A Great and Powerful Side Story (AGAPLS X BP)

by DragonMaster24921

The Biggest Battle In CHS History

CHS Arc Arena

It was lunchtime for the students of CHS, and while most students would be perfectly content with hanging out with their friends, today was a special occasion. Currently inside the arena stood the duo of Shuffle Suite and Trixie Lulamoon, locked in a fierce battle against Rainbow Dash and Rivet, who had the lead in their game.

Rainbow & Rivet 3000LP
Shuffle & Trixie 1500LP

Trixie and Shuffle had no monsters on the field currently, thanks to Rainbow Dash and her ace monster Rainbow Neos; plus, Rivet slowly chipping away at their health with his Iron Chain deck wasn't helping.

“So what's the plan?” Trixie asked Shuffle, who just recovered from the blast from Neos.

“Hmm, considering News can't use his effect on our turn, we have to wipe him out now,” Shuffle drew his card and placed it on his duel disk.

“I'll just place a monster down in defense and set three in the back. Your turn, Rivet.”

Rivet was hesitant to play again, sensing something amiss. Rainbow got rid of his own ace monster, Iron Chain Dragon, just to deal damage; none of his face down card can affect face-down monsters, but with having control of the monsters on his and Rainbow’s side of the field, he can use Neos to wipe out the monster before setting up.

“Elemental Hero Rainbow Neos attacks your facedown monster Shuffle.”

The monster flipped over to reveal a very insidious card.

“Thank you, you triggered morphing jar, and now we all get fresh hands!”

Everyone put their cards in their graveyards and drew until they had the exact same amount of cards as before.

Rivet groaned in annoyance. His hand before was perfect, and now, it would be left up to Rainbow claiming the victory, unless Trixie could Somehow get over their Neos.

“I pass my turn. Trixie, you’re up.”

Trixie smirked confidently before pulling her card in an arc pattern. Thanks to the Arc Reality System, everyone could see a pattern of stars and moons trail the card as she brought it into her line of vision.

“Since I drew this card, I can automatically Summon him: Palladium Oracle, Mahad!”

A golden wave of light surrounded Trixie's field, revealing a man kneeling before Trixie. The man stood and turned, twirling his staff in a fierce fashion, eyeing down Neos.

“Next, since I have Black Fang Magician and Purple Poison Magician in my Pendulum Zones, it's time for a truly magical finale! I Pendulum Summon two copies of Dark Magician, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and White Winged Magician!”

The sky above the arena glowed in a rainbow miasma of colors, revealing two identical magicians, a fierce blood red Dragon, and a petite white clothed magician.

“Next, I'll build the overlay network and XYZ Summon Number 11, Big Eye!”

Both magicians disappeared into a purple vortex, each becoming a darker shade of purple, suddenly exploding outward, revealing Trixie's new monster: a large, white, cone-shaped being with a pupil near the top; A golden ring circled around the bottom tip with the number 11 carved into it.

“Now I'll use Big Eye’s effect, taking control of Rainbow Neos by sending one overlay Material. Then I'll chain my trap card ‘Eternal Soul’, which allows me to revive Dark Magician from my graveyard.”

As Trixie explain what happened, Big Eye used its piercing gaze on Neos, who floated over to Trixie’s side of the field. A stone tablet raised itself from behind the row of monsters, revealing what looked like an ancient drawing of Trixie's Dark Magician before it shimmered and he floated out of the tablet.

“Finally, Trixie shall make a whole new monster appear! By merging together her love of magic, brought to life by the Dark Magician, and the ferocity of Odd-Eyes, I'll perform a fusion summon by playing ‘Magicialize Fusion’. Banishing the two monsters, she can replace it with one much stronger! I fusion summon Dark Magician, The Dragon Knight!”

Both monsters merge together, revealing a blue dragon with the same unmatching Iris, covered in runes, with the Dark Magician standing on its back; instead of his traditional purple armor, he was clad in black and red armor, and his staff changed from a rod to a lance with a blade; it reminded Shuffle so much like one of the Staffs from the “Dragon Age” series.

“Now, time for battle! Mahad and Dark Magician attack together, Magicialize Flame!”

Dark Magician’s dragon roared, letting loose a purple flame, as Dark Magician added his strength with his own magic, followed up by Mahad shooting a golden beam around the blast, turning it into a rainbow of light, striking both Rainbow and Rivet, causing their LP to hit zero.


The crowd erupted in applause as the winning duo took a bow. After the arena shut down, Trixie and Shuffle approached Rainbow and Rivet, the former positively fuming over losing, while the latter was trying to keep her calm.

“Good duel you guys,” Shuffle said, casually returning his cards to the main deck slot.

“Yeah, Trixie really had fun as well. Plus, beating the legendary Rainbow Dash at something is a moment Trixie will remember forever,” she said jokingly, but Rainbow didn't laugh. Everyone around CHS knew she could be a sore loser sometimes, and this was definitely going to be one of those times. Before she could respond, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch period. Everyone separated, heading towards their next class.

During the last class of the day, Shuffle was called into the office by Principal Celestia.

When Shuffle arrived, Celestia was sitting at her desk, working on something unknown to Shuffle.

“Ms. Celestia, you called for me?”

“Yes, Mr. Suite. Please have a seat.”

Shuffle sat down and put his hands on his lap.

“As you know, ever since we put in the dueling arena, everyone in the school, student and teacher alike, have flocked to it during breaks, or even after school. It’s quickly becoming a popular spot. After showing the footage to my own boss, he suggested that, since other schools will be making their own duel arenas, we could start up a competitive sports team based solely on duel monsters, and I would like you to be its first captain.”

Shuffle sat back in disbelief. He never really thought he was cut out for sports, but this was something that he had been doing for years, and to be the first captain of CHS’s first duel team was the offer of a lifetime.

“Do you mind if I think on this Ms. Celestia? I don't want to take the mantle if someone can do it better.”

Celestia nodded.

“That's fine. There wasn't going to be an announcement for the team until Friday; that gives you four days to think about it. If you decide before then, just tell me, Luna, or my Secretary Raven.

Shuffle smiled as he left her office.

“Being a part of an official school team, and a captain no less... that would be something to tell my mother,” Shuffle said aloud as he made his way back to class.

After class ended, Shuffle quickly made his way back to the Arc arena. Trixie had left early to go get her disc and told him to meet her there. Once Shuffle arrived, he was pulled aside by the magician, away from prying eyes.

The first thing Shuffle noticed was Trixie was clad in her Show Attire.

“You ok, Trix?”

“Yeah, I'm fine, I just have something to show you,” Trixie held behind her back a small bag which she revealed and gave to Shuffle. He opened the bag and pulled out what was inside: a cape and hat; whilst Trixie’s was purple with a golden trim with stars and moons on it, Shuffle’s was a deep red on the outside and a cool teal on the inside, along with his hat; for decoration, Shuffle noticed the design was covered in constellations and the Invocation rune from his Invoked cards. Alongside this was was a tuxedo that complimented the cape and matched Trixie's outfit. In the center of the back was something that truly amazed Shuffle: Trixie's logo, but instead of stars in it, there were the four suites to playing cards; the heart, club, diamond, and spade.

