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What's a girl to do in the middle of a desert with a precision death-dealing instrument and a pile of ammo? Oh right.


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2027037 You've never written a story. If you wanted to do that, I would be totally onboard to help.

1981072 If you ever do you better tell me.

1981072 i guess you could do it... With the ponies as the guns? I dont know, you would have a hard time introducing the idea.

1980970 So jelly. I used to have a Garand.

Speaking of those two, I take it you've seen Upotte. I always wanted to write a crossover, but didn't think anyone would get the source material.

I have one! It was my grandpa's in the Vietnam war. My dad is going to pass it to me when Im "officialy an adult" next year.
It does not go auto. Shoots like an angel though.

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Bored · 6:37pm Jan 17th, 2016

I don't do anything on this site do I?

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