A new dawn on Ponyville

by Sweetie Belle writes

First published

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

The story takes place in a not so far away place just on the out reach of town far away from the big city buzz but not that far where you wont hear the big city buzz from time to time, it was a peaceful place where everypony knew everypony and looked out for one another, everything seemed to be perfect , but just not for one pony and on his 16th birthday things go from bad to worse in his mind. After being named the next watcher of the town Dawn see's the world closing in on him where he feels that his life is being controlled for him but he dose not want that and will do anything to mix it up, Dawn has bigger dreams to see the world not watch some old town. What will Dawn do ?

Chapter 1: A new dawn on ponyville

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It was a warm summer morning as the winds from the northeast mountains blew a cool breeze across the landscape which made the grass whistle when the gust lightly passed it and onto the town below.

The winds fell into the large open town pass there gates and gave a refreshing uplifting satisfaction to the pony's that were playing and walking around the colossal town.

The town was full of life from the pony's and other animals that came and toured the town to take part in some of the outstanding activities that the town holds every week that very's from the great unicorn magic competition to the running of the winter leaves. The sun light shines through the clouds and down onto one of the houses where it starts getting smaller to form a beam of light that shines onto the glass of one house and gleams into the face of one young Alicorn named dawn.

''Awww stupid sun always coming up at the wrong time'' he says rolling around his bed holding the covers over his face to block the sun light from hitting him in the face with the nonstop rolling he fell on the floor landing right on his head and hitting his nearby desk causing a oddly placed alarm clock to land right on his head*. ''Ouch that hurt''

Dawn gave a loud cry as he picked up the clock and throw it across his bedroom into the wall where it fell into the trashcan* That thing did not even wake me up on time again, what a drag now i'm late again and i know I had something or someplace to be today but where? Dawn waves his black and yellow tail back in forth trying to recall what he was to do today* Hmm beats me, I guess i should really start my day anyway no point in being this lazy its not even noon yet.

When Dawn said noon everything snapped into place for him* ''No no oh no im late'' he gave a cry* I forgot that was today meeting with master she is going to kill me if i'm late again this will be the 17th time im late for one of are meeting she told me if i miss another or am late to another she would have me doing paperwork till I was old as Equestria and it was to scary to even ask how old that town was.

Dawn rushed his way into the bathroom and turned on the sink and ran a quick shower* ''Time to multitask'' Dawn said as grabbing his toothbrush and putting tooth paste on the brush he jumps into the shower and starts to take a quick shower and brush his teeth at the same time*

Dawn is finding it hard to brush his teeth and wash himself at the same time so he jumps right out of the shower and looks in the mirror at this mane which was unruly * ''Awww looks good to me '' Dawn runs and opens his window and steps back a few steps before running and jumping out of the window where he opens his wings and he glides down the the marketplace below * Like always in outstanding landing by the one and only dawn''

Dawn stands there is the roaring streets of the town just talking about how amazing he is and what he can do so easy he talks to himself for over 5mins * One of the pony's that ran a nearby apple store she calls out to dawn* '' Heya dawn you are talking to yourself again and your late again'' Dawn fells on the ground noticing that he is really late again* '' Thank you grand ma

'' Dawn rushes down the market way past the shopping pony's nearly knocking a few of them out of his way he runs right into a old earth pony that was carrying a bunch of apples in a box the apples flew way up into sky* '' Oh no I got this ace flyer Dawn will save your apples from the harsh dirty dirt of the ground.

'' With that Dawn opens his wings and flew above the market where he blends in with the sun where his darkly colored yellow wings mix with the bright yellow color of the sun it looks like an eclipse if you was watching from far away as dawn dashes down catching each of the apples one by one than landing right on the ground causing a little dust cloud to form around his feet*

'' Hahah that was easy and took me less than 15 seconds I am a beast of the sky no one can stop me'' The old earth pony watches as dawn keeps on talking about how amazing he is and that was* '' Hey sonny shouldn't you be getting somewhere its almost noon from what my watch tells me it will be in like 15mins'' Dawn falls on the ground and lowers his tail and layes on the ground the dirt gets on his tail that was still kinda wet from the quick shower he took earlier*

'' If I keep stopping like this i'm going to be late once again, but really sad part is that I don't really recall where master told me to meet her at. If i'm late she will snap on me again and I will be writing forever and reading old history books'' Dawn stands up and his tail waves back in forth* '' I wont be late not this time I will make myself this promise right now, now i know I was to met her by some type of tower but which one that's the question?'' Dawn looks up at the sky and watches the clouds watching the clouds always helped him remember things for some reason*

The Southeast bell tower gave a loud ring and than it came to dawn like a ton of hay* '' That's it , Southeast bell tower was the place I was to met up with master but that is bout 24mins away from here what can I do to make it there really quick '' Dawn looks around the area looking for something that will help him get there faster* '' Come on think dawn , think whats fast? What gets pony's places really fast? There has to be something anything can do.

Dawn looks around first at a box of apples that where being sold by a local shop keep , than to a hay stack that was placed on the ground just sitting there and than he turned his head to a taxi cab* '' That's it Dawn runs and grabs the hay stack and throws 15 bits as payment on the table and will still running picks up a stick and a piece of string and ties them together into some type of rod and bait device*

Dawn notices that there was a rather large bull over by the one of the shops , dawn steps back and takes a deep breath and runs and leaps on the bulls back holding the hay in front of him, once the smell of the hay got into the bulls nose it changed from nice care free bull to rampaging wild bull that wants some hay to eat, as dawn holds the hay making the bull charge pass market stand after market stand* '' Im really making good time doing this but the ride is a little bumpie'' After riding the bull for a little over 7mins he was already half way there to the Southeast tower all there was to do was cross the bridge.

Dawn still riding the bull passed a few signs but dawn payed them no mind he was kinda day dreaming while riding on the bull dawn day dreams alot only when he has something on his mind , he is happy laying on the bull but in his mind he is hearing somepony yelling at him to slow down and stop * '' aww who could this be'' Dawn opens his eyes and see's just up ahead that the bridge to cross was out and there was pony's up there working on it * ''Oh no this is not good I have araging bull charging at a broken bridge and pony's are in my way what else could possibly go wrong'' One of the worker pony's up head yelled at dawn* ''Hey kid you gotta stop this bridge is out and the water below has been drained , if you fall in you will really get smashed up son*

Dawn lets out a big yawn* '' Can things not ever go my way ever really this sucks'' Dawn stands up on the bull and pushes his mane back over his head showing off his horn his black and yellow mane was blowing in the wind* ''Ok this may not be the best time to try this but its worth a shot aleast;; Dawn trys to use magic which for his whole life he has not really been able just a little here and there its mostly off and on but he starts trying to form some type of magic to stop the bull but nothing was happening* '' Oh my pony! crap still nothing i guess this was not the best time to try this i guess looks like i'm bucked'' But just before dawn thought of in idea*

''The hay that's it i can use the hay to stop him from running off and into the rocks'' Dawn picked up the rod over his head and started spinning it around him very fast and he lets it go flying behide him* '' Hey bull dude your missing the all you can hay eat behide you bro'' The bull stops on cue sending dawn flying right into the whole with the deadly sharp rocks at the bottom* '' Ok i was wrong before now im truly bucked, its been fun '' Just before dawn hits the rocks he is stopped mid-air and has a light blue aura around him and he hear's a voice call out to him* '' Dawn your always late and you where almost killed'' Dawn looks up and see's that its his master that catched him* '' Master Luna my beloved teacher I could not tell you how close that was because I you know planned this I was going to open my wings at the last second and fly outta here''

Luna looks at dawn with a Oh really look* '' So you saying that if i did not catch you, you was going to fly just before hitting these here rocks and more than likely killing yourself once again'' Dawn shakes his head* '' Yup'' Luna brings dawn over and drops him on the ground and lands face first and his butt was up in the air and his tail layed on his head* ''Dawn your hopeless sometimes you know that?'' Dawn picks himself up from the ground and brushes off the dirt* '' Im not helpless Im helpful you should have seen me to day no pony could stop me from getting here on time'' Luna laughs* ''What the Hay is so funny Luna'' Luna looks at dawn* '' Your 1hour and 7mins late, did you forget its Sunlight saving's time?'' Dawn blushes and turns away to not look like more of a fool* '' No i did not forget I was just testing you that's it yah it was a test and you passed''.

Luna and dawn start to laugh for a bit* ''Heya dawn but really we need to talk about why I called you here today , your training under me is done as of right now you will no longer be my student,'' Dawn is in shock looking at luna* '' come on luna stop kidding around'' Luna walks next to dawn* ''This is no joke nor it is not the joke day of the week that is saturday and today is monday, but really your training is done and I have a task that you must do to see if all your training was for something.'' Dawn gets kinda mad* ''Hey what do you mean my training is done you clearly see that I still cant use magic and I can bearly fly the only way i can fly is if i fly fast'' Luna cuts him off* ''Dawn i'm your master and teacher and your friend I know your ready Iv been with you for a long time i'v seen you grow up to become the outstanding ailcorn you are today, by all means you are ready maybe even more for this task'' Dawn sits there listening to his teacher* ''Now dawn your task is not easy and i would not trust anyone else to do this but you I can tell you can get the job done are you ready to hear why I asked you here on this day is?''

Dawn gives a shake to his head and looks up at his master and friend* '' I'm more than ready''

Chapter 2: A bad dream turns worst

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The sun high above the town warming the ground and a breeze of cool wind blew throught out the town the cool air hit Dawn right in the face making his mane blow back and forth with the direction of the wind.

His tail was checking a few of the leaves that have fellen from a nearby tree the leaves where a bright green color with just a little bit of yellow on the edge but you would not really notice such a thing only if you where to study the leafs.

Dawn still sitting there is waiting and watching Luna's moves he has become a bit restless because she has not said a single word in the last ten minutes, dawn stands up and waves his tail a little to shake of the leaves that where on it he did not really mind the leaves that was on his head maybe he did not notice them.* '' Master are you ok? You have just been sitting there you have not said anything about my task and you are just looking up at the sky. Luna dosen't say anything just this quick statment and gose back to watching the sky* ''Dawn it's coming it will be here before you know it''

Dawn leans his head to the side and rubs his mane with his hoof he feels the leafs and brushes most of them out of his mane while thinking about what Luna just said* ''So what will becoming soon? You mean winter, cause if so yah your right winter will behere be for you know it'' Dawn remebers few years ago when him and Luna went out to train him on using his magic by trying to clear the trees of snow which turned out to be a fail since he was not able to get even a spark of magic to work, all that happened that day was dawn getting a really bad cold* ''Good times I remember all those missions and trainings I had to do with you over the past few years it has really been alot of hard work''

Dawn layes of the grass and looks up at the Southeast bell tower where he watches the clock hand move slowly around passing each and every second, before he notices it he has started to day dream once again but this time it was not really a dream he could not understand all he saw was a black sky and none of the star's where out and he was in a field. He started walking around in the dream. "' What is this? Where i'm I at this dose not look like my town nor anyother town I'v seen before.

Dawn starts to shake and wiggle about on the soft grass he was still sleeping under the clock tower, Luna has by this time was standing up and watching the sky and clouds, she turns her head over to where Dawn was sleeping she walks over to him and puts her hoof on his side and trys pushing him to wake him up* '' Dawn wake up'' Luna saw that dawn has now started to sweat a little bit.* ''Where is this place it's so dark here and cold, the grass is dead and everything is lifeless''

Dawn still walking around in his dream he see's a hill up ahead of him and he makes a dash to the top to get a good view of the whole landscape , he makes his way up the hill which was oddly misshapened but he played no mind to it after reaching the top of the hill he looked down, Dawn's heart dropped* ''This cant be? No why how could this have hapened who did this ? This cant be real this must be a dream'' Just after dawn spoke those words a dark heavy voice called out to answer dawn's question*

''Oh this is real, or it will be real'' Dawn turned around moving back and forth looking for where that voice was coming from his tail fur was on edge and his hoofs where shaking his body was almost over come with a fear of the unknown, but stil dawn would not back down and he thought to himself its just a voice what's the worse it can do?*

The voice let out a blood piercing laugh* '' oh that's good its not what im going to do it's what you are going to do my dear alicorn'' Dawn steps back a few steps moving slowly walking down the hill passing broken homes that where burned and smashed up* ''What do you mean what I'm going to do?''

The voice starts speaking in a light tone as if it was trying to calm down the alicorn* '' This is your doing Dawn, you are a key to set everything into action on that day and after everything was done, They!! made there decision and so did you. Which caused the world to end up like this but its not all bad there are still pony's around that work under me as my slaves and this whole world dose what I tell them''

Dawn opens his wings and trys to fly away but it was useless he was not able even make it off the dirt* '' Stop it! Leave me alone, stop talking to me this is not real'' Dawn lets out a cry* ''Someone help me '' The voice starts to fade away but leaves a few words with Dawn* ''You cant run forever Dawn you are the catalyst to this whole world and you will play your part in do time , you can count on that''

With that Luna wakes Dawn up using her magic she broke the spell that was casted over Dawn while he was in his dream* ''Dawn are you ok?'' Dawn rolled over and looked at the ground he was crying and stomped his hoof into the ground*

''Is that true will am I the one that makings all that happen? If some I'm a monster a beast , a killer and nothing more'' Luna walks over to Dawn and picks him up* '' You are no killer dawn, but you need to tell me what happened in your dream right now.'' Dawn did not wanna tell Luna everything that happened in his dream he still had a little aftershock from it you can tell by how his tail was waving nonstop it could not be helpped something like that no pony should have ever seen in there life*

''Luna I cant tell you what I saw , what i'v heard, or what w=I will do'' Luna grabs dawn and gives him a hug, *Dawn you have done nothing just worry about a bad dream that you saw in your brain im sure its just cause you dont get much sleep and nothing more now If i may please tell me what happened in your dream dont leave out any details I must know to better understand that your dream could have been about'' Dawn lowers his head and turns to look at the sky he see's a few birds flying away from the nearby tree that was right next to the bell tower he gives a smile that fades away and turns into a frown when he remembers what the voice said to him* ''You are the key and They! made there decision and so did you.''

The thought of becoming a monster and a key that will lead to so much pain Dawn felt a pain in his heart once again but this one was a little different, but he has felt it before along time ago when his mother and father passed away the saddenss of that day he thought he would never feel anything that could hurt him so much but this one was right on the edge, Dawn slowly opened his mouth as he spoke a few words and than was silent * ''I'm the monster that will cause the death of millions to take place'' Everything was queit not a word was spoken not by Luna nor Dawn it felt as if the world had come to a stand still , the wind stopped blowing and the warmth of the sun faded away leaving just his words that echoed*

Dawn's whole body felt like it was going numb he felt unsure about himself for one of the first times in his life and no heart felt speech about how kind he is or how noble he is would change what he is thinking about himself all he knows is that sometime in the future he will become something that will cause this world great pain* Dawn stands up where he begins to brush himself off with his tail from one hoof to the next and down to his back legs, he was all clean* ''Hey Luna if you knew that the actions you take would lead you to becoming a monster would you still do them? Or would you just do nothing and watch as the world runs its cores?''

Luna stands beside Dawn not getting to close to him she felt the sadness that was shown in his body language he was almost to far gone to help him but she knows her student like a book but she has never seen this before, but she knew what she had to say to help him* ''Dawn if you do nothing than the world will be destroyed anyway and when we look back on this years from now pony's will be asking where was you? What did you do to try and stop this? And all you will be able to say is doing nothing. Dawn if you wanna change the world it may cost you losing yourself in the process. I'v told you this countless times Dawn the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few! Now you have a decision to make sit here and do nothing or fight this battle to the end, Now make your choice.

After listening to his master speak with such fire and drive in each and everyone of her words a ember in his heart erupted into a blazing fire his drive was coming back to him knowing that sitting around and waiting for something that can be stopped was the wrong thing to do* '' Master thank you, I wont ever forget the words you have told me. I will fight this to the very end if I must. With that dawn stands up and walks back over to his master wanting to know what his mission was to do finally.