“Trixie, how and when did you have the time to make this?! It's amazing!”

Trixie gave a sly smirk, rubbing Shuffles arm.

“A good magician never reveals all of her secrets to her assistant. Now get dressed, we’re going to make a truly special entrance.”

Shuffle nodded, giving his girlfriend a fierce kiss before shooting off towards the bathroom.

A massive crowd had formed around the borders of the arena, most already seated ready for the biggest tag duel to begin.

Artemis and Aria stood in the middle of the arena.

“Where the hell are they? Didn't we tell them three this afternoon?” Aria said, annoyed.

“Calm down, Aria. I'll message Shuffle and see where they are,” But as Artemis was about to pull out his phone, the arena flared to life, revealing a stage on the opposing side; there stood two figures with glowing cowls and the sounds of calliope music played, which then transitioned into what sounded like a hard rock song.


The taller figure slowly moved forward as the lights started to rise, revealing the figure’s face, but more predominantly, a headset attached to his ear.

Ladies and Gents, time for the moment you’ve all waited for...


Seats are filled, sweat dripping on the floor...


Ready to begin a show that can't be ignored,

Take a breath, don't trust your eyes, for all that is real shall now be left behind!

The lights finally stop, showing none other than the magician duo. Both start moving off the stage and into the arena.

Don't fight this, it’s coming, like it or not, it's only this moment never after.

If you’re ready to roll, let's hear that canter-roar!

The entire crowd erupted into a roar of applause. Trixie took over singing:

Surrender yourself to the magic, sit back and enjoy yourself.

It’s the fire of freedom that sparks our hearts, and tonight the impossible shall come true!

A bigger picture that you could ever know,

Now tell me, where is the best place to go to forget your woe?

The entire arena exploded in a rainbow of lights as duel monsters started appearing, ranging from the Performapal monsters doing tricks, to simple dancers moving their bodies to an invisible beat, all the while in the center, the duo of Trixie and Shuffle made circles around the arena, hyping up the audience.

With our stage covered in all these colored lights,

With an audience pounding the floor hyped for fun,

It's no place for an amateur to run.

Oh, this is our Great and Powerful Show!

We light it up, we won't come down

And no one can stop us now!

Watch it come true, it's taking over you!

Oh, this is our Great and Powerful show!

On cue, both magicians are swept up by an unknown force and pushed together in the center. The two then joined a single hand and spiraled together. By now, the entire stadium was caught up in the song, either clapping along with the beat or stomping with pride for their school.

While the two were mid-air, shimmers of stardust began raining down on Artemis and Aria; the former looked overjoyed for the spectacle, whilst the later just annoyed, but still impressed with the amount of time and effort put into the entrance. Trixie and Shuffle smirked and stared into each other's eyes, and began to sing like a pair.

It's everything we ever imagined

It's everything we needed

And it's here right in front of everyone

This is where we wanna be!

With our stage covered in all these colored lights,

With an audience pounding the floor hyped for fun,
It's no place for an amateur to run

Oh, this is our Great and Powerful Show!

We light it up, we won't come down

And no one can stop us now!

Watch it come true, it's taking over you!

Oh, this is our Great and Powerful show!

The song lessened as the two were put back on the ground in front of Artemis and Aria, duel disks already ready; Shuffle's being the color of Trixie's skin, and Trixie's being a dark red/purple mix, representing Shuffle.

“Sorry, we're late, got caught up!” Shuffle said excitedly.

“Hey, you’re here now. Let's give Canterlot High the greatest show ever!” Artemis responded, giving Shuffle a fist bump as the two teams retreated to the opposites of the arena.

All four drew their opening hands.


Above each team, a picture of the players hung, along with their life point totals:

Artemis & Aria- 8000
Shuffle & Trixie - 8000

A massive coin appeared in the middle of the arena, representing the two team, rising up into the air and spinning rapidly.

“WE CALL TAILS!” Aria and Artemis Shout.

The coin dropped, revealing it to be tails.

Shuffle smirked as he and Trixie stood, ready for their first turns.

“Lucky guess, but the battle has yet to begin!” Shuffle said aloud.

Artemis looked towards Aria, giving her a sly smile.

“Ladies first.” Aria smiled and cracked her knuckles, a plan already formed in her mind.

“Well, I suppose it’s time going! First, I play the spell card ‘1st Movement Solo’! This card allows me to summon a ‘Melodious’ monster from my deck when I have no Monsters on my field!” Aria pulled her deck out of her duel disk and searched through it.

Artemis smiled and knew exactly what Aria was up too. “I special summon Aria The Melodious Diva in Defense Mode!” A female monster with purple appeared, kneeling down in front of her.

Aria the Melodious Diva! Lvl:4 ATK:1600/DEF:1200

“Then, I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Trixie puffed out her chest, already feeling challenged by the ex-siren. She drew her first card and smiled.

“First, Trixie plays the spell ‘Upstart Goblin’. You gain one thousand lives, and I draw a card,” Trixie drew again as Artemis and Aria's life points ticked upwards.

“You might be able to summon a copy of yourself Aria, but Trixie knows a monster that can out that indestructible monster, and leading my magical onslaught is my trusty second, Palladium Oracle Mahad!” Trixie called out, placing her card on the middle of her disk, allowing her first boss monster to appear.

Palladium Oracle Mahad Lv. 7 Atk. 2500 def. 2100

“Next, Trixie sets the pendulum scale using scale eight Black Fang Magician and scale one Purple Poison Magician; now, I pendulum summon Dark Magician, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

After Trixie called for her monsters, a golden arc was carved above Trixie’s field, revealing a full horde of monsters of all sizes, but the most prominent was the called purple robed magician and the twin iris red dragon.

“Oh god, a-freakin' Odd eyes and a Dark Magician. You really like going over the top, huh Trix?” Artemis asked with a smile.

“Well, as my boyfriend once said Artemis: the best way to please a crowd is to give them an unforgettable moment, and Odd-Eyes here is the catalyst for all of it,” Trixie responded, patting her dragon on the side of its body.

“I'll overlay Dark Magician and Odd-Eyes to create ‘Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon’!”

The two monsters disappeared into a dark vortex, revealing inside the black dragon with piercing red eyes and a sleek coat on its body, similar to that of a vampire bat.

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon! Rank:7 ATK:2800/DEF:2400

Trixie waved her hand out to the left of her.

“With that, Trixie ends her turn.”

Aria glared at the ‘Red-Eyes’ Monster. “I hate you with a ‘Blazing Passion’ Lulamoon!” Aria said, gritting her teeth.

“I get it!” Treble said in the crowd somewhere. Artemis then looked at Mahad with a huge smile on his face.

“That Magician is SICK!” He said in an excited tone.

“Thank you, Artemis. See, Aria? At least your boyfriend has some class…” Trixie taunted. Aria visibly gritted her teeth, fuming from Trixie's passive aggressive comment.

