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What's a girl to do in the middle of a desert with a precision death-dealing instrument and a pile of ammo? Oh right.

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  • 306 weeks

    I don't do anything on this site do I?

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  • 320 weeks

    Watched yesterday's episode. Screamed a bit.

    Since i just marathoned pretty much everything in the past few months, this was a huge shocker. I never thought they would get their cutie marks. I thought the cartoon would do as cartoons do and keep the status quo. I guess i should have learned after princess Twilight, huh?

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  • 321 weeks
    Spooky Season

    Ive been noticing a lot of people making thier names halloween themed. I kinda wanna join in, but i have no idea how to make Springfield anything other than... well. happy.

    Shit. How do i bandwagon?

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  • 330 weeks
    The Feels Are Reals

    I'm reading Fallout: Equestria, and Steelhooves just died.

    I literally just threw a tantrum. A crying and throwing things tantrum. My pa had no idea what was wrong with me.

    I've calmed down a lot (sniffle). But i just cant get over how much that affected me. That was...

    I dont know. That was somthing else. It just happened.

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  • 331 weeks
    Well. Ponies.

    So... Yeah. My friend introduced me to ponies a few months ago. I grew up with a few VHSs of the old show, but its safe to say I love this! How's it go... Right! Rarity is best pony!

    Protip: Don't marathon two seasons a night. It's not healthy.

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Bored · 6:37pm Jan 17th, 2016

I don't do anything on this site do I?

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