Luna smiles knowing that dawn is ready to head out on such a mission she knows it will be hard at times but as long as he remembers he is not alone on this he will be able to get it done.* '' Ok Dawn your mission is to take this here box to Ponyville and once there I will need to to locate some pony's there they will be helping you on your task weather they know it or not.'' Luna pushes a lightly colored blue box over to Dawn and a book called Elemental pathways.*

''That book is to go to a pony named Twilight sparkle , you may have heard of her before she studied under my sister and you studied under me, but also she is a unicorn pony and is very good with magic and is a good reader she maybe able to help you learn how to use your magic, you never know she may become a better teacher to you than even me.''

Dawn picks up the book and the box off the ground and place's them in a bag that he wrapped around his body the wind's blew strong against his mane he was ready to set out for ponyville* ''My master I will return and i will finish this mission I give you my word I will seek out what this evil is and where it is coming from and put in end to it once and for all.'' With that Dawn heads to the edge of the town to the gates that leave the city, the gates slowly opened where the gate keeper pony wishes Dawn a safe trip to ponyville telling him that it will take three hours by flying and 6hours by walking and to remember to rest up if needed*

Dawn takes a last look at his former home knowing that he will not be back here in sometime he gives one last look at the town before walking away into the mist of the forest before opening his wings and flying up into the clouds and heading to ponyville* ''I wounder what ponyville is like and Twilight I remember you from long ago and what you did for me, I will find you and the other's, and nopony is going to stop me!''

After a few hours of nonstop flying Dawn lands on the outer part of ponyville,Dawn ties his wings to down so not to draw attention to himself being a alicorn and all once everything is done Dawn picks up the box and the book and starts to head down the hill into ponyville* ''Alright everything starts here my mission to save the world, to change my life , and to see her again. But just one tiny little problem. Where the Buck is Twilight's house ?

Chapter 3: Breaking the not so magical Ice

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Looking around ponyville the town seemed to be mostly the same structures they were timber-framed with distinct thatched roofs and overhanging upper floor, the structures look like they have not been updated in sometime, the roof on one of the houses had a rather large hole in it that looked like it happened from a bad rain storm. Ponyville was always one of those towns that gets a lot of rain during the Fall, but that was not all to bad in some cases the rain helped them keep there crops well watered and lush, everypony knew that ponyville is the home of the best grown food in all of Equestria.

Even though the town was rather old Dawn could not shake the feeling that this place should have been fixed up a little over the time its been around just like his home town of Canterlot which looked nothing like ponyville at all, Canterlot was a town of many high-society ponies that came from all around the world just to hope to live there,the city features ivory towers with golden spires, and many waterfalls and rivers running through it which at night time the waterfall reflects the moon glow making a light that shines over the city at night making it more stunning no word could come to Dawn's mind to give it justice.

Dawn started to remember some of the fun times he had while in Canterlot, he recalls a time when he first got to met Sapphire Shores, he remembers Sapphire speaking with a loud, theatrical voice that always hurt his ears when she was around you could always know when she was coming by the yelling and screaming of her countless fans and the flash of lights from there cameras it was like a nonstop flashing sun was always just next to her.

I could never understand why fashion was such a buzz in my home town but everypony always was trying to out do one another and stay on the top of the fashion tree till the next new thing came out or somepony started a new trend which always was something just like the trend before with some weird twist to it, like when everypony started wearing apple hats or when everypony had a short cut mane, I wont lie most of those trends made everypony look like fools but when I tried to let everypony how silly they looked , all they told we was (Your just not up to date on the newest trends I look at your mane it's unruly)

Everypony in Canterlot was way to up tight for my taste as well as you could not even pull a prank without everypony saying that was dumb and you should grow up. But I never payed any of them any mind, I just gave them a smile and when they was not looking pulled even bigger pranks just to see if I could get somepony's to laugh at what I did. Like the time when I poured a whole tub of Cider on Sapphire Shore's tour called Zigfilly Follies all those pony's where soaked, they had to stop the show for a few days before reopening it later that week, When I got back home master Luna made me write this line nonstop till my hoof was hurting ( I will not drop tasty cider on show pony;s ever again with out telling Master Luna to come and help).

Dawn started to laugh at bit but he quickly stopped knowing how far away from home he was and his friends and master it was hard on Dawn he had very few friends not alot of pony's wanted a pony around that spent most of his time trying to think of ways to have fun most of them felt they where to high class to even been seen with a pony such as Dawn, but the only reason somepony's said around him was cause he was close with the princess and they felt they could get hand outs from keeping little tabs on Dawn which did not work.

Dawn really spent most of his free time in Canterlot working with his teacher she was training him for his duty that was was picked for along time ago to be the new bringer of the moon and sun. The bringer of the moon and sun is the job that Luna and Celestia where give by there parents long ago now they will past the task down to Dawn but the thing was he could not use any type of magic not even the smallest such as levitation. and that is something even baby unicorns where able to master before they could even walk.

Being picked to become the next Bring of the moon and sun was a big task for one pony alone many pony's in Canterlot was asking if there was anypony else that could do the task but there was no one other than Dawn was the only born Ailcorn in the last 500 years so he was the only option, When he was told that really felt the weight of the world rest lay on his back, but that long ago.

Dawn snapped himself back together and remember what he came to his town for he was to locate Twilight and give her the book that Luna was talking about but in his mind he had another reason for finding her he wanted to speak with her, ever since that day. Dawn will not forget what happened that day. Dawn's mane start get in his eye view while he was walking he pushes it up with his hoof without looking where he was going tripped over a shopping stand.

Dawn's still on the ground he landed face first into a basket of apples that were right next to the shop stand had a bright yellow tint to as he looked up he saw just a bright orange hoof standing right next to his face, Dawn looks up and see's a yellow mane and a pony with big green eye's looking at him started to shout at him.

("Are you alright, sugar cube?") Dawn holds his head while trying to get up from the crash into the apple stand he had a little cut here and there but other than that he was ok, the orange pony offer's her hoof to help Dawn back to his feet, Dawn grabs hold as she pulls him up off the ground, Dawn looks at the blond maned earth pony for a few seconds before looking back at the ground he notices all the apple's he knocked over*

( Oh my pony! forgive me for knocking all your apple's on the ground i'm really sorry, I was day dreaming and I lost my footing and crashed I will gladly pay the bits I caused in damage to your apples) Dawn started trying to rush and pick the apples up he did not wanna really make eye contact with the earth pony, but before he could even start picking up the apple's the earth pony was already helping him she gave him a look while he was trying to pick up his side of the apples.

The apples were placed back on the stand in order that they where before not one apple was out of place, but than Dawn noticed just to the left of the earth pony was on last apple on the ground Dawn started to reach his hoof over to pick it up once his hoof was on the apple he felt another hoof on the apple it was the earth pony, Dawn lets the apple go and turns away with a bright red glow on his face, the earth pony looks at Dawn ask him a question

("YEE-HAW!" you did an amazing job picking up those apple's sugar cube you be a work pony or something have you ever worked on an apple farm before?) Dawn still looking away from the earth pony he waved his tail a little. (No I have not ever in my life worked on an apple farm I lived in a small town right next to Canterlot.) The earth pony walks in front of Dawn and gives him the same look she started walking around Dawn and looking him up and down. ( Nope, I dont see any city pony in yah but I do see a pony willing to work, but other than that my name is Applejack, and whats yours?)

Dawn backs up a few steps trying to put some distance from him and Applejack he was kinda taken outta the blue no pony has every have acted like Applejack has he kinda shocked but then he remembered this is a much more friendly place than back home as he remembers from what teacher told him. ( My name is Dawn and its very nice to meet you Applejack) Dawn remembers what Luna told him to always be nice to everypony you met ,so Dawn was thinking in his mind. ('' something nice to say whats nice?'') Dawn was looking around at things trying to come up with something to say than he saw the apples, than looked over at the her mane, than back to her hat.

( You have a really shiny hat.) Applejack looked at Dawn Like he was kinda crazy. ( I reckon I do it is one shiny hat my grandma Smith gave it to me on my birthday) Dawn turned a brighter red shade and shakes his head. ( I meant to say was your mane looks really delicious) Applejack steps back a few steps as well you like to eat other pony's manes are you sure your ok maybe you feel a little to hard on your head?) Dawn turns the brightest red shade he looked like one of Applejacks apple's by now. (Oh no please forgive me I mean your eye's are yellow as the sun) Applejack walks over to a mirror and looks at her eye's and than looks at the sun. ( I reckon I'm no rocket scientist but I'm sure the sun is not green)

Dawn lets out a cry and covers his face with his tail, he sits on the ground and looks up at Applejack. ( I mean you look really nice today.) Applejack laughs gave a light blush and smiled. ( Why thank you Dawn and your tail is looking rather dirty.)

Dawn eyes open wide as he pulls up his tail and checks if it was dirty , it had a few spots of the dirt all around his tail he went behide a box and was brushing off the dirt. Applejack was still talking bout his tail. ( See I told you only a true work pony could get that dirty that fast i'm telling you , your going to be a work pony one day) Dawn was still over there trying to brush his tail he was thinking bout himself being a work pony waking up at the crack of dawn and working all day in on the land than going to sleep right when the sun went down , Dawn almost cried when thinking of how much work that would take.

( yah I dont think my calling in life was to work a farm or grow apple's and anyway that's your job Applejack I don't wanna run you outta a job cause people from all over Equestria would come and see me cause i'm just that amazing) Applejack laughs at Dawn as she beings to pack all her stuff up and gets ready to head back to her farm after putting the last heavy barrel on her wagon she starts to walk back down the path heading to a large path of apple trees. (Heya surge cube! you coming or you just going to sit there talking to yourself , that's not a good look somepony's may start saying things about you than.

Dawn runs after Applejack trying to keep up with her, Dawn was in awe how fast she was able to move with that heavy wagon tied to her she must be really strong , Dawn was guessing from all the time she worked on the apple farm that's what got her in shape, just than Applejack turns her head and looks back at Dawn she gives a smile and asks him a question.

(So what brings you all the way here to ponyville couldn't you have not just sent a message to this pony you are looking for?

Dawn turns his head he did not really wanna talk bout his task that he was sent on and he did not really know Applejack all that well but he tried to think of someway to answer her. ( I'm just looking for her so I can give her this book I was ordered to bring to her and I have a few questions I must ask her but as of right now I'v had no luck in tracking her down)

Applejack stops the wagon on the road and turns back and looks at Dawn with a smile. ( I have an idea I know a pony that knows everything there is to know about books and stuff she even lives in a library, she is always reading them fancy books she is a real bookworm her name is Twilight.) Dawn's body went into a shock when hearing the name that came from Applejack's mouth he was pushing his hoof into the ground the earth on his hoof was breaking just a bit. ( So this Twilight pony dose she live nearby?) Applejack shakes her head in a agreement and pushes the apple wagon over to the side off the dirt road next to one of her apple trees. ( yup reckon it only take us about 20mins to make it there would you like to go and see her?)

Dawn gave a smile as he was walking behide Applejack.

( More than you ever know!)

Chapter 4: A link to the past

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They say when the sun is up the moon sleep's waiting for it's chance to show the world just how graceful it can truly be, but when the sun is done and it start to fall just as the moon is rising from it's deep sleep and just before the sun take's it rest when the world is at it's quietest and you can't even hear a single pony not even the wind dare's to brake this unbecoming moment till the dawn come's and bringing peace to the world once again.

Every step down that long rocky dirt path felt like miles each step that Dawn took he was finding himself stepping on tiny pebbles that was easy crushed like it was nothing but a simple dirt clod when he crushed them the dirt left a light brown ring round his hoofs but he was not paying attention to something like that not right now anyway his mind was on other things, and his mind was full of thought's that was buzzing around his head it felt like he had a beehive that was swarming nonstop with things that he would say or better yet do*.

Dawn was playing a memory in his head over and over again it was of when he first meet Twilight and what happened on that day and what he did to her and what all happened over that short time they knew one another, his fur on his coat stood a little on edge it spiked up, and his tail was moving so fast it was making a cool breeze that was making so of the dirt from the ground lift up and move around, Dawn was about aware of his actions at this point he was lost in his memory's, almost nothing could brake him away from his thought's when he was like this.

Dawn still thinking of what happened all those years ago,after the whole being picked to be the next bring of the moon and sun than Twilight, he started to get a warm feeling that started at the bottom of his body and than it started to make his body rage like the sun, Dawn still unaware of of was going on, his unicorn horn started to let off a bright blue glow that was causing him to make the pebbles rise off the ground than soon turned to making rather large rocks get picked off the roadway,

Than Dawn started to remember what he saw a few days ago in his dream and that evil voice that called out to him saying*(You will be what start's this whole thing you are just a key) With those words ringing in Dawn's head he snaps, he shouts loud with his eye's shut* (I will be no key I won't let his happen.) The light colored aura that was around Dawn's unicorn horn changed to a dark blue it looked as if time had stopped every thing was slowed down and a grayish color. Everything was moving slow and somethings weren't moving at all.

Dawn had than opened his eye's slowly one at a time when he opened his eye's what he saw shocked him, the landscape it looked the same as in his dream everything was gray but everything was still the same he saw the apple trees the dirt road and he turned his head around looking far back to still see the farm house everything was still intact, but everything was just drained of color, than Dawn had a sharp pain hit him out of no where.

The pain was so powerful it caused him to drop to his knees the pain was coming from one forced point on his body and that was the head it felt like somepony was trying to cut his head in-to, Dawn let out a loud cry. ( Stop it , leave me alone.) Hearing Dawn's cry's Applejack turn's around and rushes over to him she was talking to him but in Dawn's state he could not hear anything she was saying all he saw was just he mouth moving but he could not hear any words.

Applejack was grey as well in Dawn's eyes down from what use to be her sun yellow mane and tail was nothing but a dark shade of grey, the pain started to become worst be every passing second he felt that he was losing himself to that ever his feeling was that was in his mind he could not hold back his tear's they came rushing down his face and felling to the ground, Dawn felt a hoof on the side of his face it was Applejack's hoof she was talking to Dawn she mouthed a few words to him than she let him go as she ran off leaving him on the ground.

The earth around him started to break up from the ground and float around Dawn's body even some of the apples from the nearby tree's broke from there branches and was spinning about,even the wagon started to rise off from the ground and spin , Dawn could only sit there and watch but the pain was becoming more than he could handle, Dawn's started to black out his version was becoming dark and his body heavy.( No not like this. What's happening to me ?Luna ,master where are you I need you I cant do this alone.)

Than a voice called out it was kinda hard to make out but Dawn was able to hear it, the voice was saying something and it was getting louder, Dawn started to look around but when he was looking around he notices that the trees and the roadway where gone the only thing he could see was dead grass, the voice got louder and louder the tone in the voice it was one Dawn has heard before, from his last dream.

Than a dark sphere of light gleams right in front of Dawn the sphere was the voice that Dawn has been hearing it started to circle him rather fast as circling him the sphere started to turn into a ghost like form the gas was heavy and was making it hard for Dawn to taken in any air but than the gas started to talk with Dawn as it was becoming larger and lager.

( Dawn do you understand now? Look at what you will do to this town everypony will die because of you how can you live with yourself? I bet you dont even care you never cared about anything but yourself always looking out for number one right?) Dawn started coughing the gas was making it hard for him to speak but he was trying his best to reply back at the dark gas but he was losing himself little by little* ( No that's not me any more I'v changed I'm trying to change my ways I dont just care about myself.) The gas laughed at Dawn.( Oh really I could think of a few pony's that could beg to differ, you always where a pony that could never help anyone but yourself and now look where at got you? Your alone and you will die in this world that you helped create.)

