Friendship is Just a Call Away

by Sweetie Belle writes

First published

What happens when Rarity calls Fluttershy

When Rarity calls Fluttershy she finds out that something horrible has happened
to her best friend, it looks like Sweetie Belle has a part to play in all this.

Misfire of Friendship

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The constant ringing of the phone echoed throughout Fluttershy's cottage. She wasn't use to many ponies calling her and even though she talked with a select few her timid nature always resurfaced. Making phone conversations almost resemble

a specific game she loved to play, but almost all the phone conversations she had always ended in her apologizing. The phone echoed once again this time only to be stopped by Fluttershy picking up from its dusty receiver as she said in a very shy tone ''......Hello?...umm this is Fluttershy ....may I ask who this is ..if that is ok?'' Fluttershy said as her voice died down on the last part of that as she waited for the pony on the line to respond.

A almost majestic voice responded back to the always shy Fluttershy .''Of course darling it's okay''

Fluttershy' felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders as she let out a quick sigh in relief knowing that it was one of her closest friends on the phone ''Oh ...hi Rarity'' Fluttershy said this time there was no trace of shyness within her voice as she happily flicked her tail about while waiting for her to speak.

''Well hello, Fluttershy. Are we still on for the spa next Tuesday? We missed our meeting last week and

I must simply show you some new designs.'' Rarity asked as she was making her way back to her boutique. Fluttershy's tail stopped flicking as she felt like she was on the spot needing to answer Rarity's question right now.

''Ummm if you still wanna go with me that is unless your busy or something I don't wanna hinder you'' Rarity couldn't help but let out a little chuckle at her friend as she pushed open the door to her boutique ''Of course I can make time for you dear.''

Fluttershy let out another sigh in relief as she was feeling over overwhelmed with joy. ''Oh that makes me so happy I could just hug ..I hugged the phone to hard'' Fluttershy said laughing as she released the phone from the warm embrace of her hug. Rarity laughed along with her good old friend as she walked pass her dear beloved Opalescence. Who she tried too give her a quick pet on her head but was quickly stopped by a swipe from her claws. ''Well, your affection is always welcome. I certainly don't get enough from my little Opal'' Rarity said as she rested herself on her couch as she heard a tiny squee from the phone ''Oh Opal you say..umm maybe you should just bring her over if you have the time..she seems to respond well to me a lot ...she is just the sweetest thing'' Fluttershy said as she started to walk around her cottage with phone in hoof.

As Fluttershy was walking around her cottage she had remembered something some what important. She was looking around left and right ''Oh I'm still watching Sweetie belle for you if that was another reason you were calling to find out about'' Fluttershy said as she continued to look around her cottage. She was using her hind hoof to push around some small boxes as if she was looking for something.

Rarity's ears twitched at the mere mention of her little sisters name. As she jumped up from the couch holding the phone even more closely to her face ''And I do very much love all of your help. How is my silly little sister? I do hope she hasn't been a problem, has she?'' Fluttershy let out a sigh in discomfort as she returned her attention back to the phone call.

'' Ummm she isn't doing to much I mean not anything I can't handle. Ummm oh my excuse me Rarity but it seems Sweetie belle would like to talk with you shall I give her the phone?'' Fluttershy asked in her always loving tone of voice.

Rarity had now been pacing around her boutique. ''Very well, get the darling on the phone.'' Rarity was eagerly waiting as she heard noise in the background as the phone changed hooves. '' Oh Sweetie belle you go '' Fluttershy said as her voice faded away in the background. As a lovely sweet voice called out to her ''Oh heya big sis how is your day going ? I hope it's going as great as mine'' Sweetie belle asked waiting for her sister to respond to her. ''I am doing marvelously, I just happened to be wrapping up my latest creation, but have you been giving Fluttershy any trouble?'' Rarity said getting right to the point. Sweetie belle went silent for a moment almost as if she had to think about the question. ''Ummm do I have to answer that ?'' Sweetie belle asked as she moved the phone a little away from her face.

Sweetie belle started to chuckle. ''I'd like to plead the fifth'' Rarity wasn't amused at her sister little joke right there she stomped her hoof on the ground. ''Sweetie Belle. What is going on? You do remember what happened last time your friends were at Fluttershy's cottage now don't you?'' Rarity asked she had stopped her hoof stomping for now. Sweetie belle had placed the phone on the ground as, she was really lazy as she listened to her sister continue to talk. ''Oh yeah that was awesome. Best sleep over ever right?'' Sweetie belle said laughing but stopped ''Oh Ummm define trouble and it was just a joke come on big sis it's nothing you have to worry yourself over about '' Sweetie belle said as she looked to a clock that was hanging up in the cottage.

