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Sometimes letting go of your past mistakes can be rather difficult especially when you start to remember every single of your past sins that you've committed. Something that Tempest Shadow isn't very good at handling. To make things rather worse, with her friends trying to help her to move on with her life, she'll soon realize it'll take more than a miracle to let go of the past and to forget about the events that occurred on that day.

Special thanks to Harmony Pie & Son Elec for editing & proofreading! Be sure to check them out!

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It's been little over a few weeks since Scootaloo was given a supply of pills to help her with the soreness of her back after she had back surgery. But what seems like an eternity due to of her crying and lack eating from all the pain she's feeling, I think that enough is enough.

Special thanks to my sister who came up with the idea and proofreading it.

This takes place into the near future. Not filly Scootaloo, Aged-Up.
Original Art By- PrincessSilverGlow
Cover Text Provided By Me. Go check out my profile!

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If Soarin knows any better is that allowing Rainbow Dash to enter in his room in the middle of a stormy night must've been somewhat a crazy idea. Then again he knows that she came for something else.... something deep.

My first SoarinDash One-Shot. Criticism are deeply appreciated. So go easy on it.

Coverart By- Bubblegum3558

Popular on February 24, 2017!

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Hearts Warming is a day when family and friends get together for the holidays and share the love of happiness and friend. Yet all of that has been shattered due to of one little mistake you did that caused your relationship to fall apart with the only mare you loved. With Hearts Warming Eve right around the corner, you doubt that you'll celebrate the holidays with anyone besides your family. But that is until later that night, you receive an unexpected visitor from your doorstep.

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While crashing over at Rainbow Dash's house for the night, Scootaloo decides to share Rainbow Dash a tale that many ponies believe it to be fake. But as the story goes on, Rainbow Dash will soon realize that her story will get ponies to know the truth.

Authors Note- This was a incomplete story that I cancelled last month due to of some minor problems. All of this takes place during the Rainbow Factory timeline.

This is an contest entry for 1000 Follower Story Contest by Harms Way .

Artwork By- FoxInShadow, Popular on December 2, 2016!

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It's been a few days since Rainbow Dash have seen or heard of Pinkie Pie. When she decides to pay a visit, she finds the pink haired pony in her basement in tears. While trying to comfort her, she learn something about her that could change they're entire friendship forever.

Dedicated to Nordryd for being one of the best writers and greatest friends ever!

Special thanks to Harmony Pie for the amazing idea!

Coverart by- RainbowPie-fans

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If there's one thing that Sweetie Belle loves more than hanging out with Rumble is holding him close to her.

Edited by flutterdash94 and proofread by RustyWarhead

Coverart made by ShutterflyEQD

Audio Reading By Silver Knight151

Just a simple love story to this new ship I somehow love. Please don't hate me in this. I just find these two cute for each other :twilightblush:

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Ever since Spike and Sweetie Belle became a couple, Rarity couldn't help but feel jealous over their relationship. As years go by, she finally decides to talk to Spike in order to confess her feelings towards him. Only to realize that she isn't prepare for what Spike has to say about her.

WARNING: Contains mild language.
Not a Foalcon, takes place into the near future.
To those new to my stories and are not comfortable with any mild profanity get your butts outta here.

A big thank you for flutterdash94 for editing this out.

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After the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" queen Chrysalis has ordered a full-scale war against Canterlot. Not only she wants take control of Canterlot, but all of Equestria. For five years, the Equestrian army have been fighting victoriously against the Changelings as they make their final push toward Canterlot. With the help of a captured, but friendly changeling, Twilight and her friends are on a mission to not only take back Canterlot, but all of Equestria.

Based on Call of Duty World at War.
Rated M for strong profanity and blood/gore.

Note- Yes I'm very aware from the YouTube video that it only takes place between Princess Luna and princess Celestia's armies fighting each other. But this is my point of view.

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After realizing that she'll never be with Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash goes in a state of depression leaving all of her friends worried. That's until a certain yellow tan pegasus comes to comfort her.

Not a FlutterDash shipping. More of a Hurt/Comfort story.

Inspired by this- https://www.fimfiction.net/story/292166/you-arent-alone

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