Dawn was growing weaker before he knew it he was laying on the ground his head was laying on the rocks as his mane was on top of the dirt he was next to the half of his body that was in the dirt started turning black as he was thinking over what the the gas was saying to him.* ( Maybe he is right I have not really done anything I can recall that has done anything to help another pony there was always a way that it helped me out, Luna said at I help out pony's everyday but even if it helped them I was nothing really just the right thing to do,)

The gas was clouded over Dawn's body you could not even see his body anymore from where Dawn was at the gas was growing bigger and bigger he was aiming to end this right now* ( Now Dawn you could do something that could help alot of pony's out and save many life all you have to do is give in to the darkness and come to the gates and let me free once this is done the world will be safer do you understand) Right after saying that the gas turned into a large gate the gate was calling out to Dawn*. ( Open this gate Dawn use your powers and set me free once you do this you will have helped many of pony's around the world)

Dawn starts to stand up off the ground his legs where still shaking he was drained of all energy his eye's have lost all there former color once a bright green now a lifeless gray as he beings to walk over to the gate his tail was dragging along the ground every step he took felt like a life time to him till he was right at the gate looking at it the dark steel was cold on touch and the bars where black as the night sky, Dawn's mind was gone nothing was running through his mind not his master , nor hid task all there was ,just him and the gate.

Dawn's hoof reaches out for the gate as he was reaching to touch the gate Dawn hears a voice calling out to him saying.* (Wake up, get up , is he ok .? ) The voices started getting louder the gate started to fade a little the gate gave out a last cry.( if you don't open me Dawn this world will know true pain) The outside voices started getting louder, but one voice stood out over the rest of them it was calming and soft.( Come on Dawn please wake up ) When hearing the cry for him to wake up Dawn's mind started to become clear as the darkness faded away once again.

Dawn's mind was clear of everything, and a peace was over his mind again but he was thinking who was that the other voice that called out to him dragging life back into him, he heard the voice again calling out to him. ( wake up Dawn) Dawn's body started to shake as he wiggled about than opening his eyes he looked up seeing a pony looking right back down at him, there was five other pony's around him, but there was one pony that was over him looking at him she talked a say a few words to Dawn*.

(Are you feeling better now Dawn? I hope so and I'v missed you)

All Dawn could say before passing out by her leg was just this.* ( Twilight why did you leave me ) Twilight put's her hoof on Dawn's face as he fell into unconsciousness and wipe's away his tear.*( I wont leave this time that's a promise)

Chapter 5: When all is said and done

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It was dark outside now and the warm summer air was gone leaving the cool chill of the night winds to dance outside the homes of the pony's that where resting or eating inside, the wind hits the outside structures causing them to creak and bend with each passing blow the noises became louder, it sounded like wood that was breaking or twigs being smashed in the forest. Other than that if you did not mind the winds and noises it was a beautiful night the star's where as bright as there have ever been and the moon was full.

The moon being full many pony's would not really care thinking you see this everyday if you lived in Ponyville but coming from the city Dawn always wanted to see the moon full with not the smoke from the city blocking out the view but being from a city even being from Canterlot one of the nicest place's in all of Equestria you could still not see the moon and the star's all to well if you looked up in the sky from Canterlot you would more than likely see a night sky that was clouded and a bit foggy. The mist nor fog as we call it comes from the waterfalls that are all around Canterlot even though it looks nice and add's an amazing view to the town,but its really hard to see anything passed it at all.

Dawn was always enjoyed the night time the air the peace of mind that it brought to him. It was like a gift everyday but doing the summer time words cant even begin to describe the feeling Dawn always got it was like a happy feeling that always fulled his heart with joy.

Thw night was the best time for pranks and jokes to pull on other pony's that where sleeping in there beds or walking around the town, Dawn and Luna always enjoyed pulling pranks on other pony's that where in the town. But with Luna and Dawn they weren't so close no not even a little bit Dawn did not like the idea of some high class princess ordering him around, but Dawn and Luna really had no say in the matter it was ordered by princess Celestia.

Luna did like her older sister very much anyway and them put on babysitting duty made her dislike her even more, so Luna went in search of the ailcorn Dawn, she was looking for Dawn for a long time from the breake of Dawn till the sun started to set on the city, Luna did her task of bringing the moon up and the star's from there sleep to play in the night sky, Dawn saw this and was in awe and ever since than Luna and Dawn have been best friends, as his teacher Luna tried teaching Dawn everything she knew about magic and the world.

Learning all that information at one time would have been an overload for somepony's but when Dawn was listening to Luna everything seemed right, and it was not all work and no play no not at all Dawn and Luna shared many of the same interest one being the love to prank other, like the time Luna and Dawn painted the mayor's windows back so he was late for all his meeting at the town hall and many other's, but that's a story for another day. ( I think I will do a little side storys of Luna and Dawn's prank days in Carterlot )

Dawn was dreaming very peacfully he was in a state of bliss , he felt that his body was being touched and moved somewhere but he could not really tell, like if he was in Carterlot he could picture the town in his mind and know where he was at at all times, but right now he was blind but his mind was clear he was not dreaming , nor awake it was like he was just there but he could not really wake himself up he started to question why is this so.* ( Maybe this is a discharge from some magic spell or something that is effecting me, but it cant be I saw no magic being casted and from Luna's teaching she told me I would feel the aura of the magic if so what is this? I'm I dead , no cant be I feel my body being moved I feel the weather chaging and I feel the wind blowing past my tail, so if im not dead or dreaming what is this?)

Dawn starts to hear pony's chatting over around him he could not really make out what they where saying but he knew there was alot of them, just then Dawn started to get feeling back into his body he was able to feel his tail and move it about waving it back in forth like a pinwheel,the feeling soon moved to one of his hoof's it was like quick jolts of lighting each time he was getting feelings back into his body till he was able to feel his body as a whole, everything had feeling Dawn could almost feel like he could stand up but when he tried nothing happened.

Dawn felt discouraged at this point he could feel his body but he would not make himself wake up from this dream like state, than a thought slipped into his mind.* ( What if I will never wake up,...) Dawn's words have become silent he lowered his head in selfdoubt you could see the hope almost leave his eye's but than a memory appeared to Dawn it was of when Luna sent him off on the mission when she told him that she believed in him. Dawn's heart was a flame his spirit was rising up his fur was standing on edge as he said these words.* (I will wake up from this place and I will finish this mission and nothing will stop me not even myself now body wake up!)

With that Dawn's mind was coming back to him everything that he has seen and heard from the past till now, it was a rush of memories all at once it felt like a tornado crashing into him than flowing all into his mind the raging storm of memories than cleared and peace was back to Dawn's mind, he felt pony's still talking around him but this time they where not as close to him he was able to tip into his mind and tried to make a picture appear of the room, this was a spell that Luna tried teaching to Dawn it was one of his first one's he tried to learn but he never could get it to really work.

Most of the time all he could get to come to him was a fuzzy image that you could not really make anything out and the colors where all off set nothing seemed to work when he tried that spell in the past, but Dawn still felt like it was worth a shot with than still not knowing where he was he tried to cast the spell. There was a bright light that keep on flashing in his head but this was normal well that's what Luna told me anyway the flashing keep on repeatedly flashing but soon it started to slow down but nothing was showing up in his mind he felt that it was another failed attempt to try and cast the spell.

Dawn was thinking to himself.* ( Come on this is stupid I am awake now , will kinda awake and I don't know where I am, but let me think what do I know...hmmm I know there is a few pony's around me and I'm on some type of bed by the feel of it from the feel of the bed I must be on the second floor, and I feel about five-six pony's aura around me and nothing downstairs I gotta come up with a plan how to do this.)

Dawn was thinking on a way to cause a distraction that will give him the time to get out of this house but it has to be something bad that will get there attention off me or what ever there doing.* ( That's it classic magic 101 the dancing book trick always works) Dawn gave a smile he could almost not hold back from laughing but he was not sure if he would make a noise or not, as he was trying to put remember how to cast the spell*

Dawn was trying to get the spell still in order it was like putting a quzzle together step by step each piece going each specifically each pice of the spell played a part in making it work if one part of the spell was not in order it would not work but since Dawn has worked on this spell for a long time he was able get it ready to cast in least than ten seconds. Dawn than had to focus the spell into his horn holding it there till he was ready to unleash it.*

Dawn started moving his tail really fast, but this was different from the other time's he learned this skill when he was in school at Cloudsdale sonicwave's will bounce off objects and come back to you Dawn used this to check for where the bookcase was, he flicked his tail bout three times before locating the bookcase once it was found Dawn started to focus on the spell again than unleashed it in a quick bright light of sky blue aura* Nothing was happening the books where still just sitting there and nothing was happening. Dawn thought he had messed something up again but just than all of the books in the house started to fly off the case and started crashing into everything.

The books where causing the pony's inside to go nut's Dawn was able to listen to what some of the pony's where saying he over heard this much being said. ( Now this is what I call a brainblast or maybe a book boom , no i got it its a pain storm cause it kinda hurts.) he was able to hear one of the pony's tell everypony to high tail it under the desk and other strong objects that could block the raging books that was flying about. With everypony not watching Dawn opened his eye's he saw saw the room for the first time at first look it looked like a normal room other than the hundreds of book's flying about it was a rather nice size almost the same size as Dawn's house but smaller, but than Dawn stopped watching the room he knew he must make his way out of the house before the spell wore off.

With that Dawn jumped out of the bed he opened his wings and gave a great clap of his wings he was making his way downstairs past the living room and to the exit and stopped just short of the door, he closed his wings and was reaching his hoof not as he took hold of the doorknob he gave it a turn as he opened it he stepped a few steps outside Dawn was happy he was able to escape without being spotted, as he began to walk off he heard a pony talking next to him.* ( So where are we going I hope where going to a party I love party's ) Dawn was shocked that the pony was so close to him and the other thing he was thinking how did she get so close to me without me knowing, just than every other pony came walking out the house as they all where looking at Dawn.

Dawn just stood there looking back at the other pony's he was looking at each one of them he did not know any of them just for Applejack and Twilight Dawn started to back up a few steps as the ponys started walking closer to him, Dawn did not know them and he felt like he should really be getting on his way he did not ask for anypony to help him Dawn was a pony that looked after himself but the pony's kept on walking to him as Twilight called out to Dawn.* ( Dawn are you ok , I guess that was your spell back inside the house I'm i right ?) Dawn stopped moving all together as he reached inside the bag that he was carrying for the whole trip as he was reaching in he pulled out the book that Luna gave him and he throw it at Twilight it landed right next to her on the ground.*

Twilght just looked at the book than back at Dawn as she picked up the book Dawn kicked the other part of the package to her she picked up the other part that was kicked over to her but she was still looking at Dawn she was not looking him in the eye at all when she said.* ( Thank you Dawn for bring this to me but I dont really know what this is about would you like to tell us and you do need a bit more rest before trying to leave I think you should come back inside and sleep a bit.) Dawn turned around and started to walk away from Twilights house he was still kinda weak and he was not walking as fast as before using that spell takes a large toll on his body, Twilight was watching him leave the house and head to the center of the town she looked at the others as she asked them a favor.

Dawn was almost in the center of the town again almost the same place he started from but it was much darker right now from then Dawn was tired and hungry he could barely keep himself up he sit on the ground for a few seconds he shut his eyes to think things over but before he could even get a thought in his mind he felt a hoof on his side, as he opened his eye's he saw one of the pony's that was at Twilights house she told Dawn to come with her that he could spend the night there and in the morning he could do what ever he pleased, Dawn just looking up at the pony he really could not think of a better idea he was weak, sleepy and hunger Dawn gave a smile at the pony and said.* ( Thank you that would be nice.)

The pony gave a smile back as she helped Dawn up she said.*

(my name is Rarity we will get you back to 100% in no time.)

Chapter 6: What to do now ?

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It was still dark outside it was somewhere between midnight or later you could tell because nopony's homes had any sign of light coming from them you could not hear anything, but some of the bugs from the Evergreen forest buzzing around making sounds off in the distance the forest was not to far from the town, if you wanted you could get there from town center in less than ten minutes, but the walk would take you down a new pathway that was built up a few year's ago by the looks of it, it kinda had grass growing through some of the cracks in the road.

The pathway if you followed it looked lead you past the Old bell tower and the school and if you keep heading down that pathway you will find yourself on a road that was covered in moss and vines that broke the through the brick's which looked like the forest was trying to tell you to stop and do not enter, many of the pony's that were working on that road did not wanna continue but some of the other worker pony's did not care and they saw the forest as being an obstacles that had to be over come, as for those pony's that continued they where never seen again some story's after that came to light saying that the forest ate them or killed them.

Many pony's from there on out had a fear that stayed in there hearts and minds it almost has become taboo no pony likes to talk about the forest but there is a few rumor's about the forest that older pony's tell there little sister's or brother's to scare them before they go to sleep, Dawn has heard the rumor's even when he was living in Canterlot but he was not scared of that but on the other hand he was more curious than anything,a forest full of monster's that would turn the bravest of pony's into the wimpiest pony's you have ever seen,this only made Dawn wanna test his stuff if he wanted to become a Wonderbolt he needed to be strong and brave and face any fear or challenge that he is faced with and soon he would.

Dawn still tired from the whole ordeal could barely keep his head up as he was laying across the back of Rarity she was using her magic and pulling him as well Dawn was much heavier than he looked but rarity was much stronger than she looked as well she was able to pull Dawn with easy, as the chill of the night wind blew across the face of Rarity than to Dawn

the chill caused Rarity to shake a little to try and warm up just a bit, Dawn felt Rarity shaking.

Dawn than had a flash back to when he was training with Luna during the cold season, Dawn was training hard trying to push himself pass his limits with his nonstop training till his flying was at peak perfection but Dawn was pushing himself to hard as Luna saw so she made him stop as she started tending to his wounds a question popped into Dawn's mind.* ( Why help we you barely know me I don't understand ?) Luna was able to pick up on what Dawn said in his mind as she was wrapping up the last of the tape to his legs as she said.* ( it's because even if we don't know each other see at all i'm here to help you and i hope you would help anypony that you meet that would help you cause that's just the right thing to do.)

Dawn than took breath of the fresh night air as it blew through his mane and down the back of his tail. Dawn pushed himself off the back of Rarity and onto the ground when Dawn landed on the ground both all his hoof's felt oddly heavier it almost took Dawn by surprise the feeling in his legs and body, he felt like his energy was still not all the way back to normal or maybe he was tired still, Dawn thought to himself as the wind blew right into his face making his mane blew left than to the right it was kinda hard for Dawn to keep a good sight on the pathway, but he was able to keep on walking next to Rarity.

As if it seemed like a lifetime has pasted them, Dawn starts to get a little walking tired, but it was not the walking that was getting to him, he has not said anything to the Rarity even though she offered to let me spend the night there, Dawn had mixed feelings on this whole thing about going to Rarity's house he start to think about jumping over the fence that was next to the pathway and making a dash for the woods but Dawn knew nothing about this town nor the woods which in the back of Dawn's mind he had a little fear, but not as much fear as going to somepony's house he did not even know.

The only pony that Dawn ever spent time over there house was Luna's and that wasn't even a house it was a castle and Rarity was a pony that Dawn just meet not even an hour ago, Dawn's face turned a light green he was confused and felt like his stomach had butterflies in it and now his hoof's started to become light with each passing step as they grow closer to Rarity's home, Rarity turned her head around noticeing that Dawn has not said a word in over an hour she started to think maybe he did not trust her or something or maybe Twilight told him about herself, Rarity than started to turn the same light green as Dawn was a bit ago, as she looked at him, she watches him for a good second or to she really never meet nor saw a ailcorn this close before.

Than the thought entered Rarity's mind (what if he dose not like my home or what if he see's my dress and since he is from Canterlot he must have seen millions of amazing dress and mine will look like pony trash to him.) Rarity started to walk a little faster keeping bout five - ten hoof's away from Dawn, After looking back up Dawn notices that Rarity was almost out of sight and he was getten left in the dust, Dawn did not wanna get left so just as she was gone from his point of view Dawn stopped in his tracks as he spread both of his wings apart his wings felt a cool breeze from the north come in as the wind hit his wings it was refreshing almost like nice cool glass of water.

