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This story is a sequel to A Great and Powerful Love Story

This side story is not Canon to "A Great Ans Powerful Love Story", its a fun side story me and Cosmic have worked on, hope you enjoy it!

Chapters (2)

Shuffle Suite, an outspoken boy is about to enroll in Canterlot High. His life will soon be turned upside down when he meets a certain stage magician then things really get turned up for the teen. Shenanigans will ensue

The artwork is done by Ragga_Muffin!

Chapters (24)

"Sometimes ponies do stupid things when they're in love"

red wind, one of the most dependable Pegasus in Ponyville, but not many ponies really know about him not even Pinkie Pie volunteers some his down time helping at the local farm of Sweet Apple Acres until one night after a strayed cloud flies over the farm. now when tragedy strikes the peaceful farm this lone pegasus will try to preofrm the impossible all for that golden mare

Chapters (1)

"why do these things happen to me first losing my job now im stuck in this castle just barely surviving day to day"

Joseph (or just joey for short) upon being fired from his current job as on his way home when a black hole appears in front of him for just a second is transported to a desolate castle in the middle of nowhere luckily, he knew how to survive in a forest, unbeknownst to him there is one resident in his new temporary home

Chapters (3)
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