Shuffle facepalmed and groaned;

Trixie’s ego is showing again...

“Artemis…..KILL THE MAGICIAN!” Aria yelled. Artemis chuckled.

“Well, we can’t attack yet, so you’ll have to wait, sweetie. I draw!” Artemis said, drawing his card. “I Summon ‘Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio!’” Just as Artemis said that a scorpion looking plant monster appeared.

Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio! LVL:3 ATK:1200/DEF:800

“Whenever this card is normal or special summoned, I can special summon a ‘Predaplant’ Monster from my deck, and I chose ‘Predaplant Darling Cobra!” Artemis said as a new, snake-like plant monster appeared in front of him.

Predaplant Darling Cobra! LVL:3 ATK:1000/DEF:1500

“Remember you two, thanks to flare metal, any and all activated cards make you lose 500 LP,” Trixie shot across to her opponents.


“You just love this combo, don’t you?” Aria asked her partner.

“OH YES! Now I play Darling Cobra’s Ability: when it’s special summoned by the effect of a ‘Predaplant’ Monster I can add a ‘Fusion’ card to my hand, and I add ‘Fusion Substitute’ to my hand!” Artemis announced.


“Are you gonna make a decent move anytime this century!?” Trixie asked impatiently.

Shuffle held up his hand and put his finger on her lips.

“Babe, its Predaplant. They need all the help they can get. It's quite literally fusion or bust for the deck; chill and trust me, it won't be much longer. Besides, they lost the thousand you gave them...”

This time, Aria didn’t get mad, she just put a hand over her mouth. Artemis was still smiling, but the only problem was that it got bigger.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that!” Aria said, taking a step away from her boyfriend a bit.

“I activate ‘Super Polymerization’! I discard one card from my hand and fuse my Darling Cobra and your Red-eyes together!”

An unnatural storm appeared above them, and both Darling Cobra and Red-Eyes flew into the clouds. “Poisonous plant of evil, become one with the dragon of flaring darkness and give birth to the venomous Demon! Come forth, Level 8! Starve Venom Fusion Dragon!” Just then, a vicious purple dragon came from the clouds and landed behind Artemis.

Starve Venom Fusion Dragon! LVL:8 ATK:2800/DEF:2000

“#Calledit!” Shuffle said as he did a motion that mimicked a basketball going into a net.

“I don’t care if you did, I loved that chant! It was so cool! You could have let me keep red eyes, though,” Trixie said, simultaneously impressed and disappointed.

“And you cost us 1000 points, but I think it was worth it. You got us a good monster, and you took out a major threat,” Aria said, proud of Artemis.

“For the next part, I play monster reborn to bring back Darling Cobra, and with both Darling Cobra and Orphys Scorpio, I overlay them both!” Both Plant monsters were soon sucked in by a black vortex and a bright light blinded everyone. “I XYZ summon, ‘Phantom Knights Break Sword!’” Artemis said as a headless horseman appeared in front of him. “I then place one card face down and end my turn.”

“Why didn’t you play Break Sword’s effect?” Aria asked in confusion.

“I have my reasons. Your turn, Shuffle,” Artemis said with a smile.

“A’ight, if you want to have a fusion battle, I'm definitely willing to step up to the plate. I Draw!”

“...Absolutely perfect! I activate the field spell ‘Magical Meltdown’; this allows me to pull a copy of ‘Aleister the Invoker’ from my deck to my hand. Next, I play the spell card “Terraforming” which allows me to pull a field spell card from my deck to my hand. I'll go ahead and choose my “Palace of the Elemental Lords,” But before Shuffle could grab his card, his duel disk flashed, indicating a chain was being played.

“Sorry to burst your bubble card boy, but I'll be sending my ‘Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring’ from my hand to my graveyard, negating terraforming.”

Shuffle winced as his opening combo was stopped cold in his tracks... for now.

“Fine, then I'll send ‘ElementSaber Aina’, and ‘ElementSaber Nalu’ from my hand to my graveyard to special summon ‘ElementSaber Lapulia Mana’ in defense mode.

ElementSaber Lapulia Mana Lv. 6
Atk. 2400 def. 2100

“I'll set a monster or two in the back row, just in case. Your turn, Aria.”

“Alright, go time!” Aria said drawing her card. “Since I have a ‘Melodious’ on the field, I can special summon ‘Sonata the Melodious Diva’ in attack mode!” Another monster with light blue hair appeared in front of Aria.

Sonata the Melodious Diva! LVL.3 ATK:1200/DEF:1000

“And since she was specially summoned, all Fairy-type monsters on the field gain 500 attack and defense points,” Aria said as both her monsters began to glow and gain power.


“Next I activate the spell card ‘Transmodify!’ This allows me to sacrifice one monster on my field and summon a monster of the same type that’s a level higher. So, I sacrifice Aria to Summon ‘Elegy The Melodious Diva!’ in attack mode!” Soon the Aria monster was replaced with another older looking purpled haired girl.

Elegy the Melodious Diva! LVL:5 ATK:2000/DEF:1200

“Not so fast, Ms. Blaze; I reveal my face down card ‘Chaos Trap Hole’. By paying 1000 life points, I can negate and banish your summon.”

Shuffle & Trixie - 8000 - 1000= 7000

“You see, I would be worried if I didn’t have my partner!” Aria said with a smile.

“True, but now your battle protection is gone, and once my turn rolls around, I have a feeling something great will happen.”

“That’s what you think! I activate the trap card ‘Seven tools of the bandit!’ This card negates the trap you activated and destroys it and to only cost us 1000 points,” Artemis explained.

Aria and Artemis: 8000-1000=7000

“Oh, an old school card; we’re even again,” Trixie said.

“Thanks, sweetie. Now, I play my trap ‘Return to the frontlines’. This card allows me to bring a monster back from my graveyard, and I choose to bring back Aria!” Aria returned to the field in defense mode. “I then place two cards face down and end my turn!” Aria said, placing her cards.

The arenas lights dimmed until a single spotlight remained solely on the magician girl.

“Ladies and Gentleman, fellow students and staff like it's time for the Grrrreat and Powerful Trrrixie's turn! I DRAW!” Trixie spins, and an ethereal veil encircles her as her card glows while she points it up into the sky.

“Here we go,” Aria said, rolling her eyes.

“Aww, c'mon Ari, this is gonna be great!” Artemis said, trying to get Aria to lighten up a bit.

Shuffle on the other side was beaming; he already knew what she drew, and it was definitely going to be a game changer.

“Before Trixie gets started, I'll play my second trap card, ‘Eternal Soul’! Dark Magician can be freely revived whenever he is needed,” Shuffle said proudly.

Artemis and Aria were a bit shocked by this; one would think Trixie would have had that card instead of Shuffle.

“Oh, so you’re helping each other. Nice move, and a nice way to throw your opponents off guard,” Artemis complimented.