Dawn than started to run as fast as he could he jumped into the air he was gelding close to the ground making sure not to fly to high and avoid the trees above he did not know how far ahead Rarity was till it was to late, Dawn saw a purple tail that seemed to just appear out of nowhere, he came up on him to has and Dawn could not making any moves to get out of the way in time all he was able to do was let out a call to Rarity hoping she heard him*. ( Hey get not of the way. I cant slow down )

But it was to late Dawn crashed right into the butt of Rarity, the crash caused Rarity to lose her hoofing and make her roll and crash into a large white door as where Dawn keep on flying crashed face first into the large white door, Dawn slipped down from the door and fell unto the the ground he looked as if he was knocked out again with grass all in his mane if you would have saw him on a different day you could have called him a monster, but it was nothing much just a few leaves here and there, nothing he was new of.

Just than Rarity stood up she was a little dirty from the crash her hoof's had spots of dirt on each of them, as she looked down she noticed them but she did not freak out knowing that her loud yelling would almost scare Dawn to death, but she did cry a bit but than cleaning her face before standing back up, she walked over to where Dawn laying on the ground she helped him back to his feet.

Dawn moved his head left and right, cracking his neck after a fight like that most pony's would have been knocked out not Dawn he was hit so many tree's in his life time one of his silly dream's that he had when he was a tiny little pony was to be a tree, with the leaves and the branches and stuff he thought that it would be really fun to sit there and let the sun warm you up forever but there was just one thing wrong with being a tree and that was the animal poo oh yah the animal poo Dawn thought that trees would have it easy till he say a group of birds do some pretty bad things to the tree, Dawn always thought from that day if he was going to be a tree than he hoped to get the birds that did not eat a massive amount of birdseeds the night before.

Dawn looked at the door aswell he was in awe this door was so amazing and shiny it looked like the doors that are in Canterlot as a smile came onto Dawn's face, he looked at Rarity smiling as he said.*

(What in amazing building this looks the same or even better than the homes in Canterlot its outstanding , do you live here?) Rarity gave a smile back as she was kinda feeling herself she wanted to act like this was nothing and she could have much better. ( oh this old thing it's a 90's style pony 4th gen white gemstone house from the firestone model its nothing really.) Dawn's face looked more lost than a apple in a orange factory when she started talking about house styles and stuff he just gave a nob as if he knew what she was talking about.

Rarity than used her magic to open the door to her home as she pushed both the doors open the doors made a sound that was kinda hard for Dawn to figure out where he heard that sound from before it was like music but different but all the same sounded very nice to one's ear's as Dawn walked into the house of Rarity he walked to the center of the home he was still looking around, Rarity than closed the door she walked in behide Dawn as she smelled the air she smelled Dawn shh let out a almost dying noise as she covered her noise with a tissue from a nearby box.

( my good heaven's of Ponyville Dawn you need to take a bath stat,) Dawn looked at himself than smelled himself from hoof to hoof.(is it really that bad?)

Rarity unicorn horn glowed a bright purple as a washes brush came flying down the hall way.( the bathroom is on the right you must hurry , you smell really bad , and make sure you wash your mane it looks rather dirty.) Dawn's face turned a light shade of red he must have smelled really bad, but Dawn did not mind the smell but he still was a guest so he walked his way into the bathroom and began the bath for himself as he washed his mane you could see the colors of his mane become bright as the dirt was being washed away*

After a hour shower that bathroom looked like pony war one went past it but other than that everything was still good looking inside the bathroom, as Dawn finished drying himself off he looked like a new pony all together he had a shine to him and his mane colors was bright and shiny he kinda liked being clean just not all the time, as he walked back out to the main hall pass the other side rooms he made his way back into the main living room where Rarity was sitting, as he sit across the room from her. Rarity looked over at Dawn she gave a smile.( Oh my you do clean up nice and your mane looks amazing I bet you feel good now that all that dirt is off you?)

Dawn looked at Rarity.( oh i never really care if i get dirty its just dirt right?) Rarity gave Dawn a funny look as she begin to laugh but in the back of her mind she still wanted to ask Dawn a few things that she wanted to know.

(So Dawn is it ok if I ask you a few Questions?) Dawn started to think it over but he felt it was ok since he was staying in her house as a guest anyway.( No problem at all ask away) Rarity gave a smile as she started to think of a question to ask Dawn but in her mind she already knew what question she was going to ask.( So Dawn why did you come all the way here to Ponyville for and why was you looking for Twilight and how do you know her?)

The question almost shocked Dawn but he felt that was going to be on of the questions asked but not the first one , as Dawn looked around the room than back to Rarity he said.* ( Ok I will tell you listen up I only can say this once and don't go around telling every other pony.)

Dawn opened his lips as the words looked like they where never going to come out, he said.*

Twilight she is my,,,,,,

Continued in Chapter Seven

Chapter 7: Trip to school

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As Dawn was sitting there he hesitated a bit before saying anything the words where not coming out of his mouth, he looked like he was searching for the right words to say but nothing was coming from his mouth, Dawn was not looking at Rarity as well his eye sight was looking up at the ceiling as if he was about to start day dreaming again but than he took in a deep breath of air, Dawn started waving his tail nonstop you could tell this was a topic Dawn did not like talking bout much and with a pony he barely knew did not make it any better.

Dawn's eyes locked back on Rarity he was looking into her eye's they where a bright blue, as he opened his mouth he began to speak about Twilight and why he was here.* ( My....Ummmmm, reason for coming here was.) Just than Dawn stopped no saying another word he looked at the ground he did not really wanna say it but he felt that it was not the time or place to let anypony know well not just one pony. Dawn than stood got up his hoof's touching the floor he started to walk past Rarity as he said his under his voice.* ( I will tell you all in the morning because you all play a part in the reason i'm here and I think you all should know whats going on.)

Rarity's eyes got wider as she was listening to what Dawn said bout this has to deal with herself and the other pony's she was thinking how could she play a part in making a alicorn from Canterlot make his way all the way down to Ponyville for was, many idea's flooded her mind but nothing that she could piece together really. She was still thinking as Dawn made his was past her , he did not say anything but just this as he stopped right next to her.* ( Is there anywhere I could lay my head, for a bit till the morning than I can get the others in the morning we will meet in the center of town hall) Rarity looked over at Dawn as she pointed down the nearby hallway she pointed her hoof a little to the left saying.*

(Oh there is a guest room on your left you can sleep there if you like)Dawn gave her a smile as he began walking Dawn said something to rarity just before he opened the room door with his hoof and going in.* (Rarity your nice as you are beautiful and those are too really good things to be.) Dawn than closed the room door,as the door began to close it made the same noise that the main door made but it was a little louder than the main door,as. Rarity still sitting on the chair she was replaying what Dawn just said in her head over and over again than her face started to turn a light red.

Just than there was a loud booming sound coming down the stairs, the noise got louder the closer it came to the bottom, once hitting the last step the noise sounded like a crash, Rarity turned her head to the stair's seeing her little sister that was spinning plate's on to of her hoof's and one that was wrapped within her tail, Sweetie belle than started to walk past rarity she looked at her sister just for a second before going into the kitchen.* ( Hay sis your brighter than a apple, I think somepony is in love.) Rarity tried to keep herself from looking at Sweetie belle, than she started to yell at her dogging her about plate spinning in the house.*

About three- four hours have passed since Dawn went to his room to sleep everyone in the home was fast asleep Rarity was in her room after just barely stopping Sweetie belle from destroying any of her plates or hurting herself, Sweetie belle after Rarity stopped her had nothing much to do but roam the boutique looking for anything she could do that could possibly help her get her cutie mark but nothing really worked out to well, even when she tried to spin fire which only made Rarity lose her mind.

Other than the wind hitting the boutique from outside, everything was quite the light's where off in every room only a tiny bit of light escaped from Sweetie belle's room which came from a night light that Rarity put in Sweetie belle's room so that she would not be afraid of the dark, but other than that nothing there was no lights nor noise, but you could hear a light tapping, as if something or somepony was walking about the hallway or something.

The tapping grow louder and louder, but than stopped for a few seconds before the tapping continued it sounded like a pony was playing with a rock hitting the side of a house off and on, if you was there you could have mistaken the noise for the wind which how bad it was storming outside you could have been right but this was no storm nor a rock it was Dawn, the restless pony was still up in his room.

The tapping sound was coming from Dawn's hoof hitting the frame of the bed with the bottom of his hoof over and over again the tapping seemed bounce off all the walls around his room, as he sit there he was looking out the window watching the storm clam down. The storm's heavy rainfall seemed to finally come to its end around 2am in the morning the clouds where gone and the sky was clear leaving just a dark blue sky above for all to see, but no star's where out just a few here and there, as Dawn continued watching the sky.

Dawn could not really get any sleep even though his whole body was heavy he did want to sleep he had to much on his mind each passing second more thought's found there way into Dawn's mind making him feel uneasy on what actions he should take, still not knowing what his whole reason for being here was for real but he had to tell the others something seeing as they have a part in Dawn being here, but if Dawn wanted to know more he would have to talk with his master, but she was all the way in Canterlot with her sister watching over everything.

Dawn's hoofs started to kicked the frame a bit faster making the tapping noise louder. Dawn was trying to fit things he know about everything in his mind it was a mess like trying to put a puzzle together while wearing a blindfold he could not really match anything together, like how a alicorn and six other pony's have anything in common or how they could really help him.

Dawn's kicking of the bed stopped as he let out a long yawn.* ( I guess losing sleep over this wont help anypony and I need rest I will just tell the others what I know in the morning and you never know maybe they will be able to fill in the grey spots for me.) Dawn's placed his head on the soft pillow that was at the top of the bed, as he used his tail to pull the cover's over the rest of his body, he gave his eye quick rub as he yet out another yawn he fell asleep.

As the night faded away again to sleep the sun made its way up to warm and dry the town from its massive storm that happen last night soon as the sun's rays of light hit the snow it was disappearing as if it did not even rain last night the sun's glow let the everyone know it was time to wake up and start a new day, as the cool air from last night was still around mixing with the sun's heat was a welcome feeling to anypony's body or face it hit. In the town was still quiet as somepony's where setting up to start the day in the market stand's where being uncovered and shop keeps where placing there items on the stand so they could start to try and sell there items to the early pony's that make there way out of there beds to get the good items first.

As the bell tower gave a loud shocking ring three times to let everyother pony that it was time to wake up and get your day going for most colts and filly's was like hearing a mad pony ring the bell telling them its time to get ready for school which even though most the filly's enjoyed they would rather sleep in just a bit more.

In the boutique you could hear Rarity yelling.*( Sweetie belle get your butt up or you will be late for school.)

Sweetie belle was kinda hard to wake in the morning even though the loud bell tower is almost right next to her window she could sleep through that like it was nothing, maybe since she has been sleeping next to it for a long time it did not really mess with her some much, but the only way you could get her out of the bed was for her sister to come in her room and pull out of the bed.

Rarity continued to yell up stairs calling her sister.* ( Get up you! If I have to come up there again and pull you out of the bed again I will.) Sweetie belle just rolled around in her bed pulling the covers over her head as she yelled back down at Rarity.* ( Yah , yah like always how about you go get breakfast ready while I check a few more z's.) Rarity at this point had almost lost her cool as she heard her little sister talk back to her. Rarity's face was turning a red shade she was getting mad but she remembered she needs to work together with her little sister and not always yell at her, so Rarity wanted to try another way to get her sister down stair's but nothing was really coming to mind, just than Dawn opened his room door and walked out he shut the door using his tail to pull the knob shut.

As Dawn was walking down the hallway to the kitchen where he saw Rarity who was looking rather red like a fruit he thought of a apple when he saw her which made him kinda hungry seeing as he has not eaten since the other day but he said nothing about that but rather he asked Rarity what was the matter with her.* ( Heya Rarity good morning to you, you look well for the most part are you ok?) Rarity turned to see Dawn she acted as if she was shocked she was thinking he was going to make a run for it but she was happy to see that he stayed.* ( Oh its nothing really i'm just trying to get Sweetie belle up so I can get her to school before she is late but like always she dose not wanna get up and school starts in bout 30min's for her and I have an order I must start working on im just swamped kinda.)

Dawn gave a smile as if he know what to do.

( I have an idea let me take her to school, and you can work on your order and stuff.) Rarity gave a quick laugh not at Dawn but the idea.* ( That's sweet but Sweetie belle hardly listen's to me what makes you think she will listen to you?)

Dawn still smiling walked next to Rarity walked by the door as he opened the door, he said just watch, as Dawn yelled up the stairs calling for Sweetie belle.* ( Heya Sweetie belle you want me to take you to school I can tell you about how I got my cutie mark and some cool stories about me.)

All you could here was a loud banging up stairs where than you see Sweetie belle rushing downstairs as she jumps over her sister and lands right next to the door she looks up at Dawn with her bright olive green eye's she was pushing on Dawn's leg to try and get him out of the door.*( Come on Dawn we should be going now.)

Rarity felt good that Sweetie belle was up and ready to go to school but she was a bit worried that she would be a little to much for Dawn to take care of by himself she walked over by Dawn just before he was about to head out the door.*

(Are you sure your up to this she can be more trouble than she looks.)

Dawn stoop up straight as he rises his hoof in the air he gave a smile as the wind from outside blow at his mane.*( I think an up and coming wonderbolts can get a little filly to school, trust me I got this.) When Sweetie belle heard Dawn say wonderbolts she almost hit the ceiling.* ( Your telling me you are going to be a wonderbolt ?) Dawn gave a smile as he was walking in the dictation of Sweetie belle's school as he began talking about how he was training to become a wonderbolt and his home town in Canterlot.*

Sweetie belle followed after Dawn listening to every word that was coming out of his mouth, she seemed to really like listening to others talk about there life and since she has never meet Dawn before she was happy to listen to his story knowing that it will be new and different from the rest of the stories you hear around here she has gotten tired of hearing bout some old stupid apple storm or the book fair coming to town, no this was new and fresh and she enjoyed new things.

As the bell tower rang for its 5th time this morning that sound meant it was about time for school to start and all the fillys and colts needed to make there way into the school where they could get there daily lesson on life and everything they needed to know. But there was one problem Dawn and Sweetie belle where late really late.

Dawn running as Sweetie belle was holding onto his mane they where running and jumping over shop stands and ponies trying to make a dash for the school to get there before the main door closed, Dawn started to run up a hill that Sweetie belle pointed him to telling him that its just down the hill now, Dawn forced his way up the massive hill which felt like a mountain once reaching the top, Dawn let out a sigh.*

(Just made it I thought we where going to really late.) Sweetie belle laughs, she had a blast running to school like this she ever had this much fun going to school. Dawn looked back at the filly as he gave a smile as well he had fun as well walking will running her to school it felt like old times.

( Will its time to be getting you in school now my friend.)As Dawn stepped one of his hoof's forward he missed a step causing him to losing his hoofing make himself and Sweetie belle to roll down the like a boulder as the dust mixed with there coats it looked like a smoke cloud from far till the hit the door of the school knocking it wide open where Sweetie belle's teacher was just calling her name on the role. Sweetie belle gave a loud.* (present! I'm here Ms.Cheerilee I told you i'm always on time.)

Dawn was still trying to get up from the crash his head was hurting and heavy and it did not help that Sweetie belle was on top of his head, Dawn was half way knocked out he could barely form a complete sentence all he was able to say just before felling back out was.* (I hate grassloaf Mondays why cant we just eat dandelion pizza everyday.) Ms.Cheerilee looked at the knocked of alicorn than back to Sweetie belle where Sweetie belle gave a a smile as she picked up one of Dawn's hands. ( He is fun you gotta hear some of this guy's stories.) Cheerilee gave a smile back at Sweetie belle as she turned back to the rest of the class. ( Ok everypony, now who wants to help me move Mr.Dawn over in the corner so we can start class.)

Dawn just said a few sounds before going back to sleep.* ( Walking a filly to school easy right, yah not so much.)

