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Lyra just wanted her day to be perfect. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask for one day for nothing to go wrong? Apparently so.


This is my first April Fool's/Foal's day fic and I feel it's written better than any of my other fics. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not. The first half of the title is in reference to something, I wanna see who can correctly guess it.

Source for the cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/agnessangel/art/Cute-Lyra-Heartstrings-435812357

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Starlight's Shattered Glass

Starlight was feeling a little bored, and Trixie has been wondering what the deal about the new mirror was, so she decided to bring Trixie to the other side and meet with Jason and his friends. Little did they know that the Humans had a small plan for that particular day.


"I summon Apple Magician Girl, in attack position." Jason said, placing the purple-sleeved card onto the carpet.


Cover image is a screenshot taken from an awesome app called Yugipedia Deck Builder.

Human in Equestria/Pony on Earth story.

This story is only connected to Shattered Glass with characters, it is not Canon to it. As some may know, I just wanted to make a chapter dedicated to Starlight and Trixie watching and learning how to play a game...this was that game. I felt it wasn't needed as a chapter, so I decided to make it it's own story. I also wanted to get this out by Christmas but my laziness got in the way. I hope you fellows enjoy people slapping paper onto the ground!

Chapters (1)

Starlight, after attempting a new spell, has shattered a very important mirror. With a replacement in hoof, she has a run in with Twilight that leads the book pone to get antsier and antsier.

All this culminates to a discovery equal to that of Starswirl the Bearded.
Jason, an eighteen year old Deli worker, perfomed a satanic ritual with his friends, just to see if anything would happen. While the consequences don't rear their ugly heads yet, that doesn't mean he's in the clear.

Rated T for only slight profanity.
Scratch that, second chapter is filled with it.

Human in Equestria and Pony on Earth story.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Scars to win them all

Scar Cross wants nothing more than to help others achieve their goals, even if indirectly inspiring them. He believes the best way to inspire young ponies to succeed in their goals is to become the most known name in Equestria. Surely if an Earth Pony can rise to the top of the world, that ought to inspire someone. Right?

Chapters (3)

This story has been canceled and is being rewritten.

So, I'm not your average, ordinary pony. I have different dreams, scratch that, different goals than others. I'm... not normal, but than again, who wants to be normal.
My name is Scar Cross, and I am giving a first person look at my life.

Chapters (11)
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