• Published 24th Mar 2012
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A new dawn on Ponyville - Sweetie Belle writes

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

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Chapter 3: Breaking the not so magical Ice

Looking around ponyville the town seemed to be mostly the same structures they were timber-framed with distinct thatched roofs and overhanging upper floor, the structures look like they have not been updated in sometime, the roof on one of the houses had a rather large hole in it that looked like it happened from a bad rain storm. Ponyville was always one of those towns that gets a lot of rain during the Fall, but that was not all to bad in some cases the rain helped them keep there crops well watered and lush, everypony knew that ponyville is the home of the best grown food in all of Equestria.

Even though the town was rather old Dawn could not shake the feeling that this place should have been fixed up a little over the time its been around just like his home town of Canterlot which looked nothing like ponyville at all, Canterlot was a town of many high-society ponies that came from all around the world just to hope to live there,the city features ivory towers with golden spires, and many waterfalls and rivers running through it which at night time the waterfall reflects the moon glow making a light that shines over the city at night making it more stunning no word could come to Dawn's mind to give it justice.

Dawn started to remember some of the fun times he had while in Canterlot, he recalls a time when he first got to met Sapphire Shores, he remembers Sapphire speaking with a loud, theatrical voice that always hurt his ears when she was around you could always know when she was coming by the yelling and screaming of her countless fans and the flash of lights from there cameras it was like a nonstop flashing sun was always just next to her.

I could never understand why fashion was such a buzz in my home town but everypony always was trying to out do one another and stay on the top of the fashion tree till the next new thing came out or somepony started a new trend which always was something just like the trend before with some weird twist to it, like when everypony started wearing apple hats or when everypony had a short cut mane, I wont lie most of those trends made everypony look like fools but when I tried to let everypony how silly they looked , all they told we was (Your just not up to date on the newest trends I look at your mane it's unruly)

Everypony in Canterlot was way to up tight for my taste as well as you could not even pull a prank without everypony saying that was dumb and you should grow up. But I never payed any of them any mind, I just gave them a smile and when they was not looking pulled even bigger pranks just to see if I could get somepony's to laugh at what I did. Like the time when I poured a whole tub of Cider on Sapphire Shore's tour called Zigfilly Follies all those pony's where soaked, they had to stop the show for a few days before reopening it later that week, When I got back home master Luna made me write this line nonstop till my hoof was hurting ( I will not drop tasty cider on show pony;s ever again with out telling Master Luna to come and help).

Dawn started to laugh at bit but he quickly stopped knowing how far away from home he was and his friends and master it was hard on Dawn he had very few friends not alot of pony's wanted a pony around that spent most of his time trying to think of ways to have fun most of them felt they where to high class to even been seen with a pony such as Dawn, but the only reason somepony's said around him was cause he was close with the princess and they felt they could get hand outs from keeping little tabs on Dawn which did not work.

Dawn really spent most of his free time in Canterlot working with his teacher she was training him for his duty that was was picked for along time ago to be the new bringer of the moon and sun. The bringer of the moon and sun is the job that Luna and Celestia where give by there parents long ago now they will past the task down to Dawn but the thing was he could not use any type of magic not even the smallest such as levitation. and that is something even baby unicorns where able to master before they could even walk.

Being picked to become the next Bring of the moon and sun was a big task for one pony alone many pony's in Canterlot was asking if there was anypony else that could do the task but there was no one other than Dawn was the only born Ailcorn in the last 500 years so he was the only option, When he was told that really felt the weight of the world rest lay on his back, but that long ago.

Dawn snapped himself back together and remember what he came to his town for he was to locate Twilight and give her the book that Luna was talking about but in his mind he had another reason for finding her he wanted to speak with her, ever since that day. Dawn will not forget what happened that day. Dawn's mane start get in his eye view while he was walking he pushes it up with his hoof without looking where he was going tripped over a shopping stand.

Dawn's still on the ground he landed face first into a basket of apples that were right next to the shop stand had a bright yellow tint to as he looked up he saw just a bright orange hoof standing right next to his face, Dawn looks up and see's a yellow mane and a pony with big green eye's looking at him started to shout at him.

("Are you alright, sugar cube?") Dawn holds his head while trying to get up from the crash into the apple stand he had a little cut here and there but other than that he was ok, the orange pony offer's her hoof to help Dawn back to his feet, Dawn grabs hold as she pulls him up off the ground, Dawn looks at the blond maned earth pony for a few seconds before looking back at the ground he notices all the apple's he knocked over*

( Oh my pony! forgive me for knocking all your apple's on the ground i'm really sorry, I was day dreaming and I lost my footing and crashed I will gladly pay the bits I caused in damage to your apples) Dawn started trying to rush and pick the apples up he did not wanna really make eye contact with the earth pony, but before he could even start picking up the apple's the earth pony was already helping him she gave him a look while he was trying to pick up his side of the apples.