“Thanks, Arts, now I’ll play the card I drew, with pleasure. I play ‘Dark Magic Circle’. I excavate the top three cards of my deck and reveal one that lists ‘Dark Magician’ in its text or the monster itself. I'm going to choose the spell card ‘Dark Magic Inheritance’.”

“Well, that’s not good,” Artemis said, slightly worried.

“Next, I activate Inheritance: by banishing two spell cards in the graveyard, I can add a spell card that targets any ‘Dark Magician’ monsters, and I'm going to choose ‘Eye of Timaeus!’”

“...How did I guess?” Aria said with a smile.

“Amulet Dragon or The Dragon Knight is coming out soon,” Artemis said with a wider smile. Trixie and Shuffle noticed that the duo didn’t seem too worried about Trixie’s move.

“Whoever said I needed to use the two obvious fusions? I use Eternal Soul’s effect to revive Dark Magician from my graveyard, and chain along with Dark Magic Circle, banishing Starving Venom Fusion Dragon,” Trixie rubbed her nose and snickered wickedly.

“That’s not happening. I activate the trap ‘Dark Illusion’; thanks to this, I can negate the effect of Dark Magical circle and destroy it,” Aria said with a smirk.

“Well Crud, then I'll have Mahad attack Starving Venom with Pharaoh's spell!” Mahad stared down the imposing dragon before flying up and cast a massive rune above his head and fired a giant beam of golden energy at Starving Venom.

“Yeah...no! I send Sphere Kuriboh from my hand to the grave and switch Mahad to defense mode!” Artemis discarded his card. A ghostly image of Sphere Kuriboh appeared in front of Starving Venom, taking the blast for it and forcing Mahad back to Trixie, only this time he was kneeling.

“Stop countering me, geez; it's almost like you’re in love with that annoying dragon.”

“Well, he and another monster in my deck are my aces, Trixie. I’m not letting you get rid of it that easily,” Artemis said with a chuckle, along with Starving Venom roaring.

“You tell her, babe,” Aria said, snickering, her Melodious Monster sharing her jubilation.

“Fine, then. Trixie will pendulum summon again. Remember Odd-Eyes? Thanks to the power of my scales, I can retrieve him from my Extra deck and return him to my field. Next, I overlay Mahad and Dark Magician to create ‘Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon’ and end my turn.”

The familiar swirl of the XYZ Summon returned again, this time revealing a blue dragon with a metallic coat surrounding its body.

Odd- Eyes Absolute Dragon R.7
2800 Atk 2500 Def.

“Alright, my go, and don’t listen to her Starving Venom, you’re an Awesome looking Monster,” Artemis said, smiling at his dragon. Starving Venom growled and nodded to Artemis.

“A boy and his dragon, so sweet,” Aria said with a chuckle.

“My draw! I activate Pot of Greed; this lets me draw 2 cards. Actually, I should say the pot of need; I’m about to do everyone a kindness. I activate Card of Sanctity. All of us draw from our decks until we have 6 in our hands,” Artemis explained, drawing his cards.

“Thank Arrow!” Aria said, drawing her cards.

“This is a waste of an Ash Blossom, I'll tell you what,” Shuffle said jokingly.

“Well, Trixie should thank you, but she won't,” Shuffle frowned at his girlfriend.

“Say thank you, or no snuggles tonight.”

“Fine… thank you” Shuffle nodded and crossed his arms.

“Aww, you two do the same thing. I do that to Ari!” Artemis said with a snicker. Aria blushed and glared at the silver-haired boy.

“Shut up Arrow!” She said with a growl. Artemis laughed. “Anyway, I summon ‘White Rose Dragon’ to the field!” Artemis said as a small dragon with white petals for wings appeared on the field.

White Rose Dragon! LVL:4 ATK:1200/DEF:1000

“When ‘White Rose Dragon is Summoned, I can summon a ‘Rose Dragon’ from my hand and or Graveyard, so I special summon ‘Red Rose Dragon’ from my graveyard,” A small dragon similar to ‘White Rose Dragon’ appeared, only this one had red petals.

Red Rose Dragon! LVL:3 ATK:1000/DEF:1800 (Tuner)

NANI?!” the magician duo said in unison.

“How in the great hamstrings of Ramses did that get there? We didn't destroy it,” Shuffle asked.

“Correct, you didn’t put it there. I did!” Artemis said with a smile.

“Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Artemis?”

“Remember ‘Super Polymerization’?” Artemis asked.

Shuffle tried to speak out in protest, but Trixie put the pieces together faster then he did.

“He used Red Rose as a discard for super poly in the first turn, love.”


“Correct again, now I Tune LVL:3 Red Rose Dragon with LVL:4 White Rose Dragon!” Red Rose Dragon’s body vanished and three stars appeared in its place. These stars formed a line and moved in a circle, drawing three green rings before vanishing themselves. Soon, White Rose Dragon moved through these rings, and its body also vanished and was replaced by four more stars.

Chilling Flame shines in the Moonlight, casting the shadow of a deadly Rose!”

A beam of light shot through the stars in the rings and quickly grew to envelop the rings themselves. “I Synchro Summon Black Rose Moonlight Dragon!” The light died down to reveal a giant black dragon with shimmering red wings made out of petals.

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon! ATK:2400/DEF:1800

“Now White Rose and Red Rose Dragon’s effects Activate. First off, When White rose is used as Synchro Material, I can summon a ‘Rose Dragon’ from my Deck and or Graveyard and from my deck I summon Blue Rose Dragon!” Another small dragon with blue petal wings appeared on the field.

Blue Rose Dragon: LVL:4 ATK:1600/DEF:1200

“And as for Red Rose, it allows me to do the same thing! So here comes another White Rose Dragon,” Artemis said summoning another monster. “Finally, I overlay my LVL:4 Red Rose and Blue Rose to Summon ‘Tornado Dragon!” Finally, a wyrm made of wind appeared on the field.

Tornado Dragon! Rank:4 ATK:2200/DEF2000

“Alright, time to see who blinks first! Black Rose, attack Shuffle’s Elementsaber now! Moonlight Flare!” Black rose opened its mouth and fired a red and gold beam at the Elementsaber.

Shuffle didn't flinch as the plume of smoke cleared, revealing Lapulia Mana still kneeling.

“Hehe, oops. Forgot about its ability,” Artemis said, scratching the back of his head.

“And that's strike one of two. Care to try and attack my other monster?”

“Nope. I’ll activate Tornado Dragon’s effect and destroy Eternal Soul!” The Wyrm Dragon released a gust of wind, and the Eternal Soul tablet began to shake, followed by a sharp explosion.

This time Trixie spoke up.

“Thanks to your little stunt Artemis, Absolute might have gone to the grave, but now Trixie can just bring out another Odd-Eyes to protect her, and this time I choose ‘Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon!”

The cool blue coating from the dragon transformed into a misty green, and the dragon now looked more like a fighter jet.

“And since it's counted as a fusion summon, we get to spin back a monster of our choosing, and we choose Starving Venom!” Trixie points towards the snake dragon and a mighty gust of wind blows it off the field and back to the extra deck.

