• Published 24th Mar 2012
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A new dawn on Ponyville - Sweetie Belle writes

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

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Chapter 7: Trip to school

As Dawn was sitting there he hesitated a bit before saying anything the words where not coming out of his mouth, he looked like he was searching for the right words to say but nothing was coming from his mouth, Dawn was not looking at Rarity as well his eye sight was looking up at the ceiling as if he was about to start day dreaming again but than he took in a deep breath of air, Dawn started waving his tail nonstop you could tell this was a topic Dawn did not like talking bout much and with a pony he barely knew did not make it any better.

Dawn's eyes locked back on Rarity he was looking into her eye's they where a bright blue, as he opened his mouth he began to speak about Twilight and why he was here.* ( My....Ummmmm, reason for coming here was.) Just than Dawn stopped no saying another word he looked at the ground he did not really wanna say it but he felt that it was not the time or place to let anypony know well not just one pony. Dawn than stood got up his hoof's touching the floor he started to walk past Rarity as he said his under his voice.* ( I will tell you all in the morning because you all play a part in the reason i'm here and I think you all should know whats going on.)

Rarity's eyes got wider as she was listening to what Dawn said bout this has to deal with herself and the other pony's she was thinking how could she play a part in making a alicorn from Canterlot make his way all the way down to Ponyville for was, many idea's flooded her mind but nothing that she could piece together really. She was still thinking as Dawn made his was past her , he did not say anything but just this as he stopped right next to her.* ( Is there anywhere I could lay my head, for a bit till the morning than I can get the others in the morning we will meet in the center of town hall) Rarity looked over at Dawn as she pointed down the nearby hallway she pointed her hoof a little to the left saying.*

(Oh there is a guest room on your left you can sleep there if you like)Dawn gave her a smile as he began walking Dawn said something to rarity just before he opened the room door with his hoof and going in.* (Rarity your nice as you are beautiful and those are too really good things to be.) Dawn than closed the room door,as the door began to close it made the same noise that the main door made but it was a little louder than the main door,as. Rarity still sitting on the chair she was replaying what Dawn just said in her head over and over again than her face started to turn a light red.

Just than there was a loud booming sound coming down the stairs, the noise got louder the closer it came to the bottom, once hitting the last step the noise sounded like a crash, Rarity turned her head to the stair's seeing her little sister that was spinning plate's on to of her hoof's and one that was wrapped within her tail, Sweetie belle than started to walk past rarity she looked at her sister just for a second before going into the kitchen.* ( Hay sis your brighter than a apple, I think somepony is in love.) Rarity tried to keep herself from looking at Sweetie belle, than she started to yell at her dogging her about plate spinning in the house.*

About three- four hours have passed since Dawn went to his room to sleep everyone in the home was fast asleep Rarity was in her room after just barely stopping Sweetie belle from destroying any of her plates or hurting herself, Sweetie belle after Rarity stopped her had nothing much to do but roam the boutique looking for anything she could do that could possibly help her get her cutie mark but nothing really worked out to well, even when she tried to spin fire which only made Rarity lose her mind.

Other than the wind hitting the boutique from outside, everything was quite the light's where off in every room only a tiny bit of light escaped from Sweetie belle's room which came from a night light that Rarity put in Sweetie belle's room so that she would not be afraid of the dark, but other than that nothing there was no lights nor noise, but you could hear a light tapping, as if something or somepony was walking about the hallway or something.

The tapping grow louder and louder, but than stopped for a few seconds before the tapping continued it sounded like a pony was playing with a rock hitting the side of a house off and on, if you was there you could have mistaken the noise for the wind which how bad it was storming outside you could have been right but this was no storm nor a rock it was Dawn, the restless pony was still up in his room.

The tapping sound was coming from Dawn's hoof hitting the frame of the bed with the bottom of his hoof over and over again the tapping seemed bounce off all the walls around his room, as he sit there he was looking out the window watching the storm clam down. The storm's heavy rainfall seemed to finally come to its end around 2am in the morning the clouds where gone and the sky was clear leaving just a dark blue sky above for all to see, but no star's where out just a few here and there, as Dawn continued watching the sky.

Dawn could not really get any sleep even though his whole body was heavy he did want to sleep he had to much on his mind each passing second more thought's found there way into Dawn's mind making him feel uneasy on what actions he should take, still not knowing what his whole reason for being here was for real but he had to tell the others something seeing as they have a part in Dawn being here, but if Dawn wanted to know more he would have to talk with his master, but she was all the way in Canterlot with her sister watching over everything.

Dawn's hoofs started to kicked the frame a bit faster making the tapping noise louder. Dawn was trying to fit things he know about everything in his mind it was a mess like trying to put a puzzle together while wearing a blindfold he could not really match anything together, like how a alicorn and six other pony's have anything in common or how they could really help him.

Dawn's kicking of the bed stopped as he let out a long yawn.* ( I guess losing sleep over this wont help anypony and I need rest I will just tell the others what I know in the morning and you never know maybe they will be able to fill in the grey spots for me.) Dawn's placed his head on the soft pillow that was at the top of the bed, as he used his tail to pull the cover's over the rest of his body, he gave his eye quick rub as he yet out another yawn he fell asleep.

As the night faded away again to sleep the sun made its way up to warm and dry the town from its massive storm that happen last night soon as the sun's rays of light hit the snow it was disappearing as if it did not even rain last night the sun's glow let the everyone know it was time to wake up and start a new day, as the cool air from last night was still around mixing with the sun's heat was a welcome feeling to anypony's body or face it hit. In the town was still quiet as somepony's where setting up to start the day in the market stand's where being uncovered and shop keeps where placing there items on the stand so they could start to try and sell there items to the early pony's that make there way out of there beds to get the good items first.

As the bell tower gave a loud shocking ring three times to let everyother pony that it was time to wake up and get your day going for most colts and filly's was like hearing a mad pony ring the bell telling them its time to get ready for school which even though most the filly's enjoyed they would rather sleep in just a bit more.

In the boutique you could hear Rarity yelling.*( Sweetie belle get your butt up or you will be late for school.)

Sweetie belle was kinda hard to wake in the morning even though the loud bell tower is almost right next to her window she could sleep through that like it was nothing, maybe since she has been sleeping next to it for a long time it did not really mess with her some much, but the only way you could get her out of the bed was for her sister to come in her room and pull out of the bed.

Rarity continued to yell up stairs calling her sister.* ( Get up you! If I have to come up there again and pull you out of the bed again I will.) Sweetie belle just rolled around in her bed pulling the covers over her head as she yelled back down at Rarity.* ( Yah , yah like always how about you go get breakfast ready while I check a few more z's.) Rarity at this point had almost lost her cool as she heard her little sister talk back to her. Rarity's face was turning a red shade she was getting mad but she remembered she needs to work together with her little sister and not always yell at her, so Rarity wanted to try another way to get her sister down stair's but nothing was really coming to mind, just than Dawn opened his room door and walked out he shut the door using his tail to pull the knob shut.

As Dawn was walking down the hallway to the kitchen where he saw Rarity who was looking rather red like a fruit he thought of a apple when he saw her which made him kinda hungry seeing as he has not eaten since the other day but he said nothing about that but rather he asked Rarity what was the matter with her.* ( Heya Rarity good morning to you, you look well for the most part are you ok?) Rarity turned to see Dawn she acted as if she was shocked she was thinking he was going to make a run for it but she was happy to see that he stayed.* ( Oh its nothing really i'm just trying to get Sweetie belle up so I can get her to school before she is late but like always she dose not wanna get up and school starts in bout 30min's for her and I have an order I must start working on im just swamped kinda.)

Dawn gave a smile as if he know what to do.

( I have an idea let me take her to school, and you can work on your order and stuff.) Rarity gave a quick laugh not at Dawn but the idea.* ( That's sweet but Sweetie belle hardly listen's to me what makes you think she will listen to you?)

Dawn still smiling walked next to Rarity walked by the door as he opened the door, he said just watch, as Dawn yelled up the stairs calling for Sweetie belle.* ( Heya Sweetie belle you want me to take you to school I can tell you about how I got my cutie mark and some cool stories about me.)

All you could here was a loud banging up stairs where than you see Sweetie belle rushing downstairs as she jumps over her sister and lands right next to the door she looks up at Dawn with her bright olive green eye's she was pushing on Dawn's leg to try and get him out of the door.*( Come on Dawn we should be going now.)

Rarity felt good that Sweetie belle was up and ready to go to school but she was a bit worried that she would be a little to much for Dawn to take care of by himself she walked over by Dawn just before he was about to head out the door.*

(Are you sure your up to this she can be more trouble than she looks.)

Dawn stoop up straight as he rises his hoof in the air he gave a smile as the wind from outside blow at his mane.*( I think an up and coming wonderbolts can get a little filly to school, trust me I got this.) When Sweetie belle heard Dawn say wonderbolts she almost hit the ceiling.* ( Your telling me you are going to be a wonderbolt ?) Dawn gave a smile as he was walking in the dictation of Sweetie belle's school as he began talking about how he was training to become a wonderbolt and his home town in Canterlot.*

Sweetie belle followed after Dawn listening to every word that was coming out of his mouth, she seemed to really like listening to others talk about there life and since she has never meet Dawn before she was happy to listen to his story knowing that it will be new and different from the rest of the stories you hear around here she has gotten tired of hearing bout some old stupid apple storm or the book fair coming to town, no this was new and fresh and she enjoyed new things.

As the bell tower rang for its 5th time this morning that sound meant it was about time for school to start and all the fillys and colts needed to make there way into the school where they could get there daily lesson on life and everything they needed to know. But there was one problem Dawn and Sweetie belle where late really late.

Dawn running as Sweetie belle was holding onto his mane they where running and jumping over shop stands and ponies trying to make a dash for the school to get there before the main door closed, Dawn started to run up a hill that Sweetie belle pointed him to telling him that its just down the hill now, Dawn forced his way up the massive hill which felt like a mountain once reaching the top, Dawn let out a sigh.*

(Just made it I thought we where going to really late.) Sweetie belle laughs, she had a blast running to school like this she ever had this much fun going to school. Dawn looked back at the filly as he gave a smile as well he had fun as well walking will running her to school it felt like old times.

( Will its time to be getting you in school now my friend.)As Dawn stepped one of his hoof's forward he missed a step causing him to losing his hoofing make himself and Sweetie belle to roll down the like a boulder as the dust mixed with there coats it looked like a smoke cloud from far till the hit the door of the school knocking it wide open where Sweetie belle's teacher was just calling her name on the role. Sweetie belle gave a loud.* (present! I'm here Ms.Cheerilee I told you i'm always on time.)

Dawn was still trying to get up from the crash his head was hurting and heavy and it did not help that Sweetie belle was on top of his head, Dawn was half way knocked out he could barely form a complete sentence all he was able to say just before felling back out was.* (I hate grassloaf Mondays why cant we just eat dandelion pizza everyday.) Ms.Cheerilee looked at the knocked of alicorn than back to Sweetie belle where Sweetie belle gave a a smile as she picked up one of Dawn's hands. ( He is fun you gotta hear some of this guy's stories.) Cheerilee gave a smile back at Sweetie belle as she turned back to the rest of the class. ( Ok everypony, now who wants to help me move Mr.Dawn over in the corner so we can start class.)

Dawn just said a few sounds before going back to sleep.* ( Walking a filly to school easy right, yah not so much.)