Rarity almost fainted at what she was hearing from her little sister. ''Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy has done nothing but help all the ponies in this town for ages, and if you did anything to hurt her or any of her little animal friends feelings, I might have to ground you young lady. Now what did you do?'' Sweetie belle rolled her eyes at the phone as she listened to Rarity run her trap. ''Ground Sweetie Belle! Now come on big sis that is a little uncalled for and I understand that Fluttershy helps everypony but you have to understand why we... I mean I did it '' Sweetie belle said nervously. Rarity had now made it all the way up into the master bedroom as, she used her unicorn magic to close the door. ''Sweetie Belle! Answer me our I might have to tell Ms Cheerlie about your recent behavior, and I know how much you adore homework now.'' Rarity said

Sweetie belle picked the phone up quickly from the floor. ''Oh Celestia please don't tell Ms. Cheerliee...I will tell you everything'' Sweetie belle sighed as she took a deep breath in ''Alright Rarity! This is what happened the incident involving that little evil hare Fluttershy calls a pet ...We...opps I mean I have kinda mislocated it'' Sweetie belle said as she closed her eyes as, if she knew Rarity was about to overreact. ''You lost Angel! This may be The. Worst. Possible. Thing you could have done to sweet old Fluttershy!'' Rarity said as she used her magic to drag over a tiny sofa as, she than fall across it holding her hoof over her face.

Sweetie belle couldn't help but to laugh at her sister ''Fluttershy doesn't know I told her Angel was out getting some fresh air which is kinda true'' Sweetie belle said as a evil smile slowly started to form. ''I know that Angel may not be the most loving of her creatures, but if anypony were to lose Opal... Oh the very thought of it!'' Rarity said as she than used her magic to levitate a photo of Opal next to her. ''Rarity! He is not lost I know who has him right now'' Sweetie belle shouted into the phone at her sister to hush her whining. ''Well you are going to have to tell me AND Fluttershy precisely where Angel is so we can make this right. Now.'' Rarity said as she stood up from her sofa.

Sweetie belle sighed at even the thought of such an idea, as she kicked her hooves around the floor. ''Please big sis don't make me tell Fluttershy I don't want her to use the stare on me ..and anyway it's chickenloo and Applebloom's fault'' Sweetie belle said trying explain herself. Rarity had a disgusted look on her face. ''Well it seems now that I most certainly have to bring the rest of the gals into this. Poor Applejack is stressed enough not knowing what you little ponies are up to... Chickenloo, is that really what you have started calling your friend?'' Rarity asked.

Sweetie belle seemed to become tired of her sister's attitude. ''Rarity come on you don't know how to have any fun. Applejack was game for what we was doing anyway seeing as she is helping us or them right now to get back at Rainbow Dash for cheating those few weeks ago at those games they where playing and also Applebloom told me Applejack never really recovered from losing in front of half the town.'' Sweetie belle said as her eyes looked back up the the clock once again. Rarity once again had almost fainted from what she was hearing from Sweetie belle. ''Dearest Applejack helped you hide the poor creature! Why I never expected her to act that unreasonably even for a farm pony. But you cannot keep up this act up much longer, sister. My friends happen to fancy helping other ponies.

Sweetie belle cut her sister off quickly. ''At least Applejack was honest with it she told us she would do anything to get back at Rainbow Dash and, than Applebloom had an idea she searched her evil apple infested mind till she came up with a plan ..we took him to the center of the town'' Sweetie belle proclaimed as she laughed some more. Rarity scratched her head with her hoof as, she was thinking something over. ''But I was just at the market with Twilight! Where could you have put him? I know I've been more reliant on my glasses lately but I truly not blind!'' Rarity asked her sister .

Sweetie belle just laughed again. ''He is kinda bout to fly in a few minutes ..aww...I'd say looking at the time he has about five minutes give or take before blast off it will kinda be like the whole Luna thing on the moon but with a get it?'' Sweetie belle asked her sister. Rarity this time fall onto the floor as, she laid there with the phone cord wrapped around her ''By Celestia's horn! How could you think you go through with such a wretched plan! This doesn't even involve Dashie. I..I... I must do something to immediately! Wait, Princess Luna was banished with the Elements of Harmony... Where did you get the equipment to send a bunny to the Moon!'' Rarity asked as she started to hyperventilate.