Chapter 8: The day drags on

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As the bell from the tower gave its second ring letting everypony know that it was half pass eight o'clock as by now most of the pony's in Ponyville where up and have gotten there day started everyone was always happy to start there day and even more on today seeing as the view outside was breath taking not a cloud in the sky seeing as all the pegasus ponies got up even before the sun was up in the sky and cleared out the clouds within a few hours so the sun's light could shine down for everyone to enjoy, which most pony's did by sunbathing and doing other fun actives.

The summer was always a time for fun in the sun as most pony's would agree, but someponys would bag to differ on that case, there is a pony who you could say was not the summer fun kind of pony even though she liked going outside that was mostly just to see her friends or get some items from the local shopkeepers but other than that she favored her home over the outdoors any day but her home was not really a home it was more of a library.(The funny part is it was a library, this pony must be one super egg head to live in one of these.)

Twilight was her name a female unicorn who once lived in the beautiful Canterlot who asked her master princess Celestia if there was anyway that she could stay here with her new found friends, and not have to leave and return home, being the ever so wise princess Celestia she gave Twilight a mission to record and send her everything she learns about friendship to her by notes passed on by Spike, and ever since than she was been living her.

Twilight was always buried in her studies on friendship or other matters that where not really as big as they seemed if you would have over heard the thing's that Twilight worried about you would laugh them, like when she was worries that if she did not dust every book on her book case before spring started the dust bunnies would grow bigger and bigger and take over her house. Twilight always got a little to worked up over things like that anyway most of her friends would just like to see her relax for a little bit even if it was only for an hour or two they know even that would do this pony well.

Twilight was inside her house walking around with a few books that where being held up in the air by a light purple color aura this was coming from Twilight using her unicorn magic, which helped her read many books at once. All you could see was books flying left and right over and under furniture and household items, Twilight did this a lot when she was looking for something that was on her mind and knowing that there was a book for everything she always trusted that she could locate a book that would be able to help her, but this time was different for her.

Twilight was running all over the library her hoofs where moving so fast she looked like she had six legs at one point pulling book after book off the case and unto the floor below Twilight began to talk to herself in a worried voice saying over and over again.* (Oh this is not good, this is not good.)Twilight than stopped in her tracks as she remember that she had a few more book's upstairs in her room that she was going to read, she broke a smile at this point feeling as if search was over as she ran full force up the stair's knocking over most of the books that where laying there, as she throw one book after another her smile started fading away after she picked up the last book and throw it on the ground.

(Cursive bookmark that was the last of my book's in this house I'v looked from the top and bottom of this place, but found nothing that would give me any more information on the book Dawn gave me.)Twilight layed over the top of the stairs just looking at her door, she was a little tired from her nonstop searching she once again forgot to sleep she was a pony that sometimes would put studying over getting rest, which her friends did not really like, but when she was trying to find out something all most nothing could stop her.

Twilight let out a low tone yawn, as she begin's to rub her eye trying to shake off her tired feeling which did not really work so well seeing as she was knocked out sleeping on the stair's. Twilight did not even know she was asleep in her mind she was still up or thinking of something that she could do get find out more information on the book, but nothing was really coming to her mind, as she was wandering her dreams a idea popped up in her main causing Twilight to leap up in excitement.*(That's it the box that Dawn gave me also it should have something in it. It has too what other reason could he have brought it to me for?)As Twilight was happy jumping around on the top step she mislanded one of her hoof's and lost her hoofing she slipped down the stair's and fell into a bunch of book's.

As Twilight was sitting there she let out a little chuckle as one of the last books that where on the very top of the bookcase fell on top of Twilights head, As Spike walks pass Twilight he jumps over a few of the books that where blocking the stairs he looked over at Twilight just shaking his head and saying.* ( So you can have a book war but when I wanna have a book war it's like Spike go clean out the tub or something Twilight you really need to grow up.)Twilight's face turned a light shade red as she stood up pushing some of the books over to the side and using her magic to lift the book that was on top of her head and placing it back on the case with some of the others.

Twilight looked over at the baby dragon walking up the stair's as she gave a smile than using her unicorn magic to lift Spike off the ground and bring him right back downstairs with her as she used a bit more magic to make a broom and a mop appear in the hands of Spike.*(This is not playing Spike i was looking for something but I guess I went a little over board just a tiny bit but I guess we should get this place cleaned up now.) Spike gave a low gave growl and muttered a few words before grabbing the broom and mop and started cleaning the floor.

Twilight walked back up to her room where she remembered she put the package Dawn gave her, it was a brown box that was wrapped well, she did not really wanna open the box cause she did not know what the box was hiddening inside but after a few seconds she used her unicorn magic and opened the box what was inside shocked her as she said.*

(No way this cant be this is amazing!)

After a very distinctive start to the day everypony was still a little on edge when they saw Sweetie belle and some other pony come crashing into there class room, but it was not unlike Sweetie belle to get to school late but just the way she entered the room as different but most of the ponies liked it, seeing as if put there morning work on hold just for a bit even though most of them did not mind doing the work it was always good to have a little break from time to time.

Most of the school ponies where already back on task working on the bell ringer which was on the chalkboard in the front of the class room on the board it had a few question's most of them where just warm up's to get the class ready, which for some of the ponies where able to get done rather quick basic math questions like whats the square root of 64 and some easy one's like 7x7 which still most of them got done in less than six minutes while there was a few that did have to try and work them out but not Sweetie belle she was able to finish within a few seconds.

Sweetie belle was one of the smartest ponies when it came to math most of her classmates called her a math professional but she did not really think she was all that good and did not really like math much, but she always felt good when nopony knows the answer and she is the only one that could get it right.

Being done so fast with the warm up left Sweetie belle almost bored out of her mind, she was looking around the class to the left,right,up,down, and to her side and at other ponies that where doing there work, she started to push her pencil around her desk madly trying to gain sometype of enjoyment from doing so, the pencil started to roll back down to Sweetie belle every time she pushed the pencil a little harder to see how far it she could get it to go without falling off the desk, till she pushed it a little to hard causing the pencil to fly off the desk and hit the floor rolling under a nearby classmates desk.

Sweetie belle did not wanna get up breaking the silence of the room just to pick up her pencil so she allowed it to stay on the floor, Sweetie belle layed her face on her desk she was still trying to find something to do since she had lost her pencil to the evil of the floor below, Sweetie belle was thinking for something to do and just like a flash of light she had a perfect idea for what to do.*( That's it) She said covering her mouth as she did not know how loud she was, Sweetie belle reached down under her desk and grabbed her saddlebag, as she placed it on her desk the bag made a loud bang when it hit the desk.

Sweetie belle looked around hoping nopony was looking at her, once she had made sure it was clear she reached into her bag and pulled out a mini flashlight where she began to chuckle really loud thinking of what see was about to do, one of the ponies next to her told her to be quiet but she could not help but chuckle even more as she cover her face.*

As Sweetie belle looked around the class she was looking for a target to use her new flashlight on, she looked to the far right of the room to see Sliver spoon sleeping on her desk she was the perfect test subject to try her new flashlight on. As Sweetie belle than pushed the blue tab on the flashlight making it turn on as she covered it with her hoof so the light would not shine right in front of the classroom and hit Ms.Cheerilee in the face. As she took aim she removed her hoof causing the light to hit Sliver spoon right in the face making her wake right up with a loud scream as she fell out of her chair.

Everypony started to point and laugh at Sliver spoon but Diamond tiara who jumped on the floor to help her friend back up to her feet, Sweetie belle was laughing so hard but she saw out the corner of her eye a yellow blur getting up, as she turned her head she saw that Dawn was finally back up and on his feet, She yelled at Dawn both overjoyed and thrilled.*(Dawn your up, how did you sleep and oh yah welcome to my class/school.)

Everypony was looking right at Dawn as if they have never seem a pony before, but than it snapped in the back of Dawn's brain.*(Oh yah that's right the whole alicorn thing.) Dawn had almost forgot about him being an alicorn he knew that the only alicorn most of these ponies have ever seen or heard of was Luna and Celestia which most of them have not even seen before Dawn almost felt a little uncomfortable having all these little filly's and colts looking at him he wanted to make a dash for a exit but he did not seeing as that would be odd so he just gave a louder yell back at her.*(Heya Sweetie belle how are you doing?)Sweetie belle replied in the a louder tone saying.*(It's going good just a little bored you know, i got all my math work done and stuff it was really easy.) Dawn gave a smile rubbing the back of his mane he return yelled once again at her.*

(Oh that's good to hear, i did not know you where good at math your sister did not tell me much about that, but on the other hand we did not talk all that much anyway cause I did not know what to really say to her.) Sweetie belle laughed still talking loud says.*( Oh that's ok my sister can be sometimes hard to talk with , but she told me the other night she liked your mane and other stuff but she is crazy.) Both the pony's where laughing at the same time, when they heard a sound breaking snap to the chalkboard as both ponies turn there head's around slowly to see who or what made that evil sounding noise.

Ms.Cheerilee was just standing there with a ruler in her head as she put it on her desk she walked around her table to both of the ponies, she looked at Sweetie belle and said.*( Heya Sweetie belle i know your glad your friend is up but would you mind taking a seat for a bit so we can move on seeing as everyone is done now.)As Sweetie belle walked back to her desk Ms.Cheerilee looked over at Dawn than back to the class, as she walked back to her seat she was looking at Dawn as she was thinking of what to say than it came to her as she said to the class.*(Ok class it looks like everypony has not seen what type of pony Dawn is, he is a alicorn like princess Celestia and Luna he was the last one born and will become the new bring of the moon in sun, we are very lucky we get to meet such a famous pony here today in class, and if any of you ponies have any questions feel free to ask Mr.Dawn them as you please I'm sure he would mind seeing as he crashed into are class today anyway.)

Many of the ponies where just looking at Dawn never seeing anything really like him before most of them where quiet not saying a word, as seconds turn into minutes still nothing was said not even by Dawn he was just standing there he gave a smile while rubbing the back of his head trying to think of something to say than he started thinking If he was a filly or a colt what do they like to do than it came to him.*(So dose anypony like game's wait no not games I mean contest of skill.) Most of the ponies than started chatting around the class with one another about what type of contest they liked and which ones they did not like, as Dawn than said.*(I'm always looking for a good group of ponies to face in contest seeing as I never lose to anypony.)

After hearing that many of the ponies jumped out of there desk shouting out at Dawn , what sports or things they where good at almost everypony in class was yelling at him, as Dawn smiled he gave a smile to everyone saying.* ( I bet I can beat every last one of you ponies in your own favorite game and if over half of you guy's beat me I will tell you guys a secret about me, what do you say.) All the ponies where now standing up and talking with on another one what game they would pick to face Dawn in to try and beat him as Dawn turned away from the class to talk with the teacher to make sure it was ok for him to do so.

Ms.Cheerilee did not mind the friendly contest and felt it would help the filly's learn what each pony was good at and what they could be good at if they gave it a try, and with that the whole class made there way out the back door leading them to the playground where everypony lined up as Ms.Cheerilee was watching from the sidelines that where by the sandbox everypony was ready as Dawn walked in front of the whole group of eager ponies as he opened his wings he gave them a quick beat sending a cool breeze into the face of everypony as he was flying just about the ground he said.* ( Is everypony ready remember half of you guys have to beat me in order to win the contest now, who will be first to face me?)

Chapter 9: What's there to hide

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``lil back story of Dawn again``

Dawn was not always a pony that would take on any challenge that came in front of him on the other hand this was rather new

for him, he use to be a pony that did not like really trying anything new or talking at all with other ponies.This was only

because he was picked to be the next bring of the moon and the sun. This was a job Dawn did not wanna have any part of doing

as his teacher Luna always was pushing Dawn to test his skills everyday even when they where not training. Dawn could not really recall this one time but Luna could never forget it.

It was the day she understood what true powers Dawn holds deep within his body and what he needed to do to bring those powers

forth,on that day Luna understood Dawn's destiny and what he must do, but it would be better if you we take a look back on that day.

It was a normal day for Dawn and Luna as they where up around 3am training like always right outside the city by a large dirt hole that was covered in a dark brown mist that seemed to cover the whole ground, as the mist floated above the ground it was so thick it would be hard for you to even see pass your front too hoofs.

Massive sized rocks made up the rest of the landscape if you could even see them they where overtaken by the early morning mist as well, nothing but the light from the moon was able to cut through the mist and gleam its light around the training field. The edges of the landscape where lifeless as this was a spot Luna picked knowing that no pony would dare leave the safety of the city to even see what was on the outside of the city edge.

But she was ok with this seeing as it was not for other ponies anyway this was a spot she knew could train Dawn with out everypony getting in the way or being a distraction to Dawn. He still did not like other ponies much and having ponies stair at him would not help him keep his focus, but this did not really change anything much even thought no other pony was around to watch Dawn nothing really happened for him just him trying to do everything that Luna told him but with no show for it.

The magic training nerve went well for Dawn seeing as he had never mastered a signal spell in his whole

life but Luna was not going to quit that easy she knew Dawn being an alicorn had some type of magic somewhere hidden in his body as she always told him, he just needs to bring it out somehow.With every unicorn to use there magic they always thought of something that made them happy and then focused on the spell and it happened,but with Dawn he did not have anything that made him fell happy in his life after being picked for this task or even before it he was never really a pony that you could call happy.

Dawn's training has always been a problem for him anyway never able to truly tap into the alicorn powers that where sealed away deep within his very own body. That was one thing that caused his training to be slow even having Luna there to try and keep his spirits up was not much help, Dawn always was thinking about his mother and father and what they would think if they could see what he is becoming.* ( A tool). Dawn muttered to himself.* Dawn always felt that he was being molded into something that he is not.

Even with all the self doubt Luna still believed in Dawn she wanted him to see for himself what good his powers could do only if he could tap into them so she tried something,she was not sure if this was the right thing to do but she had got an order a few days ago that she must show some progress with Dawn.*( I have to do something...anything, I will push him into a corner test his will.) Luna had began pushing Dawn to a point no pony has ever been through before, pain, sadness , shame and fear was running through Luna's body as she got what she wished for a taste of what power Dawn was holding within himself as the ground gave way and the air became heavy, the mist started to circle Dawn's body as his magic was raging out of his unicorn horn.

Luna was shocked and in awe at the young alicorn's power it was like nothing she has ever felt in her life before the feeling in the air was almost unbearable Luna could not move a hoof, as she started to feel something else in the air it was not power from Dawn she was feeling it was his heart, it was crying out for this to stop the pain of his heart was cutting pass the power of the magic that was being let off from Dawn.

Luna's body was not as heavy as it was just a few seconds ago, she tried to make her way over to Dawn who was in the center of the training grounds the winds had pushed Luna far away from Dawn, as she started to make her way to Dawn she tried calling out to him.*(Dawn snap out of it.) But the shouting was useless nothing was working as she found herself almost of hoof's reach of Dawn as the aura from Dawn let out a shock wave that sent Luna crashing into a nearby rock, Luna yet of a scream of pain.*( Awwww. Dawn you gotta stop yourself , do it for your mom, she would not wanna see you like this nor do I you must stop now!)

With those words Luna said seemed to have been bullet as Dawn started to regain control over his powers, Dawn was holding his head as if trying to hold something within his mind from being let out, as the rest of the aura started to fade away back into his body, and with one last flash of light all the aura that was covering the land was gone leaving Dawn on the ground. His body looked lifeless from his colorless face down to his tail, Dawn had remain on bed rest for a few weeks after that. Dawn could not recall what happened as he questioned Luna on the whole thing she would not tell him anything that he was just pushing himself to hard.