“I got your back Starving Venom! I activate the Trap ‘Breakthrough Skill!’! Thanks to this, I can negate the effect of one monster on the field, and that monster is Odd-Eyes Vortex!” Aria said as her trap caught Vortex in chains.

“Well, you still have to get over that 3000 defense, plus Lapulia can't be destroyed,” Trixie said.

“True, so I’ll just place 3 cards face down and end my turn.”

Shuffle silent drew his card and smirked.

“Nice field, time to empty it. I play ‘Interrupted Kaiju Slumber’; sure, the only monsters destroyable are Starving Venom and Moonlight rose, but you guys will be getting Gameciel, The Sea Turtle Kaiju in its place and we gain Greg, The Great and Powerful Spider Assistant, also known as Komungus, the Sticky String Kaiju.”

A roar erupted from the depths of the arena, swallowing up all of Artemis’ monsters before a giant blue turtle sat itself down on his side.

Vortex regrettably fell as well but was replaced with an imposing massive tarantula.

Aria’s eyes widened and she looked at Artemis, who was shaking in anger. “I tolerate a lot of things Shuffle….BUT I WILL NOT TOLERATE A F@$KING KAIJU!” Artemis screamed.

Shuffle and Trixie’s eyes widened as they took a step back.

“I think I made a slight mistake,” Shuffle said, getting slightly worried.

“Told you-you should have cut out the kaiju package.”

“Quiet you, last time I checked, you liked having a nuke at the ready.”

“That's beside the point, mister. It only matters when we are playing against jerks like Rainbow Dash, who deserve it.”

“HEY!” a voice could be heard from outside the arena.

“Anyways, back to it; I play the field spell ‘Palace of the Elemental Lords.’”

“Hehehehehe!”Artemis laughed disturbingly as Shuffle played his field spell.

“You both really don’t know what you’ve done,” Aria said.

“Can I trigger its effect or no?” Shuffle asked.

“I wouldn’t, especially with that Kaiju on the field,” Aria explained.

“Still gonna do it anyways, I use my Palace’s effect to search another copy of Lapuila Mana.”

“And you f*&ked up!” Aria said, facepalming “Ghost Ogre, You’re Welcome!!”

“ARIA! They Kaiju’d ME!” Artemis whined.

“I know sweetie, but that’s no reason to start a massacre,” Aria said trying to calm Artemis down.

“Well then, since he's dead in my hand, I'll just do this: I normal summon Aleister The Invoker and trigger his effect, adding the spell Invocation to his hand!” Shuffle's hand moved to pull his card.

Aleister The Invoker
Lv.4 ATK: 1000 / DEF: 1800

“Now I play Invocation, changing Nelu to a fire attribute to fusion summon Invoked Purgatrio!”

“I play one of my Face-downs, ‘Cursed Seal on The Forbidden Spell!” Artemis said, revealing his trap.

He smirked before pointing up at Trixie and Shuffle’s LP counter, which dropped to 3500.

“I chain ‘Red Reboot’; not only is your trap negated, but you can no longer activate traps for the rest of the turn. The upside is you get to set a trap of your choice, Aria.”

Purgatrio stood tall in front of each monster. His already impressive 2300 ask was a problem, but his effect would soon kick in.

“Since you guys control seven cards on the field, Purgatrio gains 1400 attack, and those facedowns no longer scare me. Purgatrio attacks all face-up monsters, starting with Gamiciel. His secondary effect allows him to attack all monsters, and any in defense is affected by piercing damage.”

Purgatrio attacked Gamiciel and instantly incinerates it, reducing Artemis and Aria's life points to 5500. Purgatrio moved to attack Aria’s Melodious Divas, ready to wipe out the rest of their Life.

“I activate the spell card ‘Forbidden Chalice’! This allows your Purgatrio to gain 400 points, but its effects are negated,” Artemis said quickly.

“Smart move, negating my attacks using the single spell. In main phase two, I activate Invocation’s effect in-grave and recur Aleister to my hand, then set three cards face-down; that's it from my end.”

“I’m gonna be honest, I was scared, Ari. We need to take out their monsters,” Artemis said.

“I know, and I think I can do it. I draw and Activate the spell card, Graceful Charity! I draw three and then I discard two. Next, I activate my third face-down Disgraceful Charity. Any cards that were discarded this turn now return to the hand,” Aria said taking her cards back.

“Alright, I place one monster face down in defense mode, and then I place three cards face down and end my turn,” Aria said placing her cards down.

“You sure about this Aria?” Artemis asked.

“No, But it’s the best chance we got,” Aria answered.

Trixie taps her foot, a plant already formed in her mind.

“What to do, what to do...” Trixie drew her card and smirked.

“First, Trixie summons the monster ‘Manju of The Ten Thousand Hands’ and activates his effect, pulling a ritual spell card from my deck to my hand, then I use the spell card ‘Advanced Ritual Art’: this card allows me to mill normal monsters to ritual summon a monster in my hand. I'll mill a Dark Magician to start a ritual summon.”

Lights dimmed again, revealing Dark Magician sitting at an altar with white and black robes laying upon it.

“Here it comes!” Aria said with a smirk.

“Get ready, because this might be our last turn.”

“When light and darkness combine, a special gateway is created, a gateway to chaos! I Ritual Summon ‘Magician of Chaos!’”

A column of white and black clouded the entire field in light for a few moments. Once it passed, Dark Magician had changed in color and demeanor; before, he had purple armored robes with a green staff, purple hair, and purple eyes, but now in his place was a robed figure that looked exactly like the iconic magician, but instead the armor was a dark blue with red accents, along with that the rod had changed as well, the same sleek design and a teal crystal orb at the top.

Magician of Chaos Lv. 7
Atk 2500/ Def 2100

“Now, time for battle! My magician attacks your facedown monster Aria, with Chaos Magic Force!”

At his master's orders, Magician of Chaos gilded forward and destroyed the facedown monster

“Sweet! It worked!” Aria said fist pumping as the monster was destroyed. The image of a small tree appeared and disappeared in the wake of the card.

“A tree?! Trixie hyped up her boss monster and all you give him to smite is a tree?!”

“It’s not just any tree, Trixie,” Artemis said with a smile. Shuffle knew exactly what that card was.

“Thanks a lot, Trixie! You restarted the whole duel!” Artemis said happily.

“Wait… Trixie doesn't understand...” she said, wanting to know what was going on.

“You just destroyed my Fiber Jar!” Aria said.

“No. No No No you did not just fiber jar the field!” Shuffle said angrily.

“Yup!” Aria said with a smile.

Trixie looked to her boyfriend who looked absolutely livid.

“Trixie is Confused. What does Fiber Jar do?”

“All cards on the field, grave, and hand are sent back to the deck, and we get a fresh five cards,” Shuffle said angrily.

“But Trixie just used all of her cards to summon out her main deck’s boss monster.”

“That's why she played it.”

“Ya mad bro?” Aria gave a cheeky smile.

“Just wait till my next turn Blaze, I'm coming right for you!” Shuffle yelled as he looked at Trixie.

