Avalon. by Overlord-Flinx 2,096 words · 410 views · 43 likes · 2 dislikes

My attempts at a more sexual kind of story.

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