• Published 24th Mar 2012
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A new dawn on Ponyville - Sweetie Belle writes

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

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Chapter 8: The day drags on

As the bell from the tower gave its second ring letting everypony know that it was half pass eight o'clock as by now most of the pony's in Ponyville where up and have gotten there day started everyone was always happy to start there day and even more on today seeing as the view outside was breath taking not a cloud in the sky seeing as all the pegasus ponies got up even before the sun was up in the sky and cleared out the clouds within a few hours so the sun's light could shine down for everyone to enjoy, which most pony's did by sunbathing and doing other fun actives.

The summer was always a time for fun in the sun as most pony's would agree, but someponys would bag to differ on that case, there is a pony who you could say was not the summer fun kind of pony even though she liked going outside that was mostly just to see her friends or get some items from the local shopkeepers but other than that she favored her home over the outdoors any day but her home was not really a home it was more of a library.(The funny part is it was a library, this pony must be one super egg head to live in one of these.)

Twilight was her name a female unicorn who once lived in the beautiful Canterlot who asked her master princess Celestia if there was anyway that she could stay here with her new found friends, and not have to leave and return home, being the ever so wise princess Celestia she gave Twilight a mission to record and send her everything she learns about friendship to her by notes passed on by Spike, and ever since than she was been living her.

Twilight was always buried in her studies on friendship or other matters that where not really as big as they seemed if you would have over heard the thing's that Twilight worried about you would laugh them, like when she was worries that if she did not dust every book on her book case before spring started the dust bunnies would grow bigger and bigger and take over her house. Twilight always got a little to worked up over things like that anyway most of her friends would just like to see her relax for a little bit even if it was only for an hour or two they know even that would do this pony well.

Twilight was inside her house walking around with a few books that where being held up in the air by a light purple color aura this was coming from Twilight using her unicorn magic, which helped her read many books at once. All you could see was books flying left and right over and under furniture and household items, Twilight did this a lot when she was looking for something that was on her mind and knowing that there was a book for everything she always trusted that she could locate a book that would be able to help her, but this time was different for her.

Twilight was running all over the library her hoofs where moving so fast she looked like she had six legs at one point pulling book after book off the case and unto the floor below Twilight began to talk to herself in a worried voice saying over and over again.* (Oh this is not good, this is not good.)Twilight than stopped in her tracks as she remember that she had a few more book's upstairs in her room that she was going to read, she broke a smile at this point feeling as if search was over as she ran full force up the stair's knocking over most of the books that where laying there, as she throw one book after another her smile started fading away after she picked up the last book and throw it on the ground.

(Cursive bookmark that was the last of my book's in this house I'v looked from the top and bottom of this place, but found nothing that would give me any more information on the book Dawn gave me.)Twilight layed over the top of the stairs just looking at her door, she was a little tired from her nonstop searching she once again forgot to sleep she was a pony that sometimes would put studying over getting rest, which her friends did not really like, but when she was trying to find out something all most nothing could stop her.

Twilight let out a low tone yawn, as she begin's to rub her eye trying to shake off her tired feeling which did not really work so well seeing as she was knocked out sleeping on the stair's. Twilight did not even know she was asleep in her mind she was still up or thinking of something that she could do get find out more information on the book, but nothing was really coming to her mind, as she was wandering her dreams a idea popped up in her main causing Twilight to leap up in excitement.*(That's it the box that Dawn gave me also it should have something in it. It has too what other reason could he have brought it to me for?)As Twilight was happy jumping around on the top step she mislanded one of her hoof's and lost her hoofing she slipped down the stair's and fell into a bunch of book's.

As Twilight was sitting there she let out a little chuckle as one of the last books that where on the very top of the bookcase fell on top of Twilights head, As Spike walks pass Twilight he jumps over a few of the books that where blocking the stairs he looked over at Twilight just shaking his head and saying.* ( So you can have a book war but when I wanna have a book war it's like Spike go clean out the tub or something Twilight you really need to grow up.)Twilight's face turned a light shade red as she stood up pushing some of the books over to the side and using her magic to lift the book that was on top of her head and placing it back on the case with some of the others.