Sweetie belle rubbed her head with her hoof. ''Ummm..Applejack and us was looking for something what would imitate the Elements of Harmony but all she could come up with was something dealing with apples or apple products so we stopped by this pony that was setting up some big act she had a lot of fireworks so we asked for one or two but she kept on talking about how great and powerful she was so we just a few of them.'' Sweetie belle said shaking her head happily.

Rarity couldn't take anymore as she rushed downstairs with phone in hoof. ''You not only kidnapped an innocent little bunny but now STOLE from Trixie! Even though she may deserve it...Oh no, no. This is downright terrible. Sweetie, do you know what fireworks do? They explode. You are putting ponies' safety at risk and using one of my dearest friends to do it. Rarity said with terror in her voice. ''Oh no not at all sis nopony is in any danger just angel bunny.'' Sweetie belle said hoping that would help to calm her sister down just a bit. ''You do not understand the severity of this matter Sweetie Belle. Did you expect to receive a cutie mark for rocket testing? This will only make Fluttershy mor... oh no. I have got to inform Fluttershy! Sweetie Belle, put her back on this instant young lady.'' Rarity demand of her sister.

''But Rarity ...Applebloom just called and said that their is a big crowd of ponies watching now waiting to see what is going to happen and even Pinkie Pie is there she made cupcakes for everypony to enjoy before the show starts ..but if you really want Fluttershy back here you go ..'' Rarity heard the phone drop to the ground a door slam closed. ''Oh dearest Rarity I'm sorry I have been gone for so long I was looking for my dear sweet Angel bunny he has been missing all day Sweetie belle told me something about him having a blast as she just ran out my door'' Fluttershy said sounding like she had been crying.

''Fluttershy, darling, I have some troubling news for you, and we must hurry to the town square. Angel may be in serious danger.'' Rarity said as calmly as, she could hoping not to send her into tears again. ''Oh my...whatever do you mean Rarity'' Fluttershy asked softly back to her friend as she was looking outside her window. '' It would appear that a good portion of ponies have gathered to umm... watch Angel er.. get shot from a firework...'' Rarity said this part very softly as well. The phone went completely silent ''I'm deeply sorry deary.'' Rarity said hoping to try and lessen the blow. Rarity heard noises in the background again as she heard the phone being picked back up. ''Oh i'm sorry Rarity there must have been something in my ear it almost sounded like you said ponies where about to watch my dear Angel get shot into the sky by a firework''

Rarity shook her head ''Unfortunately, that would be correct. We have no time to waste. I almost blame myself for falling behind on my shipments and leaving Sweetie Belle with you.'' Rarity said with regret in her voice as she ran outside switching from her wired phone to her cordless headset. ''Oh my..oh my..we must hurry after her we can't let this happen ..oh Celestia not me to sweet Angle'' Fluttershy said putting on her headset before rushing out her cottage flying to the center of the town where the event was going to take place. Rarity still running as fast as she could dodging pony after pony on her way to the center of the town. '' I agree, unfortunately we will only have help from Twilight and possibly Rainbow Dash. The others, well... haven't been so kind.'' Rarity said as she made it to the center of Ponyville.

''I'v already made it to the center of the town Rarity I don't see anythi.. Oh wait I see your sister ..she is standing behind some kind of podium thing looking down on all the other ponies'' Fluttershy said as she was flying closer to Sweetie Belle looking at all the ponies that showed up. Rarity was stuck in the middle of the massive crowd of ponies unable to move much at all. ''There are far too many ponies here to make it through the crowd to get to her! You'll have to fly closer to her.'' Rarity said into her headset not knowing if Fluttershy could even hear her still. Fluttershy nodded her head ''I will try Rarity but, I hear your sister saying something . let me fly closer.'' Fluttershy said flying right above the massive podium as she looked down to Sweetie belle who was smiling at Fluttershy. ''Oh Fluttershy how are you doing? Did you come for the event I called and told Rarity ..I wish she would make it here already I don't wanna start this without her anyway'' Sweetie belle said sweetly.