“Work towards ‘Him’. I'll keep both of them at bay.”

“Trixie, for now, sets three in the backfield and pass the turn.”

“Alright let’s re-do this, My draw!... Seriously, I don’t think I could have bricked any harder,” Artemis said with a small frown.

Aria, Shuffle, and Aria all looked at him with wide eyes. “YOU TOO!” They all said simultaneously.

“Well, glad I’m not alone! I summon Bird of Roses in attack mode!” A bird with plant-like wings and roses appeared on the field.

“Bird of Roses, attack Shuffle directly!” Artemis commanded. The bird made its way over to Shuffle and scratched him with its talons.

Shuffled growled angrily as he watched their LP count down to 2700.

Aria/Artemis- 5300
Trixie/Shuffle- 2700

“I then Activate Foolish Burial! I can take one monster from my deck and send it to the grave!”

“I'll chain ‘Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring’, negating your mill, Artemis,” Shuffle said, dropping the doll monster from his hand to his graveyard.

“That’s cool, I’ll just play the field spell ‘Black Garden!’” The entire field was enveloped in vines. “Now I end my turn.”

Shuffle drew silently. His hand was absolute garbage, but he could save it.

“I play my quick play spell ‘Set Rotation’: this destroys all field spell cards, and I have to replace them with two different field spells from my deck; you guys will gain ‘Magical Meltdown’, whilst we gain “Temple of the Elemental Lords’, which, since it wasn't negated, I'll trigger its effect, pulling ‘Elementsaber Molehu’ from my deck. Next, I normal summon him and activate his effect, flipping your Bird of Roses facedown.”

A man clad in dark violet armor walked out of the palace, wielding a scythe. He swung it in a crescent arc, causing the monster to retreat into his card and flipping it facedown.

“Molehu, attack Bird of Roses!”

The monster swiftly moved towards the facedown monster, slashing it in half and making it vanish.

“When Bird of Roses is destroyed, I can summon two Plant-type Tuner monsters from my deck. I summon two Naturia Rosewhip in defense mode,” Two small rose seedlings appeared on the field.

Naturia Rosewhip- LVL:3 ATK:400/DEF:1700

“With that, I set one card and my turn is over. You’re up Aria.”

“Go time! I think I’ll replay my very first move: 1st Movement Solo and Summon Aria in Defense mode. I end My turn!” Aria said.

“Trixie feels like this next draw will be the deciding factor for the duel,” she draws her card.

“I play ‘Terraforming’ which allows me to pull a field spell of my own. I pull ‘Fusion Gate’ and activate it.”

The “Sky” above Shuffle’s palace began to distort, becoming a swirling mass of dark clouds.

“Then, I will play the infamous ‘WindWitch’ combo, Special summoning ‘WindWitch glass bell’, ‘WindWitch Ice Bell’, and ‘WindWitch Snow Bell,’” All three monsters appeared in front of Trixie, one is riding a broom side-saddled, another fully mounting the broom, and the third was just a small snowball.

WindWitch Glass Bell Lv.3
Atk 1500/ Def 1500

WindWitch Ice Bell Lv.4
Atk 1000/ Def 1000

WindWitch Snow Bell Lv. 1
Atk 100/ Def 100

“Since I used the effect of Ice Bell, I can't summon monsters from my extra deck, except for wind attribute monsters, but no matter. I use Ice Belle and Glass Belle to Synchro summon “WindWitch Snow Bell!”.

Glass Bell's body vanished and four stars appeared in its place. These stars formed a line and moved in a circle, drawing three green rings before vanishing themselves. Soon, Ice Bell moved through these rings and her body also vanished and was replaced by three more stars. As the summon completed, everyone outside could hear the distinct sounds of jingling bells as a new monster appeared; it was harpy-like in design, except in the center of its body on the chest was a giant sphere.

“But don't think that's all, you two, for Winter Bell has a neat effect too: I can use any WindWitch monster in my graveyard as free damage, set as its level x200, and I choose glass bell, so that's 800 damage to you.”

Windwitch- Winter Bell- ATK:2400/DEF:200

Artemis/Aria- 5300-800 = 4500

“Great, pull a basic Trickstar on us,” Aria said crossing her arms.

“But unlike Trickstar, you pompous braggart, Trixie has a better plan. If you thought Trixie was done, think again!”

“You call me a Braggart, but I don’t shout to the heavens ‘I am the GRRRREAT AND POWERFUL TRRRRIXIE!’” Aria said, doing a very good imitation of Trixie, causing Artemis and Shuffle to snicker.

“Ok, that was spot on,” Shuffle said, holding back his laughter.

“I know right,” Artemis said, doing the same.

Trixie growled at the two boys, pointing at them.

“You are in so much trouble when we get home, Shuffle.”

“Fine with me. Last time I checked, you're terrible at tying rope.”

Artemis and Aria looked at the two with massives blushes on their faces.

“Wow, you both are into that kind of-”

“Ari, just let Trixie finish her turn! I don’t need any more Images in my head,” Artemis said, cutting the twin-tail off.

Shuffle chuckled as he looked at Artemis.

“Don't knock it till you try it, my guy. Aria looks like she’d try it on you.”

“Nah, Adagio is more into that. Ask Deamon, he knows,” Aria said.

“ARIA!” Aria smirked, hearing her sister’s angry cry.

The four laughed at the Orangnette’s response as Trixie pulls a card from her Extra Deck.

“Trixie's turn. Never finished, ya know, and she still has a Great and Powerful dragon to summon.”

“Sorry, Sorry, go ahead love,” Shuffle said jokingly.

“I tune my level seven Winter bell and level one Snowbell to summon the ultimate evolution in wind dragons.”

The two monsters disappear into the Synchro Summon ring.

"Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings, that store the holy light, and strike down our enemies with magical might! Synchro Summon! Come forth! Level 8, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!"

The ring expanded out, revealing a sleek white dragon with translucent wings resembling something close to a fighter jet.

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
Lv.8 Atk- 3000 Def- 2500

“Love that monster, and I love that Chant. You and I need to hang out more, Trix!” Artemis said, admiring the crystal dragon.

“Thanks, Artemis, But I wouldn’t have this card if Shuffle didn't shell out the money for it.”

“Yeah, and Discord wanted two arms and a heart for it, too.”

“Understandable, I mean look at that thing!” Aria said, impressed as well.

Crystal wing growled in approval, nodding its head as if bowing.

“Since your monster can't be destroyed by battle, I guess Trixie ends her turn.”

“My turn!” Artemis said, drawing his card, “I activate pot of greed,” He drew his two cards, “And play the magic card Cost Down! By discarding one card, I can lower the level of all monsters in my hand by 2, and with that, I summon Predaplant Banksiogre,” A plant with multiple eyes and mouths, electricity surrounding it, appeared on the field.