As for what happened next Luna had stopped calling Dawn on training duty and started to have him help around the castle and towns she did not ever wanna see Dawn feel that kind of pain in his life again. As for Dawn he always had a feeling that Luna was keeping something from him and he was not the pony to give up on getting the information he wanted but as for that day it is lost in the past.

```Back on the playground```

As all the young filly's where jumping around and forming small little groups and teams to talk over what they could do to beat Dawn,most of the groups where what you would expect, there was one group full of only boy's and another full of only girl's and there was a few mix ones as well Dawn liked how the groups where looking each one of the ponies seemed to be ready to face off against him, as Dawn looked over at Sweetie belle and her group of ponies he walked over to her group while everyone else was getting ready.

As Dawn was walking over to Sweetie belle's group he felt the wind blew a cool breeze of that summer air into his mane and down his back as the wind reached his tail he gave it a little shake, as he opened his wings to allow the wind to cool his wings he gave them a beat as he took to the sky, as he was gliding across the playground he flew past Sweetie belle's group saying.*( So Sweetie belle are you and your friends ready to lose to me?) Sweetie belle gave a smile as she yelled at Dawn saying.*( We wont be losing to no one today, you will be the one losing here not us, you got it.)

Dawn by now was floating on his back with his eye's closed acting as if he was sleeping , he was using his tail to push himself along the ground and circle the three young ponies, as he let out a great yawn.*(I dont think i will be losing today or any day but just maybe if you three can all come together you could have a chance at almost beating me at something, but you must believe you can.).

Applebloom who was standing right next to Sweetie belle who was listening to the ranting of Dawn, Applebloom was never a pony that like to listen to a pony go on and on about how they where going bout how better they where or how they cant be beaten, seeing as she has to listen to Sliver spoon and diamond tiara rant everyday she comes to school she always was quick to nip those type of ponies in the butt.With a quick jumping karate kick to the side of Dawn's flank he fell right on his face and onto the ground as Applebloom landed safely on the ground below, the other ponies looked in shock as if they did just see what they think they saw.

As Dawn brushes the dirt off from the fall he looks over at Applebloom the pony that just knocked him on his bum as he laughed at her.* (Silly little pony, I did not mean for you to take my words to heart im not saying that I can't be beaten i'm saying that I will try everything in my power to not lose, i was told that I should always try my best and that is what i'm going to do and if that means never losing than so be it.) Applebloom stands up and walks in front of Dawn as she lends him a hoof to help him to his feet as she pulls him back up she looks at him in the eyes saying.* ( your right no pony never wants to be a loser and my ma and pa as well told me to try my best in everything that I do so, I took that to heart and i try my best at everything I do as well.) Applebloom leans her head a little to the side and takes a look at her flank and back at Dawn as she takes a deep breath of air in. ( I wont ever stop trying my best never)

Dawn's ears stood up hearing what the little filly had said to him as if he had heard those words before somewhere in his life as Dawn closed his eyes he remember a memory of his mother telling him almost the same thing to him when he was about the same age as Applebloom before they left him. The words hit home as Dawn felt a tear coming along he shakes it off as he looks down at the young pony saying.* ( So be it, we have both be told the same thing so I guess you should be the first pony that I will face.)

Applebloom gave a smile as she shakes her head to agree with Dawn, she was a little shocked that he would challenge her first but she had a feeling he would in the back of her mind, but she could not get the feeling that behide that smile Dawn was giving he was hiding something, maybe even hiding something from himself even but what could it be as she was thinking to herself.*(This pony he is different from an other pony i'v ever seen before the way he talks, his actions , and the way he carries himself something is up with him what has happened to him what has he seen in his life, but that smile its misleading his smile makes he feel as if everything is good and safe but the look in his eye's shows sadness, we must beat him I gotta know more bout this pony.) Applebloom stepped back a few steps as she took another deep breath in and spit onto her hoof as she reached it out to Dawn, most of the other ponies gave a yell saying.* (Ewwwww!)

Dawn looked at the little filly her eyes where dead on him as she reached his hoof out at her's he gave a quick spit to his own hoof as he shakes hoofs with Applebloom. As the two where shaking hoofs Applebloom let go off Dawn's hand as he jumped back a few steps, Dawn watched the over energized filly hop back a few steps from himself as he watched Dawn almost for got to ask what her challenge would be for him.* ( So Applebloom you being first and all id like to know what I will be facing you in so we can start this contest on a good note seeing as I will be facing one of the best ponies here in Ponyville what do you got for me?) Sweetie belle and Scootaloo gave each other a look both saying the same thing at the same time.*(This not going to end well.) Dawn looked back at the too other filly's.*( What do you mean by that, this is not going to end well for who?)

As Dawn turns his head at at the direction Applebloom was he in shock seeing as Applebloom had put on a karate outfit with a headband the suit was all white as she was kicking the air and punching in place. Applebloom locked eye's with Dawn again as she gave a smile saying.*( This is what I challenge you to a karate match, the best 2 out of 3 will be the winner, and I wont go easy on yah .) Dawn started to rub his head thinking to himself.* ( I must have landed on my head a few to many times or this little filly wants me to fight her, me and my big mouth seems to get me into a lot of trouble most of the time.) Dawn stands up as he opens his wings he takes to the air , flying a little above the ground itself as he is facing the karate ready pony.* ( She is just a filly I got this how hard can it be to beat a little filly in a match of karate?) With out warning the young filly dashes at Dawn as she run's up the slide she jumps and kick's Dawn right in the face and spin slaps him with her tail back to the ground.*

As Dawn hits the ground a dust clouds forms on impact with the ground as the dust clear's away Applebloom lands on top of the slide that she had ran up on, as Dawn lifted his head up from the dirt of the ground he spit out some of the grass that was in his mouth as he muttered to himself.*( She just a filly how hard could fighting her be.) As Applebloom jumps back down to the ground all of the ponies around her start to cheer for her as she says.* ( I guess we can call that 1-0 for me you better step your game up if you plan on beating me, I will give you time to catch your breath but now i'm not going to hold back anymore, I hope your ready Dawn cause here I come.

Dawn still laying on the ground jumped back on his feet as he was watching the filly run at him he was thinking to himself.* (She was holding back if that's the case this may not end to well for me, but I wont give up I will give her a match that she wants, here goes nothing.) Dawn opens his wings again as he flies at Applebloom gliding across the ground he places his leg in a kicking motion as he is bout to reach Applebloom he yell's out.* (I'm more than ready I just hope your ready to lose to me.)

Chapter 10: Dawn fall's short

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The sound of the wind breaking as a small gust begins to pick up around the playground, the winds become stronger and restless as the day passes on, the sun was in the center of the sky right over the bell tower by the school many ponies could just tell by looking at that what time it was or what time it was near seeing as most of them just based your time off the sun rise and fall same with the moon. When the sun was at it's highest that meant it was mid-day or noon and if the sun was low to the ground that means its about to be sunset, as for the moon when the moon rises everypony knows that the day is coming to a end and they should be wrapping there day up at the market or at work and head on in to there homes with there family.

Each and everypony loved and hated when the day comes to end, because this meant that there fun was coming to end end till the next day when they can restart and do it all over again, most ponies enjoyed the night anyway sleeping in there homes and letting there minds roam free to enjoy there dreams. The town of Ponyville always looked amazing when the moon was out but the town if you never been there before looked like it took on a new form of its very own a new town the lights, homes , ponies. Everything was different at night time but everything was still the same just the town had a glow at night time, this glow was like nothing you would think a small town such as Ponyville could have it looked like a mini Canterlot from afar which is one of the reason many ponies make there way down to Ponyville is to see if its true a small town with the glow of a city many ponies would call you crazy if you would have said something like that in Canterlot but most of them when they think of Ponyville they think of long mane having , broken English speaking , country ponies.

It always made me laugh when I heard other ponies talk so badly about a place what could be so wrong with a small town most fresh air , not bumping into everypony everyday when trying to walk down the street, to me it sounded kinda good but I loved my home of Canterlot it was where I was born and my heart will always stay there, but I think it would do someponys good to go spend a week there if not maybe even one. Most of those high class ponies would die if they saw how much dirt was could be in a town i bet most of them would pass out from this, but even though I cant really recall this memory all to well this is not my first coming to Ponyville i'v been here a few other times with Luna on magical training missions as she called them but all she did was go to the spa, I knew we where not doing any training here but she always told be the rest the body before doing something or some crap I did not really pay her any mind.

All she did was poke fun at me with the other girl ponies there saying.*(Look at how cute he is when he gets mad, he is like a lil filly.) I thought she was just trying to get under my mane most of the time and it did all those ponies looking at me laughing memory's of magic school came back to me like a flash flood into my mind the ponies the school and her. But i'm not a pony to really share my feelings I let them have there fun but I can sure have my fun as well in other ways. Pranks , tricks or jokes what ever you wish to call them is what I enjoyed doing next to flying that is but nothing can beat a good prank on a group of ponies in a spa house and seeing as I was in a new town I could not let this chance pass me by.

Oh no not today nor anyother day would I let that happen those ponies where asking for it them and there tasty looking manes and bushy tails i was going to get them good, and with a little dirt from outside and a few feathers would everything about ready all I really needed was the right time to cast this amazing trick and than it hit me how bout after Luna is done right after she is bout to leave hit her with the prank. This made Dawn laugh as he covered his face with his hoofs he could not help himself but to burst out in a silly laugh he sounded like a tire that needed oil badly but he did not care most ponies laughs are crazy anyway his more than others. He laughes as the memory fade away back into his mind.

As clouds pass over the school making a shadow cover the whole playground only a bit of light from the sun was able to break pass the white cotton shaped clouds, with the few glems of light dressing the ground as if the sky above above know there was a battle happening below them, with too ponies that would not give up or lose to one another. It was loud at the school if you was walking pass it to the local market you would always have known it to be a rather loud place, but that's what you would think when passing a school for young filly's and colts such as themselfs, but today was different than the other's the yelling was much louder than ever.

It was something that most ponies have never heard of before all the filly's and colts where cheering and yelling out the same time the yelling if you heard from a far would have been hard to make out but if you was close to the school you could hear it clear as day.* ( Goooo Applebloom, you can do it.). It was a chant for Applebloom everypony there was yelling at the top of there little lungs hoping that it would help give her the egde to beat Dawn, as the two of them where going head to head, Dawn who had already been knocked down once by the little filly was not going to be taken down that easy again he was on top of his game from than on out.

Dawn gave a smile at Applebloom who was across the playground over next to the backdoor by the school, her look in her eye made caused Dawn just to become more fired up, he was hyper as he opened his wings letting one of the few beams of light hit them, the sun was warm to Dawn as he beat them a few things lifting himself off the ground. Only a spin of dust of rocks where moving as he was just above the ditt and sand he looked around the playground and to everypony there thinking to himself.* (I should make sure i watch out her that little filly she is very fast and if I mess up even a bit she will mess me up, but I think I have an idea to throw her off her game. This is going to be so much fun.)

Without a second guess Dawn flew right at the direction Applebloom was, how fast Dawn was flying took Applebloom off guard she had never seen anypony move that fast only Rainbowdash came to mind as she watched the alicorn who once was across the playground now almost right within arm's reach of her. She did not know what to do as her confidence that she had so much of from the start of this match had just up and disappeared on her. Applebloom layed of her belly and covered her head with her hoof's, as Dawn just flew right above her the gust from how fast he was flying lifted her off the ground and sent her crashing into the slide.

Dawn who was looking down from above his smile which now was across his face as he landed right next to the young filly who was laying of the base of the slide he looked down at Applebloom who seemed to be out of it or aleast winded as he reached his tail over to tap Applebloom on her head.* ( Heya Applebloom you alright you wanna call it quits?)

Applebloom gave a low muttered sound that sounded like somepony had food in there mouths and was trying to talk it was to hard to make out as Dawn flew back to the center of the playground as he puts on of his wings in the air than saying.*( Looks like where 1-1 now this next one will end the match for you or me but by the looks of yah you may wanna stay down.)

Applebloom who was still on the ground started to wiggle a bit casuing her to fall off the slide and onto the ground her tail covered her face as she said a few more words which was still really hard to make out the only word you could really make out was Dawn's name being said. After hearing his name called from Applebloom Dawn started to make his way over to the slide where Applebloom's face seemed to be holding up as he made his way pass the school poines that now have stopped chanting from Applebloom started to talk queitly withone another as if they know something that he did not, but Dawn payed know mind to his as he looked down at Applebloom he listened for what the young filly was saying.

(Closer!) she said. as Dawn could finally make out a word from the filly as he lowered his face right next to her's, the young filly jumped up yelling out.* ( Lesson 101 never let your guard down.) As the young filly warpped her tail around Dawn's hoof she unleased a amazing uppercut to Dawn's face sending him flying up in the air, as where Applebloom was already running up the slide to try and catch him she gives a jump from the top of the slide and lands a kick right on the side of Dawn's face sending him crashing into the ground below.

All you could see was a cloud of dust and smoke from the spot where Dawn had landed. Everypony around the playground was shocked to see Applebloom kick Dawn down to the ground again some of the ponies gave a smile as other's had a fearful look on there face, as they watched the dust spin around. Applebloom now had landed back on the ground was looking over at the spot as well with the other poines see was proud of her hoofywork as she started to make her way pass the gate that was around the school and the door back into class.

Applebloom's eyes where bright and full of joy her tail was waving back and forth, her head was high she was happy knowing that she has beaten Dawn and put those little self doubts she had before there match had started> She looked over at her closest friends Sweetie belle and Scootaloo who where giving her a look back she know what it meant even without a word being spoken there body language and the reassuring smiles they gave where more than enough. As she stopped to look at the rest of her classmates she gave a stair at Sliverspoon and Diamond tiara but than quicky back to the rest of her classmates saying nothing but this as she took a deep breath in.* (Look everypony If you believe enough and never give up and always try your best you can do things you never thought you could. Just look at me before this match I did not think I could beat Dawn but soon as the match started the words me and him shared with each other it gave me a flame in my body that would not go out not till I won that match to prove to myself I could do it , so everypony never give up and you will do great.)

All the ponies started to chant after hearing the words from the one filly they where all looking at Applebloom and around her by the gate but the chanting was cut short as somepony yelled breaking the chant like glass dropping and hitting the floor the voice said.*(That was am amazing thing to say Applebloom but before you get done I think you should make sure you have beaten me first.) The smoke that was now cleared shows a alicorn that was standing up with his wings layed across his body he was looking right at Applebloom.* ( Applebloom those words I could tell meaned alot to you and I could understand from your voice and the way you said it that you meant it and you truly are a outstanding filly but just like you said I wont ever give up as well.)

As all the ponies where in shock seeing as how Dawn was able to get back out onto his two hoofs. His sun flower colored tail was waving nonstop as if he had just eaten a box full of sugarcubes this pony was pumped up after hearing those words from her, Dawn had only ever heard words like those before from his teacher Luna but he could never really fully understand till today hearing this little filly spill her heart to her classmates around her. Dawn would always remember what he heard today and never give up. As a gust of wind blew passed the school the wind pushed up some of the dirt that was laying around on the playground and taking it up into the air making it even a little harder to see.

Without another word Dawn placed his too front hoof's on the ground and lowered his yellow flower looking tail along the ground as where his back to legs where moving uncontrollably stomping little rocks and kicking up dirt with ever smash of rock after rock. The ponies mane was a little discolored after landing face first into the playground time after time his yellow and black colored mane now had a darker shade to it now almost like a muddy color but the bright yellow of his mane still made him standout from all other poines and the black tips of his mane was still dark, but it seems as if the dirt had made the black colored tips even more dark as the wind pushed his mane out of his face time after time.