Rarity had enough of this as she used her unicorn magic to cut a path right to Sweetie belle. ''Sweetie Belle!!! When our parents hear of this little stunt! I'll.. I'LL.. No Pinkie I do not want a cupcake now!'' Rarity said trying to recover her anger at her sister. ''Come on Rarity you gotta chill out sometimes you always act like this that is why I didn't tell you about the plan in the first place ...Oh thanks Pinkie I needed that I was getting famished up here.. Now Rarity I will give you a chance to redeem yourself right now and act cool for once'' Sweetie belle stand holding her head high. Rarity shook her head ''I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT NEED TO "ACT COOL" YOUNG LADY!!!'' Rarity shouted at her younger sister.

''Big sis you are so lame, but unfortunately you have been standing on the launch button for the pass few seconds when you was talking bout how lame you was just to let you know'' Sweetie belle said as she watched the fireworks shoot up into the sky leaving trails of blue and red smoke behind them. ''Why I never! Fluttershy! Be a dear and STOP THIS MADNESS!!'' Rarity shouted to her shy friend hoping that this would put some courage into her heart. ''Ummm please everypony ..please can I hav...everypony please just give me...a seco..EVERYPONY SHUT THE HAY UP PLEASE...umm if that is ok with you ponies ..I'm Sweetie belle but where is Angle bunny at can you please tell me now ..Oh my those look lovely Pinkie I will take one thank you very much'' Fluttershy said

''Hehhe are you ponies complete imbeciles? The fireworks have launched up into the sky with Angle tied to one of, them the likelihood of you choosing the correct firework is slim'' Sweetie belle said laughing just than Rarity slapped Sweetie belle of the podium as she turned to Fluttershy. ''Or so you think. My gem finding spell isn't just good for finding things in stone! No, it can also see the charming little collar I made for Angel just fine. FLUTTERSHY, IT IS THAT ONE!'' Rarity pointed the the firework that was leaving a blue trail of smoke as she flew up rapidly catching it with ease. ''I'm coming my dearest Angle bunny ....oh my these ropes have you tied very tight ..I don't think I can rip them I need something sharp'' Fluttershy called down to Rarity.

''Pinkie, kindly hoof me that pastry knife of yours... No? very well, I didn't want to take it from you, but my levitation is much stronger now...'' Rarity said as she tossed Pinkie Pie along with the knife right at Fluttershy which she was able to catch the knife within her mouth. As she started to cut at the ropes as fast as she could. ''There goes one, and another ..last rope ...

Gotcha Angle bunny...Oh my Celestia I thought we was going to lose you today Angle'' Fluttershy said as she flew back to the ground as ponies started to cheer her from that awesome performance. ''Oh thank heavens that Angel is... where did Sweetie Belle go?'' Rarity asked as she looked around. Fluttershy pointed over to a nearby rooftop. ''Oh there she is Rarity'' Fluttershy said.

Rarity gasped in horror at the sight ''Oh my heavens ..look at those drapes they are to die for..Oh..and my poor little sister what would I do if she was to slip'' Rarity said hoping nopony heard her talk about the drapes. ''You may have saved Angle bunny from his firework demise today dear sister but mark my words I will get you for what you did to me all those weeks ago and Fluttershy..everypony will pay even your little Angle bunny too'' Sweetie belle said laughing villainously. Rarity looked to her little sister confused ''What in all of Equestria are you talking about Sweetie? What did we ever do to make you want to get revenge on anypony?''

Sweetie belle jumped down from the rooftop landing safely on the ground. ''Shut your face Rarity you know what you did to me..but I must leave for now but I will see you again very soon my dear sister...Like soon cause it's almost dinner time you know?'' Sweetie belle said laughing. Rarity just slapped her hoof into her forehead as she laughed with her sister. '' We were going for out with Twilight at that little daisy-diner.'' Sweetie belle jumped for joy giving a great big smile. ''Oh goodie I love that place I will maybe get the dasiy sub again it's my favorite'' Sweetie belle said as she started to walk with her sister. ''Well you still need to wash up! You look like a mess after this little fiasco or was it a frackus?'' Rarity said laughing. ''You shall never wash me!'' Sweetie belle said as she started to run away giggling.

''Oh dearest sister your so silly you know that ?'' Rarity said as she walked following her sister back to the boutique. ''Umm so everypony is ok with that little filly going crazy and trying to kill my pet? '' Fluttershy looked around as everypony just went about their normal day as if nothing had happened she gave a quick sigh. ''Buck you all them..this is why I live the forest'' Fluttershy said as she flew back to her lovely cottage with Angel in hoof.


''Hello how did thou get this number? This is a royal number in Celestia's name who dares call thy princess of the night?''
....the phone goes silent you could only hear the breathing of the pony on the other end. ''Muffin......''

The End