The apples were placed back on the stand in order that they where before not one apple was out of place, but than Dawn noticed just to the left of the earth pony was on last apple on the ground Dawn started to reach his hoof over to pick it up once his hoof was on the apple he felt another hoof on the apple it was the earth pony, Dawn lets the apple go and turns away with a bright red glow on his face, the earth pony looks at Dawn ask him a question

("YEE-HAW!" you did an amazing job picking up those apple's sugar cube you be a work pony or something have you ever worked on an apple farm before?) Dawn still looking away from the earth pony he waved his tail a little. (No I have not ever in my life worked on an apple farm I lived in a small town right next to Canterlot.) The earth pony walks in front of Dawn and gives him the same look she started walking around Dawn and looking him up and down. ( Nope, I dont see any city pony in yah but I do see a pony willing to work, but other than that my name is Applejack, and whats yours?)

Dawn backs up a few steps trying to put some distance from him and Applejack he was kinda taken outta the blue no pony has every have acted like Applejack has he kinda shocked but then he remembered this is a much more friendly place than back home as he remembers from what teacher told him. ( My name is Dawn and its very nice to meet you Applejack) Dawn remembers what Luna told him to always be nice to everypony you met ,so Dawn was thinking in his mind. ('' something nice to say whats nice?'') Dawn was looking around at things trying to come up with something to say than he saw the apples, than looked over at the her mane, than back to her hat.

( You have a really shiny hat.) Applejack looked at Dawn Like he was kinda crazy. ( I reckon I do it is one shiny hat my grandma Smith gave it to me on my birthday) Dawn turned a brighter red shade and shakes his head. ( I meant to say was your mane looks really delicious) Applejack steps back a few steps as well you like to eat other pony's manes are you sure your ok maybe you feel a little to hard on your head?) Dawn turns the brightest red shade he looked like one of Applejacks apple's by now. (Oh no please forgive me I mean your eye's are yellow as the sun) Applejack walks over to a mirror and looks at her eye's and than looks at the sun. ( I reckon I'm no rocket scientist but I'm sure the sun is not green)

Dawn lets out a cry and covers his face with his tail, he sits on the ground and looks up at Applejack. ( I mean you look really nice today.) Applejack laughs gave a light blush and smiled. ( Why thank you Dawn and your tail is looking rather dirty.)

Dawn eyes open wide as he pulls up his tail and checks if it was dirty , it had a few spots of the dirt all around his tail he went behide a box and was brushing off the dirt. Applejack was still talking bout his tail. ( See I told you only a true work pony could get that dirty that fast i'm telling you , your going to be a work pony one day) Dawn was still over there trying to brush his tail he was thinking bout himself being a work pony waking up at the crack of dawn and working all day in on the land than going to sleep right when the sun went down , Dawn almost cried when thinking of how much work that would take.

( yah I dont think my calling in life was to work a farm or grow apple's and anyway that's your job Applejack I don't wanna run you outta a job cause people from all over Equestria would come and see me cause i'm just that amazing) Applejack laughs at Dawn as she beings to pack all her stuff up and gets ready to head back to her farm after putting the last heavy barrel on her wagon she starts to walk back down the path heading to a large path of apple trees. (Heya surge cube! you coming or you just going to sit there talking to yourself , that's not a good look somepony's may start saying things about you than.

Dawn runs after Applejack trying to keep up with her, Dawn was in awe how fast she was able to move with that heavy wagon tied to her she must be really strong , Dawn was guessing from all the time she worked on the apple farm that's what got her in shape, just than Applejack turns her head and looks back at Dawn she gives a smile and asks him a question.

(So what brings you all the way here to ponyville couldn't you have not just sent a message to this pony you are looking for?

Dawn turns his head he did not really wanna talk bout his task that he was sent on and he did not really know Applejack all that well but he tried to think of someway to answer her. ( I'm just looking for her so I can give her this book I was ordered to bring to her and I have a few questions I must ask her but as of right now I'v had no luck in tracking her down)

Applejack stops the wagon on the road and turns back and looks at Dawn with a smile. ( I have an idea I know a pony that knows everything there is to know about books and stuff she even lives in a library, she is always reading them fancy books she is a real bookworm her name is Twilight.) Dawn's body went into a shock when hearing the name that came from Applejack's mouth he was pushing his hoof into the ground the earth on his hoof was breaking just a bit. ( So this Twilight pony dose she live nearby?) Applejack shakes her head in a agreement and pushes the apple wagon over to the side off the dirt road next to one of her apple trees. ( yup reckon it only take us about 20mins to make it there would you like to go and see her?)

Dawn gave a smile as he was walking behide Applejack.

( More than you ever know!)