Twilight looked over at the baby dragon walking up the stair's as she gave a smile than using her unicorn magic to lift Spike off the ground and bring him right back downstairs with her as she used a bit more magic to make a broom and a mop appear in the hands of Spike.*(This is not playing Spike i was looking for something but I guess I went a little over board just a tiny bit but I guess we should get this place cleaned up now.) Spike gave a low gave growl and muttered a few words before grabbing the broom and mop and started cleaning the floor.

Twilight walked back up to her room where she remembered she put the package Dawn gave her, it was a brown box that was wrapped well, she did not really wanna open the box cause she did not know what the box was hiddening inside but after a few seconds she used her unicorn magic and opened the box what was inside shocked her as she said.*

(No way this cant be this is amazing!)

After a very distinctive start to the day everypony was still a little on edge when they saw Sweetie belle and some other pony come crashing into there class room, but it was not unlike Sweetie belle to get to school late but just the way she entered the room as different but most of the ponies liked it, seeing as if put there morning work on hold just for a bit even though most of them did not mind doing the work it was always good to have a little break from time to time.

Most of the school ponies where already back on task working on the bell ringer which was on the chalkboard in the front of the class room on the board it had a few question's most of them where just warm up's to get the class ready, which for some of the ponies where able to get done rather quick basic math questions like whats the square root of 64 and some easy one's like 7x7 which still most of them got done in less than six minutes while there was a few that did have to try and work them out but not Sweetie belle she was able to finish within a few seconds.

Sweetie belle was one of the smartest ponies when it came to math most of her classmates called her a math professional but she did not really think she was all that good and did not really like math much, but she always felt good when nopony knows the answer and she is the only one that could get it right.

Being done so fast with the warm up left Sweetie belle almost bored out of her mind, she was looking around the class to the left,right,up,down, and to her side and at other ponies that where doing there work, she started to push her pencil around her desk madly trying to gain sometype of enjoyment from doing so, the pencil started to roll back down to Sweetie belle every time she pushed the pencil a little harder to see how far it she could get it to go without falling off the desk, till she pushed it a little to hard causing the pencil to fly off the desk and hit the floor rolling under a nearby classmates desk.

Sweetie belle did not wanna get up breaking the silence of the room just to pick up her pencil so she allowed it to stay on the floor, Sweetie belle layed her face on her desk she was still trying to find something to do since she had lost her pencil to the evil of the floor below, Sweetie belle was thinking for something to do and just like a flash of light she had a perfect idea for what to do.*( That's it) She said covering her mouth as she did not know how loud she was, Sweetie belle reached down under her desk and grabbed her saddlebag, as she placed it on her desk the bag made a loud bang when it hit the desk.

Sweetie belle looked around hoping nopony was looking at her, once she had made sure it was clear she reached into her bag and pulled out a mini flashlight where she began to chuckle really loud thinking of what see was about to do, one of the ponies next to her told her to be quiet but she could not help but chuckle even more as she cover her face.*

As Sweetie belle looked around the class she was looking for a target to use her new flashlight on, she looked to the far right of the room to see Sliver spoon sleeping on her desk she was the perfect test subject to try her new flashlight on. As Sweetie belle than pushed the blue tab on the flashlight making it turn on as she covered it with her hoof so the light would not shine right in front of the classroom and hit Ms.Cheerilee in the face. As she took aim she removed her hoof causing the light to hit Sliver spoon right in the face making her wake right up with a loud scream as she fell out of her chair.

Everypony started to point and laugh at Sliver spoon but Diamond tiara who jumped on the floor to help her friend back up to her feet, Sweetie belle was laughing so hard but she saw out the corner of her eye a yellow blur getting up, as she turned her head she saw that Dawn was finally back up and on his feet, She yelled at Dawn both overjoyed and thrilled.*(Dawn your up, how did you sleep and oh yah welcome to my class/school.)

