• Published 24th Mar 2012
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A new dawn on Ponyville - Sweetie Belle writes

The story brings us to a not so far away town just outside the reach of the big city lights...

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Chapter 4: A link to the past

They say when the sun is up the moon sleep's waiting for it's chance to show the world just how graceful it can truly be, but when the sun is done and it start to fall just as the moon is rising from it's deep sleep and just before the sun take's it rest when the world is at it's quietest and you can't even hear a single pony not even the wind dare's to brake this unbecoming moment till the dawn come's and bringing peace to the world once again.

Every step down that long rocky dirt path felt like miles each step that Dawn took he was finding himself stepping on tiny pebbles that was easy crushed like it was nothing but a simple dirt clod when he crushed them the dirt left a light brown ring round his hoofs but he was not paying attention to something like that not right now anyway his mind was on other things, and his mind was full of thought's that was buzzing around his head it felt like he had a beehive that was swarming nonstop with things that he would say or better yet do*.

Dawn was playing a memory in his head over and over again it was of when he first meet Twilight and what happened on that day and what he did to her and what all happened over that short time they knew one another, his fur on his coat stood a little on edge it spiked up, and his tail was moving so fast it was making a cool breeze that was making so of the dirt from the ground lift up and move around, Dawn was about aware of his actions at this point he was lost in his memory's, almost nothing could brake him away from his thought's when he was like this.

Dawn still thinking of what happened all those years ago,after the whole being picked to be the next bring of the moon and sun than Twilight, he started to get a warm feeling that started at the bottom of his body and than it started to make his body rage like the sun, Dawn still unaware of of was going on, his unicorn horn started to let off a bright blue glow that was causing him to make the pebbles rise off the ground than soon turned to making rather large rocks get picked off the roadway,

Than Dawn started to remember what he saw a few days ago in his dream and that evil voice that called out to him saying*(You will be what start's this whole thing you are just a key) With those words ringing in Dawn's head he snaps, he shouts loud with his eye's shut* (I will be no key I won't let his happen.) The light colored aura that was around Dawn's unicorn horn changed to a dark blue it looked as if time had stopped every thing was slowed down and a grayish color. Everything was moving slow and somethings weren't moving at all.

Dawn had than opened his eye's slowly one at a time when he opened his eye's what he saw shocked him, the landscape it looked the same as in his dream everything was gray but everything was still the same he saw the apple trees the dirt road and he turned his head around looking far back to still see the farm house everything was still intact, but everything was just drained of color, than Dawn had a sharp pain hit him out of no where.

The pain was so powerful it caused him to drop to his knees the pain was coming from one forced point on his body and that was the head it felt like somepony was trying to cut his head in-to, Dawn let out a loud cry. ( Stop it , leave me alone.) Hearing Dawn's cry's Applejack turn's around and rushes over to him she was talking to him but in Dawn's state he could not hear anything she was saying all he saw was just he mouth moving but he could not hear any words.

Applejack was grey as well in Dawn's eyes down from what use to be her sun yellow mane and tail was nothing but a dark shade of grey, the pain started to become worst be every passing second he felt that he was losing himself to that ever his feeling was that was in his mind he could not hold back his tear's they came rushing down his face and felling to the ground, Dawn felt a hoof on the side of his face it was Applejack's hoof she was talking to Dawn she mouthed a few words to him than she let him go as she ran off leaving him on the ground.

The earth around him started to break up from the ground and float around Dawn's body even some of the apples from the nearby tree's broke from there branches and was spinning about,even the wagon started to rise off from the ground and spin , Dawn could only sit there and watch but the pain was becoming more than he could handle, Dawn's started to black out his version was becoming dark and his body heavy.( No not like this. What's happening to me ?Luna ,master where are you I need you I cant do this alone.)

Than a voice called out it was kinda hard to make out but Dawn was able to hear it, the voice was saying something and it was getting louder, Dawn started to look around but when he was looking around he notices that the trees and the roadway where gone the only thing he could see was dead grass, the voice got louder and louder the tone in the voice it was one Dawn has heard before, from his last dream.

Than a dark sphere of light gleams right in front of Dawn the sphere was the voice that Dawn has been hearing it started to circle him rather fast as circling him the sphere started to turn into a ghost like form the gas was heavy and was making it hard for Dawn to taken in any air but than the gas started to talk with Dawn as it was becoming larger and lager.

( Dawn do you understand now? Look at what you will do to this town everypony will die because of you how can you live with yourself? I bet you dont even care you never cared about anything but yourself always looking out for number one right?) Dawn started coughing the gas was making it hard for him to speak but he was trying his best to reply back at the dark gas but he was losing himself little by little* ( No that's not me any more I'v changed I'm trying to change my ways I dont just care about myself.) The gas laughed at Dawn.( Oh really I could think of a few pony's that could beg to differ, you always where a pony that could never help anyone but yourself and now look where at got you? Your alone and you will die in this world that you helped create.)

Dawn was growing weaker before he knew it he was laying on the ground his head was laying on the rocks as his mane was on top of the dirt he was next to the half of his body that was in the dirt started turning black as he was thinking over what the the gas was saying to him.* ( Maybe he is right I have not really done anything I can recall that has done anything to help another pony there was always a way that it helped me out, Luna said at I help out pony's everyday but even if it helped them I was nothing really just the right thing to do,)

The gas was clouded over Dawn's body you could not even see his body anymore from where Dawn was at the gas was growing bigger and bigger he was aiming to end this right now* ( Now Dawn you could do something that could help alot of pony's out and save many life all you have to do is give in to the darkness and come to the gates and let me free once this is done the world will be safer do you understand) Right after saying that the gas turned into a large gate the gate was calling out to Dawn*. ( Open this gate Dawn use your powers and set me free once you do this you will have helped many of pony's around the world)

Dawn starts to stand up off the ground his legs where still shaking he was drained of all energy his eye's have lost all there former color once a bright green now a lifeless gray as he beings to walk over to the gate his tail was dragging along the ground every step he took felt like a life time to him till he was right at the gate looking at it the dark steel was cold on touch and the bars where black as the night sky, Dawn's mind was gone nothing was running through his mind not his master , nor hid task all there was ,just him and the gate.

Dawn's hoof reaches out for the gate as he was reaching to touch the gate Dawn hears a voice calling out to him saying.* (Wake up, get up , is he ok .? ) The voices started getting louder the gate started to fade a little the gate gave out a last cry.( if you don't open me Dawn this world will know true pain) The outside voices started getting louder, but one voice stood out over the rest of them it was calming and soft.( Come on Dawn please wake up ) When hearing the cry for him to wake up Dawn's mind started to become clear as the darkness faded away once again.

Dawn's mind was clear of everything, and a peace was over his mind again but he was thinking who was that the other voice that called out to him dragging life back into him, he heard the voice again calling out to him. ( wake up Dawn) Dawn's body started to shake as he wiggled about than opening his eyes he looked up seeing a pony looking right back down at him, there was five other pony's around him, but there was one pony that was over him looking at him she talked a say a few words to Dawn*.

(Are you feeling better now Dawn? I hope so and I'v missed you)

All Dawn could say before passing out by her leg was just this.* ( Twilight why did you leave me ) Twilight put's her hoof on Dawn's face as he fell into unconsciousness and wipe's away his tear.*( I wont leave this time that's a promise)