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Galactic Spirit

Hi! This is Spiritual Insanity here! Welcome to my account! This is where i'll write mlp grimdark, tragedy, slice of life, romance, drama, AU, etc. I hope you'll enjoy my books!

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Thanks for the Fav on Replacement :coolphoto:

Thanks for the faves! :rainbowkiss:

2306388 You are so welcome! It's really our pleasure to favorite your book! It's amazing, and you'r a great author! Keep up the great work!

Oh! And thanks for the offer! I'll pm you about that stuff if I get the chance!


Thank you for favoriting my story it means a lot. You're the first person to favorite my story so I'd like to give you a gift if you want any one oc in the story PM me. I'm sure I'll be able to work them who knows they may play a major part. But again thanks for the fav.

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