Dawn opened and spreaded his wings as wide as he could as he gave a powerful fap of both wings than another right after that on the second or third beat of his wings Dawn was off the ground he was floting in the same spot looking right at Applebloom who was tried from already fighting Dawn not once but twice she looked as if she had nothing left in the tank, Dawn saw her try and make her way back to the center of the playground as the other ponies stood back again on the side of the playground as they watched the small filly make her way back and stand at the center again as she looked at the alicorn in the air she gave a smile at him saying just this before standing there and waiting for Dawn to unlease his attack.*(Come at me bro, Like i'v said before I will never give up) As the young filly's vision started to get blurry as she as her legs started to shake she tryed her best to shake the feeling but it was a pointless at this time she was spent.

Dawn gave the filly one last look as he closed and reopened his wings in a brust of speed flying right at the Applebloom he was truning mid-air most the colts and fillys could not watch as they covered there eyes not wanting to see what was going to happen to the filly. As Dawn was closed in on the filly all you could hear was a loud crash happen as dust and dirt flew into the sky blocking the two poines you could not see anything the only thing you could hear was the all the ponies yelling .*(omg what happen , where are they?)

About a few seconds later the dust cleared away. You was bale to make out Dawn who was standing right next to Applebloom as he lowerd his head to her ear he said.* ( Applebloom never change your mind set if you keep thinking like that you will go far and your cutie mark will be something that shows how amazing a pony you are.) After saying that Dawn fell out on the ground landing right on his back. Everypony was cheering and yelling for Applebloom all the poines ran onto the playground around Applebloom patting her on the back and talking with her. Applebloom was thinking about what happened just there as she looked over at Dawn. Sweetie belle was already over there next to her new friend helpping him up. Applebloom than made her way over to Dawn as well as she gave a helpping hoof to help him get back up to his feet.

Applebloom looked at the alicorn who was brushing himself off as she asked him a question.*( Why ...why did you let me win?) Dawn gave a smile as he looked at the two filly's.* ( There is no reason for me to win, and your will was amazing I could truly see how you feel for your friends and I even learned something today which made it all the better.) The three ponies started to laugh as a bell rang telling everypony that the school day was at an end as all the poines rushed out of the back gate and headed home. Thw only poines that where still there was Applebloom, Sweetie belle, Scootaloo and Dawn who all was walking together.

Applebloom asked dawn a question as they where walking.* ( So Dawn what now what are you about to do?) Dawn who was walking remembered in the back of his head he had to get Sweetie belle back home.* ( hHehehe Yah i almost for got I must get Sweetie belle home to Mrs. Rarity or she will kill me .) As Dawn picked up the three filly's on his back as he ran than jumped opening his wings flying slowy down the road. Dawn gave a little laugh* ( Easy day now I just have to talk with the others this is going to be great... just great.)

Chapter 11: The walk home

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The warmth of the sun and glem of the light was brighter than most days here in Ponyville it was a hotter than most days it was almost at a recored high. The pegasus ponies had called a meeting early this month telling everypony in town they where going to have to increase the sunshine this month to help get some of the plant life to regrow around the edges of the town and forest, seeing as how a few weeks ago the pegasus ponies had a little mix up that happened. They where to move the rain water over just the forset but they let the rain water fall in the wrong place. They made the rain wawter fall over Ponyvilly with was like a flash flood, most of the ponies had to block of there homes to keep water from getting into there houses but after a few weeks of water laying around most of the ponies where tired of the jokes from the other town's saying things like this.* ( Hey you see Ponyville? looks like there seaponies now cause there all wet.) Those jokes got old really fast but the pegasus ponies made sure they fixed it up making everything right again.

Everything right meaning they let the sun stay out for a few weeks till all the water has dryed up and gone from everyponies house which after the fact was good to see ponies outside there homes again. Now a surprising new problem has occurred its unbearably humid outside it was like walking into a oven on most days but if you got lucky sometimes there would be a cloud or two floting around the sky thank's to the local pegasus ponies that helpped around the town. Sadly one of the pegasus ponies that helped around the town was a little lazy, and using the word lazy is not saying much that one pony was a slacker she was more a go with the flow type of pony how would rather chill on a cloud than get her job done. beside the fact she is a will know pony around town everypony know's who she is, but I guess that is because you can't miss her seeing as she stands out like a donkey in a fasion show.

Her name is Rainbow Dash, a Pegasus pony who responsible for maintaining the weather and clearing the skies in Ponyville. You could spot her from a mile away with her rainbow shade mane she has but even if you would spot her you would have move your eyes really fast to keep up with this speedy pony. Dawn had heard nothiing really of that said pony ever in his life nothing really made it's way up to Canterlot from such a small little town such as Ponyville if it was anything it was just about the apple harvest that happend and who was going down there to pick them up and bring them back. Like you should know already there was lines and lines of ponies wanting to head down to a place called Ponyville all these high class, mane in a knot ponies would just die if they where picked for he task.

One day a few summers ago a very close friend of mine was picked for the task with after hearing that it she gave a look as if she was going to fallout right on the spot her face was priceless it was like nothing you have never seen in your life she stood there in shock as if it was sometype of sick twisted joke that I had pulled on her. I was ordered to tell her which Luna thought that would help ease the blow on her but it really didn't it just got my yelled at a lot from her. Fleur de lis was her name or just Fleur as she told me to call her she was if you could say my best friend there in Canterlot she was one of the first ponies I meet there that was not crazy.

I mean she can be a little self centered at times but you just have to pick around that and she will lighten up on you me and her always hanged out after my training with Luna was done or if I got a free day which did not happen alot, but when we hanged out she got one of my other close friends to tag along with her. Octavia was her name she was a a high class pony as well but not really she did not like living in Canterlot but she enjoyed what she was able to do while living here, she worked at the castle where I stayed till I moved out. She plays the cello with she has studyed for her whole life she is really good every time she showed up at the castle I always tryed my best to get away from my teacher Luna just to hear her music she makes, it was like food for my ear's as she played it warmed my heart, till Teacher found me which never ended well.

Those two Octavia and Fleur I miss them so much, that was one of the things that made me think again about leaving Canterlot when I left I did not even get the chance to tell them both where I was going or share a deep hidden feelings I had for one of them. My heart was heavy but I had to leave that was my mission a test or both body and mind leaving them was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life, leaving my two only friends and not even letting them know thats the only thing that made me sad but before I left Luna told me she would take care of both of them, which I was not sure what she meant when she said that knowing Luna she would use them some way or some how.

With a outstanding view of the groud below them Dawn knows he is flying on borrowed time he was a bit late for the drop of with Rarity how he told early that day he would get her back home on time. That thought was sitting in the back of his mind on the trip home what would she think, I bet she is worried about her sister thinking where in the wolrd could she be I mean shcool let out 2min's ago and Sweetie belle is not no where near her home. Dawn sighed a bit letting out some of the air he was holding in his mouth as he started to fap his wings less rapidy to lower his speed almost to a complete stop, Dawn' s feet began to drag along the group as where his two front hoofs dropped on the groud one after another as he began to walk.

The Cutie mark crusaders who where enjoying the free airfare this was the one of the best ways they have ever gotten home and one of the quickest. Fun was one of the words that made its way into there minds they where a little sad seeing as Dawn had almost came to a full stop and was moving as fast as a slug. Sweetie belle started to look around left,right,up, and down she noticed that other poines where passing them on the road it, she gave a low tone mutter, where she than walked up his neck and than gradded his ears where she jumped still holding his ears so she could look at him in his face.* ( Dawn!!!!! Whats the matter with you.) Dawn shouted in a high pitch from the pain of Sweetie belle pulling his ears it felt as if his ears where going to get pulled off as a tear almost formed on his face but he held it back he looked at the filly again with the tears all hidden alway he said.* (Its nothing Sweetie belle just have a few things on my mind you know .)

Sweetie belle looked at the lighty colored black alicorn, where she began to swing on his ears she was thinking about what Dawn said as she looked over to Applebloom, as if they where talking to each other without saying anything. Applebloom who was laying on Dawn's back did the same thing Sweete belle just did she jumping and grabbing onto Sweetie belle's tail which caused the weight on Dawn's ears to become even more painful he let out a loud cry.* (Oh the pain you guys are so heavy.) Applebloom who was looking up at Dawn she gave him a look at she has given him before at the school, it was as if she was trying to read his mind.

Applebloom was just stairing at Dawn as he was looking back at her, he just blinked a few times as he started to quick up his speed a little. He saw all the other ponie passing him by even a very old stallion that looked like he was hundred years old passed them. Dawn shock his head rapidy back and front as if he did not want to hear the too young ponies rant at him so he felt that he should give them all a little push to get them off his back or ears. Dawn lowerd his head down to the ground and his hoof bent onto the ground as well when his keens where touching the dirt he gave a powerful pull upward that caused the too fillys to land right on his back, Sweetie belle went flying into Scootaloo hitting her right on her head, Sweetie belle's horn hit Scootaloo hard on her head which caused her to let out a cry mid impact as where the too fillys where still hurt a thrid and last Applebloom came crashing down into the filly pill.*

Dawn than turned around and looked at the three fillys that where on the ground they seemed to enjoy falling onto the ground, as they where fighting to get back onto there hoof's Sweetie belle called out at Dawn again yelling at him, she wanted to know what was the matter with him.* (So are you going to tell us or just keep on playing dumb, even though where filly's dose not mean we where born yesterday.) Dawn gave a fake smile hoping it would stop the little filly from asking all those questions to him, not as if he did not wanna answer them but he did not know really how to answer them.

Dawn looked at the still yelling Sweetie belle and than to the other too filly's that where still making there way back to there hoofs from the fall to the ground,as he took a deep inhale of air and than let it out a second later, as he looked to the sky he watched the clouds move peacefully as he noticed a few birds flying in the air as well it catches his eye seeing as birds where kinda rare in Canterlot most of the time if you wanted to see wild life you would have to make your way to the forest edge by the city which most ponies never really did but training with Luna, Dawn had some times where he got to go out and see some of the wild life but most of the times it was reading old books in the Canterlot library which Luna thought it would help Dawn with his magic if he understood where magic came from, but that only put him to sleep.

As Dawn is lost in his thought's he hears a sound in the back of his mind as he snaps out of his day dream he notices that Sweetie belle was dragging Dawn by his tail along the dirt road by the looks of it they have gotten very far. He remembers this place it was the middle of the town almost the same place where he started from a few days ago. Just than Sweetie belle let go of Dawn's tail as it dropped onto the dirt ground, as where Applebloom walked in front of Dawn she said.* ( will guys I guess this is where we split up I gotta be gettin on home before Applejack blows a fuse, It was nice meeting you today Mr.Dawn.) Dawn gave a odd look at Applebloom as he said.* ( Heya I'm no Mr. I'm not old only old ponies are Mr. you know and I'v talked with your sister before i'm sure she wont blow a fuse on yah cause that seems like it would hurt, I bet she is going to be happy to see yah.)

Applebloom laughs at Dawn's little joke in there, as she starts to make her way up the hill in dictation of her farm house, as she was almost out of sight Dawn flew up into the air just a bit and called out to Applebloom just before she started to head down the hill.* (Heya remember what we talked about never give up ok? And I want a rematch one day alright.) Applebloom shouted from where she was her voice was able to make it all the way down to where Sweetie belle and Scootaloo where standing, she said.* (Alright I wont and best of luck talking with yah friends.) Dawn looked shocked when he heard what she said, he was thinking how could she have knew what he was thinking about as he looked down at Sweetie belle who was smiling at him.

Sweetie belle grabbed Dawn as he landed back on the grounded as she pulled him.*( Come on where almost there I can see my house from here.) The three ponies where running as fast as they could right now till they came upon Sweetie belle's house the Carousel Boutique the place where everypony here in Ponyville comes to get a dress made, it looked amazing from the outside as Dawn was looking at the door. Sweetie belle gave Dawn a kick to his back leg.* ( So are you just going to look at the door or are you going to knock on it and let my sister know we are back?) Dawn reached his hoof out and gave a light knock on the door and again a other knock that was even lighter than the first one. Sweetie belle and Scootaloo gave a funny look at Dawn as they both said.* ( What kinda knock was that?) Both of them where shaking there heads is if they was the worse thing they have ever seen in there days.

Scootaloo than walked next to Dawn as she pushed him out of the way. ( Now watch as a pro shows you how to knock on a door.) Sweetie belle than stepped up to the door as she reached her hoof out she pulled her hoof back over her head and slammed her hoof on the door again and again each time was harder than the last. As where you could hear inside a loud crash sounding like dishes falling on the grounded, than you heard nothing not a sound it was quite, the door began to open showing a angry Rarity she looked at Sweetie belle and yelled at her.* (How many times must I tell you not to knock my door like that.) Sweetie belle just walked right passed her and dropped her bag on the floor.( And what do you mean your door it is everyponies door i'm sure the door dose not belong to just you.)

Rarity was turning a bright red shade you could tell she was really mad but from the looks of it and the house Sweetie belle was not the reason she was made it seems as if she was working on something all day from the looks of it.* Dawn walked over next to Rarity where he began to ask her a question.* ( So it looks like you where working all day on what may I ask was you making a dress, or something?) Rarity looked back at Dawn and gave a smile as she said.* ( Oh I almost forgot thank you for taking Sweetie belle to school today and yes it is an order I must get done by the end of this week cause the pony that ordered it will be coming down here to pick it up and it must be ready soon, she is coming all the way from Canterlot to get this so that's why I could not really take her myself.)

Dawn picked up on the word Rarity said..Canterlot.* (A Canterlot pony nice I bet you was happy to see that your shop name can make it all the way up there, and I know a lot of a few ponies up there who is the order for anyway?)

Rarity walked over by her desk and picked up a note with the buyers name on it as she began to read out the name.*

(It's somepony called Fleur de lis.) Dawn just stood there in shock.* (Fleeeur...)

Chapter 12: Time to go

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As Dawn started to pace around the boutique pondering a reason,there must be more to it. Why would Fleur come here to Ponyville there are countless talented masters of fashion there in Canterlot. So why come all the way here?
Dawn now had a look of confusion on his face as the other ponies where watching as he was talking to himself.

Dawn was still pacing nonstop, a dirt poor town, with no really inspiring landmarks other than the Apple trees which are not really in season yet, this makes no logical sense as Dawn started to make his way to the door.
But he was interrupted by the yelling of a voice saying ''Donnnn't you dare touch that door'' Dawn's fur stood on edge as he turned his head in the direction of the voice.

Not even before Dawn had got his body turned around he was already seeing a white blur what looked like a charging marshmallow coming right at him.
Dawn was knocked to the floor with his body pined to the ground as he looked up he saw a white hoof
pressed up against his shoulder as he continued looking upward he saw that it was Rarity who was holding him down.

Dawn shouted at the unicorn who was holding pinning him to the floor,''Hey whats your deal? You need to get off me.''
Rarity's face turned a vile shade of red as she started to shake the young alicorn, What am I doing you ask, the better question is where do you think you where going?'' Dawn's was starting to become dizzy from the constant shaking as he tried to from a
riposte to the unicorn. ''What dose it look like I'm doing leaving, I have things to do you know I gotta go save some stupid filly that fell into some well alicorn type things.''

Sweetie belle snickered as she remembered when Snails got stuck in a well, silly Snails our pain is are fun. Scootaloo was just watching as the two ponies seemed to be getting ready to kill one another where she turned her head to see Sweetie belle who was just laughing and pointing her hoof at the ground. ''This is getting old'' As Scootaloo started trotting over to where Rarity and Dawn where at.

Scootaloo grabbed and pulled the marshmallow colored pony off of Dawn with one powerful yank of her tail
as the unicorn pony fell onto her flank she yelled,''Och that really hurt'' The young filly smiled as she stood between the two
making sure Rarity would not rush Dawn again and making sure Dawn would not try to make his way out the door. ''Now tell me what is the deal why are you trying to keep Dawn from leaving and why are you trying to leave in such a rush''

Dawn who was now looking around the room as if he was planning on thinking of a way out of the building he still wondered why would she wanna come her could this be Luna's doing to try and throw me off? Dawn lowered his head as he was thinking of any possible explanation or reasoning behide this and than it came to him, '' Celestia'' Scootaloo turned her back to Rarity and questioned Dawn on what he just said, ''How dose Princess Celestia have anything to do with why you wanna leave here in such a rush ?''

