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A colt who wishes to create worlds for everypony on the internet to enjoy.



This story has been canceled and is being rewritten.

So, I'm not your average, ordinary pony. I have different dreams, scratch that, different goals than others. I'm... not normal, but than again, who wants to be normal.
My name is Scar Cross, and I am giving a first person look at my life.

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5436756 What does winter have to do with anything?

5437880 No, I'm Winter. Winter from PSN.

Comment posted by jrock117 deleted Jun 10th, 2017

5440424 Sorry for asking, but is there anything about my story that you think I can improve. Maturity, development, descriptiveness(not sure if real word or not), story-telling? This is basically my first MLP story and I don't want to let a bunch of people down? Think you can help?

5441815 Mmm.. Okay.

Nothing much besides what that guy said. There is the occasional wrong punctuation mark, the they're, their, and there thing.
Of course, it should've been

Does it look like I care?

Then the thing afterward.

other than that, I haven't finished.

When I added Derpy, I didn't make her stupid, nor did I want to make her stupid. All I did was refer to her having bad depth perception.

Anyone wanna guess what one of Scar's secrets is, it is embarrassing for him

Sorry everyone, I had to put this story on hiatus. My laptop isn't working correctly and I refuse to type it all up on a friggin iPod. Sorry for those of you who are waiting for an update. :fluttercry:

Hey everyone, the first chapter of Scars to Win Them All: Redux is now online for everyone to read. Find it here https://www.fimfiction.net/story/400777/scars-to-win-them-all-redux

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