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When Rarity calls Fluttershy she finds out that something horrible has happened
to her best friend, it looks like Sweetie Belle has a part to play in all this.

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When the Summer sun celebration is closing in and the Cmc still don't have there cutie marks, Sweetie belle
recalls what Diamond tiara said and feels like it's worth a shot to check out the Everfree Forest, so the Cmc head to
explore the forest in hopes to finally get there cutie marks.

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The story takes place in a not so far away place just on the out reach of town far away from the big city buzz but not that far where you wont hear the big city buzz from time to time, it was a peaceful place where everypony knew everypony and looked out for one another, everything seemed to be perfect , but just not for one pony and on his 16th birthday things go from bad to worse in his mind. After being named the next watcher of the town Dawn see's the world closing in on him where he feels that his life is being controlled for him but he dose not want that and will do anything to mix it up, Dawn has bigger dreams to see the world not watch some old town. What will Dawn do ?

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