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Avalon, the Golden Utopia upon the new world. Built centuries before Equestria, it had long since been lost in the pages of time. Yet, in truth, Avalon was the birthplace of Harmony itself. From the Six, Harmony was brought to a new world. Trials and tribulations from those days still echo in the passages of time. However, to know the past, you must truly see it with open eyes. Open eyes, such as the kind the youngest of the Six had. Eyes that saw Harmony and the world that would need it more-so in the future than any time in the past or present.

This is that long lost tale of the first Elements of Harmony. Of betrayal, loyalty, and the ripples of effect that still cut across the present today.

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Well then. . . Once more, into the breech.

Aww yiss. This is getting good.

I normally don't read dark stories, but I'll give this one a shot

EDIT: I regret nothing :pinkiehappy:

Oh hell yes! It begins!

And so far, this looks like a promising start to an awesome tale.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This... is beyond words. There is only one thing that can express my feelings for this:

So, Overkill's going by Ananta now...

OK(Overkill) is secretly some sort of evil lizard thing, most likely some form of hydra-god or something. Why else would it take the name of THIS?!

:flutterrage: YA CAN'T FOOL ME OVERKILL!

3489891 ...Maybe because it signifies that she's eternal and has always existed since the dawn of time? :ajbemused:

Not my favorite but vey well done will keep in the favorite stash

I’ve never really given a chance to a story like this. One that takes place thousands of years before the show’s canon and seems to have little to no relation to it at all.

And now I’m more excited to see more of this story than I have been for any other story in the past few months.

Oh s:yay:t! I'm late for the party (Pinkie's gonna kill me:twilightoops:)
*after reading*
Okay, in all, this was a great start. The setting was introduced perfectly, as well as the characters, and I must say that I love Aurora already: the little that you've showed about her is already enough to give her the calification of "ador(k)able". The rest of the Royals sound interesting and two dimensionals, and I can't wait until we can see more of them (though I have a hard time identifying each of them:derpyderp2:).

Also, calling it now, the Necromancer is Grogar.

3490075 A likely story...

The walls have eyes, Flinx, and the floors have ears. I'll be watching her like a dingo watches a human baby...

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