Scootaloo was still waiting on an answer from the alicorn as she looked over to see a Sweetie belle still laughing and now rolling around on the floor. ''Come on Sweetie belle you could be a little more helpful over her, how bout you go over there and talk with your big sister?'' Sweetie belle who was still a little giggly from the who pony in a well crack a while ago turned her attention to her big sister Rarity where she gave a evil smile and said under her voice ''I know why you dont want Dawn to leave.''

Sweetie belle's tone lowered as she begin to chant,''Rarity loves Dawn ) Rarity who now was looking like a apple in color
pushed her sister out of the way and pointed her hoof right at Dawn who was looking around the building still
''He told me the other day he was going to tell us what was going on, and he has not lived up to that so until he dose he will not be going anywhere''

Dawn gave a nod of approval as he looked at Rarity.''Ok sure lets go get your friends I we will tell them right now so I can get out of this town '' Rarity's look on her face was one of shock she did not expect Dawn to have folded so easy she had a whole five step plan ready if he was still neglected on going she was kinda disappointed she was planning that all last night
just in case Dawn was going to pull a fast one on her.Rarity muttered under her voice ''I guess there is no need for the oil and whips anymore what a shame''

Dawn now turned his back to the filly's and was making his way to the door again just stopping short of the large door handle as he looked back at Rarity he stopped and just looked at her without saying a word.
Sweetie belle who was right next to Dawn's hoof she had now made her way onto Dawn's back, where she was acting as if Dawn was a spaceship.

Dawn gave a sigh as he turned his head again. ''Are you going to come and lead the way I don't know where your friends live and I'v only been here for like two days I'm not a map you know'' Rarity's whole disposition changed as she started to walk to the door using her unicorn magic to open it, where she started to walk down the path to the market place. ''Lets go so I don't have to here any more of that fool's mouth''

Sweetie belle and Dawn started to mock her doing there best well be high class pony routine. "'Blah blah blah lets go so I don't have to hear that i'm a stupid face'' What a drama queen
Scootaloo was punching her head nonstop,''Maybe if I hit harder I will wake up from this silly dream'' When she opened her eyes she say Sweetie belle and Dawn still mocking Rarity as they where making there way into the market, ''Looks like i'm the only mentally stable pony around here how odd and yet ponies call me a chicken what a strange world we live in. Good thing the market is not to far from here and we better get there soon before somepony ends up killing some other pony''

Rarity was still walking fast to keep out of ear's reach from Dawn and Sweetie belle, as she looked up
she notices they had already made it to Sugar cube corner the home to one Pinkie pie as Dawn looked up at one of the
windows on the shop he saw a figure leap out of the window and crash land right now top of him the only thing he could hear from the figure was, ''Hey we meet again Mr.Alicorn guy did yah miss me?''

Chapter 13:With Pinkie that makes 2

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After nearly being crushed by the over enthusiastic pink earth pony that leaped out of a window and
landing, right on Dawn's back the pain was almost nothing. After being assaulted by the cutie mark crusaders
upon trying to get them home this was nothing but it still really hurt him. ''What's the matter with you ?
You could have killed me does any of this cause you to have any concern?''

The pink earth pony just gave a laugh in a high pitch voice as she was still on top of the young alicorn, she
looked over to see a confused looking Rarity who was covering her face with one of her hooves as
if just being here in this general area would kill her credibility. Rarity now let out a sigh you could her the disappointed
in her voice as she said.''Pinkie my dear.. can you please get off of Dawn like that ponies are looking at you guys it's kinda

With one amazing jump the earth pony was off of Dawn and looking around at ponies that where walking by she was giving each pony a stare that could even match the famous Fluttershy stare with some work. ''What's the matter can't a pony jump
out of a 2 story house...bakery .. thingie without everypony thinking i'm crazy holy Celestia'' The pink earth pony was now ranting on and on about things that seemed to be a little off topic.

Dawn who was dusting himself off from the impact with Pinkie pie, kinda felt that this pony was few apples short of a
bushel she was crazy he thought to himself as he walked his way over to Sweetie belle who was standing next to her sister
Rarity. ''Heya Sweetie belle ..what's up with this pony is she crazy or something I mean she actually jumped out of a 2 story house right on top of me is this normal for her?''

Sweetie belle gave a unsure on what Dawn had just asked she did not really wanna confuse Dawn anymore seeing
as he has already had a few shockers today she didn't think he could handle another, but he asked ask she gave
a evil smile. ''Yah Dawn Pinkie pie can be a real odd ball sometimes I mean one time she tried to get to the moon cause Rainbow Dash told her it was made out of cheese so she went all the way to Canterlot to ask Luna if she knew a way back there...Luna was not amused.''

Sweetie belle almost busted out in laughter at the look on Dawn's face it was one of confusion and fear he
was taken in awe a pony this odd could never be real right? Dawn now was going into deep thought as he remembered his
teacher Luna coming to one of there daily training sessions a little ticked off. He remembers when he tried to ask what was wrong she made him run 1ooo laps around the training ground while singing a little filly song.

Dawn will never forget that day, but maybe this pony could just be a little to hyper I mean she does work
at a bakery right? That could explain why she is like that but Dawn was over thinking things again and anyway he did not
come all this way just to get smushed by some earth pony that seems to have a problem with using doors.

Dawn now after gathering himself was making his way over to the earth pony who still was talking about nothing
this did cause Dawn to not really wanna get to close to the pony thinking she could be a little more crazy than he originally
thought in his mind but him had to get her to hush her mouth if even for a second at that. ''Heya pink one can you come here please I must ask you something''

The earth pony went quiet not saying a single word as she looked at the alicorn who was standing right next to her head was
lowered close to the ground you could not see her face her fluffy pink mane was blocking everything else anyway but Dawn was able to her the pony say something under her breath. Dawn moved closer hoping to catch what the pony had said but it was still hard to make out.

Dawn's head now was right next to the earth ponies mane as he was trying his best to her what she said, Sweetie belle was
now covering her mouth so she would not laugh to alert Dawn that she knew what was about to happen. Rarity was
looking at Dawn as well as if she knew something as well but did not wanna say she was still mad from when they where at
the boutique and she felt this would sever him right anyway.

Dawn turned his head back at the to unicorn sisters for some type of reassurance but he found now just a filly that looked
like she was about to pee herself and an other one that was covering her face still. ''What's that deal with everypony here this is becoming silly'' Just an Dawn was able to make out something the earth pony said just now. ''Silly''

The earth pony said it again and again. ''Silly...silly..you wanna know whats really silly?''
Dawn now was backing up a few steps he now felt uneasy as if he was trapped in a box as the earth pony started
walking closer and closer to him backing him on the edge of the bakery his wings where pinned against the wall and sweat
was beating down the side of his face as the earth ponies nose touched his nose the pony said just this.''My names not earth pony you got that nor is it pink one it's Pinkie pie now don' you forget it''

Dawn let out a sigh in relief as if he thought something else was about to happen but he could understand
where she was coming from it's rude not to remember ones name and seeing as I'v seen you before I feel like a
butt. Sweetie belle could not take it when Dawn said but she just let it all out laughing so hard as Pinkie gave a smile than
a loud laugh as well. ''Butt...heheheh he said butt''

Dawn was now sure this town Ponyville was crazy everypony here must be he was sure of it but he gave a smile back in
Canterlot nothing like this would ever happen that place was dead no fun at all only just a few good friends. Dawn now felt that they have digress enough it was time to get down to the reason they came here anyway and that was to pick up Pinkie pie and get the others as he told Pinkie pie about what he was about to do as in rounding up her friends she was more than happy to accompany them to get the others.

Pinkie pie was ready to after going back inside to get some candy for the road, as everypony was
outside the bakery waiting on Rarity to tell them where they will be going next Dawn was waiting and thinking in his head
''We have 2 of the 6 now we just gotta get the other 4 and I will be done here and there still is the whole fleur thing still I
don't know why she is coming here I'm sure it's not for the reasons i'v heard this is interesting to say the least''
As Dawn looked at Rarity she pointed to the woods that where nearby she said we will be going to Fluttershy next as they began to walk Dawn and the others walked closely as there adventure continues.

Chapter 14: Fluttershy here we come

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The group of ponies where walking rather slow down the path that lead to the pegasus ponies cottage, everypony was

trying to keep in sight of Rarity. She was leading the group of ponies seeing as she knew short cuts and where there would be detours to slow them down making sure they would not run into any such problem. Rarity still seemed a little upset with Dawn and Sweetie belle for obvious reasons she was making sure she was many hoof step away from them both not wanting to hear anything they had to say to her.

Rarity who was bout a good thirty hooves steps ahead of the others she seemed to be a little curious as she, turned her head back to look at Sweetie belle. She was walking right next to Dawn who the both seemed to talking to one another and giggling uncontrollably. Even thought Rarity was still mad at Dawn she couldn't help but brake a smile as she saw how much fun they seemed to be having,''Will at least he makes my little sister laugh so he can't be all that bad I guess'' Rarity said before bumping into that bright pink earth pony.

Upon running into the earth pony Rarity almost lost her hoofing but was saved by the earth pony wrapping her tail around her hoof and pulling her forward to her. Rarity almost snapped right there on the pink earth pony,'' Pinkie you must really watch where your going'' Pinkie pie just gave her a smile as she started to bonce around her unicorn friend. Pinkie seemed to become restless most of the times she does things like this is because she had nothing better to do or she was just bored.

Pinkie who was now walking around the same speed as Rarity with only one slight difference she was walking backwards and to Rarity's amazement she was keeping up her pace with her friend. Pinkie seemed to do many things differently than other ponies but most of her friends found this rather interesting Pinkie was a pony to keep things random and crazy always. Pinkie started to notice Rarity's frequent glances back at the other ponies Pinkie pie stopped in the middle of the forest path before shouting out loud ''Rarity what are you looking at'' Dawn the others attention quickly locked onto Rarity and Pinkie pie they gave them odd looks.

Rarity's unicorn horn lite up it's signature light blue color as she throw Pinkie pie into a nearby bush before jumping into with

her, she covered the earth ponies mouth with her hoof ''Pinkie darling you must please be a little more discrete.. I was looking at Sweetie belle and Dawn that's all just checking on them seeing if they where ok'' Rarity said. Pinkie who jumped out of the bush and back onto the path stood there for a second and started to shake like a puppy to get the leaves outta her coat and mane as she started to walk by Rarity again this time facing the same direction. ''So whats your point why was you checking on them is there something wrong with them...Oh no did one of them forget each other birthday or something or even worse did they forget to plan a birthday party we must plan one right away''

Rarity just shook her head in disappointment as she just keep on walking down the path, as she looked up she saw in the distance a small bridge a garden. Rarity looked back at the other ponies who where still looking rather slow for her taste as she shouted back at them letting them know they where almost there ''Everpony we have made it to Fluttershy's cottage it's just up ahead'' she said. Dawn and the others upon hearing that now started to run to catch up with Rarity and Pinkie as they came up to the rather small cottage. Dawn was the first one to say something about the cottage ''Are you sure this is the right place that cottage does not look like a pony could live inside such a thing it's positively puny '' the ailcorn said.

Rarity gave a nod of her head ''eeyup that's Fluttershy for you she how do you say...likes to keep things simple not having to much or not having to little'' Rarity stood there for a second or two next to Dawn waiting to see if he was going to go over and knock on the door she gave him a modest look before laughing a little bit, ''Scared are we?'' Dawn gave a shake of his head as he started to walk over to the cottage door he noticed the flowers that where growing along side her walk way it was lovely he thought to himself be he noticed he was already at the door. It had a light brown tint to it like it looking as if was just painted with a fresh coat of paint, but Dawn shook his head again he was getting off task again as he raised his hoof and gave a quick knock on the door.

The door started to open slowly as a voice called out behind the door ''Ummmmm yesss.....can I help you..'' The voice said

as Dawn tried to look and see who was talking but the door was only open a crack not really giving him much to see as he said back to the other pony behind the door, ''Umm Yes ..Hello my name is Dawn and me and your friends has come here to get you .. we need you to come with us if that is ok'' Dawn said. The sound of chains and locks moving about on the door was all Dawn heard before the door opened and the light yellow pegasie walked out. The pegasie was looking right at Dawn before turning her head away from him ''Ummm what is it you wanted of me again Dawn'' she said.

Dawn felt his heart almost drop upon hearing her voice,''What an amazing voice she has and her mane it's lovely ..I ...think ...I'm ..in .lov...Wait no there is no time for this'' he was thinking to himself before moving outta the way so the pegasie could see her friends who where waiting down by the bridge. Dawn walked Down a few steps before turning around back to the pegasie before offering his hoof to her to bring her along ''Fluttershy would you please come with us to get the rest of your friends with us please we could use you and there still something I gotta tell you guys anyway'' Fluttershy grabbed Dawn's hoof as they walked back to the rest of the waiting ponies. Dawn looked over at Rarity and at the group of ponies ''That makes three now for the last three''

Chapter 15: The apple dash

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Dawn felt that they where making great time it was almost noon by this time as the sun was in the middle of the
sky shining down right now them as they where making there way outta the forest. The forest trees helped block out some
of the suns unbearable heat with there emerald leaves the sunlight broke pass a few leaves leaving spots of light all around the pathway the ponies they where walking. The forest started to open up after a while leading to an open field of grass with a lake in the distance there where a few foals playing in the field kicking a ball around seems like they where playing a game of some kind. Dawn was the first one to walk outta the forest to see that they where in a open field since he was new to Ponyville he was unsure of there current location as he turned back to the others ''where are we at '' Dawn asked hoping one of the ponies would know.

Fluttershy was the first pony to speak as she walked up closer passing Dawn and the other ponies that seemed to be looking around the field ''This is the back route I use sometimes to get to Apple Jack's farm it's just up ahead and I'm sure there is a school around here as well ..ummm I think '' Fluttershy said in a light timid tone as she looked back to Dawn who was still looking around the field. Dawn gave a nod of his head as he looked back to the other ponies than to Fluttershy again he gave a sigh as he used his hoof to give Fluttershy a light push trying to get her moving ''Come on we should get moving just standing here on get us there any faster '' Dawn said as he walked behind Fluttershy who was leading the group thought the grassy field as they walked there hooves felt the pure soft grass it felt like silk Rarity said as she was catching up from the back of the group trying not to fall to far behind the rest of her friends.

Pinkie pie was not even really walking from the looks of it, she was bouncing like a ball . She was maintaining the same speed with every jump she was right behind the yellow and black alicorn ''Heya Dawnie what happens after you tell us what you wanted to tell us I mean you could have told us when we was back at Twilight's house the other day remember ..I mean really but maybe you forgot cause sometimes I forget things like this one time Mr.Cake asked me to watch the cake he was making so I watched it not sure why he would want me to put a watch into the cake ..maybe to keep it on time .he is weird you know'' Pinkie pie didn't seem like she was going to stop talking anytime soon but her random talking seemed to help pass the time as before they knew it they were seeing Apple trees off in the distance.

Dawn could make out a bright red farm house from where he was standing as he flew up into the air to get a better look pass the apple trees as his eyes locked onto the massive farm land. Dawn called down to the other ponies ''this must be the place right apples...apples everywhere '' Dawn said as he continued to look on at the incredible site as he started to make his way back to the ground to the rest of the other ponies he looked to Fluttershy who was kinda far in the back now from the other ponies as he gave a shake to his head ''Alright guys ... oops I mean girls lets go we should be able to get Apple Jack than pick up Rain..'' Dawn was cut off as Pinkie Pie jumped on his back stomping her hoof onto the back of his head pointing into the air ''lookie..lookie ..there goes Dashie ..''Pinkie pie said as Dawn looked up to see a rainbow pony flying right over Sweet Apple Acres the rainbow pony landed down as Dawn pushed the pink earth pony off his head ''So that's another one of your friends? If so this will go a lot quicker than I thought'' Dawn said as he looked to the other ponies before starting to run up the path to the apple farm ''Come on guys '' Dawn said before giving his wings a quick flap as he took off from the ground .

Pinkie pie was still laying on the ground as she let out a laugh before flipping back to her hooves ''silly where not guys .where girls ..unless I was a guy..but than my name should be different Pinkie Pie doesn't have a good ring to it for a boy name maybe something like Mr.Punchie..Punch face .that would work'' Pinkie said as she let out a laughed before Rarity started to pull her by her tail up the path right behind the other ponies that where rushing there way to meet up with Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash