• Published 24th Mar 2012
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A new dawn on Ponyville - Sweetie Belle writes

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

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Chapter 10: Dawn fall's short

The sound of the wind breaking as a small gust begins to pick up around the playground, the winds become stronger and restless as the day passes on, the sun was in the center of the sky right over the bell tower by the school many ponies could just tell by looking at that what time it was or what time it was near seeing as most of them just based your time off the sun rise and fall same with the moon. When the sun was at it's highest that meant it was mid-day or noon and if the sun was low to the ground that means its about to be sunset, as for the moon when the moon rises everypony knows that the day is coming to a end and they should be wrapping there day up at the market or at work and head on in to there homes with there family.

Each and everypony loved and hated when the day comes to end, because this meant that there fun was coming to end end till the next day when they can restart and do it all over again, most ponies enjoyed the night anyway sleeping in there homes and letting there minds roam free to enjoy there dreams. The town of Ponyville always looked amazing when the moon was out but the town if you never been there before looked like it took on a new form of its very own a new town the lights, homes , ponies. Everything was different at night time but everything was still the same just the town had a glow at night time, this glow was like nothing you would think a small town such as Ponyville could have it looked like a mini Canterlot from afar which is one of the reason many ponies make there way down to Ponyville is to see if its true a small town with the glow of a city many ponies would call you crazy if you would have said something like that in Canterlot but most of them when they think of Ponyville they think of long mane having , broken English speaking , country ponies.

It always made me laugh when I heard other ponies talk so badly about a place what could be so wrong with a small town most fresh air , not bumping into everypony everyday when trying to walk down the street, to me it sounded kinda good but I loved my home of Canterlot it was where I was born and my heart will always stay there, but I think it would do someponys good to go spend a week there if not maybe even one. Most of those high class ponies would die if they saw how much dirt was could be in a town i bet most of them would pass out from this, but even though I cant really recall this memory all to well this is not my first coming to Ponyville i'v been here a few other times with Luna on magical training missions as she called them but all she did was go to the spa, I knew we where not doing any training here but she always told be the rest the body before doing something or some crap I did not really pay her any mind.

All she did was poke fun at me with the other girl ponies there saying.*(Look at how cute he is when he gets mad, he is like a lil filly.) I thought she was just trying to get under my mane most of the time and it did all those ponies looking at me laughing memory's of magic school came back to me like a flash flood into my mind the ponies the school and her. But i'm not a pony to really share my feelings I let them have there fun but I can sure have my fun as well in other ways. Pranks , tricks or jokes what ever you wish to call them is what I enjoyed doing next to flying that is but nothing can beat a good prank on a group of ponies in a spa house and seeing as I was in a new town I could not let this chance pass me by.

Oh no not today nor anyother day would I let that happen those ponies where asking for it them and there tasty looking manes and bushy tails i was going to get them good, and with a little dirt from outside and a few feathers would everything about ready all I really needed was the right time to cast this amazing trick and than it hit me how bout after Luna is done right after she is bout to leave hit her with the prank. This made Dawn laugh as he covered his face with his hoofs he could not help himself but to burst out in a silly laugh he sounded like a tire that needed oil badly but he did not care most ponies laughs are crazy anyway his more than others. He laughes as the memory fade away back into his mind.

As clouds pass over the school making a shadow cover the whole playground only a bit of light from the sun was able to break pass the white cotton shaped clouds, with the few glems of light dressing the ground as if the sky above above know there was a battle happening below them, with too ponies that would not give up or lose to one another. It was loud at the school if you was walking pass it to the local market you would always have known it to be a rather loud place, but that's what you would think when passing a school for young filly's and colts such as themselfs, but today was different than the other's the yelling was much louder than ever.

It was something that most ponies have never heard of before all the filly's and colts where cheering and yelling out the same time the yelling if you heard from a far would have been hard to make out but if you was close to the school you could hear it clear as day.* ( Goooo Applebloom, you can do it.). It was a chant for Applebloom everypony there was yelling at the top of there little lungs hoping that it would help give her the egde to beat Dawn, as the two of them where going head to head, Dawn who had already been knocked down once by the little filly was not going to be taken down that easy again he was on top of his game from than on out.

Dawn gave a smile at Applebloom who was across the playground over next to the backdoor by the school, her look in her eye made caused Dawn just to become more fired up, he was hyper as he opened his wings letting one of the few beams of light hit them, the sun was warm to Dawn as he beat them a few things lifting himself off the ground. Only a spin of dust of rocks where moving as he was just above the ditt and sand he looked around the playground and to everypony there thinking to himself.* (I should make sure i watch out her that little filly she is very fast and if I mess up even a bit she will mess me up, but I think I have an idea to throw her off her game. This is going to be so much fun.)

Without a second guess Dawn flew right at the direction Applebloom was, how fast Dawn was flying took Applebloom off guard she had never seen anypony move that fast only Rainbowdash came to mind as she watched the alicorn who once was across the playground now almost right within arm's reach of her. She did not know what to do as her confidence that she had so much of from the start of this match had just up and disappeared on her. Applebloom layed of her belly and covered her head with her hoof's, as Dawn just flew right above her the gust from how fast he was flying lifted her off the ground and sent her crashing into the slide.

Dawn who was looking down from above his smile which now was across his face as he landed right next to the young filly who was laying of the base of the slide he looked down at Applebloom who seemed to be out of it or aleast winded as he reached his tail over to tap Applebloom on her head.* ( Heya Applebloom you alright you wanna call it quits?)

Applebloom gave a low muttered sound that sounded like somepony had food in there mouths and was trying to talk it was to hard to make out as Dawn flew back to the center of the playground as he puts on of his wings in the air than saying.*( Looks like where 1-1 now this next one will end the match for you or me but by the looks of yah you may wanna stay down.)

Applebloom who was still on the ground started to wiggle a bit casuing her to fall off the slide and onto the ground her tail covered her face as she said a few more words which was still really hard to make out the only word you could really make out was Dawn's name being said. After hearing his name called from Applebloom Dawn started to make his way over to the slide where Applebloom's face seemed to be holding up as he made his way pass the school poines that now have stopped chanting from Applebloom started to talk queitly withone another as if they know something that he did not, but Dawn payed know mind to his as he looked down at Applebloom he listened for what the young filly was saying.

(Closer!) she said. as Dawn could finally make out a word from the filly as he lowered his face right next to her's, the young filly jumped up yelling out.* ( Lesson 101 never let your guard down.) As the young filly warpped her tail around Dawn's hoof she unleased a amazing uppercut to Dawn's face sending him flying up in the air, as where Applebloom was already running up the slide to try and catch him she gives a jump from the top of the slide and lands a kick right on the side of Dawn's face sending him crashing into the ground below.

All you could see was a cloud of dust and smoke from the spot where Dawn had landed. Everypony around the playground was shocked to see Applebloom kick Dawn down to the ground again some of the ponies gave a smile as other's had a fearful look on there face, as they watched the dust spin around. Applebloom now had landed back on the ground was looking over at the spot as well with the other poines see was proud of her hoofywork as she started to make her way pass the gate that was around the school and the door back into class.

Applebloom's eyes where bright and full of joy her tail was waving back and forth, her head was high she was happy knowing that she has beaten Dawn and put those little self doubts she had before there match had started> She looked over at her closest friends Sweetie belle and Scootaloo who where giving her a look back she know what it meant even without a word being spoken there body language and the reassuring smiles they gave where more than enough. As she stopped to look at the rest of her classmates she gave a stair at Sliverspoon and Diamond tiara but than quicky back to the rest of her classmates saying nothing but this as she took a deep breath in.* (Look everypony If you believe enough and never give up and always try your best you can do things you never thought you could. Just look at me before this match I did not think I could beat Dawn but soon as the match started the words me and him shared with each other it gave me a flame in my body that would not go out not till I won that match to prove to myself I could do it , so everypony never give up and you will do great.)

All the ponies started to chant after hearing the words from the one filly they where all looking at Applebloom and around her by the gate but the chanting was cut short as somepony yelled breaking the chant like glass dropping and hitting the floor the voice said.*(That was am amazing thing to say Applebloom but before you get done I think you should make sure you have beaten me first.) The smoke that was now cleared shows a alicorn that was standing up with his wings layed across his body he was looking right at Applebloom.* ( Applebloom those words I could tell meaned alot to you and I could understand from your voice and the way you said it that you meant it and you truly are a outstanding filly but just like you said I wont ever give up as well.)

As all the ponies where in shock seeing as how Dawn was able to get back out onto his two hoofs. His sun flower colored tail was waving nonstop as if he had just eaten a box full of sugarcubes this pony was pumped up after hearing those words from her, Dawn had only ever heard words like those before from his teacher Luna but he could never really fully understand till today hearing this little filly spill her heart to her classmates around her. Dawn would always remember what he heard today and never give up. As a gust of wind blew passed the school the wind pushed up some of the dirt that was laying around on the playground and taking it up into the air making it even a little harder to see.

Without another word Dawn placed his too front hoof's on the ground and lowered his yellow flower looking tail along the ground as where his back to legs where moving uncontrollably stomping little rocks and kicking up dirt with ever smash of rock after rock. The ponies mane was a little discolored after landing face first into the playground time after time his yellow and black colored mane now had a darker shade to it now almost like a muddy color but the bright yellow of his mane still made him standout from all other poines and the black tips of his mane was still dark, but it seems as if the dirt had made the black colored tips even more dark as the wind pushed his mane out of his face time after time.

Dawn opened and spreaded his wings as wide as he could as he gave a powerful fap of both wings than another right after that on the second or third beat of his wings Dawn was off the ground he was floting in the same spot looking right at Applebloom who was tried from already fighting Dawn not once but twice she looked as if she had nothing left in the tank, Dawn saw her try and make her way back to the center of the playground as the other ponies stood back again on the side of the playground as they watched the small filly make her way back and stand at the center again as she looked at the alicorn in the air she gave a smile at him saying just this before standing there and waiting for Dawn to unlease his attack.*(Come at me bro, Like i'v said before I will never give up) As the young filly's vision started to get blurry as she as her legs started to shake she tryed her best to shake the feeling but it was a pointless at this time she was spent.

Dawn gave the filly one last look as he closed and reopened his wings in a brust of speed flying right at the Applebloom he was truning mid-air most the colts and fillys could not watch as they covered there eyes not wanting to see what was going to happen to the filly. As Dawn was closed in on the filly all you could hear was a loud crash happen as dust and dirt flew into the sky blocking the two poines you could not see anything the only thing you could hear was the all the ponies yelling .*(omg what happen , where are they?)

About a few seconds later the dust cleared away. You was bale to make out Dawn who was standing right next to Applebloom as he lowerd his head to her ear he said.* ( Applebloom never change your mind set if you keep thinking like that you will go far and your cutie mark will be something that shows how amazing a pony you are.) After saying that Dawn fell out on the ground landing right on his back. Everypony was cheering and yelling for Applebloom all the poines ran onto the playground around Applebloom patting her on the back and talking with her. Applebloom was thinking about what happened just there as she looked over at Dawn. Sweetie belle was already over there next to her new friend helpping him up. Applebloom than made her way over to Dawn as well as she gave a helpping hoof to help him get back up to his feet.

Applebloom looked at the alicorn who was brushing himself off as she asked him a question.*( Why ...why did you let me win?) Dawn gave a smile as he looked at the two filly's.* ( There is no reason for me to win, and your will was amazing I could truly see how you feel for your friends and I even learned something today which made it all the better.) The three ponies started to laugh as a bell rang telling everypony that the school day was at an end as all the poines rushed out of the back gate and headed home. Thw only poines that where still there was Applebloom, Sweetie belle, Scootaloo and Dawn who all was walking together.

Applebloom asked dawn a question as they where walking.* ( So Dawn what now what are you about to do?) Dawn who was walking remembered in the back of his head he had to get Sweetie belle back home.* ( hHehehe Yah i almost for got I must get Sweetie belle home to Mrs. Rarity or she will kill me .) As Dawn picked up the three filly's on his back as he ran than jumped opening his wings flying slowy down the road. Dawn gave a little laugh* ( Easy day now I just have to talk with the others this is going to be great... just great.)