Rose Tentacles Lvl-4 ATK:2200/DEF:1200

“Next, I Tune Level 3 Naturia Rosewhip with my Level 4 Banksiogre!” Rosewhip vanished, and three stars appeared in its place. These stars moved as the others before, quickly vanishing themselves. Soon, Rose Tentacles moved through these rings and its body was replaced by four more stars.

Chilling flames engulf the entire world, as a pitch-black flower is now set into bloom! Synchro Summon! Bloom now, Black Rose Dragon!

A monster similar to Black Rose Moonlight Dragon appeared on the field, but this one was different. The Dragon, instead of having shimmering petal wings, had flaming petal wings.

Black Rose Dragon Lvl:7 ATK:2400/DEF:1800

“And since you’ll just negate the effect, I won’t try and nuke the fields, and just set three cards face down,” Artemis said, setting his cards.


Okay, Molehu is on the field now. Aleister can't be used until I can special summon another monster of a different attribute. I can add mana to my hand, but then I can't attack my next turn, but I can make a card that can stall until I can summon Sins. Also, with Rosewhip, we can only play a single spell or trap this turn.

Shuffle stayed silent as he contemplated his next move.

“Not getting any younger here,” Aria said crossing her arms.

“I'm thinking, calm yourself,” Shuffle took a breath and readied himself.

Heart of the Cards, don't fail me now.

“Okay, assuming I don't get negated, I use Temple’s effect to add Lapuilla Mana to my hand, then I send Mana and Aina from my deck to the graveyard so I can special summon himself to my field.”

“You’re safe!” Artemis and Aria said, not having anything to negate the effects.

“Next, I normal summon Aleister the Invoker as well.”

As Aleister appeared from his card, he had his arm outstretched, and the runes on his arms were glowing

“And if you both remember, Aleister searches ‘Invocation’ from my deck and adds it to my hand. Thankfully, Molehu isn't in a zone that's going to interrupt all of my plays, so I use LapuiIla Mana and Aleister for a Link Summon.”

Aleister used his magic to pull the yellow knight from his zone into the cube above the arena.

“Conditions are now set, Properties of two monsters with two different types and attributes are required, using Light warrior LapuIlla Mana and Aleister the Invoker I Link Summon Link 2 Aleister, The invoker of Madness!”

Aleister descended again, this time his hood was removed and his staff rested on his back while glowing, along with a manic look on his face, and half of his body covered in red energy.

“I play Invocation, banishing Aleister and Lapuila Mana, and summon ‘Invoked Mechaba!’”

The two monsters disappear from Shuffle’s graveyard, and from the dark cloud in the arena’s sky, a robotic monster attached to a carriage appeared and landed in front of Shuffle.

“And since I summoned an invoked monster in a zone that Aleister points to, I can activate his effect and discard a card from my hand and add another Invocation to my hand.”

“But you can’t play it because of Naturia Rosewhip,” Aria said matter-of-factly.

“I know, and that's why I'ma kill it. Mechaba, destroy that puny flower.”

Mechaba used his lance and skewered the monster, but since he was in defense mode, he took no damage.

“In main phase two, I use Invocation’s graveyard effect to add Aleister back to my hand and shuffle Invocation back into the deck. Finally, I re-pitch Aleister to give Mechaba and extra one thousand attacks until the end phase.”

Shuffle smirked as the two didn't seem to mind the move he made.

“No comment on how I could have used that boost on your turn?”

“Nope!” Artemis and Aria said, not really caring.

“Welp, this outta be hilarious, because I have something neat in store for you. I play a second Invocation, turning Aina into a light attribute, banishing Aina and Aleister again to summon another Mechaba!”

“Meh,” Aria said, shrugging.

“Honestly, I thought you were above this Shuffle, but I guess not,” Artemis said, shaking his head in disappointment.

“Another pitch for Aleister’s effect, and another Invocation for me, but for your next two turns you both won't be playing effects.”

“Woo,” Aria said in a bored tone. “You did yet? Cuz I’d like to take my turn this century,” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Okay, fine. I was gonna be nice, but the gloves are off now! I overlay both Level Nine Mechabas to build the Overlay Network!”

Both Merhaba's turned into energy and entered the swirl.

“In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, no monsters escapes its sight. Let those who struggle, worship my Dragon’s Might. GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE FIGHT! XYZ SUMMON TRUE KING OF ALL CALAMITIES!”

“FUDGE!!!” Artemis screamed in horror. “WHY SHUFFLE WHY?” He exclaimed.

“Because this next set of turns is going to be the deciding factor of this duel, and if you can handle Calamities, you won't survive to my next turn.”

“No, I mean why did you make me lose a bet!” Artemis said.

“Pay up sweetie,” Aria said, holding out her hand. Artemis took out his wallet and handed his girlfriend twenty dollars.

“Wait, I summon one of the most oppressive monsters in Duel monsters, and you two are acting so casual about it, what the actual hell?”

“Ari and I made a bet that if we fight this monster at least three times this week, I would pay her twenty bucks,” Artemis explained.

“Thank you Shuffle!” Aria said with a smile.

“With that, I set two cards down, leaving two in hand and end my turn.”

“Well, Calamity is on the field, Crystal wing is on the field, and I only have Aria. Let’s see what I can do,” Aria said, drawing her card.

“I also remove one overlay unit and make all monsters on the field Divine attribute, now anything on the field has its effects negated and attack, that includes special summoned monsters. But since you two have fought my King, I shouldn't have to explain that,” Shuffle said in a snarky tone.

“Yup, because I activate Effect Veiler from my hand by sending it to the grave. I negate the effects of your King.” Aria said discarding her card.

“Trixie chains her Crystal Wings effect, negating your veiler. Sorry, but True King is keeping his effect.”

“And Artemis Chains his Face-down Breakthrough Skill, negating the King once again,” Artemis said quickly, slightly mocking Trixie.

“Fine, but Trixie plays ‘Xyz +’ Giving an XYZ monster on our side of the field another overlay unit, so basically we've all accomplished nothing.”

Shuffle, Artemis, and Aria all responded simultaneously.


“Anyway, I special summon Sonata Using her effect, and then I activate the spell card Polymerization, fusing them both together!” Soon a swirling vortex appeared behind the two Divas, and they both entered it.

"Echoing Melodious voice Flowing Melody! With guidance of the baton, gather your power! Fusion Summon! Now come here to the stage! Melodious Maestra - Meisterin Schuberta!"

Just then, an orange-haired woman with a red and black dress appeared on the field, holding a small sword that looked like a conductor's baton.

Schuberta the Melodious Maestra Lvl:6 ATK:2400/DEF:2000

“I activate her ability. I can banish three cards from anyone's graveyard to give her 200 points for each. I Banish Pot of Greed, ElementSaber Lapuila, and Aria!” Aria said.

Schuberta- ATK:2400-3000

“Now Schuberta, attack Crystal Wing!” Aria Commanded. The Melodious Diva charged the dragon with her blade. As she neared it, the blade began to glow.

“But Schuberta will be destroyed! Are you insane?!”

“Nope,” Aria looked to Artemis.