Everypony was looking right at Dawn as if they have never seem a pony before, but than it snapped in the back of Dawn's brain.*(Oh yah that's right the whole alicorn thing.) Dawn had almost forgot about him being an alicorn he knew that the only alicorn most of these ponies have ever seen or heard of was Luna and Celestia which most of them have not even seen before Dawn almost felt a little uncomfortable having all these little filly's and colts looking at him he wanted to make a dash for a exit but he did not seeing as that would be odd so he just gave a louder yell back at her.*(Heya Sweetie belle how are you doing?)Sweetie belle replied in the a louder tone saying.*(It's going good just a little bored you know, i got all my math work done and stuff it was really easy.) Dawn gave a smile rubbing the back of his mane he return yelled once again at her.*

(Oh that's good to hear, i did not know you where good at math your sister did not tell me much about that, but on the other hand we did not talk all that much anyway cause I did not know what to really say to her.) Sweetie belle laughed still talking loud says.*( Oh that's ok my sister can be sometimes hard to talk with , but she told me the other night she liked your mane and other stuff but she is crazy.) Both the pony's where laughing at the same time, when they heard a sound breaking snap to the chalkboard as both ponies turn there head's around slowly to see who or what made that evil sounding noise.

Ms.Cheerilee was just standing there with a ruler in her head as she put it on her desk she walked around her table to both of the ponies, she looked at Sweetie belle and said.*( Heya Sweetie belle i know your glad your friend is up but would you mind taking a seat for a bit so we can move on seeing as everyone is done now.)As Sweetie belle walked back to her desk Ms.Cheerilee looked over at Dawn than back to the class, as she walked back to her seat she was looking at Dawn as she was thinking of what to say than it came to her as she said to the class.*(Ok class it looks like everypony has not seen what type of pony Dawn is, he is a alicorn like princess Celestia and Luna he was the last one born and will become the new bring of the moon in sun, we are very lucky we get to meet such a famous pony here today in class, and if any of you ponies have any questions feel free to ask Mr.Dawn them as you please I'm sure he would mind seeing as he crashed into are class today anyway.)

Many of the ponies where just looking at Dawn never seeing anything really like him before most of them where quiet not saying a word, as seconds turn into minutes still nothing was said not even by Dawn he was just standing there he gave a smile while rubbing the back of his head trying to think of something to say than he started thinking If he was a filly or a colt what do they like to do than it came to him.*(So dose anypony like game's wait no not games I mean contest of skill.) Most of the ponies than started chatting around the class with one another about what type of contest they liked and which ones they did not like, as Dawn than said.*(I'm always looking for a good group of ponies to face in contest seeing as I never lose to anypony.)

After hearing that many of the ponies jumped out of there desk shouting out at Dawn , what sports or things they where good at almost everypony in class was yelling at him, as Dawn smiled he gave a smile to everyone saying.* ( I bet I can beat every last one of you ponies in your own favorite game and if over half of you guy's beat me I will tell you guys a secret about me, what do you say.) All the ponies where now standing up and talking with on another one what game they would pick to face Dawn in to try and beat him as Dawn turned away from the class to talk with the teacher to make sure it was ok for him to do so.

Ms.Cheerilee did not mind the friendly contest and felt it would help the filly's learn what each pony was good at and what they could be good at if they gave it a try, and with that the whole class made there way out the back door leading them to the playground where everypony lined up as Ms.Cheerilee was watching from the sidelines that where by the sandbox everypony was ready as Dawn walked in front of the whole group of eager ponies as he opened his wings he gave them a quick beat sending a cool breeze into the face of everypony as he was flying just about the ground he said.* ( Is everypony ready remember half of you guys have to beat me in order to win the contest now, who will be first to face me?)