“I play the trap ‘Call of the Haunted’ to bring back Sonata!” Artemis said with a smile. The blue haired Diva returned to the field. “And since Sonata was specially summoned, all Fairy-type monsters gain 500 points,” He explained.

Schuberta- ATK:3000-3500

Schuberta then proceeded to stab the crystal dragon in the chest, causing it to explode.

Shuffle/Trixie- LP:2200

“I then place three cards face down and end my turn,” Aria said with a smile.

“Trixie is just about done with this stalling. It's time for a hard direct attack! DRAW!”

“I normal summon ‘Keeper of Draconic Magic’, and pitch Black Fang Magician to add the spell card ‘Magicalize Fusion’ to my hand, and play it,” Trixie put the card into her disc and revealed the image to Aria and Artemis.

“Now, I banish five Spellcaster monsters from my graveyard and special summon the end of this duel.”

When the will of 5 Spellcasters unite their powers together, they reveal the ultimate magician, Fusion Summon! Level 12, Quintet Magician!”

All 5 of the Windwitch monsters stood in a circle and chanted. As each monster continued chanting, they glowed and became a different colored ball of energy. Once all 5 were transformed, they swirled together, revealing a rainbow effect, and a new monster appeared from it. This time, a wiser looking man stepped forward, wearing a blue robe with dark lime green accents, reminiscent of the legendary Black Luster Soldier; he held a bo staff, and the Dark Magician's circle was actively floating around him.

Quintet Magician Lv. 12
ATK- 4500 / DEF- 4500

“And with my Magician's rise comes your monsters’ fall from grace. Since I used five different spellcasters, I can destroy both your entire fields! It's over!”

“I activate Forbidden Dress and put it on Schuberta, then play Zero Gravity to change the battle positions of all monsters on the field,” Soon Schuberta’s red and black dress turned white and gold, and every monster switched to defense mode.

Everything else on the field had been destroyed by Quintet Magician, so the only things left on the field were Schuberta and Quintet.

“Since Trixie Can’t move to attack, she'll set one card down and end her turn.”

“Oh boy, we’re getting to the end! I think these are our last turns,” Artemis said with a smile.

“I draw, summon Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio in attack mode. With his effect, I summon Predaplant Chlamydosundew as well,” Artemis summoned his monsters “Next, I play Super Polymerization; I discard and fuse my two monsters together to create Starving Venom!” The Purple dragon returned to the field in all its venomous glory.

“So, in this duel alone, we've seen three of the legendary dimensional dragons. Neat,” Shuffle noted aloud.

“I activate the Spell card Predapruning: this allows me to bring back Sundew to the field, and with him back I activate his effect. I fuse him with another dark monster on the field,” A new vortex appeared behind Sundew and Starving Venom as they entered it.

"Poisonous dragon with hungry fangs! Sweet smelling flower that invites the abyss! Now become one, and indulge in whatever pleases you! Fusion Summon! Come forth! Level 10! Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon!"

A new purple dragon floated out of the vortex, letting out a monstrous roar, shaking the entire arena.

Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon- Lvl:10 ATK:3300/DEF:2500

“Say hello to my Evolved Ace Monster!” Artemis said proudly.

Shuffle and Trixie looked at each other, silently contemplating a plan together. Shuffle nodded, watching as Artemis made his move.

“Alright, time to see who blinks first. Greedy Venom, attack the King over there,” Artemis commanded. Greedy Venom flew into the air and released a green, white and Purple laser from its mouth.

King was instantly vaporized from Greedy Venom's attack, but Shuffle smiled, ready for this.

“I chain the last trap on my field, ‘Chaos Burst’, tributing Molehu and destroying Greedy Venom and a thousand point burn to you.”

Greedy Venom was engulfed in flames and destroyed. The shockwave blew at Artemis and Aria, removing more of their LP.

Artemis/Aria- 4500-1000 = 3500

“Well then, good thing Greedy can float. I banish Starving Venom from my graveyard to special summon Greedy back in defense, at least for now, that is. End turn.”

Shuffle drew his card and frowned.

“Set one monster and pass.”

“Down to me and you Trixie. I draw!” Aria looked at the cards in her hands and smiled. “I place two cards face-down and end my turn,” Aria said, placing her cards face down.

Artemis and Shuffle looked at her like she was crazy.

“Why didn’t you put the Diva in defense?” He said in concern.

“Oops, I forgot,” Aria said, sticking her tongue out. Artemis didn’t know what she was thinking anymore.

“And it's gonna cost you the game! Trixie draws her final card. I play the equip spell Megamorph, now Quintet Magician has 9000 attack strength. Time to end this, Furious Five Spell Blast!”

“Don’t think so! Go, Battle Fusion! If a fusion monster on my side of the field is targeted for an attack during the battle, then Schuberta gains as many attack points as the hack Magician over there!” Aria explained.

Schuberta- ATK:3500+9000=12500

“Well then, time to show you what this hack can do! I trigger my own Battle Fusion, so Quintet gains the boost you gave him, making him a grand total of 21,500! Trixie doesn't go for a tie, she wins! END THIS QUINTET!”

Quintet Magician- ATK:9000+12500=21500

“Trixie I have to admit, this was….. a Great and Powerful duel,” Aria said with a smile.

“Yes, it has. Too bad Trixie still won!”

Aria smirked. “Sorry Trixie, but I think you and I are about to have an ‘explosive’ finish,” Aria said with a chuckle.

N...Nani!? !he is Schuberta still there? It should have been destroyed!”

“Because I still have….Trix up my sleeve! I activate the trap known as….Final Fusion!” Aria said, activating her final face-down card. Artemis, Shuffle, and Trixie all gasped at this.

“No way she planned that!” Artemis exclaimed.

Both monsters self-destructed, and all four players were thrown off their feet as the Arc system spazzed out from the overload from the explosion, and revealed each team’s life points.

Shuffle/Trixie LP - 2700- 34,000 = 0
Aria/Artemis: LP:3500-34,000=0

The crowd had been stunned into silence as the arc arena powered down to reboot. All four players stood back up and approached each other.

“Trixie is confused, what happened?”

“Simple,” Aria said. “Final Fusion is a trap card that activates when one fusion monster fights another. The battle ceases, and we all take damage equal to the combined attack points of our two monsters,” She explained with a smirk.

“So it ended in a tie,” Shuffle said as he held out his hand.

“Good Game,” He said.

“You too buddy, this was awesome. I’ve never had so much fun,” Artemis said, taking Shuffle’s hand and shaking it.

“So Lulamoon, rematch?” Aria said, holding out her hand.

“Anytime Blaze. Maybe we can team up next time against the boys,” Trixie said, grasping Aria's hand. Finally, after a few seconds, there was an explosion of applause from the arena as everyone stood and cheered for the four.

“Whatcha say we go to SugarCube and celebrate?” Shuffle offered as they leave the arena.

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind. Smoothies on Arrow’s Tab!’ Aria declared.

The three cheer and start walking to SugarCube.

“Don't I get a say in this?” Artemis exclaims.

“Nope!” the other three respond.

“Dang it…”.